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Before proceeding, if you’re one of those people that can’t be bothered to ASK QUESTIONS which you expect answers for, if you don’t care that “opportunists” / scam-artists are operating in donation-funded animal rescue (the phenomenon know as “retail rescues”), causing all donation-funded rescues to be suspected of running scams. a

And if YOU don’t care that animals that are SUPPOSED TO BE RESCUED  are being willfully KILLED and “vanished” in alarming numbers and NO ONE is getting ANSWERS from any of “the rescues” suspected of doing unconscionable things against animals, then STOP READING and go about your life because this won’t interest you in the least – in other words, just GO AWAY.

For those who DO CARE about these “opportunists” infiltrating donation-funded animal rescue that REFUSE to answer questions and that are a blight on donation-funded animal rescue just as if they are cockroaches that are hard to exterminate;


YOU are the true HERO’S for the animals.

These innocent, trusting animals are supposed to be safely RESCUED and instead, they are being KILLED mostly in stealth and secrecy, and often with “veterinarians” vested with, and taking OATHS to help animals, actually PARTICIPATING in the killing. Many “rescued” animals are vanishing into thin air, never to be seen again.

YOUR efforts in persistence and truth-seeking through ASKING QUESTIONS and EXPECTING ANSWERS, and NOT pointing fingers and spreading rumorsARE laying the FOUNDATION for turning in complaints to the proper government agencies and being able to say “I tried to give the rescue a chance to answer simple questions, but they WON’T ANSWER. Something’s wrong, and I refuse to let animals be killed and disappeared and also let the public get ripped-off financing someone’s lifestyle”.

This is ALL ON THE RESCUES – its as simple as that.

They can either answer simple, straight-forward, non-accusatory questions OR they can refuse to answer questions.


So for the wonderful people that are being persistent in FOUNDATION-BUILDING to provide information for INVESTIGATIONS to be opened when law enforcement is made aware of this monumental problem in donation-funded-animal rescue, THANK YOU for caring about the animals, and also other people, that are being taken advantage of simply because they want to believe that all animal rescues CARE, when the tragedy is that they DON’T.

Your efforts are having an IMPACT because in UNITY-of-PURPOSE there is POWER, and with FACTS comes FAITH that honest, caring, animal lovers will prevail on behalf of the innocent souls that can’t protect themselves from the base element of people that swagger around in all their sense-of-entitlement, self-important, pompous silliness, and only care about “what’s in it for me?”.

Steps 1 and 2 have been explained in-depth in previous blog posts regarding asking for, or even demanding “transparency” and accountability for primarily, or entirely donation-funded animal rescues.

Step 1

Step 1 is to ASK QUESTIONS and EXPECT ANSWERS from donation-funded animal rescues that are ONLY in operation because of the support and donations from the generous, animal-loving public.

If “rescues” that are only able to operate in the first place because of donations and support they receive from the public do not have enough RESPECT for that public to answer non-accusatory, simple but probing questions, then those donation-funded animal rescues DON’T deserve anyone’s support and $$$$.

Step 2

Step 2: if/when Step 1 FAILS to get answers from the “rescues” themselves to questions the public has is to ASK QUESTIONS and EXPECT ANSWERS from “the rescues” “enabler-groupies” that are ALWAYS defending the rescue, bullying people that ask the “rescue” questions, smear, attack, and even STALK those who ask questions that won’t stop pushing for answers to the questions below.

These enabler-groups are a group of totally ABSURD, ridiculous people that are like ignorant “body guards” “protecting” and “defending “the rescue” and their reputation – a tragic JOKE in and of itself.

The reason “enabler-groupies” are perceived as IGNORANT is because unlike real body guards and PR people, these dopes don’t get paid anything and are instead “thrown bones” of praise, “the rescue” tells them you’re “part of the team” when the REALITY is that “the rescue” makes fun of them, calls them despicable things behind their backs, and if the True Believer cult-follower enabler ever does “get a clue” and starts spilling the beans (for instance, FORMER volunteers for various “rescues” have contacted this blog with information about several rescues and their shady, and sometimes illegal activities) about some nasty stuff at some “rescues” regarding HOW MANY ANIMALS THAT WERE SUPPOSED TO BE “RESCUED” ARE MISSING, OR THEY KNOW THE ANIMAL HAS BEEN KILLED FOR NO GOOD REASON OTHER THAN “THE RESCUE” DOESN’T WANT TO SPEND ANY MONEY ON THEM, more often than people in the public would believe, these people are literally TERRORIZED by these donation-funded rescues that CAN’T AFFORD for the donations to dry-up if/when people find out about what’s really going on at “the rescue”.

Now its time for Step 3 when Steps 1 and 2 FAIL (results of donation-funded rescues being asked questions are being compiled and will be publicly published at a later date).

Step 3

Step 3 (of 4 Steps) is to ASK QUESTIONS and DEMAND ANSWERS of EVERY MEDIA outlet that runs stories of ANY KIND on “the rescues”. that

FAILURE to ASK QUESTIONS and EXPECT ANSWERS from “the rescues” they are interviewing or featuring SHOULD NOT be over-looked anymore by the public that KNOWS untruths and frivolous-fluff when they read it.

 Just as with donation-funded animal rescue having a VAST lack of OVERSIGHT, the NEW-AGE media is JUST AS BAD in lacking in honesty and ethics as the “animal rescue industry” is.

Ask Questions7

Its long past due for those pretending to be “reporters” and “journalists” to have their “feet held to the fire” by true animal lovers that are tired of the negatives of human nature KILLING animals that are supposed to be SAFE because of the help the swindlers in “rescue” get from incompetent “journalists” that really aren’t journalists and are fiction-writers that rarely, if ever ASK QUESTIONS and FACT-CHECK and VERIFY before publishing “stories”.

One SIMPLE FACT that any intelligent person KNOWS is that IF an animal rescue really is “transparent” and “accountable” in an “industry” (DONATION-FUNDED animal rescue) that has little-to-NO OVERSIGHT, they should be pleased-as-punch to ANSWER QUESTIONS posed to them by ANYONE that ASKS THEM.

Ask Questions11

Oh-so-MANY years ago, when there used to be real, honest-to-goodness journalists and reporters, the public could rely to a greater extent on getting concise, factual, true, and honest information because the journalists and reporters took PRIDE in their professional expertise.

NOT ANY MORE! Nowadays its like reading a “rag-mag” when reading these FICTIONAL-fantasy stories that are full of fabrications and downright LIES.

And when normal people do ask questions of people that DON’T WANT TO ANSWER QUESTIONS that will put them some people in question regarding their knowledge, education on a subject, and their ethics, its considered “attacking” – the complete and total “group-think” brain-washing of the masses.

Ask Questions9

Ask the “staged and scripted” questions and everything’s a-O.K.

Ask questions that go to the heart of the matter, and its considered “mean”, “hateful”, “vengeful”, and “attacking” – sounds like some people have a lot to hide.

But when “the media” doesn’t “vet”, fact-check, or do any solid verifying before publishing stories, they are literally and factually ENDORSING animal rescues they are running stories on, and are culpable in that rescues fraudulent collection of donation-money from the public that was told by the involved media to DONATE to “this rescue”.

They are also culpable in the KILLING of innocent animals that are supposed to be “rescued” by some of these phony-rescues too.


The “new-age” journalist’s of today when interviewing a donation-funded “animal rescue”, usually because “the rescue” set-up the interview themselves because they are brilliant at USING the media to further their agenda that is often unethical and sometimes illegal, making any media that deals with them CULPABLE in the commission of illegal activities, often, and *sometimes* unknowingly, find themselves in a choreographed and “staged” event/meeting.

The journalist is being “played”, and are in fact *sometimes* chosen for interviews because of their lack-of-fact-checking and/or their willingness to “play along” – talk about “breach of TRUST“) by the drama-queens and kings (only a few of these guys in animal rescue, but they do exist and are as easy-liars and embellishers as the women) sits there placidly, like a cow chewing their cudjotting down some “notes” they don’t even need because they already have the polished press release “the rescue” gave to them to run.

These “reporters” and “journalists” (titles used loosely) often have NO CLUE in their dim-bulb heads of WHAT questions to ask because they have gotten used to having the story already written for them, and these “fictional-fluff pieces” are designed to open the public’s wallets and get “the rescue” more money through fraud and misrepresentation.

Its mostly about MONEY because the primary players at these types of “rescues” don’t have jobs that support their non-rescue-related personal needs, and certainly not their “rescue efforts” and killing of animals.


Step 3 is used WHEN someone sees a story, or interview of a “rescue” they’ve been trying to get answers from that is chockfull of errors, falsehoods and outright LIES, and the “reporter” or “journalist has FAILED to ASK QUESTIONS that are really important pertaining to the questions listed below (most importantly, WHERE IN THE HELL are ALL of the animals “the rescue” supposedly rescued in the past 1-2 years (at least), are they alive or DEAD and exactly WHERE is ALL of the DONATION MONEY GOING?!?!), post publicly in comments under “the story”, email, call, and PM the “the reporter”, contact the editor of the print and/or online publication and ask THEM the questions their “reporter” isn’t smart enough to ask, doesn’t ask because for some “reason” they are trying to make the “animal rescue” look good, or are simply disinterested in the whole thing.

Just answer the question1

Here are just some of the questions to send to the “journalist” or “reporter” that they DIDN’T ASK “the rescue” and are questions that MUST BE ASKED and ANSWERED. Not answering will lead to Step 4.

Simple, non-accusatory questions to send to primarily, or entirely donation-funded animal rescues, to be sent to their “enabler-groupies”, and to the “new age media” and their sub-standard “reporters” – you can save time by simply cutting and pasting the questions into an email, PM, or whatever mode of communication you’re using:

  1. what are the rescues itemized MONTHLY financials,
  2. publicly post a MONTHLY head-count of WHERE ALL of the animals ARE currently that you’ve rescued within the past 1-2 years (or longer)
  3. are the animals at your rescues facility? If so, post current photos;
  4. are the animals at a rescue you “partner with”? If so, post the name and location of that rescue and current photos of the animals;
  5. were they adopted, (please give dates of adoption and where the animal is located, along with CURRENT photos of the adopted animal);
  6. are they out on “trial adoptions” (if so, what are the particulars of “dates of trial adoption”, location of animals and publicly post current photos of the animal);
  7. are they out-for-training (if so, with whom and where are they located, post current photos);
  8. are they in a foster home (with who, where are they located, post current photos);
  9. are they in a sanctuary (what is the sanctuary’s name and location, post current photos);
  10. are they alive or DEAD;
  11. if DEAD, why were they “put down” – publicly post ALL vet reports and bills for ALL “rescued animals” that were euthanized
  12. how were they “put down” – publicly post ALL euthanasia reports and bills for ALL “rescued animals” that were euthanized.

More good questions at this link:

Having the answers to these questions allows prospective supporters and donors to know exactly what type of animal rescue they are supporting with their time and/or donations because NOT ALL ANIMAL RESCUES ARE THE SAME AT ALL.

Ask Questions8

And if the “animal rescues” CHOOSE to NOT answer questions posed to them in writing by the supportive, generous public, if their preposterous “enabler-groupies” won’t answer these questions when posed to them, and when the ridiculous media/”reporters”/”journalists” doing stories and interviews on these “rescues” WON’T ask the questions after its pointed out to them by those in the public that want answers that they didn’t even ask IMPORTANT QUESTIONS, the lack of answers to questions will lay the foundation necessary for Step 4 so that those that can perform oversight, WILL perform it BECAUSE the LACK of ANSWERS after MANY ATTEMPTS TRYING to get questions answered is DISTURBING and SUSPICIOUS.

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