Joshua Rockwood1Yes, the blog post at the link below is a story of triumph for Joshua Rockwood because of his innocence, but most importantly, because of the SUPPORT and HELP he got from the public that his attackers DIDN’T COUNT ON HAPPENING AT ALL.

Joshua Rockwood was wrongly attacked, not given chances to make ANY corrections at his property, he was “set-up” as so many animal owners are, and it was the worst winter in many decades New York where even the towns water system FROZE and pipes broke.

However, while Joshua was charged with several counts of neglect, cruelty, and whatever other BOGUS charges people devoid of consciences and who are corrupt liars can think up, and he did have 2 horses and a pony seized, with exorbitant “impound fees” charged ($7500 for just the 1st months “care”!), these “seizure scams” play-out across the Nation and around the world in epidemic numbers that have been increasing exponentially with the advent and introduction of more and more “real time” social media forums.

These social media PLATFORMS and STAGES allow unscrupulous donation-FUNDED (other people’s money being USED to attack) animal “rescues” to collude and conspire with tax-payer-FUNDED (other peoples money being USED to attack) local and regional government agencies to perpetrate Animal Enterprise Terrorism (AET) “seizure scam” or “rescue raid” attacks on animal OWNERS that are minding their own business, taking care of their animals, and then “someone” sees an “opportunity” to make $$$$ (FREE donation-money from the gullible public), get publicity, “look good” to the uninformed and often fickle public, and VOILA!, a drama-fueled, hysterical, absurd “seizure scam” circus is launched, animals are literally STOLEN from their owners, media is in attendance called in by the scammers at “retail rescues”, and MANY peoples and animals lives are destroyed, with some people, and often MANY animals, losing their lives.

In the case of Joshua Rockwood, he happens to be a small “sustainable farmer” in an area that has other small farms that would, and did, stand up and protect their lifestyle, their businesses, their neighbors, and fellow farmers – Joshua’s story basically grew wings and well over $50,000 was raised from the public for his defense against corrupt and bogus charges.

That money enabled his defense attorney to get some of the players on the stand in court and ASK QUESTIONS they HAD TO ANSWER UNDER OATH.

Some people involved in the scam and corruption looked VERY BAD INDEED.

Its for this very reason that it behooves donors in the public to KNOW what kind of rescue they are donating to:

  1. is the rescue primarily, or entirely “self-funded” whereby the rescue provides entirely, or nearly entirely for all of the animals they rescue, care for, and maintain using their own sources of income to finance and operate their rescue;
  2. is the rescue evenly divided between self-funded and donation-funded, and are they willing to Share their financials publicly so that “the public” can see exactly what their donations of money and material goods and supplies are spent and used for;
  3. is the rescue primarily, or entirely donation-funded and are ONLY able to operate because of the generosity and kindness of others.
    Are they also willing to Share their financials publicly so that “the public” can see exactly what their donations of money and material goods and supplies are spent on and used for;
  4. do the primary participants at the rescue have jobs outside of rescue (and being an animal breeder or dealer/broker is a tough one because it is far too easy to co-mingle donated funds with taxable income funds – that is why the IRS frowns upon these types of operations because it is very easy to misappropriate and co-mingle funds), or is ‘rescue’ their “career” and “job”;
  5. how often does the rescue run fundraisers for various things, or actively solicit/ask for donations rather than simply having a Donate feature on their website and/or Facebook page for unsolicited donations;
  6. For the rescues of type 2 and 3, do they keep the donating public up-to-date on where all of the animals they have rescued in the previous 1-2 years are;
  7. Do they post ALL of the vet reports for all of the rescued animals that are seen by the vet;
  8. when they *must* have animals euthanized, do they publicly post all of the euthanasia reports, body disposal bills, and veterinarian billings;

These are but a few of the important questions intelligent supporters and donors want answers to.

Having the answers to these questions allows prospective supporters and donors to know exactly what type of animal rescue they are supporting with their time and/or donations because NOT ALL ANIMAL RESCUES ARE THE SAME AT ALL!


Joshua is turning out to be one of the lucky ones (although it may not seem that way to him and his family because these experiences are always confusing and terrorizing) whose story bloomed in the media, but there are literally THOUSANDS of other people that get NO SUPPORT when they are unjustly ATTACKED.

Their animals are seized (stolen), the owners are ARRESTED, they are attacked by “social media madness mobs” that are ramped-up by the attacking donation-funded animal rescues, they are destroyed financially, they cannot afford a defense attorney, their animals are often sold and/or killed before they even have any kind of outcome with their case and the charges against them, their health OFTEN fails, they end up with PTSD from being TERRORIZED by “rescues”, government agencies, complete STRANGERS in the MOB on the Internet, and their lives, and those of their animals, are SHATTERED.

These so-called “rescues” are NOT generally animal rights people or even really animal welfare people – they are “opportunists” taking advantage of an “opportunity” to run a scam that MOST people, including the government agencies, DA’s, and law enforcement gets involved with, don’t UNDERSTAND that they are literally HELPING these bogus animal “rescues” commit FRAUD, money laundering, racketeering, and other crimes for the simple reason that these “rescues” are accountable to NO ONE regarding their financials and WHAT THEY ARE DOING with the FREE animals they are getting using other peoples money in the form of donations to steal and maintain until after they’ve “sorted the merchandise”.,

MOST of these “rescues” have pretty nice facilities and the people they attack on a seizure scam often don’t.

But if people would stop and consider that these “opportunistic” ‘rescues’ beg for and receive thousands upon thousands of donation-dollars, pretty much making them “welfare-rescues” (think of *some* of the people on government assistance that always seem to have nice vehicles, the newest smart phones, the newest gadgets, etc and they DON’T WORK FOR ANY OF IT), and “help” with every, little thing (people have seen where they are asking for donations to buy a couple of rakes for God’s sake!), it becomes clear exactly who and what these people are:


PANHANDLERS doing a fine acting job of POSING as animal rescuers, embellishing, lying, telling fictional fantasy stories with practically every word they speak, and every word they write, and they attack anyone that offers an opportunity to make money, get “good press”, and receive praise and/or anyone (that isn’t wealthy that is) that “outs” them, questions them to much, files complaints against them for pocketing money or killing innocent animals, and because of their sheeple-enabler-dumb-groupie followers, they have support and clout when they ATTACK.

They are literally “welfare-rescues” that get other people that are gullible to pay for their every want and need including the properties they rent or buy, the vehicles they drive, maintaining animals that were bought for them, paying for vet bills for all of the animals they have, including their non-rescued personal animals, they feed their kids and family’s with donation-money, take trips that are non-rescue-related, buy personal items, get plastic surgery, buy nice clothes, and on and on.

And they get away with this because there is little-to-no OVERSIGHT and accountability in donation-funded animal rescue and these so-called “rescues” don’t HAVE to answer questions if they don’t feel like it, which is MOST OF THE TIME because they’d expose themselves regarding their various unethical, unscrupulous, and illegal irons-in-the-fire.


Sure, they “stage” interviews with “reporters” and “journalists” and get crews out to “do a story” on their so-called “heroic’s” (and by-golly, its really easy to “look good” when OTHER PEOPLES MONEY PAYS FOR EVERYTHING), but since the “new breed” media of today are just plain worthless and they refuse to ASK QUESTIONS that would show the TRUE REALITY of “opportunists” and panhandlers taking advantage of an “opportunity” of “workin’ it”, lying, embellishing, inflating prices, etc, the gullible and jaded public just slurps the stories of “daring-do” right up, as if they are factual, when the only FACTS are that they are usually FICTION, mixed with a pinch of truth – they are not stories that will hold up in a LEGAL COURT of LAW, but they “fly” real well in the court-of-public-opinion because “the public” is so damn quick to jump on the drama-bandwagon because they are ADDICTED to “crisis rescuing” with all of the attached hoopla. fireworks, and “heroic’s” that aren’t heroic’s at all.

Tragically, MANY animals are KILLED or “VANISHED” by the “rescue that’s not”, after the THRILL of the “rescue” is over with for “the public’s” participation, and “the public” goes back to their boring little lives and DON’T CARE ONE BIT WHERE ALL of the “rescued animals” are, and are they alive, or DEAD.

Joshua Rockwood2

So back to Joshua Rockwood’s story – it has all the elements of a made for TV movie, or maybe a documentary, however, Joshua Rockwood got off relatively easy in a comparative study of his, and other cases of illegal seizures, because he got SUPPORT because he is the essence of Americana, he’s “the little guy”, and he’s a farmer.

What of the thousands of mere pet owners minding their own business and taking care of their animals within the laws and statutes.

What of the sanctuaries/hospices for animals that struggle along self-funding and getting few, if any donations, to help them out, because the daily, mundane taking care of animals that have physical and/or behavioral “issues” is not exciting enough for the public to support because it doesn’t involve going on the attack of other people and staging “crisis-rescues”.

What of the animal breeders that are following the law, taking care of their animals, and paying their own way in their endeavors and not begging for help from the public as far too many animal “rescues” DO constantly nowadays.


So although Joshua Rockwood’s experience can be applauded and is turning-around in his favor due to A LOT of financial help, perhaps the next time “the public” sees a social media and/or mainstream media story about “supposed” neglect, abuse, and cruelty to animals by their owners, “the public” can do the job that media SHOULD be doing, but ISN’T, and ASK QUESTIONS and EXPECT ANSWERS of the DONATION-FUNDED-“animal rescue” engaged in a seizure of animals, ask them to publicly post EVERYTHING having to do with that seizure or owner surrender.

Please read the questionnaire at the end of this blog post to be sent to animal rescues doing seizures for ideas for many questions that NEED to be ASKED and ANSWERED BEFORE supporting ANY animal RESCUE doing ANY types of “rescues” they are asking for money and material goods “help” with.

Their enabler-sheeple-groupies will sing their praises as they always do, but UNTIL they ANSWER QUESTIONS, don’t be fooled by the skilled scam-artists in donation-funded animal rescue that are “workin’ it” taking advantage of “the public’s” naviete, and attacking ANIMAL OWNERS JUST LIKE YOU.


If animal owners don’t UNITE soon, don’t be surprised when YOU are the victim of an AET “seizure scam” attack, you’re terrified and confused and looking for help, but just as you couldn’t be bothered to ask questions and instead joined the UNINFORMED “social media madness mob”, NO ONE is going to believe a word you say that is the truth because YOU have already been “labeled” an animal neglector and abuser. 

When YOU as an animal owner won’t get involved, research, and find out the facts when a donation-funded animal rescue, that very well could be a “retail rescue” ramping-up a “seizure scam”, target a fellow animal owner that may be a complete stranger, DON’T be surprised when it happens to you that NO ONE will bother to care about your plight, they may paint you as “guilty” without knowing any facts, and they may even jump on the drama-and-attack band-wagon because it allows them to feel superior to another animal owner.

WHEN you’re attacked, “the public” will be led around by the nose as they always are, and as scripted by the “opportunists” demonstrating this pattern-of-deception over and over again and designed to con the naïve public, by a “retail rescue” staging what amounts to a fictional-theatrical performance that has people believing that YOU really ARE a vile, ugly abuser and neglector of animals. 

ONLY if it finds its way into court on a civil action will people know the real story.

Convinience Killing5

Sadly, people are usually so broken and ruined, THAT offense of a civil lawsuit in court rarely happens, and the pain, frustration, loss of their animals, and loss of trust in hardly anyone kills them slowly, just as many of their seized animals that couldn’t be sold were KILLED by the “rescue” that was crowing to everyone how they were “saving them” a la MANY of the animal rights organizations and animal controls/shelters that have HIGH PERCENTAGE KILL RATES for “animals with issues” or animal-merchandise that just doesn’t SELL – “EASIER DEAD THAN FED” is their mantra and motto.

BEFORE you support donation-funded rescue,

BEFORE you Donate,

BEFORE you even consider jumping on the attack MOB-bandwagon when a “rescue” ramps-up that MOB with inflammatory photos, statements, and videos designed to mislead people, please do yourself a favor:

Animal OWNERS, PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS and EXPECT ANSWERS before supporting ANY primarily, or entirely-donation-funded animal rescues.

THAT is one of the easiest ways to SEPERATE the good gal’s and guy’s in animal rescue that WILL answer questions, from the “opportunist”-scammers that WON’T.

Not only will you be protecting innocent animals from common animal dealers, traders, and “flippers” posing as “rescues” and “rescuers” that do not value an animals life beyond what the animal is

WORTH to them in $$$$,




and CONTROL over others,

you may also be saving yourself from heartache, pain, and being terrorized, and could be saving YOUR OWN ANIMALS from being STOLEN and willfully SOLD or KILLED.



6 thoughts on “Good News For Joshua Rockwood – But What About the THOUSANDS of Other Innocent Animal Owners That Are VICTIMS of “Seizure Scams”?

  1. I do not donate to facebook appeals because there are so many bad rescues. I do foster for an all volunteer rescue and as a foster I have some concerns about the questionnaire. I do not want my name, address and phone number given out to any and everyone because I foster. I do not need people wasting my time asking for status updates or just wanting to visit the animals, I get enough of that at adoption events, people coming by, talking, wanted to play with the foster, of but they live in no pets housing — the last thing I need is for my home to be the petting zoo — and I do not need people thinking they can just drop off their animal at my doorstep because I am a foster. . If someone sees my foster on petfinder or the rescue page they email the adoption people who can contact me to meet the foster. I have a time consuming job and I need to work for a living. And for the vet invoices — Do you really expect a rescue to post every single invoice, such as a stool sample test? And then what, bad rescues can easily forge those on a computer. I am not sure what the answer is, but I would never foster for an organization that gave out my information to just anyone. I work full time (nothing to do with animals), foster and would like to have some quiet time to myself. I am happy to meet serious (ie live in housing that allows pets) potential adopters but I do not need to be bothered with random questions or keyboard activists telling me I am not doing enough to save the furbabies.


    1. So you foster for an all volunteer rescue that obviously the primary participants must all have jobs (unless they “have their own money” from some other source that is not donation and/or grant money) to support their rescue efforts, correct?

      Is this rescue you foster for primarily donation-funded, half-half on donation-funded and self-funded, or primarily self-funded?

      Having just those questions answered would tell a lot about the rescue you foster for and if there is a necessity for questions to be answered.

      As for the answering questions significance and also posting all vet reports, vet bills, etc? If an animal rescue is primarily, or entirely donation-funded, yeah, I do expect they’ll post all of that information. And if they get caught forging invoices and vet reports, the AG’s office will make short work of them when that information is provided that they are committing FRAUD.
      Some of these donation-funded rescues post anything and everything if it will bring in money, so the flip side is they should be able to take the time to show people where their donation money and where all of the rescued animals are going too.

      And although the rescue you foster for may be an honest rescue, some/many donation-funded rescues have a business model whereby they MUST deal in volume and turn-over and they can’t have animals hanging around forever taking up space and costing them money some of them live off of. Some of these rescues that SHOULD have well-over 100 animals have far less than that, unless of course the animals are off premises, but no matter where they are, a MONTHLY head-count should NOT be a hardship for rescues that are ONLY able to operate because of the generosity of the donating public, if they’re constantly asking for donations and also running fundraisers they shouldn’t have a problem posting their financials, they should be able to display current photos once a month of all of the animals they have, and if they’ve HAD to euthanize, they shouldn’t have a problem (if they’re honest and transparent) posting vet reports, euthanasia reports, and billings for the vet and also disposal of the body (especially for large animals like horses). Too many donation-funded rescues “tell” people only what they want to tell them, but more and more people are wanting to be “shown” documents, photos, etc so they can make up their own minds regarding the functioning of the rescue and if they want to support them or not.

      The donation-funded animal rescues that have been enjoying the fact that there is little-to-no oversight regarding their financials and/or the whereabouts of animals they were supposed to have “rescued” using donation-money, can either answer the donating publics questions, or they can answer to the AG’s office, the Department of Ag, or law enforcement. Their choice.


  2. I should point out that I volunteer for a cat rescue — so we do not board and there are no city/county restrictions on the number of animals one can have. My work schedule is not canine appropriate at this point, There seems to be more problems with dog rescues, a lot of flinging, transporting sick animals and so on. Cat rescue can get the hoarders but less of the transport to Canada and such issues. We rescue and adopt locally. In general we do a good job but there always issues when dealing with volunteers (slow response times and such).


    1. The fact that the rescue you foster for is mostly local points toward more honesty because many of the donation-funded rescues that solicit donations constantly “reach out” through Facebook well-beyond locally with their tales of woe, videos with the founders of the rescue doing an outstanding soap opera acting job of “crying on cue”, chastising terrible owners that threw an animal away, they *sometimes* will “explain” why they HAD to put and animal down but “insiders” and those who know the real story know they’re lying and THAT is why people are asking them to “show the vet report”, etc.

      So much of the “new age” “rescuing” is embellishment, lies, and smoke and mirrors and because of these “opportunists” antics, its going to put all rescues on the spot to prove they’re one of the good guys and not shysters that reach-out world wide, fleece the public out of money, and then kill animals so they can bring in “new merchandise”.

      The fact that the rescue you help rescues cats also tells me they are an honest rescue because “the rescues”/”opportunists” that are “into” rescue for the money, the praise, the accolades, and for their own egos, go especially for where the money’s is first and foremost, and the bigger money is not in rescuing cats.

      Thank you for your comments and thank you for helping animals too.


      1. I totally understand your points. I have donated to some dog rescues but they tend to be smaller ones — not the ones bringing large dogs from the South when there are plenty of large dogs euth listed at the local pound. And I have read of some that have a number in boarding but are still taking in more and not getting the ones in boarding adopted out. I am so hesitant to donate to any fb plea. As to the funding our rescue gets, it is a combination of foundation (ie grants) support and public support. Some of the fosters even pay for the vet care of their fosters, as they only trust their own vets; the adoption fee still goes to the rescue. I pay about 50 percent of the vet bills for my fosters and pay for their food and litter; There are sadly too many cats at our local pound to even think of going anywhere else and there is no point in shipping them out as there are no shortages of cats in most areas. We have some volunteers that do TNR also. I know that a number of our donors are past adopters, as they know our process and get the vet records when they adopt and feel comfortable with the organization. There have been some inept fosters and some dumb adopters (oh I realize three months later that I do not have time for a cat) … It is so hard to screen. But we always take the cats back, for whatever reason. I am actually amazed at the amounts of money raised in dog rescue and I can easily see how the wrong people get into it just for money and to be seen as a savior.. I do need to think more about your points more because the situation is so different for dog and cat rescues. Thank you for bringing important issues and making me think more!


      2. Thank you Chris for your input. I’m glad the blog posts here are also causing you to think about some points more. That’s the reason for the writingof these blog posts; to share information and also peoples experiences with their experiences in the rescue world.

        I believe that working locally is the way to go regarding dogs and cats especially.

        I also believe that if animal rescue wasn’t so darn competitive regarding *some* of the rescues and rescuers clearly being “into” animal “rescue” for the $$$$, the praise, the accolades, and their egos, animal rescues whose chosen niche is mostly rehabilitation and adoption could team-up with sanctuaries and hospices that take in the difficult to place “animals with issues” and could serve more animals and keep so many from being euthanized, or sometimes “disappeared” into the black void where no one sees or hears from them again.

        All of this can be accomplished locally if everyone involved can stay honest, stay ethical, answer questions posed to them, and be willing to weed-out the people that succumb to the negatives of human nature when free money is coming in and it corrupts some people.

        It can be a temptation for some people to pocket money when free money is coming in.
        Its also a temptation for some people to “believe their own press”, alienate people, and forget that the reason they rescue animals is for the animals and its NOT ABOUT THEM all the time.

        However, secure, honest, and ethical people can withstand those temptations, and if they join together with other like-minded people, animals benefit and so do the people that are the true animal lovers and rescuers.


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