Moral-Bankruptcy and EPIC Arrogance At Donation-Funded Animal Rescues

Sweet Justice1

The word is out and finally gaining traction.

People are ASKING SIMPLE QUESTIONS and EXPECTING ANSWERS BEFORE they are willing to donate, support, volunteer, or “Share” animal rescues.

Follow Through1

But unless people FOLLOW-THROUGH regarding filing complaints, filing lawsuits, etc against animal rescues that REFUSE to answer simple questions, the “rescues” (often animal dealers that pose as animal rescues) will CONTINUE to deceive and fleece the “the useful naïve” in the public sector out of their donation-money, and WILL CONTINUE to KILL and “disappear” animals that are no longer useful to them.

All of the people that have been deceived in the past, and all of the animals that have died at the hands of their so-called “rescuers” will have been deceived and killed for naught UNLESS intelligent, animal loving, ethical people FOLLOW-THROUGH and bring the welfare-rescues unethical, illegal, and often immoral behavior into the spotlight.

The “reward” of receiving FREE MONEY, FREE MATERIAL ITEMS, and also accolades, praise and being told they are “hero’s” and “angels” has caused many people in animal rescue to go off the deep end with their puffed-up, over-blown egos that can NEVER be satisfied if they lived to be a 1000 years old.

These people with their epic arrogance are working every angle they can think of to keep “rescue as their career” whereby they are literally “paid to rescue” animals, but often just USE the animals, sell the ones they can calling it “adoption” and they kill or “disappear” the animals that have exhausted their “donation-value” and are un-useable/un-sellable.

A key motivation for people like this is to be able to wrap themselves in sparkly, shiny “packaging” other peoples money has paid for (their animal “rescue” facilities, the vehicles they con nice people into buying them, buying things they don’t really need but do really WANT, some of these shyster’s actually have had cosmetic surgery done using donation money, and they also use donation-money to “Brand” themselves and BUY “Likes” too!), but the FACT is that the shiny exterior packaging cannot not hide for long their true inner character and nature.

The problem for them is that in their vast arrogance, they never think intelligent people will ever ask them questions, and when intelligent people don’t get answers, not all of them will simply walk away, and instead, they’ll make it a priority to figure out what’s going on.

The questions that are being asked by concerned animal lovers of these primarily, or entirely donation-funded “rescues” are very simple ones that ethical and transparent donation-funded animal rescues will answer on a MONTHLY basis without prompting, but most especially WHEN they are asked the questions regarding:

  1. disclosure of ALL of their MONTHLY  rescue-accounts and finances,
  2. disclose where all of the animals they’re rescued in the past 1-3 years (or longer if people are questioning the whereabouts of animals of animals “rescued” longer than 3 years ago) are currently,
  3. disclose on a MONTHLY basis how many animals are at their facility and show current photos and videos,
  4. disclose how many are in foster care and post current photos and videos,
  5. disclose how many are “at the trainers” with current photos and videos,
  6. disclose how many are “at a sanctuary” with current photos and videos,
  7. disclose how many are dead/euthanized and provide their euthanasia reports,
  8. post all of the vet reports and euthanasia reports for all animals that the rescue asked for money for that month.

Short Form Information Page and Questionnaire For Animal Rescues

See, very simple questions that honest, “transparent, ethical primarily, or entirely-donation-funded animal rescues will have no problem answering.

However, the problem is turning out to be that different people asking the same questions are GETTING DIFFERENT ANSWERS and/or people are getting NO ANSWERS AT ALL!

This is because there are an abundance of people that have animal rescue as “their career” now, they are literally COMPETING for donations, for free animals, for a following, for having the nicest facilities, the best “rehab rate”, etc, with other animal rescues that “rescue” the same species of animals they do, they USE animals and other people for their own profit and gain and then discard them when they aren’t “useful” any longer, and they MUST have a multitude of different stories depending on who they’re trying to “con”.

For the animals, being “used” spells death or “disappearing” when their “donation-value” has been exhausted and they have “issues” and can’t be sold, or if they’ve been up for adoption a while and no one wants them even for free and the “rescue” needs to “make room” for “new merchandise” animals and/or just doesn’t want to spend anymore money on useless and/or “old merchandise” animals.
These “rescues” are not in “the business” of keeping around un-useable animals and spending money on them that could be in the founders and primary players pockets instead.

For the people they USE however, if they get on “the out’s” with the rescue for whatever reasons, they either need to leave quietly and keep their mouths SHUT, or if they challenge the rescue and “cause trouble”, the rescue will go on a campaign of terror and will smear and trash these people relentlessly, using their dumb enabler-groupie True Believer followers, until the person “tucks their tail” and scurries away trying to make the attacks on them stop.

Oh yeah, then there’s that confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement MANY of the rescues make people sign before they can get past the office at the “rescue”. If people open their mouths regarding the numbers of animals that are POOF!, vanished into thin air, if they ask questions, if they do anything the dictator at the rescue doesn’t want them to do or ask, they are threatened with being sued even though many of those confidentiality agreements won’t hold up in court if what the person speaks about that signed one is illegal behavior.

In other words, no animal is truly safe from being killed or disappeared by a “retail rescues”, and no person is safe from being targeted for attack either if they “rock the boat” and won’t just shut the hell up and go away when the rescue is done USING them.

These hustlers USING animals as “the hook” to get animal lovers on board with them, and also for their own advancement and gain are vicious in their approach to making money the lazy, crooked way, they are loyal to NO ONE, they can’t be trusted, and their livelihood DEPENDS on their ability to use and walk all over anyone and anything to profit.

So for the donation-funded animal rescues and advocacy groups that are CONSTANTLY attacking animal owners USING FREE DONATION-MONEY TO DO IT, fleecing the public of their hard-earned money, time, and expertise, here’s a question for you:

Scammers Get Caught7

Didn’t you see the organization by animal owners that have been ruthlessly attacked by scammers and the animal OWNERS intent to go on the OFFENSE against “rescues” and “advocates” that are trampling their rights through “seizure scams”, legislation, the commission of fraud, misrepresentation, misappropriation of funds, the murder of innocent animals?!?!?

And didn’t you think that *some* people were going to get wise to your constant pleas for funds to “rescue” animals and they’d start ASKING QUESTIONS they EXPECT ANSWERS too?

Scammers Get Caught1

If you didn’t see this coming, you really are living in a smoke ‘n mirrors fantasy-land where you probably believe your own press too.

Hustlers in donation-funded animal “rescue” ‘put their name on the map’ by attacking animal owners, attacking other rescues/advocates, by pathological lying to the constant stream of naive people coming through the revolving door at their rescue.

Animal owners and self-funded rescues that often don’t have the swankiest of places (unless they are wealthy perhaps) are prime targets of attack by these scam-artists who are only able to OPERATE at all because they are brilliant at conning free money and other things out of people.

Many of them are nothing more than common sociopaths/psychopaths (no consciences) that will say and do whatever it takes to get what they want (for FREE usually) and they have no problem killing useless, innocent animals, and destroying peoples lives that have helped them because THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT ANYONE OTHER THAN THEMSELVES.

So the ASK QUESTIONS – EXPECT ANSWERS CAMPAIGN is the only thing that can and will EXPOSE these players in animal “rescue” and advocacy, and then animal owners, donors, supporters ORGANIZING, COMPARING NOTES AND STORIES AND GOING ON THE OFFENSE LEGALLY DOES THE REST as long as people are WILLING TO FOLLOW-THROUGH WITH COMPLAINTS AND/OR LEGAL ACTION.

People should also NOT WALK AWAY once they set the the legal process in motion because that makes the ripping off of people, and the killing of animals that were supposed to be “rescued”, meaningless because no one wants to spend the time it takes, be brave enough, and also CARE enough to be their champion and stop the crooks in donation-funded animal rescue from continuing to do these callous, vile, unethical, deceitful things.

Currently, many people still worry about “what will happen to ‘the rescues’ animals if the “rescue” goes under because of complaints and lawsuits they’ve filed?”.

DO NOT let the animal “rescue” put you on a guilt-trip AND PAINT THEMSELVES AS THE POOR LITTLE VICTIMS (A FAVORITE PLOY OF SOCIOPATHS/PSYCHOPATHS) because as it stands now, the hustlers ARE ALREADY KILLING AND DISAPPEARING MULTITUDES OF ANIMALS and the only way to stop them is to put them out of business and hopefully in jail too.

Only then can the legitimate animal rescues that WILL answer questions come out of hiding where they’ve been trying to stay off the radar of the aggressive, lying, deceiving “rescues” that will set out to destroy them with their “True Believer-enabler-followers” if these mostly self-funded rescues challenge them, even if its only in the retail rescues minds, for donations, support, and a following.


In closing, the donation-funded animal rescues that are being asked questions they are choosing NOT to answer honestly, if at all, have dug their own graves, and should get no sympathy, compassion, or empathy from anyone for the simple reason that MANY of these DONATION-FUNDED (panhandling for FREE MONEY) “rescues” and advocacy groups/organizations show NO sympathy, compassion, or empathy from the people they are conning money out of, for the animals they are killing and “disappearing” at an alarming and disturbing rate, and they most certainly express no concern for the well-being of the animal owners, or their animals other than what the animals can be USED FOR, that they attack and terrorize in Animal Enterprise Terrorism (AET) attacks aka “seizure scams”.

These hustlers in animal rescue and advocacy call people asking them simple questions “attacking”, and people going on the offense and filing complaints and lawsuits getting “revenge”, but the VERY SIMPLE FACTS are that asking questions is NOT attacking, and filing complaints and lawsuits based on factual evidence of wrong-doing is called seeking JUSTICE for people and animals alike that have been hurt by the hustlers, animal dealers, and scam-artists in donation-funded animal rescue.


6 thoughts on “Moral-Bankruptcy and EPIC Arrogance At Donation-Funded Animal Rescues

    1. Wow. What happened that has you referring to people asking questions and filing complaints when they don’t get answered having “rage”?

      Are you a sheeple or enabler-groupie of a donation-funded “rescue”, do you just not care about animals being used, betrayed and killed by “rescues”, or perhaps you just don’t care about people committing fraud and other crimes and getting away with it?
      Which is it, or perhaps its all three?


  1. Aw, another attempt at politically correct language used to smear the truth as “rage”, irrational, whatever.

    You really should have seen the Stossel show last night on Newspeak. A lot of liberal journalists and others who found themselves smeared and blacklisted for reporting the actual facts had a great deal to say about tactics like this. It seems that there attackers were – OTHER liberals.

    I am not as nice as the owner of this page; I think you are disingenuous liar who should be prosecuted for defamation of character.

    I’ve been through this nonsense. I dealt with a particularly nutty woman from southern California who was libeling me all over the Internet for *daring* to point out the misbehavior of some wild horse advocacy and rescue groups. This was after an alleged “mustang rescue” in Nevada rounded up a friend’s very aged, definitely NOT a mustang horse, ran a DNA test that supposedly indicated that he was a “pure bred mustang”, and then euthanized him. She had actually been on the phone to them trying to locate him and they denied having him. Note that describing a horse as a” pure bred mustang” is like referring to a dog as a “pure bred mongrel.” In short, there is no such thing as a “pure bred” broomtail.


    1. So they killed her domestic horse? If so, hope she found an attorney, demanded the so-called DNA test to be handed-over during discovery, and then sued the crap out of them for killing her horse.

      There are far too many people that have corrupted nonprofit animal rescue and literally have made careers out of “rescue” and “advocacy”.

      Not a huge problem as long as they will answer questions posed to them by the public that supports many of these primarily, or entirely-donation-funded (not self-funded) “rescues” and/or “advocates” and “advocacy groups”.

      If they’re primarily, or entirely using their own money they earn outside of the collection of donations and/or grant money or free supplies/materials, then what they do is their own business if its their own money paying for things.

      But once they start living and operating off of the use of other peoples money, they have an ethical, moral, and often legal responsibility to answer questions posed to them, and if they refuse to answer questions, they shouldn’t be surprised when the AG’s office, the taxation department, the IRS, and other agencies vested with governing nonprofit’s come a knockin’ on their door.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. As far as I am concerned, no matter who funds the situation, they owe a darn good explanation and reparations to anyone whose animals they steal. She called, she even described the animal and tried to bring them a photograph. She went to every “rescue” in the area.

    Like I said, the studbook would have been shocked to discover he was a purebred mongrel.


  3. The details are as follows. A thief opened her gate and stole hay and equipment from the barn and left the gate open. Her horse wandered about half a mile away and was reported grazing on someone’s property. The rescue collected him, declared him a “purebred mustang” and euthanized him because he was allegedly “too old to live in the wild.”

    Of course, he had *never* lived in the wild, and should have been returned to her. He was in retirement.

    I’m still so angry it is hard for me to discuss the matter calmly. Had they even bothered to call the sheriff’s department, they would have found that she had contacted them about the theft, and feared that he had either been stolen or wandered away.


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