Convinience Killing5The pieces of the puzzle are coming together and the efforts of MANY animal lovers that believe that


is paying off slowly-but-surely.

The crusade and movement to “SAVE” RESCUED ANIMALS that really aren’t “safe” with what are known as “retail rescues” is picking up more concerned animal lovers and owners each and every day.

With many of the grotesque and heinous killings of so-called “rescued animals” occurring in SECRECY and STEALTH, the donation-funded adoption-based animal “rescues” MAY AS WELL BE HIGH KILL RATE ANIMAL SHELTERS/ANIMAL CONTROLS subject to local, regional, state, and federal rules and regulations.

An article at the link below explains the wholesale killing of animals at animal controls and shelters when rescues are available to take them.

The question remains – WHOSE going to MONITOR “the rescues” to MAKE SURE they don’t just kill the “animals with issues” AFTER they’ve collected donations to “rescue them” just because they don’t want to feed them?

As it is now, the OVERSIGHT for donation-funded adoption-based animal rescues is arbitrary and even non-existent regarding any rules pertaining to “rescued animals” being killed in various ways or “vanished” by their “rescuers” AFTER “the rescue” has acquired free donation-money from the public.

The minimum standard and requirement should be a monthly REQUIRED PUBLIC accounting in relation to:

  1. numbers of animals the animal rescues has on premises,
  2. how many they adopt/sell,
  3. how many are in foster homes,
  4. or boarded,
  5. or in sanctuary/hospice 
  6. how many are euthanized
  7. with factual proof of current photos available for public viewing of all of the animals “the rescue” was/is responsible for.

As it stands now, it is difficult, and often impossible to keep track of so-called “rescued animals” because many donation-funded rescues are playing a deceptive version of “the shell game” with them.

Donation-funded animal rescues, that are often adoption-based too:

ask for and collect free-money-donations from kind-hearted people in the public,

they “rescue”/obtain and are supposed to “maintain” the ‘rescued animals’ with that DONATED-MONEY and material goods,

but MOST donation-funded rescues REFUSE to PROVIDE to the PUBLIC that SUPPORTS THEM,


they go out and “rescue” more and more animals,

with no accounting regarding the animals they currently have under their “rescue umbrella”,

and they ALWAYS ask for and NEED,

more and more money


This cycle repeats over and over again with NO REQUIREMENTS of accountability and full disclosure for primarily, or entirely donation-funded animal rescues that requires that they ANSWER QUESTIONS of “where, what, when, and why”.

There is nothing wrong with this business model AS LONG AS “the rescue” WILL PROVIDE FULL and COMPLETE ACCOUNTABILITY and DISCLOSURE regarding HOW THEY OPERATE and then the DONATING PUBLIC and also foundations and organizations that award grants CAN DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES based on DETAILED INFORMATION whether they wish to support and donate to that rescue or not.

Additionally, if an animal rescue is primarily, or entirely self-funded, using their own money to operate, take care of animals, buy most everything themselves, and *maybe* they collect a little bit of donation money along the way, then what they do with the animals they “rescue”/obtain and maintain with their own money is entirely up to them even though euthanizing animals just because they can’t or won’t “do” anything for anyone is callous..

But using other peoples money to “rescue”/obtain animals, collect free-money donations on them, take care of them with free donation money until its decided what to do with them, and then opting to kill or vanish the animal, also using donation-money, for no good reason other than they have issues and can’t be adopted-out and the rescue doesn’t want to get stuck feeding them, is like a family being on welfare and they have a great house, they drive newer model vehicles, they have nice clothes, plenty of food to eat, and they have the newest computers AND big screen TV’s – that is not right, that is dishonest, that is illegal if the recipients are caught, and “retail rescues” ARE doing the equivalent and are posing as “rescues”.

Currently, MANY donation-funded-“rescues” are acquiring free money through misrepresentation.

THAT is illegal.

But with an EXTREME LACK of OVERSIGHT, there is no one and there are no agencies that are forcing accountability and full disclosure requirements for primarily, or entirely donation-funded rescues that are usually adoption-based too.

Animals are killed in secrecy and stealth by the very people vested with “rescuing” them and the cycle repeats again and again.

Where Oh Where1 Non-Profit Scams2

This is all done WITHOUT disclosing exactly how much money they’re receiving and showing their financials (forensic CPA’s are standing-by ready, willing, and able to go over donation-funded animal rescues financials for the crystal clear “transparent” animal rescues that want to show their accountability) and/or exactly WHAT is HAPPENING with the animals they’ve already rescued and WHERE are ALL of the animals they have “rescued” CURRENTLY?

Primarily, or entirely donation-funded animal rescues:

  1. are literally able to do whatever they want,
  2. no one can stop them,
  3. make them answer ANY questions,
  4. or begin to protect rescued animals from an untimely, unnecessary death at the hands of those who were vested by the public with “saving them”.

Thankfully, more people are becoming emboldened enough, and are also outraged by “rescued animals” being killed and vanished.

More animal lovers and animal owners, including pet owners, breeders, people that utilize animals as work-partners or entertainment-performing-partners) in the public sector are getting involved in a significant way and are presenting a united-front to expose those rescues with a high kill rate that is beyond acceptable if calculations based on the rescues own utterings and writings are correct. 

Professionals that are specialists in various sectors of finance, investigation, and journalism, to name but a few, are also getting involved as their suspicions rise.
They are making contact with more and more people in the public sector and offering their expertise in order to destroy the web-of-deception some donation-funded animal “rescues” are weaving


The fight for transparency and accountability is also gaining the attention of government agencies that have until recently fallen far, far short of providing OVERSIGHT in regard to primarily, or entirely, donation-funded animal rescues and their procuring and handling of money and ALSO the handling of the animals they “rescue” with a significant amount of financial HELP from the kind and generous PUBLIC.

More SCRUTINY is occurring with *some* animal “rescues” fundraising financials, and also the investigation of their alleged wanton and unchecked killing and “vanishing” of animals that OTHER PEOPLES MONEY was supposed to have RESCUED and that SHOULD be SAFE even if/when the animal has some “issues”.

This is NOT supposed to be “selective” or “conditional” rescuing.

Sweet Justice2

REAL animal lovers in the public, and also people that have had their constitutional rights stomped on by dishonest donation-funded animal rescues, are UNITING with HONEST donation-funded and self-funded animal rescues, and also whistleblowing on donation-funded animal rescues that are not transparent. 

They are contacting government agencies because they are heart-sick and disgusted regarding the never-ending pleas from some donation-funded rescues suspected of being “retail rescues” for MONEY, support, free animals they can sell, publicity, free marketing, and on and on.

There is no slackening in the begging for help, no slackening in numbers of animals simply vanishing whereby they are “there” one day, and gone the next – with nary a word spoken of them again.

Some donation-funded adoption-based animal rescues that are not “transparent” IN THE LEAST are acquiring “sanctuaries” that are separate and usually a distance away from their “public” facilities.
They are attempting to “out of sight, out of mind” so-called useless (true animal lovers NEVER think of an animal as “useless”), damaged animals by shuttling them to their “sanctuary”.
However, the intent and purpose is to be able to dispose of “broken merchandise” animals more easily from a private location with “no questions asked” by a public that has already forgotten those animals ever existed at all.

The cycle and pattern-of-deception continues with no slackening in rescuing more animals when the rescue can’t even take care of what they have with their own money – this is BECAUSE many of the donation-funded “rescues” don’t have their own money to use consistently and sustainably because the primary players don’t have JOBS – in other words, “rescue is their job”.

People are ASKING QUESTIONS and EXPECTING ANSWERS in the HUGE EFFORT to REALLY and TRULY SAVE RESCUED ANIMALS LIVES that are callously “sorted”, sold, and routinely killed or “vanished” by the donation-funded animal rescues known in the animal rescue world as “RETAIL RESCUES” that have radically emerged because SOCIAL MEDIA platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, InstaGram to name a few have made “real time” marketing and fundraising FREE and EASY.


These types of “rescues” are often:

run by people that are extremely “into themselves”, are skilled manipulators (the reason Facebook works so well for them to write about themselves ALL THE TIME), and very well may be classic narcissists.

They also behave similarly to emotional manipulators that have honed their skills from running other cons regarding how to precisely gain sympathy for themselves (Facebook marketing AGAIN) when they write ad nauseam of how they “have to make the tough decisions and its so hard” (cue the violins),

they are often pathological liars that can’t keep their stories straight because of how many lies and “fibs” they tell on a daily basis (Facebook AGAIN),

they are often lacking in compassion, love, or empathy for other people or animals,

they often can disassociate themselves from killing and “compartmentalize” their lives in the dark and dirty “rooms” in their brains and are adept at “rolling out” whatever fake emotion they need at the time in their staged scenarios,

they often move smoothly from one con to another, and have multiple cons running at the same time (Facebook, Facebook, Facebook),

 they surround themselves with people that are just like they are, perhaps even “in” on the scams,

and also people that are too gullible and out-of-touch to realize they are being manipulated, lied too, and USED in cyber-rescue-land (FACEBOOK).


Curiously, one would think someone in their “clan” would tell them to shut up because the same story frequently comes out differently depending on their audience or their agenda. 

So is it any surprise that when their enabler-groupies-cheerleaders-true believers in cyber-rescue-land repeat over and over again how “transparent” “the rescue” is, that there are still NO ANSWERS to simple QUESTIONS forthcoming from the retail rescue animal dealers?


Their groupies are obviously buying into the party-line and parrot everything they’re told.

However, intelligent people that aren’t buying what the retail rescues are selling anymore have asked the questions of the primary players at “the rescue”, but have gotten no answers to the simplest of questions.

WHY won’t these “rescues” simply post ALL of the “rescued animals” VET REPORTS and EUTHANASIA REPORTS?

WHY won’t they post the exact # of animals they have?

WHY won’t they post how many they kill every month?


What exactly is the problem?

All this stonewalling is even making some former “true believer” followers of some of these “rescues” SUSPICIOUS and those canaries are really starting to SING.

People that tune-in on social media are noticing animals going MIA and they’re reaching out and offering their help and professional expertise has been tremendous.

People that are disturbed by the killing and vanishing that is “trending” since retail rescues have taken the animal rescue stage front and center are sharing their stories of heartbreak and pain they’ve endured at the hands of retail rescues.

The Time is Now4


The Time is Now to begin questioning “the rescues” staunch “enabler-groupies” that are ALWAYS touting the so-called “transparency” of their “favorite rescue – ask them questions regarding:

  1. how many rescued animals does the rescue currently have at their rescue facility
  2. how many animals are in foster care off premises
  3. how many rescued animals does “the rescue” have boarded off premises
  4. how many animals are in “trial adoptions” off premises
  5. how many animals have been adopted-out
  6. how many animals are in sanctuaries and/or hospices
  7. how many animals have been euthanized
  8. what method was used for euthanizing the animals
  9. where are the vet and euthanasia reports for the animals that were euthanized


Since the enabler-cheerleaders write and speak as though THEY KNOW EVERYTHING that happens at their favorite rescue animal dealership, perhaps they’ll answer the questions “the rescue” they support ignores.

THIS IS THE 2nd step in giving these rescues that basically are in operation ONLY because of the generosity of the donating public and social media followers, another chance to ANSWER THE QUESTIONS, even if its going “through the back-door” to get those answers.

This is a PROCESS and PROTOCOL that MUST OCCUR to PROVE to people vested with over-seeing non-profits that are watching the manipulations and deception, that these unethical, questionable activities are REALLY HAPPENING.

They are observing “rescues” suspected of being retail rescues that won’t answer the questions listed above.
The Time is Now7

Step 2 is “holding the enablers cyber feet to the fire” and ASKING “the rescues” groupie-cheerleaders the questions every time they mention how “transparent” or “accountable” “the rescue” is.

The people asking the questions should ALWAYS screenshot and save all correspondence with rescues or their associates when questions are asked because in Step 3 and Step 4, you will need those FACTS and also the EVASIONS, mistruths and lies to present to the appropriate people.


Ask the true believer-enablers questions EVERY TIME another “sympathy-post” is rolled-out by “the rescue” that is designed to:

gain sympathy for the people at “the rescue”

that ‘have to’ “work so hard” on “so little sleep”

and that “have to decide to euthanize animals”,

or “vanish them” to not-so-nice places

where the rest of these poor animals lives are counted

in days and hours,

and “that’s so tough for me/us”

and blah, blah-blah, blah-blah, blah, blah, blah 

Its as if these people think they are the ONLY people in this great wide world that actually

haven’t had the best of lives,

that have had to WORK,

that have had to make big and small, EASY and TOUGH DECISIONS,

that have actually had to be accountable regarding some of those decisions –


in other words, EVERYTHING is ABOUT THEM and HOW THEY FEEL – someone NEEDS to clue them into the fact that everything is NOT always about them because simply put, they are NOTHING SPECIAL.

Rescuers behind the scenes3

The kudos should go to the truly remarkable people that do all of those things the narcissists want and need PRAISE for.

True hero’s for animals do these things ON THEIR OWN mostly behind-the-scenes and/or because they want to help.

True rescuers OFTEN don’t have ulterior motives and people supporting them MONETARILY as MANY of the primary players at donation-funded rescues DO.

They don’t have people telling them constantly how wonderful they are because they don’t need other peoples praise and approval.

And why in the world should ANYONE have any sympathy for people that have chosen to “rescue animals” and are literally being supported by the generous public sending free money to them?

There ARE THOUSANDS of people that would LOVE to be paid to rescue animals instead of RESCUING AND WORKING for a living too.

Alas, people like this aren’t “workin’ it” with the public and pan-handling for money. They also aren’t signed-up for every government welfare program known to man because they are ethical, responsible, and they don’t USE people and animals to obtain things for FREE.


The attitude of some people that want and need “sympathy” from others is BAFFLING unless these players VAST sense of entitlement is factored in.

In their warped world:

any time someone questions them politely,

any time someone protests the killing of a rescued animal that wanted to live that DONATION-MONEY “rescued” and paid for their upkeep,

anytime someone has an opinion that carries a conscience with it (something that is foreign to MANY narcissists),

they immediately PLAY THE VICTIM, as if all those “mean, nasty people” that are asking them simple questions “don’t seem to care and don’t understand HOW HARD it is for ME.”

Show Me1

In order to keep the momentum going on the “SHOW, Don’t Just Tell” movement, the real animal lovers that are troubled and concerned regarding the fate of “rescued animals” being de-valued, convenience-killed or vanished should begin ASKING QUESTIONS of “the rescues” enabler-cheerleaders-groupies;

EVERY TIME they tout how “transparent” a donation-funded rescue that refuses to answer questions is,

EVERY TIME they express sympathy (making it seem like the person, and not the poor animal was killed) to a donation-funded animal rescue that has killed yet more animals (these are only the ones they “tell” the public about, but it is suspected that many more are killed in secrecy with some of these retail rescues) but WON’T publicly post vet and euthanasia reports and billings,

Every time they hint at more animals “needing” to be “put down” (animals running out of time),

Diversion Tactics1

EVERY TIME these enabler-losers attempt to deflect and divert your attention AWAY from their “handler-rescue” just because concerned animal lovers are ASKING QUESTIONS they don’t want to answer,



Don’t let the animal dealers posing as rescues RUIN donation-funded animal rescue for ALL the wonderful and HONEST animal rescues, many of which ARE transparent and accountable as they do the daily tasks of really saving animals, and not de-valuing and KILLING or vanishing animals just because they *may* have some issues. 

The Time is Now8

The time is NOW because time is RUNNING OUT for some of the animals that ended-up being used as pawns by a retail rescue and when their “use and purpose” is done, so are these PRECIOUS INNOCENT animals that are supposed to be rescued, but end up DEAD instead.

Step 3 to follow if it becomes necessary to go there.


8 thoughts on “STEP 2: Bring the Fight For Animals Lives To The “Rescues” By QUESTIONING Their Enabler-Groupies

  1. This is truly an amazing piece. Many people are unaware of the “business” behind these retail rescues. On the other hand, there are many who follow and try to stop the rescues and expose prior bad acts. The narcissist then shuns these people and claims the victim by saying they are “being bullied.” I guess the truth hurts sometimes. When cold hard facts are presented they seek to discredit that individual personally. All the while throwing others off the real scent. The truth being now to reiterate the fact that we are not sheep, and are not fooled by their tactics. KUDOS TO YOU!


  2. I also ran into a city pond that would release to their approved rescue and their approved foster. I had a reputable rescue and foster with transport all set up and this pound in se Texas refused to let us save a certain dog. It was a mutt , a older u neutered male. He did have quite a few pledges but that was not what I wanted to save him. When I questioned their reasons on their thread I was treated rudely. A few of my friends who are also in rescue saw this and also asked questions and for freedom pictures. We were blocked from commenting. They couldn’t block us all though and screen shots of comments were sent to me,which pled for more monet, time was running out etc. Finally a freedom pict was sent to me. It showed the dog and someone’s legs in a building with tiles……that was it. I think the approved rescue split them up money with the pound and the dog disappeared. This was in Matagorda County. This is my opinion only and I have no proof but it isn’t the facts .


  3. It also is very curious to be that in every state that passes or has passed state licensing and inspections for kennels the so called ” rescues” have fought bitterly to be exempt from any form of inspection or oversight what so ever!? In ohio the state inspection law was held up for two years because the ” rescues” insisted they not be included they fought the law much harder than actual kennels did,does this seem curious to anyone else!? The lame excuses they came up,with where laughable because all of the breeders knew exactly why they didn’t want any over sight mostly because they either could not meet the standards that kennels where forced to meet but also because all their little shenanigans would be exsoped!? Why should kennels be forced to comply when these retail rescues are not!? There excuses where invalid and it might be noted that in every state that decides to license breeders the rescues all insist on being exempt!? I know some of these people first hand and they’re making a ton of money on their little scams how could they not when they’re either getting the dogs for nothing or using ” donators” money to buy dogs at auctions and then selling them many times at retail prices!? They can BS most of the public most of the time but they can’t BS the king of BS any of the time!??


    1. Hi Tom,
      We’re nearing completion of a book detailing the fairly recent phenomenon and trend of social media reality show-style rescue. People that operate these organizations are usually not animal rights people, nor are they animal welfare people either. What they usually are are extreme narcissists, sociopaths, pathological liars and control freaks that do whatever they want to do and lie their way out of things with the help of an army of enabler followers on social media that can be counted on to do their bidding of wiping out the opposition.

      This trend has allowed opportunists/scammers to market and advertise themselves and their “rescue” entirely for free on various social media platforms. What we’re witnessing are con-artists and animal dealers portraying themselves as “rescuers” that have tapped into the endless supply of people on social media that can “participate” with them in real time crisis rescuing that often isn’t rescue at all. Social media has provided a revolving door of followers for these “rescues” that provide fast-paced, crisis, emergency scenarios whereby the people sitting at home on their computer or smart phone can “be involved”, participate, send money, share, and even call in false reports when their “favorite rescue” is staging a seizure scam/rescue raid on innocent animal owners.
      Its unfortunate, but law enforcement, the court system, DA’s, judges, etc aren’t even educated in any meaningful way that a lot of what the retail rescues are doing isn’t rescue at all and is instead animal dealing through the illegal use of donations.

      The best and easiest way to expose the retail rescues is to ask them very concise questions that although they could answer the questions, in doing so they’d be exposing their criminal, unethical activities and also the mental illness of many of the primary participants at the “rescue”.

      The other issue has been when a retail rescue “partners” with animal controls/animal services, SPCA’s/Humane Societies, etc. There is often monetary and/or material gain when officers at these taxpayer-funded agencies are in collusion/conspiracy with donation-funded animal “rescues” and we aim to expose all the scams, schemes, plots and ploys that use innocent animals and also innocent animal owners.

      We’re diligently working on the book because it is criminal what happens to innocent animals that the scam-artists running for-profit donation-funded rescues acquire with free donation money and if the animal has “issues” that renders them not easy to sell or even give away, those animals are killed or they are disappeared. Also criminal is what is done to innocent animal owners when they are targeted for attack by a retail rescue. It is life shattering and it needs to stop.


      1. You’re on the right track I go to almost all the dog auctions in the west Missouri mostly and some of these rescues are buying up to and more than 65% of the dogs with some breeds that are more popular and easier to sell they buy virtually 100% of them. Especially King Charles Cavaliers,Jap Chins and French Bulldogs. Keep up the good work and if I can be of any assistance let me know. Tom


  4. Social media platforms have allowed scammers to find their niche in donation-funded animal rescue where the advertising is free and easy and they can run their scams without rules and regulations because they sucker naïve, gullible people in with their spiel. They are usually people that aren’t species specific knowledgeable regarding behavior and species specific animal husbandry, so they aren’t respected in mainstream dog, horse, cats, goat, etc circles where there are people that know a lot more than they do.

    So instead, they have built a following of people in donation-funded animal rescue and those followers often know less than they do and those followers buy into their supposed heroics in “rescue”, with the constant crisis, excitement, “we need your help/donations NOW” and other such bullshit. It really looks like there are a lot of people that certainly must lead mundane, boring lives, and they are literally addicted to the drama, crisis and excitement their “favorite rescue” (animal dealers posing as a rescue) feeds them.

    Its really sad that innocent animals are used as donation-bait and even worse how many so-called “rescued animals” are killed by the con artists posing as “rescuers”, or the animals go missing and are never seen again (presumed dead because the retail rescues refuse to answer questions.

    A book is being written that exposes many of the cons, ploys, and schemes in donation-funded rescue because using innocent animals in order to collect donations and “look good” is not only nasty and unethical, in many cases, it is also illegal.


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