Oops and a “Culture of Convenience Killing” at Animal Controls AND FAR TOO MANY Donation-Funded Animal Rescues Too!

Oops and a “Culture of Convenience Killing” at Animal Controls AND FAR TOO MANY Donation-Funded Animal Rescues Too!

Killing Animals1

So here’s an “Oop’s” at an animal control that was reported on…….hope this dogs owner SUES the CRAP out of these jackasses – it won’t bring her poor dog back from the dead, but it might force these jaded employees to pull their heads out of their asses and PAY MORE F-N attention to the LIVES of animals:


Quote from the blog post:

“After the 8 days expired on July 2, she went to the Forsyth Co pound to pick up her beloved Maximus.  Pound staff gave her a pitbull mix named Spike instead of her own pet.  She waited for 30 minutes while they looked for Maximus then was taken to the manager’s office:

“He said, I don’t want you to panic right now, but we can’t find your dog,” Burton said.
Burton was then told there was nothing else she could do, and to go home while the shelter investigated.

Yeah don’t panic.  And definitely don’t look at the numbers Forsyth Co reported to the state of NC last year, reflecting the killing of 63% of the dogs and cats in its care.  OK, do panic.  But please, do it at home.  We’re busy killing animals here.

Ms. Burton later received a phone call from the pound manager explaining that staff meant to kill Spike but killed Maximus instead.  Oops.  The local Fox affiliate went to the pound director, who never contacted Ms. Burton personally, to find out what happened:”

 Dog Dragged to Being Killed

THIS is a horrible tragedy, but if it isn’t the first time these clowns have done this, it is NOT an accident and is instead a VERY BAD habit they have of KILLINGthe wrong animals just because they don’t care enough to PAY ATTENTION.

And before we go into the boo-hoo “we’re so stressed by what we do for a living” that *some* of the ACO’s fall back on time and time again (like we’re really supposed to feel sorry for THEM and this is the ONLY job they can find in this whole wide world), SAVE IT! NO EXCUSES, just get out of that “business” and problem solved.

However, if “getting out of this business” means these numbskulls will instead open a donation-funded animal rescue, and there is evidence that this is happening more frequently in the past several years, that REGULARLY KILLS or “vanishes” UN-USEABLE animals and/or animals that haven’t sold yet and the “old merchandise needs to be cleared from the shelves” they’ve obtained using donation-money they asked for and received from gullible and sometimes stupid people, understand now that donation-funded “rescues” that KILL numerous animals in stealth-and-secrecy are being “OUTTED and EXPOSED” and reported to government agencies for investigation of their “questionable” (answers will be forthcoming when they’re on the stand in court) and fraudulent activities.

Drama Queen15

Some of the “rescuers” involved in donation-funded “rescue” also play “the sympathy card” and write long, drawn out, wandering stories that under-lying the surface, or right on the surface, are nearly always about “them”, the “narcissistic-ones, geared toward making gullible people feel sorry for them because “rescue is so hard”, “people are so mean” (and if people asking questions is “mean”, than yeah, more and more people are being “mean” to them but they can stop the “meanness” by ANSWERING THE QUESTIONS), “I work so hard”, and yadda, yadda, yadda –

STOP! Just get out of “rescuing” and PROBLEM-SOLVED.

But “there’s the rub”; when a persons INCOME and EGO are heavily invested in “rescuing animals”, its kind of hard to just walk-away from all that FREE MONEY people send, the FREE material goods they receive, and all of that wonderful praise and accolades they live for along with the MONEY.

Believe What I Say1

Sure, these “rescues” *MAY* be able to “run with it” a little bit longer, but the “cat’s outta the bag” so-to-speak, and INTELLIGENT and INFORMED animal lovers are ASKING QUESTIONS and EXPECTING ANSWERS BEFORE they donate a penny to “rescues” that are only able to operate in the first place because of the generosity of the donating public.

And for those “pretend-animal-lovers” that can’t be bothered to ASK QUESTIONS and EXPECT ANSWERS of primarily, or entirely donation-funded animal rescues?

YOU are just as culpable in the KILLING of innocent animals,

YOU are helping with the commission of fraud, misappropriation of donation-money, misrepresentation via fundraisers, cruelty to animals, and a number of other illegalities,

YOU should be introspective and figure out why you’re an “enabler-groupie-cult-follower” of a donation-funded “rescue” that WOULD NOT be able to run their animal trading business without people like YOU sending them $$$$ in order to do what they do.

These “rescues” don’t even have enough respect, if ANY respect at all (does a con-artist have respect for their “mark”?), for those that literally SUPPORT THEM, to answer questions that are ASKED of them, and they can “say” until the cows come home that they are “transparent” but THEIR ACTIONS SPEAK FAR LOUDER THAN THEIR WORDS!

Rescues That Kill1

If a donation-funded animal rescue regularly KILLS animals that are supposed to be “rescued”, that’s just fine and dandy ONLY IF the public KNOWS what they’re doing, and ONLY if they publicly post their financials, the vet reports for all animals rescued and maintained using donation-money, the euthanasia reports for all animals rescued and maintained using donation-money, and the billings for these professional services (and if they are disposing of animals using methods other than a veterinarian or vet tech doing the “putting down”, they NEED to publicly post that information too), and a MONTHLY “head count” of animals rescued and maintained USING donation-money, so that the DONATING PUBLIC KNOWS exactly who and what their donation-money is really being spent on.

If that public is fine with the killing of innocent animals that may, or often do not, have issues, then they should continue to support these kinds of “rescues”.

However, after viewing the financials of the “rescue”, vet and euthanasia reports for ALL “rescued” animals, other methods used for disposing of animals, a MONTHLY “head count” of animals rescued and maintained USING donation-money, and understanding their kill-rate (if any of this information being posted ACTUALLY HAPPENS), some, perhaps many, donors aren’t going to want to support what may in fact be animal dealers and traders posing as animal rescues USING animals as “pawns and props” to MAKE MONEY they get for FREE from nice, but gullible people.


When the “culture of convenience killing” extends into donation-funded animal rescue, and when *some* donation-funded animal “rescues” form unholy alliances with employees at tax-payer-funded animal controls that benefit the parties involved but “not so much” for animal owners and some animals being USED as “pawns and props”, but NO NUMBERS regarding financials AND rescued animals, DOCUMENTION, and ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS are forthcoming from a donation-funded animal rescue, GET A CLUE PEOPLE and understand that their disdain, lack of respect, and refusal to answer non-accusatory and simple questions is a RED FLAG that something is wrong and animals are being used, sold, and also KILLED and anyone that supports them without “vetting” them with questions is assisting with the killing and “disappearing” of innocent animals that are supposed to be “rescued” and SAFE from harm.

Good News For Joshua Rockwood – But What About the THOUSANDS of Other Innocent Animal Owners That Are VICTIMS of “Seizure Scams”?

Good News For Joshua Rockwood – But What About the THOUSANDS of Other Innocent Animal Owners That Are VICTIMS of “Seizure Scams”?

Joshua Rockwood1Yes, the blog post at the link below is a story of triumph for Joshua Rockwood because of his innocence, but most importantly, because of the SUPPORT and HELP he got from the public that his attackers DIDN’T COUNT ON HAPPENING AT ALL.


Joshua Rockwood was wrongly attacked, not given chances to make ANY corrections at his property, he was “set-up” as so many animal owners are, and it was the worst winter in many decades New York where even the towns water system FROZE and pipes broke.

However, while Joshua was charged with several counts of neglect, cruelty, and whatever other BOGUS charges people devoid of consciences and who are corrupt liars can think up, and he did have 2 horses and a pony seized, with exorbitant “impound fees” charged ($7500 for just the 1st months “care”!), these “seizure scams” play-out across the Nation and around the world in epidemic numbers that have been increasing exponentially with the advent and introduction of more and more “real time” social media forums.

These social media PLATFORMS and STAGES allow unscrupulous donation-FUNDED (other people’s money being USED to attack) animal “rescues” to collude and conspire with tax-payer-FUNDED (other peoples money being USED to attack) local and regional government agencies to perpetrate Animal Enterprise Terrorism (AET) “seizure scam” or “rescue raid” attacks on animal OWNERS that are minding their own business, taking care of their animals, and then “someone” sees an “opportunity” to make $$$$ (FREE donation-money from the gullible public), get publicity, “look good” to the uninformed and often fickle public, and VOILA!, a drama-fueled, hysterical, absurd “seizure scam” circus is launched, animals are literally STOLEN from their owners, media is in attendance called in by the scammers at “retail rescues”, and MANY peoples and animals lives are destroyed, with some people, and often MANY animals, losing their lives.

In the case of Joshua Rockwood, he happens to be a small “sustainable farmer” in an area that has other small farms that would, and did, stand up and protect their lifestyle, their businesses, their neighbors, and fellow farmers – Joshua’s story basically grew wings and well over $50,000 was raised from the public for his defense against corrupt and bogus charges.

That money enabled his defense attorney to get some of the players on the stand in court and ASK QUESTIONS they HAD TO ANSWER UNDER OATH.

Some people involved in the scam and corruption looked VERY BAD INDEED.

Its for this very reason that it behooves donors in the public to KNOW what kind of rescue they are donating to:

  1. is the rescue primarily, or entirely “self-funded” whereby the rescue provides entirely, or nearly entirely for all of the animals they rescue, care for, and maintain using their own sources of income to finance and operate their rescue;
  2. is the rescue evenly divided between self-funded and donation-funded, and are they willing to Share their financials publicly so that “the public” can see exactly what their donations of money and material goods and supplies are spent and used for;
  3. is the rescue primarily, or entirely donation-funded and are ONLY able to operate because of the generosity and kindness of others.
    Are they also willing to Share their financials publicly so that “the public” can see exactly what their donations of money and material goods and supplies are spent on and used for;
  4. do the primary participants at the rescue have jobs outside of rescue (and being an animal breeder or dealer/broker is a tough one because it is far too easy to co-mingle donated funds with taxable income funds – that is why the IRS frowns upon these types of operations because it is very easy to misappropriate and co-mingle funds), or is ‘rescue’ their “career” and “job”;
  5. how often does the rescue run fundraisers for various things, or actively solicit/ask for donations rather than simply having a Donate feature on their website and/or Facebook page for unsolicited donations;
  6. For the rescues of type 2 and 3, do they keep the donating public up-to-date on where all of the animals they have rescued in the previous 1-2 years are;
  7. Do they post ALL of the vet reports for all of the rescued animals that are seen by the vet;
  8. when they *must* have animals euthanized, do they publicly post all of the euthanasia reports, body disposal bills, and veterinarian billings;

These are but a few of the important questions intelligent supporters and donors want answers to.

Having the answers to these questions allows prospective supporters and donors to know exactly what type of animal rescue they are supporting with their time and/or donations because NOT ALL ANIMAL RESCUES ARE THE SAME AT ALL!


Joshua is turning out to be one of the lucky ones (although it may not seem that way to him and his family because these experiences are always confusing and terrorizing) whose story bloomed in the media, but there are literally THOUSANDS of other people that get NO SUPPORT when they are unjustly ATTACKED.

Their animals are seized (stolen), the owners are ARRESTED, they are attacked by “social media madness mobs” that are ramped-up by the attacking donation-funded animal rescues, they are destroyed financially, they cannot afford a defense attorney, their animals are often sold and/or killed before they even have any kind of outcome with their case and the charges against them, their health OFTEN fails, they end up with PTSD from being TERRORIZED by “rescues”, government agencies, complete STRANGERS in the MOB on the Internet, and their lives, and those of their animals, are SHATTERED.

These so-called “rescues” are NOT generally animal rights people or even really animal welfare people – they are “opportunists” taking advantage of an “opportunity” to run a scam that MOST people, including the government agencies, DA’s, and law enforcement gets involved with, don’t UNDERSTAND that they are literally HELPING these bogus animal “rescues” commit FRAUD, money laundering, racketeering, and other crimes for the simple reason that these “rescues” are accountable to NO ONE regarding their financials and WHAT THEY ARE DOING with the FREE animals they are getting using other peoples money in the form of donations to steal and maintain until after they’ve “sorted the merchandise”.,

MOST of these “rescues” have pretty nice facilities and the people they attack on a seizure scam often don’t.

But if people would stop and consider that these “opportunistic” ‘rescues’ beg for and receive thousands upon thousands of donation-dollars, pretty much making them “welfare-rescues” (think of *some* of the people on government assistance that always seem to have nice vehicles, the newest smart phones, the newest gadgets, etc and they DON’T WORK FOR ANY OF IT), and “help” with every, little thing (people have seen where they are asking for donations to buy a couple of rakes for God’s sake!), it becomes clear exactly who and what these people are:


PANHANDLERS doing a fine acting job of POSING as animal rescuers, embellishing, lying, telling fictional fantasy stories with practically every word they speak, and every word they write, and they attack anyone that offers an opportunity to make money, get “good press”, and receive praise and/or anyone (that isn’t wealthy that is) that “outs” them, questions them to much, files complaints against them for pocketing money or killing innocent animals, and because of their sheeple-enabler-dumb-groupie followers, they have support and clout when they ATTACK.

They are literally “welfare-rescues” that get other people that are gullible to pay for their every want and need including the properties they rent or buy, the vehicles they drive, maintaining animals that were bought for them, paying for vet bills for all of the animals they have, including their non-rescued personal animals, they feed their kids and family’s with donation-money, take trips that are non-rescue-related, buy personal items, get plastic surgery, buy nice clothes, and on and on.

And they get away with this because there is little-to-no OVERSIGHT and accountability in donation-funded animal rescue and these so-called “rescues” don’t HAVE to answer questions if they don’t feel like it, which is MOST OF THE TIME because they’d expose themselves regarding their various unethical, unscrupulous, and illegal irons-in-the-fire.


Sure, they “stage” interviews with “reporters” and “journalists” and get crews out to “do a story” on their so-called “heroic’s” (and by-golly, its really easy to “look good” when OTHER PEOPLES MONEY PAYS FOR EVERYTHING), but since the “new breed” media of today are just plain worthless and they refuse to ASK QUESTIONS that would show the TRUE REALITY of “opportunists” and panhandlers taking advantage of an “opportunity” of “workin’ it”, lying, embellishing, inflating prices, etc, the gullible and jaded public just slurps the stories of “daring-do” right up, as if they are factual, when the only FACTS are that they are usually FICTION, mixed with a pinch of truth – they are not stories that will hold up in a LEGAL COURT of LAW, but they “fly” real well in the court-of-public-opinion because “the public” is so damn quick to jump on the drama-bandwagon because they are ADDICTED to “crisis rescuing” with all of the attached hoopla. fireworks, and “heroic’s” that aren’t heroic’s at all.

Tragically, MANY animals are KILLED or “VANISHED” by the “rescue that’s not”, after the THRILL of the “rescue” is over with for “the public’s” participation, and “the public” goes back to their boring little lives and DON’T CARE ONE BIT WHERE ALL of the “rescued animals” are, and are they alive, or DEAD.

Joshua Rockwood2

So back to Joshua Rockwood’s story – it has all the elements of a made for TV movie, or maybe a documentary, however, Joshua Rockwood got off relatively easy in a comparative study of his, and other cases of illegal seizures, because he got SUPPORT because he is the essence of Americana, he’s “the little guy”, and he’s a farmer.

What of the thousands of mere pet owners minding their own business and taking care of their animals within the laws and statutes.

What of the sanctuaries/hospices for animals that struggle along self-funding and getting few, if any donations, to help them out, because the daily, mundane taking care of animals that have physical and/or behavioral “issues” is not exciting enough for the public to support because it doesn’t involve going on the attack of other people and staging “crisis-rescues”.

What of the animal breeders that are following the law, taking care of their animals, and paying their own way in their endeavors and not begging for help from the public as far too many animal “rescues” DO constantly nowadays.


So although Joshua Rockwood’s experience can be applauded and is turning-around in his favor due to A LOT of financial help, perhaps the next time “the public” sees a social media and/or mainstream media story about “supposed” neglect, abuse, and cruelty to animals by their owners, “the public” can do the job that media SHOULD be doing, but ISN’T, and ASK QUESTIONS and EXPECT ANSWERS of the DONATION-FUNDED-“animal rescue” engaged in a seizure of animals, ask them to publicly post EVERYTHING having to do with that seizure or owner surrender.

Please read the questionnaire at the end of this blog post to be sent to animal rescues doing seizures for ideas for many questions that NEED to be ASKED and ANSWERED BEFORE supporting ANY animal RESCUE doing ANY types of “rescues” they are asking for money and material goods “help” with.

Their enabler-sheeple-groupies will sing their praises as they always do, but UNTIL they ANSWER QUESTIONS, don’t be fooled by the skilled scam-artists in donation-funded animal rescue that are “workin’ it” taking advantage of “the public’s” naviete, and attacking ANIMAL OWNERS JUST LIKE YOU.


If animal owners don’t UNITE soon, don’t be surprised when YOU are the victim of an AET “seizure scam” attack, you’re terrified and confused and looking for help, but just as you couldn’t be bothered to ask questions and instead joined the UNINFORMED “social media madness mob”, NO ONE is going to believe a word you say that is the truth because YOU have already been “labeled” an animal neglector and abuser. 

When YOU as an animal owner won’t get involved, research, and find out the facts when a donation-funded animal rescue, that very well could be a “retail rescue” ramping-up a “seizure scam”, target a fellow animal owner that may be a complete stranger, DON’T be surprised when it happens to you that NO ONE will bother to care about your plight, they may paint you as “guilty” without knowing any facts, and they may even jump on the drama-and-attack band-wagon because it allows them to feel superior to another animal owner.

WHEN you’re attacked, “the public” will be led around by the nose as they always are, and as scripted by the “opportunists” demonstrating this pattern-of-deception over and over again and designed to con the naïve public, by a “retail rescue” staging what amounts to a fictional-theatrical performance that has people believing that YOU really ARE a vile, ugly abuser and neglector of animals. 

ONLY if it finds its way into court on a civil action will people know the real story.

Convinience Killing5

Sadly, people are usually so broken and ruined, THAT offense of a civil lawsuit in court rarely happens, and the pain, frustration, loss of their animals, and loss of trust in hardly anyone kills them slowly, just as many of their seized animals that couldn’t be sold were KILLED by the “rescue” that was crowing to everyone how they were “saving them” a la MANY of the animal rights organizations and animal controls/shelters that have HIGH PERCENTAGE KILL RATES for “animals with issues” or animal-merchandise that just doesn’t SELL – “EASIER DEAD THAN FED” is their mantra and motto.

BEFORE you support donation-funded rescue,

BEFORE you Donate,

BEFORE you even consider jumping on the attack MOB-bandwagon when a “rescue” ramps-up that MOB with inflammatory photos, statements, and videos designed to mislead people, please do yourself a favor:

Animal OWNERS, PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS and EXPECT ANSWERS before supporting ANY primarily, or entirely-donation-funded animal rescues.

THAT is one of the easiest ways to SEPERATE the good gal’s and guy’s in animal rescue that WILL answer questions, from the “opportunist”-scammers that WON’T.

Not only will you be protecting innocent animals from common animal dealers, traders, and “flippers” posing as “rescues” and “rescuers” that do not value an animals life beyond what the animal is

WORTH to them in $$$$,




and CONTROL over others,

you may also be saving yourself from heartache, pain, and being terrorized, and could be saving YOUR OWN ANIMALS from being STOLEN and willfully SOLD or KILLED.


Why Isn’t the 1998 Anti-Horse-Slaughter LAW in California Being AGGRESSIVELY ENFORCED?

Why Isn’t the 1998 Anti-Horse-Slaughter LAW in California Being AGGRESSIVELY ENFORCED?


Interesting and positive developments in the fight for American horses and the complete and entire banning and outlawing of commercial horse slaughter in the United States and also the export of American horses outside the US for inhumane commercial slaughter.


Quote from the article at the link:

“Long suspected but never proven until now, we have confirmation that the meat you are eating is not what you think. Even worse, there is a chance that you just ate horsemeat. Not in Europe, not in Mexico, but right here in the good ol’ USA, horsemeat DNA was found in “ground beef.” This is no longer just a suspected possibility. It’s proven.”

But while this is excellent news and good information to use in the fight to ban and outlaw commercial horse slaughter entirely, emails were sent years ago to several investigative reporters with information regarding the CONTINUING ILLEGAL commercial horse slaughter trade in California, but so far, no interest from any of them.

News: Who reports on the reporters?
News: Who reports on the reporters?

The “new breed” of “reporters” and “journalists” aren’t so red-hot on fact-checking and investigating, but when one doesn’t care that they are writing fiction mixed-in with a pinch of truth (think “A Million Little Pieces”…..to see how that turned out, visit the link: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/01/27/books/27oprah.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0), and it “reads well”, that’s all that matters to most people, right?

These “rag-mag” writers are brilliant at scribbling “fluff pieces”, but not-so-good on the life-and-death, serious research and probing questions of real reporting. 

No reporters want to look into WHY horse rescues AREN’T DOING ANYTHING TO STOP HORSE SLAUGHTER DEALINGS IN CALIFORNIA, so if no one cares, what’s the point of the LAW?

Say No to Horse Slaughter3This now leads to the FACT that QUITE A FEW PEOPLE don’t know that the horse slaughter trade has been illegal in CA since November 3, 1998, but is still thriving instead.


Horses at Auctions4

Some donation-funded adoption-based “horse rescues” consistently attend various monthly sales throughout CA and are constantly asking for donations to “outbid the kill buyers” and “rescue”(“buy”) horses. Observers note that some “price-running” on private buyers that are not kill-buyers and/or “up-bidding” against between horse rescues on the more “desirable horses” that can be SOLD/flipped for very nice money regularly occurs.

Some horse rescues also deal face-to-face with kill buyers at the kb’s facility/”feedlot” when they should be working covertly to expose their activities.

 NO ONE appears to be at all interested regarding ENFORCEMENT OF THE 1998 LAW.

Sounds like peas in a pod with those “journalists” and “reporters” that write those fluff pieces.

Conflict of Interest1

WHY wouldn’t legitimate horse rescues  be interested in helping with ENFORCMENT of a law that protects horses from the horror of commercial horse slaughter?

It all comes down to money (as usual), and their business models that are a ridiculous conflict-of-interest that DEPENDS on the threat of “horses going to slaughter” existing in order to beg for and receive donation money from uninformed people.

Who in the hell would give a horse trader/dealer money to buy horses with? Maybe investors that wanted a return on their investment when the horse is sold, but no one else.

However, proclaiming ones-self to be a “horse rescue” “saving horses from slaughter” has people emptying their bank accounts to “help”.

MANY horse rescues, that in some instances are merely horse traders/dealers posing as “rescues”, are primarily, or entirely donation-funded and adoption-based and their BU$INE$$ MODEL$ DEPEND on commercial horse slaughter being “the hook” for getting in donations to “rescue” horses at sales, directly from the kill buyer at the kill buyers facility, and from other real, or made-up sources.

An ugly secret fact that the trusting public that supports these “horse rescues” doesn’t know is that there is documented evidence of *some* ‘horse rescues’ accidently on-purpose disposing of horses through middlemen, or directly through the kill buyer, and they slyly”back-door” horses into the slaughter pipeline when horses are useless and/or have been at “the rescue” having money spent on them for too long.

The horse rescues that DEPEND on the threat of horse slaughter in order to generate donations to operate their “rescue business” NEED uninformed peoples donation-dollars to do their buying/selling business – THAT is the bottom-line. 

Conflict of Interest2

This behavior and LACK OF ACTING IN GOOD FAITH is what keeps the commercial horse slaughter industry operating in California even though it is ILLEGAL.

If horse rescues can’t be counted on to stand-up and GET INVOLVED in getting those who are still operating their horse slaughter businesses investigated, arrested, and prosecuted, why in the hell will anyone else do it?

Clearly it looks like horse rescues aren’t doing sh*t about enforcement of the law because that enforcement could directly affect them adversely financially.


Several horse rescues post on their Facebook pages that they regularly attend sales around CA and/or deal with kill-buyers, and they have a combined following of well OVER 125,000 followers on Facebook.

 If they are anti-commercial horse slaughter, and they aren’t operating with a conflict-of-interest agenda and business model, they WOULD rally their large followings and impact the enforcement of laws that PROTECT horses from slaughter.

People have seen and heard PLENTY of excuses, woeful hand-wringing and fretful (but phony) tears while in a halting, hushed-toned voice people hear how “horse slaughter is illegal in California, but make no mistake, the kill-buyers are “there”.

This is nothing more than crummy soap opera theater “pretending to care” BS.

Do Something3

To name but a few ways horse rescues could “DO SOMETHING” and initiate enforcement of a law that has been in place with little-to-no enforcement for nearly 17 years if they really are anti-commercial horse slaughter, they can:

1.  organize protests outside every sale yard at every sale/auction that kill buyers have been frequenting since well before the commercial horse slaughter industry was outlawed in California on November 3, 1998.

2. most of the donation-funded rescues know how to manipulate the media and they wouldn’t have trouble getting news crews to jump on-board and cover their organized peaceful protests.

3. organize their followers to park beside the public road at every sale featuring horses and take photos and videos of people coming and going from these sale yards that kill buyers are in attendance at EVERY sale.

4. those photos could be posted on the various rescues Facebook pages for help in identifying known kill buyers vehicles and/or professional haulers the kill-buyers hire.

5. organize volunteers to follow (from a safe distance) known kill buyers or their hired haulers transporting horses from the sale back to their facilities, and take photos and videos of the property from the roadway.

6. the horse rescue could then post the photos on their various Facebook pages of the kill-buyers facilities/addresses where they keep horses until their shipment to slaughter

7. other volunteers that live in the area could keep track of the comings-and-goings at the kill buyers facility and video and photograph the comings-and-goings and perhaps even follow where horses are going to when they leave the kb’s property.

8. horse rescues could organize peaceful protests on public roads outside of kill-buyers facilities.
MOST donation-funded adoption-based “horse rescues” that attend sales regularly know where the kill-buyers are located, and know
WHO the kill-buyers are.
People wouldn’t behave in an unruly way, but could get some awareness through media exposure by simply bringing Californians attention to the fact that horse slaughter dealings have never really stopped in California at all.

The kill-buyers *may* have had to lie-low for a year or so after the law was passed in late-’98, but they’ve been operating freely for well over a decade, with some of them dealing directly with the horse rescues (!) that should have put them completely out-of-business years ago. 

Really doing something regarding getting laws ENFORCED is DIFFICULT, TIME-CONSUMING WORK, but horse rescues and horse lovers that ARE 100% ANTI-commercial horse slaughter and stand by their convictions would DO WHAT IT TAKES to get a LAW, that MANY people had to WORK HARD to get on the ballet and voted on in the first place, ENFORCED.

 Looks like there’s a bunch of “talk” but very little ACTION from California “horse rescues” that are benefitting from the threat of horses going to slaughter in a state where those dealings are illegal but the law is not enforced.

Just answer the question4

Some of the primary participants with some of the CA “horse rescues” have been dealing with illegally operating kill buyers for years when the “rescuers” were, and still are according to factual information, horse dealers/traders/brokers.


However, some horse rescuers that have been in the horse industry and/or rescuing horses in CA for years know the kill buyers/horse dealers/traders from dealing with them at sales and at their facilities/feedlots buying horses from them BEFORE horse slaughter trading and dealings were illegal in CA.

It WAS a way to help horses at-risk of going to LEGAL slaughter, BEFORE the law was passed in November 1998, from meeting that horrific end – MANY horses were saved from slaughter by people interacting and dealing with people they wouldn’t normally deal with if not for the chance to save horses from an inhumane and terrifying end to their lives.

Ban Horse Slaughter8

However, since the LAW was passed nearly 17 years ago, there is NO EXCUSE for continuing to DEAL with kill buyers, and the sale yards the kill buyer’s operate at, for any other reason then to collect vital information that will EXPOSE and open investigations regarding horse slaughter dealers.

Its been nearly 17years, so gathering solid information in order to expose them obviously isn’t the goal for the current day horse rescues.

So there’s that bug-a-boo conflict-of-interest AGAIN.

Its CRYSTAL CLEAR that some of the CA horse rescue organizations money/income-stream is tied to that illegal industry, and they are using the continued and constant threat of horses going to slaughter as “the HOOK” to part gullible people from their hard-earned money.


Unfortunately, people’s donation-dollars PAY for some horse rescues to operate their FOR-PROFIT businesses, and these “rescues” are not in the least interested in STOPPING the illegal horse slaughter industry in California because they would have already done so if they were.


Naïve peoples donation-dollars also PAY for many of the so-called “rescued horses” to be KILLED or “vanished” (does anyone even CARE WHERE these horses have GONE?) by “the rescue” in various ways if the horse is un-useable and/or has been hanging around too long at “the rescue” with no one interested in “adopting”/buying them, or even wanting them for free.

If people are NOT asking questions of the California horse rescues regarding:

  1. their MONTHLY financials,
  2. a MONTHLY accounting of WHERE horses they’ve rescued within the past 1-2 years ARE currently,
  3. are the horses there at the rescues facility,
  4. were they adopted,
  5. are they out-for-training,
  6. are they in a foster home,
  7. are they in a sanctuary
  8. are they alive or DEAD,
  9. and if DEAD, why were they “put down” (publicly post vet reports and bills),
  10. how were they “put down” (publicly post euthanasia reports and bills),
  11. where are the vet reports and euthanasia reports, etc,
  12. rescues that are honest, transparent, and accountable will have no problem answering all of these questions

then the people that don’t care enough to ASK QUESTIONS and EXPECT ANSWERS of donation-funded horse rescues in order to make sure they are legitimate rescues and not just horse traders/dealers narcissistically POSING as rescues, are CULPABLE in the killing and “vanishing” of those innocent horses that were SUPPOSED TO BE RESCUED.

Actions speak louder6Actions speak louder8

Actions speak louder than words, and intelligent people that are anti-horse slaughter want to be “shown”, and not just “told”, what a rescue stands for.

How in the world does anyone think commercial horse slaughter dealings will be banned in the United States, including the EXPORT of American horses for slaughter in other countries, if the LAW PASSED NEARLY 17 YEARS AGO IS NOT EVEN BEING ENFORCED IN ONE LOUSY STATE?!?!

With awareness, *maybe* folks that are anti-horse slaughter will offer to HELP the donation-funded horse rescues IN CALIFORNIA get to work on this issue immediately before thousands more CA horses are illegally processed through the illegal commercial horse slaughter pipeline continuing to operate in California – one can only hope. 



Non-Profit Scams3This is a “buffet-blog-post”; read small portions and come back for more……or don’t……… your choice. 

Step 1 has already been covered in this blog in previous blog posts.

Step 1 is asking NON-ACCUSATORY questions of the primarily, or entirely donation-funded animal rescue organizations and expecting answers that SHOULD be easy for the primary participants at the rescue to answer if they are legitimate.

The blog post at the link below covers Step 2 if and WHEN answers to simple questions are not forthcoming from the actual animal rescue organization that *may* actually be a “retail rescue”/animal dealers posing as an animal rescue.

REMEMBER: Questions, even ones that are NOT accusatory, asked of “retail rescues” are what kryptonite is to Superman or water is to the Wicked Witch of the West: it exposes and destroys them.

Refusing to answer simple, non-accusatory questions DOES make them suspect because answering simple questions should be easy:


Examples of some questions that should be asked are on the questionnaire posted at the end of this blog post and on several other blog posts written on this topic.

One of MANY sure signs of suspicious donation-funded animal rescues is their evasiveness in answering simple, non-accusatory questions.

Because of so much evasive, suspicious behavior of refusing to ANSWER SIMPLE QUESTIONS that go-to their “transparency”, ANIMAL OWNERS MUST wake-up and realize an Animal Enterprise Terrorism (AET) attack aka “seizure scam” perpetrated on them by a donation-funded animal rescue could happen to THEM, and they will be tried in the court of “public-social media opinion” without the facts!

Man behind the curtain2

The organizers of the attack, always a donation-funded animal “rescue”, humane society, or spca that very well may be in collusion with your own handy-dandy local animal control/shelter, are neither animal welfare nor animal rights – they are “opportunists”, with a “pinch” of “caring about animals” in their own ($$$$) way, taking advantage of an opportunity they’ve CREATED, like the Wizard of Oz behind-the-curtain pulling the levers, manipulating and sensationalizing events for a bored public.

However, they DO inflame “do-gooders” in the PUBLIC on social media forums and message boards that often ARE animal rights and animal welfare people that DON’T check facts but can be counted on to “make noise in numbers” that every opportunist NEEDS in order to pull-off a “crisis rescue” and a “seizure scam”.

They get the “social media madness MOB” to do their dirty work for THEM, ADD in MAINSTREAM MEDIA that rarely FACT-CHECK anymore and take the bait of a sensationalized story to run on their local “news”, and all they have to do to keep the “enabler-groupies/cheerleaders” inflamed is “stir-that-pot” with more inflammatory rhetoric as part of their carefully planned domestic terrorism attack on an animal owner.

Check out this blog post on YesBiscuit regarding a non-profit “animal coalition” (“rescue”) vested with the operation of animal controls/shelters and their horribly cruel treatment of animals there (its a disturbing read; sensitive people may not want to read the YesBiscuits blog posts describing it), manipulating the numbers of animals “adopted” and KILLING them instead – same thing far too many donation-funded adoption-based “rescues” do and THAT is a primary reason they won’t reveal concise counts of animals they have “rescued” and what’s become of them:


Quote from the above blog:

“A Guilford Co pound volunteer told the Rhino that Davidson Co, the more recent contract awarded to UAC, was under greater scrutiny than Guilford Co.  In an effort to make Davidson’s numbers look good quickly, UAC set up a racket whereby dogs from the Davidson pound were sent to Guilford for killing and counted as adoptions on their way out of Davidson.  Hey, they went out the front door, technically.  I guess they were “adopted” by Fatal Plus at Guilford.”

Steps 3 and 4 of how to identify and ‘out’ “retail rescues” to follow shortly because that’s the direction MANY primarily, or entirely donation-funded rescues are forcing it to go.

retail rescues2

This is an International PROBLEM and ALL animal owners are at risk of having an Animal Enterprise Terrorism (AET) attack aka “rescue raids” or “seizure scams” perpetrated on them by a donation-funded and often adoption-based animal “rescue” aka “retail rescue” that are believed to be animal dealers, traders, brokers, or “flippers” posing as animal rescues.

These “opportunists” and scammers are aggressively operating in the “animal rescue industry” (as many of them call it) because of the VAST LACK of OVERSIGHT.

This is especially true if an animal owner has elderly, frail, acutely or chronically ill animals, or even animals with a moderate amount of arthritis and/or other age, use, or old-injury related issues, co-existing with “the good and healthy animals” because it makes the owner a target for abuse, neglect, and cruelty accusations from those who are “up to no good” and are certainly not wanting to “help the animals in place” where they live as honest rescues do.

Having “good condition” animals co-mingling with the “not-so-good” animals opens the door for a “retail rescue” to “cherry-pick” someone’s good animals they can sell, and also take (under the guise of “helping”) animals that are great for getting in “sympathy/pity donations” that brings in ALOT of $$$$ and then those animals are often killed or “vanished” when they have exhausted their “donation-value” because they can’t be “adopted”/sold because of their “physical issues”.

down the rabbit hole2

In the topsy-turvy ass-backwards “down the rabbit hole” unreality in “rescue-land”, its as if no one thinks it through and acknowledges that just like with humans, animals can and do have physical and/or health issues related to a multitude of conditions, age, illness, etc.
Illogical/ignorant people think that ALL animals are always going to look just dandy.
But when the people acting aggressive and making a bunch of noise about the way some animals look is combined with an agenda that MOST people don’t yet understand, it creates the “perfect storm” for a “crisis rescue”, with donation-money flooding into “the retail rescues” coffers that “the rescue” currently doesn’t have to account for.

Often heard from the peanut-gallery-MOB are the words “why didn’t those people (the animal owners) ask for help?” or “they should have asked for help!” – THAT is like inviting the fox into the henhouse if “the wrong rescue” that specializes in “seizures” and “crisis rescues” (that bring in ALOT of donations) are asked for help.

Retail rescues are not in the least interested in doing “behind-the-scenes” “no-fanfare” rescuing because that kind of real rescuing of helping the animals and animal owner right where they live doesn’t have a big PAY DAY.
In fact, they usually have to SPEND MONEY they don’t want to spend in order to really HELP without trashing the animal owner, involving the media, ramping up ignorant “noise and numbers” MOBS, etc.

Some animal owners have seen what happens when some of these “rescues” are asked for “help”, so if an animal owner needs help, a “rescue” is often the last people they’d ask for help because of the fear of being attacked, dragged through the mud, having animals seized, being arrested once the sensationalized story, photos, posts, comments, etc are plastered all over the Internet, mainstream media, etc.

So its basically “too bad, so sad” if an animal owner is taking care of an ill, old, or less than optimum condition animal that isn’t suffering and wants to live because:

1. if and when your nasty neighbor that doesn’t like you see’s them and they use tax-payer-funded animal control as a WEAPON against you to call in a “false report”,

2. and/or someone that’s “with” a retail rescue trolls by your place and see’s an unhealthy-looking animal, or maybe more than one, but certainly not ALL the animals you own, mixed in with “sellable” animals and that self-same “rescue” let’s animal control know they’re “there to help with a seizure or animal surrender”,

3. the next thing the animal owner knows, they could have tax-payer-funded animal control combined and in collusion with a publicly-donation-funded “retail rescue” harassing them and trying to get them to surrender animals.

4. OR, they may just SEIZE ALL the animals and THEN charge the owner exorbitant “impound fees”, 

5. AND a million counts of “whatever” the weasels can think up that will cause the most HARM financially and emotionally to the animal owner

6. so they are confused, scared, and too broke to be able to hire a decent attorney to defend them against the seizure scam attack.

One more HUGE problem; MOST defense and civil lawsuit attorney’s, DA’s, Judges, and law enforcement agencies DON’T even know or understand what these attacks are all about.

 This is WHY its up to animal owners to be PRO-ACTIVE and EDUCATE the legal system and law enforcement on what retail rescues and AET attacks aka “seizure scams” and “rescue raids” ARE BEFORE it happens to the animal owner because then it is mostly too late to educate ANYONE.

In other words, if an animal owner HAS acutely and/or chronically ill animals, older more frail animals, “special needs” animals with defects, deformities, conditions, animals that have picked up diseases or conditions the animal owner is addressing, etc, INFORM your local animal control and other branches of city, town, county government agencies so there is no appearance of “trying to hide” anything.

More up-coming in future blog posts regarding the steps animal owners can take in order to be pro-active, be prepared, and also defend ones-self AND go on the offense if they are targeted by a donation-funded animal rescue as the next victim of a “crisis rescue” and “seizure scam”.

It’s high-time scammer rescues are not only run out of the animal rescue ranks, but also investigated, prosecuted, fined, and even jailed.

The ONLY way this will happen is if the PUBLIC stays FOCUSED, stays ON-POINT, and is RELENTLESS in ASKING primarily, or entirely donation-funded “rescues” QUESTIONS and EXPECTING ANSWERS.

TOO MANY animals that are supposed to be “rescued” by these people are instead USED for their “donation-value” and when that is exhausted, they are “de-valued” and convenience-KILLED rather than take care of them, maintain them, and let them LIVE peacefully.

And DO NOT be surprised in your pursuit of truth that some of these scam-artists you’re asking questions of may try to befriend YOU (kiss-ass, brown-nosing) in order to make you stop – DON’T BUY IT, for it is the classic survival-behavior of narcissists/sociopaths trying to save themselves – ALAS, as soon as they feel safe from you and you’ve fallen for their creepy “friendship”, they will REVERT back to their in-grained behavior of “working it” and USING people and animals.

Similar to these lines in the movie Terminator describing cyborgs:

“It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.”

Nearly a spot-on accurate description of some “people” involved in PRIVATIZED (its all about the $$$$ – the celebrity – the control – the praise – the publicity – the power) donation-funded animal rescue.

Donald Trump2

“Retail rescues” modus operandi (MO) is to identify an animal owner target first (good-looking animals mixed in with animals with physical issues), researching them to an extent and trying to be as sure as they can be that the target will probably NOT be able to afford legal representation on the defense and/or the offense.

In other words, they wouldn’t attack Donald Trump or Oprah because “the rescue” would be MASHED in a heartbeat into the legal-ground-zero-zone and would be DESTROYED.

Once they have identified their target, “the rescue” will often attempt extortion first by “telling” their target “we want to help” (yeah right) and they “won’t go public” if the animal owner gives up animals of the “rescues” choosing (cherry picking”).

But whether the victim complies with their demands, or refuses to be extorted and tells them to “take a hike”, or deals with “the rescue” in other more intelligent ways, the results are the same.

NOTE: since MOST animal owners have NEVER experienced the domestic terrorism phenomenon called “seizure scams” or “rescue raids” that PRIVATIZED donation-funded animal rescues have ALOT of motivation – $$$$$ – to perpetrate on animal owners, MOST animal owners have NO IDEA how fast this can turn into a MOB-ATTACK, SWARM and WITCH-HUNT on social media, with posts, comments, emails, phone calls, PM’s being fired off to government agencies and the media “telling” them they NEED to “do something NOW”.
Reasonable people do not immediately take it seriously because it seems so unreasonable and ignorant. They usually find out very quickly how “down the rabbit hole” and whacked-out these attacks ARE, and how terrorizing and potentially life-ruining it is.

Narcissist Checklist

At the helm of many donation-funded rescues and “retail rescues” are individuals that may well be narcissists, and also sociopaths, that literally “believe their own press”, and are “addicted” to being the center of attention and will seek that attention, and also money and control over others, via many avenues which include embellishing, lying, playing the victim, back-stabbing former friends and associates, using other people and animals as props and pawns, and even breaking the law. 

So in order to move the scam forward, “the “rescue” “goes public”, gets media involved (a primary element of this scam), they ramp-up “social media madness mobs” (another primary component of the scam) to cyber-attack the victims and bombard local, regional, and state government to “do something”, and since law enforcement, DA’s, AG’s, and other government agencies want to appease the frenzied, ignorant hoards, and they also aren’t usually up-to-speed regarding what these “rescue raids” and “seizure scams” really are, they often go after their own tax-paying citizens, and arrest, investigate and often prosecute them. 

Even without the prosecution aspect when investigation proves there were no illegalities present, the “retail rescue” has reaped raped the benefits, gotten thousands of dollars in free money donations, gotten free material goods and supplies, gotten free animals they collect donations on and then sell or kill the “useless animals with issues”, and they got “the BIG P” – free PUBLICITY.

Precluding prosecution, the innocent victim that was not breaking the laws for the county, city, or state, either owes thousands of dollars of VASTLY INFLATED impound fee’s to “the rescue” and/or their animals have been sold, or they were “euthanized” and/or “vanished” by “the rescue”.

The animals they kill or “vanish” couldn’t be sold or given away because of physical and/or behavioral issues they had. The rescue however refuses to let the animal/s live because they don’t want to spend money on “broken merchandise” animals and/or because the animal will always look bad because of physical and/or medical issues they have and these “rescues” boast a high rehabilitation rate, so no cruddy looking animals that can’t be rehabilitated are allowed to live that might sully their sterling reputation.

Case in point of an unjustified attack on an animal owner and the EXPOSURE of “the rescue” charging VASTLY INFLATED IMPOUND FEES:


Quoted from the blog at the link:

 “His horses were taken to a nearby horse rescue farm, the same farm that was present during the police raid. To even consider getting his horses back, the rescue farm is asking for $7,500 in boarding and administrative and medical costs for the first 30 days alone. Since they have been on the rescue farm for nearly three months, it may cost him more than $22,000 to get his three horses returned, even if he is found innocent of all of the charges.”

The animal “rescue” makes out like a bandit and has thousands upon thousands of donation-dollars they DON’T HAVE TO ACCOUNT FOR pouring into their RESCUE ACCOUNTS because of the massive social- and mainstream-media coverage they WHIPPED-UP IN MERE HOURS.

Then its “on to the next” attack, or the next fictional-fantasy sob-story “rescue” where the WHOLE STORY is NEVER told.


This kind of stuff happens when there is a lack of meaningful OVERSIGHT of primarily, or entirely donation-funded animal rescues that collect free money donations, free material items, and free animals they either “adopt”/SELL or euthanize if the animal is “useless with issues”.

These types of “animal rescues” are NOT rescues at all. They are simply your garden-variety “opportunists” taking advantage of an “opportunity” in an unregulated industry called “donation-funded animal rescue” that has little-to-NO-OVERSIGHT

There is no scrutiny of their FINANCIALS, and just as important, there is no SCRUTINY regarding WHAT HAPPENS to ALL of the ANIMALS they “RESCUED”.

Oversight15They are similar, if not the same, as generational welfare recipients/families running long- and short-cons that “work the system” for years and years, obtain free money, free material goods, other free items (animals in the case of “retail rescues”, calling the other free stuff “donations”), and then they can sell those free items and/or spend their free money any way they choose that they received under the guise of “we are poor”, “we have children to feed” (“the hook”), “we’re disabled and can’t work”, etc.

 “Retail-welfare rescues” do the same thing USING animals as “the hook” to “sell” people on “helping” them.

And the PRIMARY REASON they get away with their schemes and scams IS because of the VAST LACK of OVERSIGHT by those vested with over-seeing registered non-profit donation-funded animal rescues at government agencies.

The FACT is that most people lose interest in pursuing filing complaints because they feel they are WASTING THEIR TIME and/or they don’t want to become a TARGET themselves of these ruthless opportunists, that frequently are narcissists/sociopaths too, that wreck havoc with peoples and animals lives without a second thought regarding the emotional and financial destruction and ruin.

These types of “animal rescues” may as well be HIGH KILL RATE animal controls/shelters considering how many innocent animals they collect “sympathy/pity” donations on and then KILL or “vanish” to only-they-know-where.

Calling themselves “a rescue” allows them to wheel-and-deal to their hearts content because they DO NOT (currently) have to ANSWER QUESTIONS from the supportive donating public if they don’t feel like it.

Additionally, the government agencies vested with over-seeing them are out-of-touch with the various scams and schemes they are running that are targeting the donating public AND animal owners AND using animals as PAWNS and PROPS.

retail rescues3

Many “rescues” also have unlicensed, unregulated transporters hauling animals hither-and-yon that may, or may not have the correct commercial insurance to cover accidents such as this one at the link:


retail rescues1

Please Share this blog post if after reading this post, and others dealing with this tragic problem in animal rescue, you agree that legitimate animal rescues that will ANSWER QUESTIONS, animal owners, Attorney General’s, District Attorney’s, and other government agencies and law enforcement NEED to UNITE and put a STOP to “retail rescues” “workin’-it” in the unregulated animal rescue “industry”.

Show Me1Diversion Tactics1

Remember, this is all about the donation-funded rescues “SHOWING and not just telling” people what they feel like telling, and also about the supportive public being bamboozled by scam-artists DIVERSION tactics too.

Accountability and “transparency” are key in seperating the legitimate, honest rescues from the “opportunists” and scammers operating in animal rescue for their own GAIN and PROFIT and killing and “vanishing” animals after they’ve CALLOUSLY used-them-up.

Here’s the questionnaire for ideas of what questions to ask your favorite rescue, a rescue you are contemplating supporting, or perhaps a donation-funded animal rescue you are suspicious of because of their evasiveness in answering simple questions, their true believer enabler-followers attack anyone that does ask POLITE, non-confrontational or accusatory questions publicly, or people that ask questions become a target for harassment, bullying, etc:


STEP 2: Bring the Fight For Animals Lives To The “Rescues” By QUESTIONING Their Enabler-Groupies

STEP 2: Bring the Fight For Animals Lives To The “Rescues” By QUESTIONING Their Enabler-Groupies

Convinience Killing5The pieces of the puzzle are coming together and the efforts of MANY animal lovers that believe that


is paying off slowly-but-surely.

The crusade and movement to “SAVE” RESCUED ANIMALS that really aren’t “safe” with what are known as “retail rescues” is picking up more concerned animal lovers and owners each and every day.

With many of the grotesque and heinous killings of so-called “rescued animals” occurring in SECRECY and STEALTH, the donation-funded adoption-based animal “rescues” MAY AS WELL BE HIGH KILL RATE ANIMAL SHELTERS/ANIMAL CONTROLS subject to local, regional, state, and federal rules and regulations.

An article at the link below explains the wholesale killing of animals at animal controls and shelters when rescues are available to take them.

The question remains – WHOSE going to MONITOR “the rescues” to MAKE SURE they don’t just kill the “animals with issues” AFTER they’ve collected donations to “rescue them” just because they don’t want to feed them?


As it is now, the OVERSIGHT for donation-funded adoption-based animal rescues is arbitrary and even non-existent regarding any rules pertaining to “rescued animals” being killed in various ways or “vanished” by their “rescuers” AFTER “the rescue” has acquired free donation-money from the public.

The minimum standard and requirement should be a monthly REQUIRED PUBLIC accounting in relation to:

  1. numbers of animals the animal rescues has on premises,
  2. how many they adopt/sell,
  3. how many are in foster homes,
  4. or boarded,
  5. or in sanctuary/hospice 
  6. how many are euthanized
  7. with factual proof of current photos available for public viewing of all of the animals “the rescue” was/is responsible for.

As it stands now, it is difficult, and often impossible to keep track of so-called “rescued animals” because many donation-funded rescues are playing a deceptive version of “the shell game” with them.

Donation-funded animal rescues, that are often adoption-based too:

ask for and collect free-money-donations from kind-hearted people in the public,

they “rescue”/obtain and are supposed to “maintain” the ‘rescued animals’ with that DONATED-MONEY and material goods,

but MOST donation-funded rescues REFUSE to PROVIDE to the PUBLIC that SUPPORTS THEM,


they go out and “rescue” more and more animals,

with no accounting regarding the animals they currently have under their “rescue umbrella”,

and they ALWAYS ask for and NEED,

more and more money


This cycle repeats over and over again with NO REQUIREMENTS of accountability and full disclosure for primarily, or entirely donation-funded animal rescues that requires that they ANSWER QUESTIONS of “where, what, when, and why”.

There is nothing wrong with this business model AS LONG AS “the rescue” WILL PROVIDE FULL and COMPLETE ACCOUNTABILITY and DISCLOSURE regarding HOW THEY OPERATE and then the DONATING PUBLIC and also foundations and organizations that award grants CAN DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES based on DETAILED INFORMATION whether they wish to support and donate to that rescue or not.

Additionally, if an animal rescue is primarily, or entirely self-funded, using their own money to operate, take care of animals, buy most everything themselves, and *maybe* they collect a little bit of donation money along the way, then what they do with the animals they “rescue”/obtain and maintain with their own money is entirely up to them even though euthanizing animals just because they can’t or won’t “do” anything for anyone is callous..

But using other peoples money to “rescue”/obtain animals, collect free-money donations on them, take care of them with free donation money until its decided what to do with them, and then opting to kill or vanish the animal, also using donation-money, for no good reason other than they have issues and can’t be adopted-out and the rescue doesn’t want to get stuck feeding them, is like a family being on welfare and they have a great house, they drive newer model vehicles, they have nice clothes, plenty of food to eat, and they have the newest computers AND big screen TV’s – that is not right, that is dishonest, that is illegal if the recipients are caught, and “retail rescues” ARE doing the equivalent and are posing as “rescues”.

Currently, MANY donation-funded-“rescues” are acquiring free money through misrepresentation.

THAT is illegal.

But with an EXTREME LACK of OVERSIGHT, there is no one and there are no agencies that are forcing accountability and full disclosure requirements for primarily, or entirely donation-funded rescues that are usually adoption-based too.

Animals are killed in secrecy and stealth by the very people vested with “rescuing” them and the cycle repeats again and again.

Where Oh Where1 Non-Profit Scams2

This is all done WITHOUT disclosing exactly how much money they’re receiving and showing their financials (forensic CPA’s are standing-by ready, willing, and able to go over donation-funded animal rescues financials for the crystal clear “transparent” animal rescues that want to show their accountability) and/or exactly WHAT is HAPPENING with the animals they’ve already rescued and WHERE are ALL of the animals they have “rescued” CURRENTLY?

Primarily, or entirely donation-funded animal rescues:

  1. are literally able to do whatever they want,
  2. no one can stop them,
  3. make them answer ANY questions,
  4. or begin to protect rescued animals from an untimely, unnecessary death at the hands of those who were vested by the public with “saving them”.

Thankfully, more people are becoming emboldened enough, and are also outraged by “rescued animals” being killed and vanished.

More animal lovers and animal owners, including pet owners, breeders, people that utilize animals as work-partners or entertainment-performing-partners) in the public sector are getting involved in a significant way and are presenting a united-front to expose those rescues with a high kill rate that is beyond acceptable if calculations based on the rescues own utterings and writings are correct. 

Professionals that are specialists in various sectors of finance, investigation, and journalism, to name but a few, are also getting involved as their suspicions rise.
They are making contact with more and more people in the public sector and offering their expertise in order to destroy the web-of-deception some donation-funded animal “rescues” are weaving


The fight for transparency and accountability is also gaining the attention of government agencies that have until recently fallen far, far short of providing OVERSIGHT in regard to primarily, or entirely, donation-funded animal rescues and their procuring and handling of money and ALSO the handling of the animals they “rescue” with a significant amount of financial HELP from the kind and generous PUBLIC.

More SCRUTINY is occurring with *some* animal “rescues” fundraising financials, and also the investigation of their alleged wanton and unchecked killing and “vanishing” of animals that OTHER PEOPLES MONEY was supposed to have RESCUED and that SHOULD be SAFE even if/when the animal has some “issues”.

This is NOT supposed to be “selective” or “conditional” rescuing.

Sweet Justice2

REAL animal lovers in the public, and also people that have had their constitutional rights stomped on by dishonest donation-funded animal rescues, are UNITING with HONEST donation-funded and self-funded animal rescues, and also whistleblowing on donation-funded animal rescues that are not transparent. 

They are contacting government agencies because they are heart-sick and disgusted regarding the never-ending pleas from some donation-funded rescues suspected of being “retail rescues” for MONEY, support, free animals they can sell, publicity, free marketing, and on and on.

There is no slackening in the begging for help, no slackening in numbers of animals simply vanishing whereby they are “there” one day, and gone the next – with nary a word spoken of them again.

Some donation-funded adoption-based animal rescues that are not “transparent” IN THE LEAST are acquiring “sanctuaries” that are separate and usually a distance away from their “public” facilities.
They are attempting to “out of sight, out of mind” so-called useless (true animal lovers NEVER think of an animal as “useless”), damaged animals by shuttling them to their “sanctuary”.
However, the intent and purpose is to be able to dispose of “broken merchandise” animals more easily from a private location with “no questions asked” by a public that has already forgotten those animals ever existed at all.

The cycle and pattern-of-deception continues with no slackening in rescuing more animals when the rescue can’t even take care of what they have with their own money – this is BECAUSE many of the donation-funded “rescues” don’t have their own money to use consistently and sustainably because the primary players don’t have JOBS – in other words, “rescue is their job”.

People are ASKING QUESTIONS and EXPECTING ANSWERS in the HUGE EFFORT to REALLY and TRULY SAVE RESCUED ANIMALS LIVES that are callously “sorted”, sold, and routinely killed or “vanished” by the donation-funded animal rescues known in the animal rescue world as “RETAIL RESCUES” that have radically emerged because SOCIAL MEDIA platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, InstaGram to name a few have made “real time” marketing and fundraising FREE and EASY.


These types of “rescues” are often:

run by people that are extremely “into themselves”, are skilled manipulators (the reason Facebook works so well for them to write about themselves ALL THE TIME), and very well may be classic narcissists.

They also behave similarly to emotional manipulators that have honed their skills from running other cons regarding how to precisely gain sympathy for themselves (Facebook marketing AGAIN) when they write ad nauseam of how they “have to make the tough decisions and its so hard” (cue the violins),

they are often pathological liars that can’t keep their stories straight because of how many lies and “fibs” they tell on a daily basis (Facebook AGAIN),

they are often lacking in compassion, love, or empathy for other people or animals,

they often can disassociate themselves from killing and “compartmentalize” their lives in the dark and dirty “rooms” in their brains and are adept at “rolling out” whatever fake emotion they need at the time in their staged scenarios,

they often move smoothly from one con to another, and have multiple cons running at the same time (Facebook, Facebook, Facebook),

 they surround themselves with people that are just like they are, perhaps even “in” on the scams,

and also people that are too gullible and out-of-touch to realize they are being manipulated, lied too, and USED in cyber-rescue-land (FACEBOOK).


Curiously, one would think someone in their “clan” would tell them to shut up because the same story frequently comes out differently depending on their audience or their agenda. 

So is it any surprise that when their enabler-groupies-cheerleaders-true believers in cyber-rescue-land repeat over and over again how “transparent” “the rescue” is, that there are still NO ANSWERS to simple QUESTIONS forthcoming from the retail rescue animal dealers?


Their groupies are obviously buying into the party-line and parrot everything they’re told.

However, intelligent people that aren’t buying what the retail rescues are selling anymore have asked the questions of the primary players at “the rescue”, but have gotten no answers to the simplest of questions.

WHY won’t these “rescues” simply post ALL of the “rescued animals” VET REPORTS and EUTHANASIA REPORTS?

WHY won’t they post the exact # of animals they have?

WHY won’t they post how many they kill every month?


What exactly is the problem?

All this stonewalling is even making some former “true believer” followers of some of these “rescues” SUSPICIOUS and those canaries are really starting to SING.

People that tune-in on social media are noticing animals going MIA and they’re reaching out and offering their help and professional expertise has been tremendous.

People that are disturbed by the killing and vanishing that is “trending” since retail rescues have taken the animal rescue stage front and center are sharing their stories of heartbreak and pain they’ve endured at the hands of retail rescues.

The Time is Now4


The Time is Now to begin questioning “the rescues” staunch “enabler-groupies” that are ALWAYS touting the so-called “transparency” of their “favorite rescue – ask them questions regarding:

  1. how many rescued animals does the rescue currently have at their rescue facility
  2. how many animals are in foster care off premises
  3. how many rescued animals does “the rescue” have boarded off premises
  4. how many animals are in “trial adoptions” off premises
  5. how many animals have been adopted-out
  6. how many animals are in sanctuaries and/or hospices
  7. how many animals have been euthanized
  8. what method was used for euthanizing the animals
  9. where are the vet and euthanasia reports for the animals that were euthanized


Since the enabler-cheerleaders write and speak as though THEY KNOW EVERYTHING that happens at their favorite rescue animal dealership, perhaps they’ll answer the questions “the rescue” they support ignores.

THIS IS THE 2nd step in giving these rescues that basically are in operation ONLY because of the generosity of the donating public and social media followers, another chance to ANSWER THE QUESTIONS, even if its going “through the back-door” to get those answers.

This is a PROCESS and PROTOCOL that MUST OCCUR to PROVE to people vested with over-seeing non-profits that are watching the manipulations and deception, that these unethical, questionable activities are REALLY HAPPENING.

They are observing “rescues” suspected of being retail rescues that won’t answer the questions listed above.
The Time is Now7

Step 2 is “holding the enablers cyber feet to the fire” and ASKING “the rescues” groupie-cheerleaders the questions every time they mention how “transparent” or “accountable” “the rescue” is.

The people asking the questions should ALWAYS screenshot and save all correspondence with rescues or their associates when questions are asked because in Step 3 and Step 4, you will need those FACTS and also the EVASIONS, mistruths and lies to present to the appropriate people.


Ask the true believer-enablers questions EVERY TIME another “sympathy-post” is rolled-out by “the rescue” that is designed to:

gain sympathy for the people at “the rescue”

that ‘have to’ “work so hard” on “so little sleep”

and that “have to decide to euthanize animals”,

or “vanish them” to not-so-nice places

where the rest of these poor animals lives are counted

in days and hours,

and “that’s so tough for me/us”

and blah, blah-blah, blah-blah, blah, blah, blah 

Its as if these people think they are the ONLY people in this great wide world that actually

haven’t had the best of lives,

that have had to WORK,

that have had to make big and small, EASY and TOUGH DECISIONS,

that have actually had to be accountable regarding some of those decisions –


in other words, EVERYTHING is ABOUT THEM and HOW THEY FEEL – someone NEEDS to clue them into the fact that everything is NOT always about them because simply put, they are NOTHING SPECIAL.

Rescuers behind the scenes3

The kudos should go to the truly remarkable people that do all of those things the narcissists want and need PRAISE for.

True hero’s for animals do these things ON THEIR OWN mostly behind-the-scenes and/or because they want to help.

True rescuers OFTEN don’t have ulterior motives and people supporting them MONETARILY as MANY of the primary players at donation-funded rescues DO.

They don’t have people telling them constantly how wonderful they are because they don’t need other peoples praise and approval.

And why in the world should ANYONE have any sympathy for people that have chosen to “rescue animals” and are literally being supported by the generous public sending free money to them?

There ARE THOUSANDS of people that would LOVE to be paid to rescue animals instead of RESCUING AND WORKING for a living too.

Alas, people like this aren’t “workin’ it” with the public and pan-handling for money. They also aren’t signed-up for every government welfare program known to man because they are ethical, responsible, and they don’t USE people and animals to obtain things for FREE.


The attitude of some people that want and need “sympathy” from others is BAFFLING unless these players VAST sense of entitlement is factored in.

In their warped world:

any time someone questions them politely,

any time someone protests the killing of a rescued animal that wanted to live that DONATION-MONEY “rescued” and paid for their upkeep,

anytime someone has an opinion that carries a conscience with it (something that is foreign to MANY narcissists),

they immediately PLAY THE VICTIM, as if all those “mean, nasty people” that are asking them simple questions “don’t seem to care and don’t understand HOW HARD it is for ME.”

Show Me1

In order to keep the momentum going on the “SHOW, Don’t Just Tell” movement, the real animal lovers that are troubled and concerned regarding the fate of “rescued animals” being de-valued, convenience-killed or vanished should begin ASKING QUESTIONS of “the rescues” enabler-cheerleaders-groupies;

EVERY TIME they tout how “transparent” a donation-funded rescue that refuses to answer questions is,

EVERY TIME they express sympathy (making it seem like the person, and not the poor animal was killed) to a donation-funded animal rescue that has killed yet more animals (these are only the ones they “tell” the public about, but it is suspected that many more are killed in secrecy with some of these retail rescues) but WON’T publicly post vet and euthanasia reports and billings,

Every time they hint at more animals “needing” to be “put down” (animals running out of time),

Diversion Tactics1

EVERY TIME these enabler-losers attempt to deflect and divert your attention AWAY from their “handler-rescue” just because concerned animal lovers are ASKING QUESTIONS they don’t want to answer,



Don’t let the animal dealers posing as rescues RUIN donation-funded animal rescue for ALL the wonderful and HONEST animal rescues, many of which ARE transparent and accountable as they do the daily tasks of really saving animals, and not de-valuing and KILLING or vanishing animals just because they *may* have some issues. 

The Time is Now8

The time is NOW because time is RUNNING OUT for some of the animals that ended-up being used as pawns by a retail rescue and when their “use and purpose” is done, so are these PRECIOUS INNOCENT animals that are supposed to be rescued, but end up DEAD instead.

Step 3 to follow if it becomes necessary to go there.

LET’S PLAY A GAME! “TELL BUT DON’T SHOW” With RETAIL RESCUES! Step Right Up All You Suckers Out There!

Show Me2

Most everyone probably remembers “show and tell” when they were in grade school.

Kids would bring all kinds of things to the classroom to “show” the class and “tell” the other kids and their teacher about whatever it is they brought to school.
Sometimes they’d even bring their pets, or even their Mom or Dad!

Not to be outdone, but putting a little “spin” on the game because its “all about competing”, the “retail rescues” have invented a new game called “TELL But Don’t SHOW”.

Now mind you, this is not a game or exercise that would be used in schools to teach children about disclosing facts and information, being honest, and being forth-coming with what they know about something they’ve brought to school to “show and tell” the other kids about.

Oh no, this not-so-cool game the retail rescues play is designed to deceive and NOT disclose.


The “rescues” that the public is “supposed to” TRUST  to “TELL” them everything actually only “tells” them what “the rescue” thinks the supportive, donating public should know, which usually puts the “rescue” as the “heroes”.

They “try”, and are often successful, at distracting the trusting animal loving public from asking questions about a multitude of things, and they rarely answer any questions and instead engage in double-talk and diversion tactics.

The reason they behave in this EVASIVE way?

Because if many of these predominately, or wholly donation-funded animal rescues were to answer questions that are documented, they’d be implicating themselves in unethical, dishonest dealings, and in some, perhaps MANY cases, they’d “out” themselves regarding their involvement in crimes.

Short Attention Span2

The beauty of their game is that they count on the public being too wrapped up in their own lives, or having super short attention spans, to question them.

The public WANTS to HELP “rescue animals”, but because they may not have the time, the facilities, the money, the volunteers, or all of those things, they support and donate to animal rescues in order to help THEM rescue animals in “jeopardy”.

Some predominately, or wholly donation-funded rescues are “the real deal” and they DO rescue animals.
Many of the honest and ethical donation-funded rescues have primary participants that have jobs outside of rescue and are often using their own money they earn by working to support their rescuing, along with *some* donation-funding.

And since they are working in jobs outside of rescue, they frequently are not very “showy”, their facilities may not be the nicest, most visually pleasing facilities, but they are functional, practical, and serve the purpose for which they are designed.

Non-Profit Scams3

Not so for the retail rescue opportunists.

These people are real hustlers.

Many of the primary players at retail rescues don’t work in jobs outside-of-rescue because “rescue is their job”.

Many of these participants literally go from famine-to-feast because they have found a gold mine of “opportunities” in donation-funded animal rescue because there is relatively little OVERSIGHT.

They have no problem with asking for donations every day, sometimes several times a day, what with social media like Facebook being the perfectly free marketing and FUNDRAISING tool at their disposal 24/7/365 that actually condones and facilitates the crimes of fraud, misrepresentation, misappropriation of funds, racketeering, money laundering, and the list goes on and on.

They also “TELL” the supportive, donating public a lot of “stuff”, but do very little, if anything, in terms of “SHOWING” the public the important information that goes to accountability, transparency, ethics, and morality.

They will throw out a figure regarding an approximate number of animals they have at their facility, but will then turn right around and the numbers are RADICALLY lower just a month later but they aren’t SHOWING a bunch of adoptions, a bunch of animals euthanized, a bunch of animals in real foster homes and not mystery locations, etc.

But in the next breath will “tell” people animals are in “trial-adoptions”, they’re in “foster homes”.

These liars tell so many lies to so many different people, they can’t possibly keep them all straight!

And then there’s this little gem where an intelligent person is *wondering* WHY *some of the horses that were seized on a huge “rescue raid”, (which the “rescue” MADE a bunch of money off of in donations and sales of horses with no issues), were sent out of state to a “trainer” (maybe if the “trainer” is also a kill buyer perhaps):

“They also have a 200 mile radius for adoption but they shipped A LOAD of the seized horses to “an approved” trainer in TEXAS..gosh…does that mean there are NO good trainers between Maryland and Texas?…or…is it just convenient to the Mexican border?”

Then there’s the “swapping” some dog/small animal rescues do with animal controls and other high kill rate facilities:

the rescue shuttles the dog, cat, rabbit, to animal control, swap them out for a more “desirable animal”, pay the “kickback” or “incentive money” to the accommodating government employee, and that poor unwanted animal is literally “dead meat”.

Where Oh Where1

Where Oh Where2So WHERE OH WHERE have ALL the animals GONE?


Shell Game1

Retail rescues shuffle animals here, and there, and everywhere, playing the shell game using animals as the pea or marble.

“Now you see em, now you don’t” is their motto, and the helpful, trusting public that are living their own lives, fall for these manipulations hook, line, and sinker because after all, “they’re a rescue”, they must be honest, compassionate people, right?”


And the individuals that suffer are the animals that are “supposed to be” “RESCUED”.

Oh yeah, and also the trusting public that sends these scam-artists their hard-earned money.

Competition Kills3

When “Competition Kills” (Like a dangerously ABSURD REALITY SHOW!):

The “rescue industry” is VERY COMPETITIVE.

Rescues compete for donations.

They compete for grant money.

They compete for followers.

They compete for praise and accolades.

Competition Kills2

They compete for media attention in print, on the TV screen with “reality” shows that no real rescue would ever participate in because its NOT reality (has anyone else ever noticed how many skeletons in peoples closets are EXPOSED when they grab for the gold ring and it ultimately results in some very shady dealings being REVEALED?), on the Internet.

They compete for “pulling” “desirable” dogs at animal shelters.

They compete for buying (calling it “rescuing”) “desirable” horses at sales and auctions.

Their whole lives and daily activities revolve around COMPETING.

Competition Kills4

Here’s the problem with that; COMPETITION and COMPETING in arenas and forums that DON’T HAVE ANY RULES brings out the vermin that demonstrate the negatives of human nature such as greed, dishonesty, being prideful, becoming “addicted” to various tangible and un-tangible things.

Some/many people turn into monsters that have no compassion, no empathy, no honesty, and no ethics.

They instead are “all about” making money.

Being the “best” (con-artists), most well-known “rescue”.

Having the “best” and nicest facility that is pleasing to the eye of the public where “image is everything” is a subconscious “must see”, but the reality is often an absurd joke and charade of what’s REALLY happening just below the shining-surface.

Being the “best” at cheating and lying to the public couched in the emotional tugging on the heartstrings of too-trusting people.

They are “all about” “taking out” their “competition”USUALLY the honest rescues and rescuers that have ethical and moral values, and would never lie and cheat and/or “de-value” an animal and KILL or “disappear” them.

And they are “all about” the MONEY (oops, already said that, but it bears repeating because that is the PREDOMINATE reason people that run, and are involved with, retail rescues, “rescue”.



But if, (and WHEN – tick tock, tick tock), they are exposed as shysters and scammers and the money goes bye-bye, they’ll go back to setting up scams in other opportunistic industries and areas and “animal rescue” will be a distant memory.

And so will the animals they killed and “disappeared”.

This is HORRIBLY TRUE because the PUBLIC that ENABLED these grifters at the “retail rescues” to run their scams didn’t care enough about the so-called “rescued animals” to ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT ALL of the “RESCUED ANIMALS” and keep track of WHERE they are and WHAT happened to them.

They didn’t care enough to MAKE SURE that “rescues” that were supposed to have well over 100 animals they collected donations on, reduced in mere weeks to less than 50 animals (and those animals aren’t even “safe” in the least when retail rescues must constantly “MAKE ROOM” for “new merchandise” animals so they can “stay in the game” AGAINST the other “rescues” COMPETING.

OR, as sometimes happens, these scam-artists in rescue sock-money-away in various accounts, fold shop, and take off with the money, usually BLAMING other people for WHY they folded. 

Show Me1

Back to the game.

Their is a public movement gaining speed of “Show, Don’t Just Tell”.

Its a VERY SIMPLE game designed to weed-out those who deceive, distract, and deal-in-death to rescued animals.

All the compassionate animal loving public has to do in order to separate the real rescues from the “retail rescues” is ASK QUESTIONS whereby the rescue MUST SHOW them the ANSWER.

Its actually kinda fun to ask predominately, or wholly donation-funded rescues:

1. when you “tell” the public you offered “help” to animal owners BEFORE you seized/stole their animals. collecting thousands of $$$$$ to “help the animals” (yeah, right), can you SHOW us a detailed document of exactly WHAT KIND OF “HELP” YOU OFFERED THEM?

2. when you “tell” the public how “deplorable” or “horrific” (basic HOT-BUTTON words that are used over and over again) conditions were where you “rescued” animals from, can you “SHOW” numerous detailed photos and videos of the property you seized stole animals from?

3. When you “tell” the public that ALL or MANY of the animals were “starving”, “dehydrated”, had sores, cuts, lacerations, were sunburned, parasite infested, etc, can you “SHOW” DETAILED photos and videos of ALL of the animals you seized?

4. can you “SHOW” documentation, vet reports from your veterinarian (because many of these retail rescues make it sound like their vet practically LIVES at their facility and they’re ALWAYS NEEDING MONEY for yet another vet visit, and also chiropractors visits, groomers visits, farrier visits, massage therapists visits, etc and these professionals ALWAYS issue bills, with MOST of them writing detailed reports too UNLESS they too are “in on” the charade and scam – its called collusion and/or “kickbacks”) from your vet tech, your trainer/s, your “other professionals” where they have put pen to paper and signed their name as being the person that identified the “issues” and they take responsibility for their statements, and also if these statements are proven false?

5. can you “SHOW” and not just “tell” the public “WHY” an animal “HAD” to be euthanized, “put down”, given “the last act of kindness” (really?), given a “dignified death”, etc and “show” euthanasia reports and billings?

6. Can you “show” through a MONTHLY public posting on your Facebook page, that you market your rescue on, an accurate and detailed “head count” listing of ALL of the animals you have “rescued”, and also provide photos of ALL of the animals too (including those in “foster homes”, “in quarantine”, and also on “adoption-trials”)?

7. can you “SHOW” and not just “tell” the public your financials every month, and also after every seizure, purchase, surrender, etc when you ask for and receive donations for “rescued animals”, of how much money you “NEED” in order to “rescue”, and how much money it “COSTS” to operate your rescue (instead of “telling” the public what it costs and throwing numbers out haphazardly that not even an expert forensic accountant/CPA could keep up with and decipher)?

So much “TELLING” and so little “SHOWING” makes intelligent people very suspicious indeed.

The “real rescues” that are primarily, or wholly donation-funded WON’T have ANY PROBLEM “SHOWING” the information listed above, and also other information the supportive, donating public wants to “SEE” and not just be “TOLD”.

Here’s that link again with some good ideas on how to gauge a donation-funded animal rescue and if they are really an animal RESCUE, or if in fact they are nothing more than animal traders, brokers, dealers, and flippers posing as “rescues” that are actually “retail rescues”:


Taking it farther, the questionnaire below has some great questions that predominately, or wholly donation-funded animals can, and should be asked.

The questionnaire can also be sent to the donation-funded rescue, they can take 10 minutes to fill it out (mostly “yes” or “no” questions), scan it, and return the completed form to the sender.

Going forward, the choice is EASY: DON’T PLAY the “retail rescues” “tell and no show” game.

Competition Kills1

DON’T “enable” non-transparent animal rescues to engage in COMPETING USING YOUR MONEY because COMPETITION KILLS ANIMALS in the UNEVEN matches between RETAIL RESCUES and HONEST, ETHICAL and ACCOUNTABLE RESCUES

The beings that LOSE every time in this hustler game of competing rescues con-artists are the INNOCENT ANIMALS that are DEPENDING on the PUBLIC to PROTECT THEM by ASKING QUESTIONS and EXPECTING ANSWERS from donation-funded animal rescues BEFORE ANY DONATIONS ARE MADE.


ASK QUESTIONS that have the power to save rescued animals lives,

that saves your hard-earned money

and EXPECT ANSWERS BEFORE you support and donate to a donation-funded rescue.

Just answer the question1

If the answers you seek are not forth-coming:

*DON’T SUPPORT or DONATE to them because they very well could be a “retail rescue”

*playing “the shell game” with animals,

*then “killing them off” at the end of the “game”

*and “TELLING” the public disrespectful fantasy-fiction stories of “why” they “had” to kill the animal and covering-up their dirty dealings and lies by “speaking for the vet” and NOT showing vet and euthanasia reports.



When some “rescues” “tell” the public about a few “token” euthanasia’s of animals and they don’t SHOW vet or euthanasia reports, chances are high that more animals are killed then is being reported

and also doesn’t take into ACCOUNT that *maybe* some “rescued” animals are already LONG GONE after they were “rescued to death” by a retail rescue but nice animal lovers in the public are still sending donations for them!.

THOSE animals that have been killed at the hands of fake rescues will not have died in vain if and when the PUBLIC ASKS QUESTIONS and EXPECTS ANSWERS from donation-funded rescues that may in fact be RETAIL RESCUES.







The MOVEMENT of ASKING QUESTIONS that any and all HONEST and ETHICAL donation-funded animal rescues can and will answer is finally picking up speed and the numbers are growing of people that simply won’t support or donate to animal rescues that won’t answer their questions.

And when professionals people in the media that are vested with asking questions, checking facts, verifying, and writing and reporting facts to the PUBLIC can’t be counted on to DO THEIR JOBS honestly and ethically, then it IS up to the PUBLIC to expose THEM and demand they report FACTUALLY or


THEN the public WILL DO THEIR JOBS FOR THEM and THE PUBLIC WILL ASK the “reported on” animal rescue THE QUESTIONS the “journalist” didn’t ask for whatever reasons they had besides being lethargic, lazy, clueless, or *maybe* having a more shady agenda that involves helping some donation-funded rescues collect money they operate off of, pay their personal bills, buy their personal items, etc, which is ILLEGAL.

When intelligent animal lovers that have the ability to reason, and also *may* have factual information regarding a rescue that is the polar opposite of what is written by a hack, read yet another sappy “fluff piece” that is an over-flowing toilet of embellishment and lies, it not only INSULTS their intelligence and astonishes that the author calls themselves a “journalist”, it also disturbs them when numbers are tossed around cavalierly of animals that have been killed by the rescue (as if their lives didn’t matter).

 And when even more numbers are carelessly thrown about of dollar amounts that many people don’t make actually WORKING in a year, let alone a month – (a double-standard because unlike donation-funded animal rescues, mere mortals in “the public” are scrutinized by the IRS, but MOST donation-funded animal rescues are NOT because there isn’t much OVERSIGHT currently)- with no accountability of exactly WHAT all that money is really being spent on, they CONTACT that “reporter” (term used very loosely), and their editor too, and they ask THEM the questions that should have been asked of the rescue by the “reporter”.


and unless “reporters” and “journalists” are called-on-the-carpet and clued-in to some real, honest to goodness facts, they’ll continue to write fiction and fantasy that is not remotely the reality.


ASKING QUESTIONS and expecting answers should be “the norm” in donation-funded animal rescue to keep donation-funded rescues HONEST about the FREE $$$ they ASK for and receive, and also keep them ethical and moral regarding WHAT HAPPENS TO ALL OF THE ANIMALS they’re “rescuing”.

But because asking questions and expecting answers is not “the norm”, and “journalists/reporters” can’t or won’t DO THEIR JOBS and instead treat “the public” like a bunch of morons, “the public” will have to make it “the new normal”  to ASK QUESTIONS and EXPECT ANSWERS from DONATION-FUNDED ANIMAL RESCUES that currently have little-to-NO OVERSIGHT.

Asking Questions and Expecting Answers can and will SAVE ANIMALS LIVES, but you have to “ASK and EXPECT” to make SAVING LIVES a REALITY for innocent and trusting animals at donation-funded animal rescues so they don’t end up as the next casualty of  a “for-profit” “Retail Rescue”.

Sheeple people1

Intelligent, devoted animal lovers that are NOT mere tag-along followers DO ask questions and they EXPECT answers to those questions.

In other words, they are NOT mindless SHEEPLE!

So if they don’t get answers, they don’t support or donate to those rescues.

Every day now, based on comments in articles, blog posts, social media, message boards, etc, more people that possess compassion and believe animal rescue is about rescueare not donating unless or until donation-funded animal “rescues” ANSWER THEIR QUESTIONS FIRST, then the money *may* be forthcoming.


BEFORE THEY DONATE A PENNY, they are ASKING the “rescue”:

1.  “Does your organization have enough of your OWN MONEY to not only “rescue”, seize, take in, or buy animals

2.  but additionally does your organization also have enough of your OWN MONEY to care for and maintain the “rescued” animals for weeks, or months, or maybe even years if they “have issues” if for some reason donations and grant money dry-up for any reasons,

3. and are you willing to show documentation and photos of the animals you already have at your facility, in foster care, or at a “quarantine facility”,

4. are you willing to show the amount of donations coming in

5. and show where the monies are being spent

6. so that the public knows you’re using free donation-money responsibly, ethically, legally and morally,

7. because if you ever KILL animals just because no one else wants them AFTER you’ve supposedly “rescued them”,

8. and your “rescue” refuses to take full responsibility for those animals the PUBLIC helped you rescue through donation money and/or material goods

9. then your “rescue” is BETRAYING animals you got publicity for supposedly “rescuing”, that you made money off of through donations, and also profited from the ones you were able to sell

10. but KILLING or “disappearing” USELESS animals you just don’t want to care for and maintain because they have “issues”, or you have to dispose of “old merchandise animals” to make room for “new merchandise animals” IS NOT RESCUE!


So now that brings us to the question of “when a primarily, or wholly donation-funded animal rescue doesn’t have enough of their own money to care for and maintain animals at least at the basics of care, and RELY’S entirely, or almost entirely, on the public, other organizations giving them grant money, and also the receiving of FREE material goods they often use to take care of their own personal animals, what would they be called?

BINGO! That’s right, they could, and might, be called HOARDERS!

Just like the donation-funded “rescues” that do seizures on animal owners animals always call animal owners that keep putting one foot in front of the other caring for their animals, even if it isn’t in the most beautiful, pristine of accommodations, and even IF their animals *may* be underfed but are NOT being “starved” (that old hot-button word used to amp people up into MOBS) but at least the animal owners are USING THEIR OWN MONEY to pay for things and aren’t “panhandling for dollars” like these donation-funded rescues do…….. sometimes on a daily basis.


Moral Obligation2

All animal lovers that support donation-funded animal rescues have a MORAL OBLIGATION to CARE about WHAT HAPPENS to ALL of the animals AFTER they are supposedly “rescued” using donation (other peoples) money to do the rescuing.

Word travels fast on the Internet, information is read and absorbed, and smart, compassionate people who think for themselves ARE taking this MORAL OBLIGATION and RESPONSIBILITY to the “rescued animals” AFTER they are “rescued” seriously because killing animals for CALLOUS reasons such as they aren’t useful and/or killing them because they aren’t selling and are taking up space and costing money to care for them is just plain barbaric and WRONG.

Devoted animal lovers have their reasonable questions directed to donation-funded-rescues go UNANSWERED.

 They ask:

* “WHERE are ALL of the animals you rescued in the past year

* “WHERE is all the donation-money you received being spent?”

*They begin to wonder “why won’t that animal rescue answer my questions?”

“What are they hiding?”

“Now I really am wondering if the animals they rescued really are O.K.”

Its easy enough to only be able to “rescue” long-distance, but be supportive over the Internet, maybe send some money to an animal rescue, and let someone else do the “hands-on heavy-lifting”.

But what if that hands-on heavy lifting includes “the rescue” KILLING and disposing of animals that were supposed to be SAFE?

The animal WANTS to LIVE?

but because they have “issues”,

they can’t be sold (“adopted”),

they can’t be given away because no one wants them,

and the “rescue” that has them doesn’t want to be responsible for caring for and maintain them??

Tragically, that scenario ends far too often in the “3-D’s” –  death, “disappearing”, and disposal.

It is certainly acknowledged by many staunch animal lovers, rescuers, and animal welfare advocates that sometimes animals really do need to be euthanized if they are suffering badly, are mortally wounded, can’t lay down and get back up in the case of large animals people can’t just help them up as is the case with even a large dog, if the animal has stopped eating and drinking and is not resuming eating and drinking for days and shows no interest in resuming, is not responding to medication, etc, etc.

However, when animal rescues “say” they are “transparent”, the least they can do is publicly provide information backing-up their assessments and statements i.e. veterinary reports and billings, euthanasia reports and billings, body disposal billing, videos of the animal before euthanasia, etc, instead of “speaking for their vet” and “saying” things that may, but sometimes/often are NOT TRUE


“what’s happening” when it is a donation-funded rescue that is in a sector that is a HOT-BED of SCAMS because of the RETAIL RESCUE “OPPORTUNISTS” fleecing the public and pulling the wool over their eyes sometimes on a daily basis.

How difficult is it for them to post factual written, photographic, and video information?


If they won’t, something fishy is going on, especially if simple questions meet with bullying, harassment, threats, attacks, etc by the “rescues” True Believer minions that don’t know how to think for themselves and “follow orders” in lock-step on command by their “sheeple-handlers” at the “rescue”.


Since government agencies, and also journalists and reporters aren’t taking a significant interest in “policing” donation-funded animal rescues, there are now “retail rescues” operating all over the world exploiting animals, playing on peoples emotions, and making money hand-over-fist.

But don’t be fooled: they are nothing more than animal traders, dealers, and flippers posing as rescues, and because of the



 Many animal lovers that support donation-funded animal rescues feel they have a MORAL OBLIGATION to CARE about WHAT HAPPENS to ALL of the animals AFTER they are supposedly “rescued” using donation (other peoples) money to do the rescuing.

Because of their compassion for animals and their belief that questions asked SHOULD be answered, they are JOINING THE MOVEMENT of ASKING QUESTIONS and EXPECTING ANSWERS so they can be sure they are supporting and donating to a legitimate, accountable, honest, transparent donation-funded rescue and NOT a “retail rescue” that illegally uses money and kills and “disappears” animals.

Word travels fast on the Internet, information is read and absorbed, and smart, compassionate people who think for themselves ARE taking this MORAL OBLIGATION and RESPONSIBILITY to the “rescued animals” AFTER they are “rescued” seriously because killing animals just because they aren’t useful and/or killing them because they aren’t selling and are taking up space and costing money to care for them is just plain barbaric and WRONG.

Please take the time it takes to weed-out the dishonest donation-funded animal rescues that are actually “retail rescues”.

ASK QUESTIONS such as what are shown in the questionnaire below.

Or better yet, send the donation-funded rescues the questionnaire and see if they respond with answers.

Whether they respond to your questions, or not, you’ll be in a much better position to make decisions on which rescues to support and send donations too, and which to ignore, and also possibly file complaints with the states Attorney General’s office.