Killing Animals1

So here’s an “Oop’s” at an animal control that was reported on…….hope this dogs owner SUES the CRAP out of these jackasses – it won’t bring her poor dog back from the dead, but it might force these jaded employees to pull their heads out of their asses and PAY MORE F-N attention to the LIVES of animals:

Quote from the blog post:

“After the 8 days expired on July 2, she went to the Forsyth Co pound to pick up her beloved Maximus.  Pound staff gave her a pitbull mix named Spike instead of her own pet.  She waited for 30 minutes while they looked for Maximus then was taken to the manager’s office:

“He said, I don’t want you to panic right now, but we can’t find your dog,” Burton said.
Burton was then told there was nothing else she could do, and to go home while the shelter investigated.

Yeah don’t panic.  And definitely don’t look at the numbers Forsyth Co reported to the state of NC last year, reflecting the killing of 63% of the dogs and cats in its care.  OK, do panic.  But please, do it at home.  We’re busy killing animals here.

Ms. Burton later received a phone call from the pound manager explaining that staff meant to kill Spike but killed Maximus instead.  Oops.  The local Fox affiliate went to the pound director, who never contacted Ms. Burton personally, to find out what happened:”

 Dog Dragged to Being Killed

THIS is a horrible tragedy, but if it isn’t the first time these clowns have done this, it is NOT an accident and is instead a VERY BAD habit they have of KILLINGthe wrong animals just because they don’t care enough to PAY ATTENTION.

And before we go into the boo-hoo “we’re so stressed by what we do for a living” that *some* of the ACO’s fall back on time and time again (like we’re really supposed to feel sorry for THEM and this is the ONLY job they can find in this whole wide world), SAVE IT! NO EXCUSES, just get out of that “business” and problem solved.

However, if “getting out of this business” means these numbskulls will instead open a donation-funded animal rescue, and there is evidence that this is happening more frequently in the past several years, that REGULARLY KILLS or “vanishes” UN-USEABLE animals and/or animals that haven’t sold yet and the “old merchandise needs to be cleared from the shelves” they’ve obtained using donation-money they asked for and received from gullible and sometimes stupid people, understand now that donation-funded “rescues” that KILL numerous animals in stealth-and-secrecy are being “OUTTED and EXPOSED” and reported to government agencies for investigation of their “questionable” (answers will be forthcoming when they’re on the stand in court) and fraudulent activities.

Drama Queen15

Some of the “rescuers” involved in donation-funded “rescue” also play “the sympathy card” and write long, drawn out, wandering stories that under-lying the surface, or right on the surface, are nearly always about “them”, the “narcissistic-ones, geared toward making gullible people feel sorry for them because “rescue is so hard”, “people are so mean” (and if people asking questions is “mean”, than yeah, more and more people are being “mean” to them but they can stop the “meanness” by ANSWERING THE QUESTIONS), “I work so hard”, and yadda, yadda, yadda –

STOP! Just get out of “rescuing” and PROBLEM-SOLVED.

But “there’s the rub”; when a persons INCOME and EGO are heavily invested in “rescuing animals”, its kind of hard to just walk-away from all that FREE MONEY people send, the FREE material goods they receive, and all of that wonderful praise and accolades they live for along with the MONEY.

Believe What I Say1

Sure, these “rescues” *MAY* be able to “run with it” a little bit longer, but the “cat’s outta the bag” so-to-speak, and INTELLIGENT and INFORMED animal lovers are ASKING QUESTIONS and EXPECTING ANSWERS BEFORE they donate a penny to “rescues” that are only able to operate in the first place because of the generosity of the donating public.

And for those “pretend-animal-lovers” that can’t be bothered to ASK QUESTIONS and EXPECT ANSWERS of primarily, or entirely donation-funded animal rescues?

YOU are just as culpable in the KILLING of innocent animals,

YOU are helping with the commission of fraud, misappropriation of donation-money, misrepresentation via fundraisers, cruelty to animals, and a number of other illegalities,

YOU should be introspective and figure out why you’re an “enabler-groupie-cult-follower” of a donation-funded “rescue” that WOULD NOT be able to run their animal trading business without people like YOU sending them $$$$ in order to do what they do.

These “rescues” don’t even have enough respect, if ANY respect at all (does a con-artist have respect for their “mark”?), for those that literally SUPPORT THEM, to answer questions that are ASKED of them, and they can “say” until the cows come home that they are “transparent” but THEIR ACTIONS SPEAK FAR LOUDER THAN THEIR WORDS!

Rescues That Kill1

If a donation-funded animal rescue regularly KILLS animals that are supposed to be “rescued”, that’s just fine and dandy ONLY IF the public KNOWS what they’re doing, and ONLY if they publicly post their financials, the vet reports for all animals rescued and maintained using donation-money, the euthanasia reports for all animals rescued and maintained using donation-money, and the billings for these professional services (and if they are disposing of animals using methods other than a veterinarian or vet tech doing the “putting down”, they NEED to publicly post that information too), and a MONTHLY “head count” of animals rescued and maintained USING donation-money, so that the DONATING PUBLIC KNOWS exactly who and what their donation-money is really being spent on.

If that public is fine with the killing of innocent animals that may, or often do not, have issues, then they should continue to support these kinds of “rescues”.

However, after viewing the financials of the “rescue”, vet and euthanasia reports for ALL “rescued” animals, other methods used for disposing of animals, a MONTHLY “head count” of animals rescued and maintained USING donation-money, and understanding their kill-rate (if any of this information being posted ACTUALLY HAPPENS), some, perhaps many, donors aren’t going to want to support what may in fact be animal dealers and traders posing as animal rescues USING animals as “pawns and props” to MAKE MONEY they get for FREE from nice, but gullible people.


When the “culture of convenience killing” extends into donation-funded animal rescue, and when *some* donation-funded animal “rescues” form unholy alliances with employees at tax-payer-funded animal controls that benefit the parties involved but “not so much” for animal owners and some animals being USED as “pawns and props”, but NO NUMBERS regarding financials AND rescued animals, DOCUMENTION, and ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS are forthcoming from a donation-funded animal rescue, GET A CLUE PEOPLE and understand that their disdain, lack of respect, and refusal to answer non-accusatory and simple questions is a RED FLAG that something is wrong and animals are being used, sold, and also KILLED and anyone that supports them without “vetting” them with questions is assisting with the killing and “disappearing” of innocent animals that are supposed to be “rescued” and SAFE from harm.

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