An FYI for those that don’t know this:

Having an animal rights agenda regarding the “use” of horses by their owners in various endeavors will NEVER fly in the “mainstream” horse world because people that actually “do” things with their personal property horses will NEVER be animal rights followers or promoters, or linked to an animal rights agenda.

In this scenario, the carriage horse industry, that already has animal welfare laws, rules, and regulations in place, is under assault by various “power players” with various agenda’s that don’t necessarily involve the welfare of the carriage horses (for instance, there is a very expensive chunk of real estate the barns/facilities the carriage horses are housed in that is smack, dab in the middle of this controversy – very curious indeed).

Combine questionable motives, that don’t necessarily include the “welfare” of the carriage horses, and bringing “the noise and numbers” (of people) that the animal rights agenda always brings to the issue that has the donation money streaming by the thousands of dollars into their coffers, and the primary issue OFTEN gets lost in the manipulations and “jockeying for position” all of the leaders and primary players bring with them.


The reason mainstream horse people, that may, or may not even know much about the carriage horse industry, won’t get involved, and certainly won’t get on-board with the people that want to ban carriage horses in NYC is because currently its the carriage horse ban, but maybe next on the Animal Rights primary players agenda, and with the MOBS they ALWAYS ramp-up, it will be BANNING what these mainstream, serious horse people “do” with their horses such as jumping, dressage, endurance riding, reining, driving, trail/pleasure riding, and many other endeavors too numerous to list

For you see, MANY animal rights followers and believers “believe” that IF people have animals, they shouldn’t “do” anything with those animals other than take care of them and that’s it.

Some AR-followers go so far as to promote all animals being wild and free, even if/when it would lead to the animals torment and deaths because of “survival of the fittest” in the wild and their inability to “live wild”.

And the mantra that is heard over and over again with many of these fools is that “the (carriage) horses aren’t turned out on pasture every day”.


Do these people really think that MOST horses in this great wide world, whether high-powered show horses, polo ponies, working ranch horses, or backyard horses that get ridden on the trails, get “turned out on pasture” everyday?

Its crap like this that mainstream horse people are rejecting because the majority of horses, especially in populated areas and/or cities, are kept in smaller corrals i.e.12′ x 12′, 12′ x 24′ (standard size at most boarding stables in populated areas) up to larger paddocks, box stalls ranging from 10′ x 10′ to 12′ x 16′, they are in under-cover “mare motels” with 12′ x 12′ “stalls” that are not walled on the sides and are “open air” and not “box stalls”, etc.

At MANY boarding stables, even in the urban and suburban areas, horse owners pay a pretty penny to rent a corral that is the standard 12′ x 24′ size, and if they want daily turnout for their horse, or turnout on the days they can’t get to the stable, on pasture or a “dry-lot” turn-out, they pay for that too.

Its because of the odd fantasyland that many of these animal rights-groupies live in that ALL owned animals have the “best-of-the-best” (when there are literally thousands of ways to take care of various species of animals) and they may be surprised to learn that MOST mainstream horse and dog owners will NEVER link up with them in any way because AR’s have a way of turning on whomever their “handlers” tell them to.


The animal rights agenda is now infiltrating the wild horse and burro movement too.

THAT will make it positively a sure thing that MOST mainstream horse people that “do” things with their horses won’t join in fighting for federally protected wild horses and burros living in their vast Herd Management Areas (HMA’s) to be primarily managed, as mandated by LAW, in those HMA’s on public/federal land in the western states.

When these horse owners domestic horses are being labeled “slave horses” and they are being portrayed as “slave owners” (since their horses are “slave horses”), NO mainstream, serious horse owners will EVER link themselves with a movement that has animal rights leanings that disrespects a whole group of animal owners, and also a whole industry of people.

Once horses, whether domestically born and raised, or former wild horses, are called “slave horses”, it doesn’t matter how owners actually keep their horses – the lap of luxury, or “living-out” – it makes no difference to animal rights extremists because all domestic, or even captive-wild horses, are “slaves”.

The beginnings of the ignorance of animal rights followers ultimately lumping everything people “do” with their animals as “slavery” begins with issues the animal loving public can get on-board with, even as they know little-to-nothing about what they are “fighting for”.

These are generally people that don’t have much, if any education, regarding these scenarios and situations with animals at their core.


However, with people becoming more and more sheep-like, and less and less willing to spend a little time RESEARCHING and STUDYING the issues before they join “the movement” (whatever it is), they hand themselves over to people that quite often have little more knowledge than they have, “the leaders” often have their own motivations and agenda that doesn’t always have animal welfare or animal rights at their core (whether good, bad, or in-between), and that is how misinformation, outright false information, and ignorance takes over.

The “leaders” in these “movements” are usually the ones with the most to gain ($$$$, accolades, being put on a pedestal, having their egos bolstered, etc).

They often write well and in a very convincing way that sways people (for a awhile anyway) to their “side”.

And as the following of people that don’t research and study the issues gets larger and larger, the reputations, “credentials”, and “resumes” of those with the following become twisted into shapes not totally related to reality, but by then, their so-called “knowledge” is epic, even if/when its not true.

Extremism - say no5

Now of course, there are always the extremists on the opposing side that are just as staunch in their position, they put out just as much propaganda, misinformation/false information, and also take an abundance of information out of context to suit their dialogue and position.

But then the battle lines are drawn, the “competition” that shouldn’t be a competition, with animals usually trapped in the middle, begins, human nature takes over of “we win, you lose”, the mob/foot-soldiers engage under the direction of the leaders and go on the attack, and the ultimate losers time and time again tends to be the innocent animals that don’t have a “say” in anything, they don’t have egos, they don’t covet, and they are innocent of toxic emotions and dealings.


In order to not be “snookered” and fooled by those who write well, that often speak well, and that may know how to behave depending on their audience, QUESTIONS should always be asked of ANYONE regarding:

their position on an issue (to be posted publicly so people deciding whether to join the cause or movement understand where the leadership is coming from),

how they have come up with their position,

research and collect background information on them,

and find out what their motivations are, and if their motivation and agenda/position is in-line with yours.

Carriage Horse2

In the case of the carriage horses, ALSO ask them:

why there shouldn’t be carriage horses in NYC,

are they working toward enforcement of existing laws that govern the carriage horse industry,

what is their position regarding horses being used for other endeavors besides carriage horses i.e. show jumping, endurance riding, barrel racing, dressage, pleasure, competitive, show driving, to name just a few endeavors people engage in with their horses.

what credentials do they have regarding species-specific equine husbandry, training, equine behavioral experience, etc

what is their position on commercial horse slaughter

if they are anti-commercial horse slaughter, what are they personally doing to ban commercial horse slaughter dealings in their country, their state,

and what are they doing to FORCE the enforcement of laws already in place in some states that already ban horse slaughter dealings.

Say No to Horse Slaughter6

As personal property, the carriage horses can be sold to whomever the owner wants to sell them to.

If the coalition is so concerned about where carriage horses go when they’re sold by their OWNERS, why doesn’t this coalition work toward legislating a ban on horse slaughter dealings like the one in place in California since November 3, 1998 that would protect not only carriage horses, it would also protect “spent” (as they call it) show horses, rental horses, racehorses, basically ALL horses?,_Prohibition_on_Slaughter_of_Horses_for_Human_Consumption_(1998)

The HUGE difference could be that maybe state of New York citizens would actually ENFORCE the law instead of letting the horse slaughter trade continue as business as usual.

The law in California has only been enforced 1 TIME in nearly 17 years of its existence, and sadly enough, many donation-funded CA horse rescues actual USE the threat of horse slaughter to wheedle donations from people to “save horses” from that fate.

If the CA horse rescues really “wanted to”, they could successfully “out” every, single kill buyer, sale yards, transporters, and anyone else associated with the horse slaughter industry in CA, right out-of-business in 1 month.

They could also probably provide information that would get some lawbreakers arrested and prosecuted too.

Fox Guarding Henhouse1

Why don’t they do it?

Could be that some CA horse rescues are “entwined” so-to-speak with some in the horse slaughter industry (MANY donation-funded horse rescues actually deal with kill buyers on a regular basis), and exposing those kill buyers and others may very well get those fox-in-the-henhouse horse “rescues” exposed for also dealing in horse slaughter.

A law only has “bite” when its ENFORCED.

So if “the coalitions” and New Yorkers new position is that they are really concerned regarding what is happening to carriage horses after their owners can no longer use them in their businesses, the answer is not to ban a whole industry –

No, the answer is to ENFORCE the laws already in place, legislate laws that BAN horse slaughter dealings entirely in New York state, ENFORCE those laws once passed, and then they’d be protecting ALL horses in New York from an inhumane, horrific death via commercial horse slaughter.

If these things aren’t done, this will look just like a “sham-and-scam” being run by people with their own agendas that may not have anything to do with “animal welfare”, linking up with the animal rights extremists who then manipulate ignorant, misinformed, and yes, lazy people that don’t research anything before joining-up, into “social media madness mobs” that often are animal rights people.

These MOBS do the dirty work for the leaders that have everything to gain in these scenarios.

The “noise and numbers”. that MOBS provide are good for getting politicians to “circle-the-wagons”, go into “cover-their-own-asses”-mode, and they too often knuckle-under to the “noise and numbers” whether its a sensible, reasonable move, or simply a knee-jerk reaction that emboldens the ringleaders when forming their next MOB in order to gain and profit.


Don’t be manipulated, ask questions, expect answers BEFORE joining any movement so that after the dust settles and people have declared their “victory”, you will be able to hold their “feet-to-the-fire” with their own written words that tells-the-tale of what they say they wanted, and what they said they’d “do” for the animals if they in fact “won” and were successful in their crusade.

For many of these “leaders”, and also those in the “noise and numbers” crowd, their memories are very SHORT, hardly anyone follows-up on what really happens to ALL the animals after a “rescue”, a “seizure”, or after the banning of something having to do with animals, and the animals are the forgotten ones that far too often are also the ones that suffer because people can’t be bothered to care after the “competition” is OVER.

2 thoughts on “Become Educated and INFORMED on Animal Issues BEFORE Joining the Cause or Movement – Sometimes Things Are NOT As They Appear On The Surface

  1. Frankly, I don’t believe that the carriage horse issue in NY has NOTHING to do with the horses or the people who own them…IT’S THE STABLES- the valuable real estate-Just get a Fanatical Animal Rights Extremist the rope and they will do all the work for you to get rid of the horses-WALA-Prime property in NYC for sale…Great post about horses.
    Like animal rescues look beyond the animals…It’s all about the money…


    1. Trying to walk the middle ground and give people the benefit of the doubt is the reason we leave the door open that there is some care and concern for the horses themselves.

      However, as has been seen with other causes, the ringleaders tend to be the people with the very most to GAIN, they rarely answer questions posed to them, they have an agenda that is not made public, and they make people “work” to find out what their real agenda is.

      They are also BRILLIANT at manipulating gullible, naïve, clueless people to be “the noise and numbers” they MUST HAVE in order to make any headway at all with their agenda.

      These MOBS also “muddy-the-waters” and conceal the real agenda.

      If not for the gullible, ignorant groupies continuing (to an extent) with their protesting, this “issue” would have become a “non-issue” months and months ago.


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