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The link below illustrates that just because people choose to have jobs working with animals, NOT all of these people actually feel much toward animals at all, they may be able to “disassociate themselves” from killing animals and do not give killing them much thought at all, and some of them are downright sociopathic/psychopathic and “get off” on tormenting, torturing, and then killing animals.


The terrifying part is that MANY of these people are intelligent, and they look and behave so normally, that unless they’re caught in the act of torturing and killing, or have made mistakes, they often are NOT caught at all:


Below is an excerpt from the blog post at the link:

“As a reminder, the primary complaint is that management needlessly kills animals they have resources to shelter – because they can.  It would seem that the only thing the current management has a passion for is killing animals.  Regardless, the mayor’s assertion that people who don’t care passionately about animals are unable to perform the same quality of work as those who do is ludicrous.  He’s giving a pass to animal killers for not doing their jobs because of some perceived lack of ability.”

And yet another blog post at the link below of highly questionable issues occurring at another animal control/shelter.
This link contains more graphic descriptions regarding the inhumane way in which animals were killed; use caution viewing the content because it IS descriptive:


Excerpt from the blog post above:

“When Fox 26 reported on July 9 that police were investigating the Baytown Animal Shelter in Texas, Mike Lester, the Baytown health director in charge of the facility, said police hadn’t yet interviewed him for the investigation.  He also said no employees had come to him with allegations of wrongdoing at the pound.

Yesterday Lauren Hartis, a former ACO at the pound, went public with her whistleblowing evidence which prompted the police investigation.  Former ACO Hartis “says she saw fellow employees commit animal cruelty on a daily basis.”  And she states she had met with Mike Lester to discuss her concerns:”


Animal controls/animal shelters are known for the practice of euthanizing animals; that is a known fact.

They are also facilities that local tax payers tax dollars pay to operate, so it would be considered that at least at a local level, the tax payer’s in the cities or counties the AC or AS is located in will have more input power IF they are finally alerted to inhumane, cruel, and psychopathic behavior occurring that is.

However, without whistleblowers *sometimes* coming forward, this heinous behavior at the story at the link would have continued unabated into the future and the taxpayer’s of this county would have continued to be PAYING for it, whether they knew it, or most likely not.


It is much easier to scrutinize a primarily-tax-payer-funded government agency such as an animal control than it is to scrutinize a primarily donation-funded-animal rescue, humane society, or spca and find out where the free donation-money is going, find out what happens to, and where are ALL of the animals they’re ‘rescuing’ going, etc.

Currently, its “good enough” for a primarily, or wholly donation-funded animal rescue to “say” “we’re a rescue, so please send us free money so we can ‘rescue’ these animals because we can’t do it without YOU“.

Lack of oversight was being written about in 2005.

However, this was BEFORE “real time” social media like Facebook where retail rescues ramp-up their “social media madness mobs” in a matter of hours usually, and to this day, MOST people don’t even know what “seizure scams” and “rescue raids” are and are not at all prepared to defend themselves if one is perpetrated on them

People that do join the “social media madness MOB” that is ramped-up by “the rescue” because they need “noise and numbers” to be successful in their possible scam, that are attacking people never know the full story, but if they participate and say, write, and do things that are illegal, they should not be surprised if they are a defendant in a civil lawsuit.

The link to the 2005 article:


Excerpt from that article:

“Animal Rescuers or Thieves? Some Owners Accuse Their SPCA Chapter of Taking Their Pets And Selling Them Commentary By John Stossel

– SPCAs have an image of being animal rescuers. And there’s no question that the many Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals around the country do a lot of good work, rushing in to save animals from abusive people.

But some people who’ve had animals taken away by animal rescuers say some SPCAs have acted like petty tyrants on power trips. They say they use their police powers to take away people’s animals, even when the animals don’t need rescuing.

I found that hard to believe, but lots of people have been saying that their local SPCA has wrecked their lives.”

Yes — it is hard to believe, though the logic is there for anyone who wishes to see it.A private organization, unaccountable to normal governmental oversights, needing to raise money for its survival (or merely for its prestige), the normal failings of some human beings who find acquiring and exercising power for its own sake gratifying, and the normal sympathetic instincts of other human beings to help neglected and abused animals, form a most unsavory soup, but one whose flavor could easily be predicted from its ingredients.”


What people will never hear donation-funded animal rescue organizations say is “we WANT and NEED your money in order to operate and live our lives, but don’t hold us to account for ALL of the FREE money sent to us, and DON’T expect us to account for WHERE ALL of the animals are AFTER we ‘rescue them’ that we’re rescuing using YOUR MONEY because we WON’T be doing that anytime in this century.
Be nice, be clueless, or GO AWAY, (OR ELSE!), if you expect us to answer questions because we don’t HAVE to answer any questions posed to us by the chumps in the public that send us money and support us in our cons”.

This is because thus far, other than a tiny bit of stuff regarding their financials *may be* looked at IF enough complaints are filed with the Attorney Generals office and the IRS, there isn’t much at all in the way of OVERSIGHT by ANY government agencies and/or organizations regarding:

1. animals being killed or “disappeared” AFTER they are supposed to be “rescued” using donated-funds 

2. making sure animals are being cared for and maintained using asked for and received donation-money and/or material goods and instead, they are not regularly accounted for by “the rescue” that kind donors gave money to

3. the ignoring by the DONATION-FUNDED-rescue of publicly posting vet reports, euthanasia reports, necropsy reports, billings

4.  the whereabouts of ALL of the animals for at least 1+ years AFTER the donation-funded rescue rescues them using donation money to do so,

5. post a once a month current and accurate count of how many animals are at the rescues facility, how many are in foster homes, how many are in quarantine at a facility other than the rescues facility

6. post a once a month count of how many animals were adopted the previous month

7. post a once a month count of how many animals were euthanized, the means by which they were euthanized, and why they were euthanized

8. post the backgrounds and credentials for ALL of the primary participants at the rescue that can be fact-checked and verified as true, and not fabricated and/or embellished (people can read superficial statements that are supposed to be believed as factual on some of the “rescues” websites and Facebook pages, but in-depth fact-checking and research often reveals “skirting of the truth” and outright lies)


9. do the principles of the rescue have jobs outside of rescue, because if they don’t, and they aren’t independently wealthy, its likely they are paying their personal bills and living expenses with donated money

and the list goes on with the complete and utter lack of accountability and transparency coming from many of the donation-funded “rescues” because answering QUESTIONS and providing the information listed above is currently ALL VOLUNTARY!

It is NOT REQUIRED that donation-funded animal rescues MUST answer questions if/when they don’t want to (which as it turns out is MOST of the time, with MOST of the donation-funded animal rescues).


There is NO OVERSIGHT from anyone for donation-funded animal rescues where they MUST answer to the donating public they solicit , often constantly, for donations and support.

WHY does the donation-funded animal rescue sector NEED OVERSIGHT for donation-funded animal rescues that oversees more than just a smidgen of their financials (infrequently)?

Emotional Manipulators5

BECAUSE there are ALWAYS cheaters and scammers in many areas, who are often “emotional manipulators too (more on what this is at this link: http://themindunleashed.org/2014/09/8-ways-spot-emotional-manipulation-free.html ) that see:

1. a good money making opportunity that has a great emotional “hook” (“rescuing animals” in this case)

2. there is LITTLE to NO OVERSIGHT, rules, requirements, and regulations governing that area

3. they “get into” doing it

4. they make their money and profit and gain very quickly, (and some of the honest, trustworthy rescues, that have been operating for years, that don’t lie, cheat and run scams struggle along wondering if they shouldn’t “get into” “con-ing” people too in order to “get ahead” as they see the scam rescues doing)


5. they are too greedy to “stay off the radar” of people that are not stupid who are noticing “discrepancies” and questionable “things” occurring

6. and because they usually don’t have JOBS outside of “rescue”, they ARE “trapped on the treadmill” of continuously needing money to feed and care for the rescued animals they have up for SALE/”adoption”, to pay their rent/mortgage, pay other bills, feed their kids and personal animals, pay for other personal needs, etc

7.  any questions coming from concerned or curious people are ignored so they don’t implicate themselves in unethical and / or illegal activities

8. and sometimes reasonable questions are met with aggressive action of “siccing” their “True Believer cult-followers” and “brown noser’s” to bully, harass, trash, and smear people that consistently keep asking reasonable questions.

Then, because of these crooks in donation-funded animal rescue, EVERYONE in that sector, whether they are honest, ethical and trustworthy, or not, pays the price and is subjected to oversight and possible investigations because scammers infiltrated an area with little oversightTHAT is why they chose it as their “target” and “mark” in the first place – Donation-Funded animal rescue IS FERTILE GROUND FOR RUNNING CON’S because of the LACK of OVERSIGHT.


Oversight does not mean firing off arbitrary accusations, spreading rumors and gossiping WITHOUT factual information, strong suspicions, or having seen it with your own eyes.

Pointing the finger without having at least FIRST tried asking reasonable questions isn’t going to fly, the person/people doing it will lose credibility, its not legal in some cases and people open themselves up to civil lawsuits, and it will just look like bickering, back-stabbing, finger-pointing with no proof, etc.

Asking reasonable questions first, that honest  donation-funded-rescues (that are only able to operate because of the generosity of the supportive, donating public) will answer with no problem, and hoping for answers from all of the donation-funded animal rescues that can then be fact-checked and verified for accuracy is a logical first step.

It shows someone didn’t just fling accusations, they didn’t willfully defame rescues without evidence of impropriety, they tried to get information FROM the actual rescue (straight-from-the-horses-mouth so-to-speak) so they could fact-check and verify information, and only AFTER failing to get answers to reasonable questions did the person take further steps and file complaints with the AG’s office, local agencies, the IRS,  etc in order for them to do their jobs and get reasonable questions answered by the donation-funded rescue in question.


For those who dare, for those who CARE, for those that don’t like being considered mindless idiots and sheeple by the con-artists in donation-funded animal rescue, and for those that DO KNOW something’s “not right” at a donation-funded animal rescue that has NO MEANINGFUL OVERSIGHT, below is an informational questionnaire that should be sent to any donation-funded rescues you are a supporter of and/or sent to any donation-funded animal rescues you are contemplating supporting and donating to.

The questions are simple to answer with information that should be public knowledge when an animal rescue is operating publicly, marketing themselves publicly, and asking for and receiving donations from the public.

The single page basic information questions for animal rescues asks for what should be public information anyway, and there are single pages pertaining to information about rescues, humane societies, spca’s, and animal controls that “partner” with any of these types of organizations.
The main body of the questionnaire for any of the aforementioned organizations/entities, are primarily some simple “yes” or “no” questions that any honest, forthright, ethical, and transparent donation-funded rescue, humane society, spca, or an animal control or shelter that “partners” with them can and will answer with no problem.

Fox Guarding Henhouse1

Innocent animals that are being “rescued” (sometimes animals don’t *need* recuing, but that has been covered in other blog posts and thus the questions on the questionnaire to KEEP organizations and people HONEST; all that free donation money coming in tends to corrupt even the nicest people. For known con-artists, they got “into” donation-funded animal rescue FOR THE MONEY and also the accolades they receive that they don’t get when they run cons and scams in other areas) by donation-funded rescues are COUNTING on the public to scrutinize publicly-operated-donation-funded animal rescues because “the public” has nothing to gain, or lose, in animal rescue, but having donation-funded rescues “policing themselves” is more than a little like “the fox guarding the hen house”.

WHO Deserves Your Time and Money? The People That Will Answer Your Questions, That’s WHO!

Who Deserves1

Sometimes base human nature gets the best of people, even people that rescue animals who had honest intentions UNTIL all that entirely FREE donation-money came pouring in when “crisis rescues” are run and then WATCH OUT! They are enticed and succumb to the siren song of greed and ego and some/many animals are killed or “disappeared” and weren’t really “rescued” at all.


Animal lovers in the public, PLEASE be Guardians for the animals AFTER they are rescued so that animals that should  really be rescued aren’t killed or “disappeared” instead just because a rescue doesn’t want to care for, maintain and spend that FREE donation money they collected on a useless animal that no one wants, NOT even the rescue, just because they have “issues”.



2 thoughts on “NO OVERSIGHT For Donation-Funded Animal Rescues – The PUBLIC NEEDS To TAKE CHARGE!

  1. Reblogged this on Top Cats Roar… and commented:
    Keeping you informed on wrongful animal rescues and shelters is a rather important aspect of this blog.
    Ever so important that you are not fooled by what is going on AFTER that ‘color of law rescue’ with animals being killed and abused in the name of rescue when in reality, there was no REAL reason to take those animals from their rightful owners.
    On examining REAL facts from the imaginary contrived claim of some not-for-profit animal rescue organization whose ONLY claim can be that they are not-for-profit, with no training in animal husbandry, no training on the laws that surround animal seizures, being awarded the poperty that is miraculously OK to be ‘re-sold’ (flipped)!!! Yet on examination the truth is revealed that the animals once seized became sick, died or were euthanized in the process without any medical reason to murder those animals and no permission from anyone to have done such a henious crime. In some instances, supported by corrupt sheriff departments even when no abuse existed-ahhhh, such is the case in MARION CO., TEXAS.
    The most important thing that you can do for animals and your community is to ask questions!

    from Grace and Truth Spirit & Soul-Pay close attention to this post!!!

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