Interesting and positive developments in the fight for American horses and the complete and entire banning and outlawing of commercial horse slaughter in the United States and also the export of American horses outside the US for inhumane commercial slaughter.

Quote from the article at the link:

“Long suspected but never proven until now, we have confirmation that the meat you are eating is not what you think. Even worse, there is a chance that you just ate horsemeat. Not in Europe, not in Mexico, but right here in the good ol’ USA, horsemeat DNA was found in “ground beef.” This is no longer just a suspected possibility. It’s proven.”

But while this is excellent news and good information to use in the fight to ban and outlaw commercial horse slaughter entirely, emails were sent years ago to several investigative reporters with information regarding the CONTINUING ILLEGAL commercial horse slaughter trade in California, but so far, no interest from any of them.

News: Who reports on the reporters?
News: Who reports on the reporters?

The “new breed” of “reporters” and “journalists” aren’t so red-hot on fact-checking and investigating, but when one doesn’t care that they are writing fiction mixed-in with a pinch of truth (think “A Million Little Pieces”… see how that turned out, visit the link:, and it “reads well”, that’s all that matters to most people, right?

These “rag-mag” writers are brilliant at scribbling “fluff pieces”, but not-so-good on the life-and-death, serious research and probing questions of real reporting. 

No reporters want to look into WHY horse rescues AREN’T DOING ANYTHING TO STOP HORSE SLAUGHTER DEALINGS IN CALIFORNIA, so if no one cares, what’s the point of the LAW?

Say No to Horse Slaughter3This now leads to the FACT that QUITE A FEW PEOPLE don’t know that the horse slaughter trade has been illegal in CA since November 3, 1998, but is still thriving instead.,_Prohibition_on_Slaughter_of_Horses_for_Human_Consumption_(1998)

Horses at Auctions4

Some donation-funded adoption-based “horse rescues” consistently attend various monthly sales throughout CA and are constantly asking for donations to “outbid the kill buyers” and “rescue”(“buy”) horses. Observers note that some “price-running” on private buyers that are not kill-buyers and/or “up-bidding” against between horse rescues on the more “desirable horses” that can be SOLD/flipped for very nice money regularly occurs.

Some horse rescues also deal face-to-face with kill buyers at the kb’s facility/”feedlot” when they should be working covertly to expose their activities.

 NO ONE appears to be at all interested regarding ENFORCEMENT OF THE 1998 LAW.

Sounds like peas in a pod with those “journalists” and “reporters” that write those fluff pieces.

Conflict of Interest1

WHY wouldn’t legitimate horse rescues  be interested in helping with ENFORCMENT of a law that protects horses from the horror of commercial horse slaughter?

It all comes down to money (as usual), and their business models that are a ridiculous conflict-of-interest that DEPENDS on the threat of “horses going to slaughter” existing in order to beg for and receive donation money from uninformed people.

Who in the hell would give a horse trader/dealer money to buy horses with? Maybe investors that wanted a return on their investment when the horse is sold, but no one else.

However, proclaiming ones-self to be a “horse rescue” “saving horses from slaughter” has people emptying their bank accounts to “help”.

MANY horse rescues, that in some instances are merely horse traders/dealers posing as “rescues”, are primarily, or entirely donation-funded and adoption-based and their BU$INE$$ MODEL$ DEPEND on commercial horse slaughter being “the hook” for getting in donations to “rescue” horses at sales, directly from the kill buyer at the kill buyers facility, and from other real, or made-up sources.

An ugly secret fact that the trusting public that supports these “horse rescues” doesn’t know is that there is documented evidence of *some* ‘horse rescues’ accidently on-purpose disposing of horses through middlemen, or directly through the kill buyer, and they slyly”back-door” horses into the slaughter pipeline when horses are useless and/or have been at “the rescue” having money spent on them for too long.

The horse rescues that DEPEND on the threat of horse slaughter in order to generate donations to operate their “rescue business” NEED uninformed peoples donation-dollars to do their buying/selling business – THAT is the bottom-line. 

Conflict of Interest2

This behavior and LACK OF ACTING IN GOOD FAITH is what keeps the commercial horse slaughter industry operating in California even though it is ILLEGAL.

If horse rescues can’t be counted on to stand-up and GET INVOLVED in getting those who are still operating their horse slaughter businesses investigated, arrested, and prosecuted, why in the hell will anyone else do it?

Clearly it looks like horse rescues aren’t doing sh*t about enforcement of the law because that enforcement could directly affect them adversely financially.


Several horse rescues post on their Facebook pages that they regularly attend sales around CA and/or deal with kill-buyers, and they have a combined following of well OVER 125,000 followers on Facebook.

 If they are anti-commercial horse slaughter, and they aren’t operating with a conflict-of-interest agenda and business model, they WOULD rally their large followings and impact the enforcement of laws that PROTECT horses from slaughter.

People have seen and heard PLENTY of excuses, woeful hand-wringing and fretful (but phony) tears while in a halting, hushed-toned voice people hear how “horse slaughter is illegal in California, but make no mistake, the kill-buyers are “there”.

This is nothing more than crummy soap opera theater “pretending to care” BS.

Do Something3

To name but a few ways horse rescues could “DO SOMETHING” and initiate enforcement of a law that has been in place with little-to-no enforcement for nearly 17 years if they really are anti-commercial horse slaughter, they can:

1.  organize protests outside every sale yard at every sale/auction that kill buyers have been frequenting since well before the commercial horse slaughter industry was outlawed in California on November 3, 1998.

2. most of the donation-funded rescues know how to manipulate the media and they wouldn’t have trouble getting news crews to jump on-board and cover their organized peaceful protests.

3. organize their followers to park beside the public road at every sale featuring horses and take photos and videos of people coming and going from these sale yards that kill buyers are in attendance at EVERY sale.

4. those photos could be posted on the various rescues Facebook pages for help in identifying known kill buyers vehicles and/or professional haulers the kill-buyers hire.

5. organize volunteers to follow (from a safe distance) known kill buyers or their hired haulers transporting horses from the sale back to their facilities, and take photos and videos of the property from the roadway.

6. the horse rescue could then post the photos on their various Facebook pages of the kill-buyers facilities/addresses where they keep horses until their shipment to slaughter

7. other volunteers that live in the area could keep track of the comings-and-goings at the kill buyers facility and video and photograph the comings-and-goings and perhaps even follow where horses are going to when they leave the kb’s property.

8. horse rescues could organize peaceful protests on public roads outside of kill-buyers facilities.
MOST donation-funded adoption-based “horse rescues” that attend sales regularly know where the kill-buyers are located, and know
WHO the kill-buyers are.
People wouldn’t behave in an unruly way, but could get some awareness through media exposure by simply bringing Californians attention to the fact that horse slaughter dealings have never really stopped in California at all.

The kill-buyers *may* have had to lie-low for a year or so after the law was passed in late-’98, but they’ve been operating freely for well over a decade, with some of them dealing directly with the horse rescues (!) that should have put them completely out-of-business years ago. 

Really doing something regarding getting laws ENFORCED is DIFFICULT, TIME-CONSUMING WORK, but horse rescues and horse lovers that ARE 100% ANTI-commercial horse slaughter and stand by their convictions would DO WHAT IT TAKES to get a LAW, that MANY people had to WORK HARD to get on the ballet and voted on in the first place, ENFORCED.

 Looks like there’s a bunch of “talk” but very little ACTION from California “horse rescues” that are benefitting from the threat of horses going to slaughter in a state where those dealings are illegal but the law is not enforced.

Just answer the question4

Some of the primary participants with some of the CA “horse rescues” have been dealing with illegally operating kill buyers for years when the “rescuers” were, and still are according to factual information, horse dealers/traders/brokers.


However, some horse rescuers that have been in the horse industry and/or rescuing horses in CA for years know the kill buyers/horse dealers/traders from dealing with them at sales and at their facilities/feedlots buying horses from them BEFORE horse slaughter trading and dealings were illegal in CA.

It WAS a way to help horses at-risk of going to LEGAL slaughter, BEFORE the law was passed in November 1998, from meeting that horrific end – MANY horses were saved from slaughter by people interacting and dealing with people they wouldn’t normally deal with if not for the chance to save horses from an inhumane and terrifying end to their lives.

Ban Horse Slaughter8

However, since the LAW was passed nearly 17 years ago, there is NO EXCUSE for continuing to DEAL with kill buyers, and the sale yards the kill buyer’s operate at, for any other reason then to collect vital information that will EXPOSE and open investigations regarding horse slaughter dealers.

Its been nearly 17years, so gathering solid information in order to expose them obviously isn’t the goal for the current day horse rescues.

So there’s that bug-a-boo conflict-of-interest AGAIN.

Its CRYSTAL CLEAR that some of the CA horse rescue organizations money/income-stream is tied to that illegal industry, and they are using the continued and constant threat of horses going to slaughter as “the HOOK” to part gullible people from their hard-earned money.


Unfortunately, people’s donation-dollars PAY for some horse rescues to operate their FOR-PROFIT businesses, and these “rescues” are not in the least interested in STOPPING the illegal horse slaughter industry in California because they would have already done so if they were.


Naïve peoples donation-dollars also PAY for many of the so-called “rescued horses” to be KILLED or “vanished” (does anyone even CARE WHERE these horses have GONE?) by “the rescue” in various ways if the horse is un-useable and/or has been hanging around too long at “the rescue” with no one interested in “adopting”/buying them, or even wanting them for free.

If people are NOT asking questions of the California horse rescues regarding:

  1. their MONTHLY financials,
  2. a MONTHLY accounting of WHERE horses they’ve rescued within the past 1-2 years ARE currently,
  3. are the horses there at the rescues facility,
  4. were they adopted,
  5. are they out-for-training,
  6. are they in a foster home,
  7. are they in a sanctuary
  8. are they alive or DEAD,
  9. and if DEAD, why were they “put down” (publicly post vet reports and bills),
  10. how were they “put down” (publicly post euthanasia reports and bills),
  11. where are the vet reports and euthanasia reports, etc,
  12. rescues that are honest, transparent, and accountable will have no problem answering all of these questions

then the people that don’t care enough to ASK QUESTIONS and EXPECT ANSWERS of donation-funded horse rescues in order to make sure they are legitimate rescues and not just horse traders/dealers narcissistically POSING as rescues, are CULPABLE in the killing and “vanishing” of those innocent horses that were SUPPOSED TO BE RESCUED.

Actions speak louder6Actions speak louder8

Actions speak louder than words, and intelligent people that are anti-horse slaughter want to be “shown”, and not just “told”, what a rescue stands for.

How in the world does anyone think commercial horse slaughter dealings will be banned in the United States, including the EXPORT of American horses for slaughter in other countries, if the LAW PASSED NEARLY 17 YEARS AGO IS NOT EVEN BEING ENFORCED IN ONE LOUSY STATE?!?!

With awareness, *maybe* folks that are anti-horse slaughter will offer to HELP the donation-funded horse rescues IN CALIFORNIA get to work on this issue immediately before thousands more CA horses are illegally processed through the illegal commercial horse slaughter pipeline continuing to operate in California – one can only hope. 

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