“Greeders” in Donation-Funded Animal Rescue; Learning How To “Turn Better Tricks” With Their Donor-“John’s”

Car Salesmen7

Credit does need to be given where credit is due: the donation-funded “rescue ho’s” (some of them are also “convention ho’s” at their donors expense, and at the expense of the animals “they say” they “rescue”, spending donation money on attending conventions and seminars so they look oh-so-important, when what they really look like is cheap and pathetic losers: http://www.bothsidesofthetable.com/2010/10/13/be-careful-not-to-become-a-conference-ho/) aren’t usually just your run of the mill, low-down scam-artists and panhandlers – they in fact actually take “further education” in effective scamming very seriously, but call it “networking”, “marketing” and “sales” education and techniques.

And because they burn so many bridges and screw people over locally and regionally, they MUST go out of the area to find new “partners” and “victims” to  “network” with (USE) in order to try and keep their gravy-train heavily trundling down the money-train tracks by learning new and better ways to collect donations from their “Johns” on social media and around-the-world.

Sure, it may COST to “learn” more ways to scam people out of their money (and that’s if they even attend the conference and don’t instead spend all their time in the bar, the clubs, sleeping off hangovers), but hey, when you’re spending well-meaning peoples donation-money to have an all expenses paid vacation at a seminar, conference, symposium, or whatever ‘reputable’ name someone decides to call it, you have your hotel, your food, your entertainment, air fare, your booze, drugs, or “whatever” paid for too, what’s not to like about going to “conferences”?

Here’s the big question however: since most of these primarily, or entirely donation/grant-funded “rescues” are always begging, pleading, and panhandling for MORE FREE MONEY (because most of them don’t have real and legal jobs outside of “rescue” and/or “advocacy”), why in the world would even the most naïve, gullible, or even lower IQ people send them ANY MONEY so they can travel with several of their closest “besties” to a scammer seminar?

Its mind-boggling how truly stupid some donors are.

Greeders3Many of the “rescue-greeders” founders, presidents, executive directors, treasurers (or whatever else they call themselves so they can pretend they’re the kings and queens of what amounts to shit mountain) also take 2-10 of their closest “inner circle friends” and “partners in crime” with them and pay their way too, with money meant for rescuing animals – no worries, they just have to kill or “disappear” more animals than they already do because “the rescue” doesn’t want to feed them anyway if the animal isn’t “sellable”) – the more the merrier, right?

In the modern age of social media animal rescue, as opposed to the old fashioned method of animal rescue with support by people/donors of local rescues, the local rescues are usually too boring for words because they tend to NOT lie, embellish, and cheat because they are dealing with their neighbors and other “locals”.

The “greeder-rescues” on the other hand are smart enough to know not to “sh*t where they eat” locally, so they do their manipulative dirty work outside their local area and not doing “seizure scams” right in their own neighborhood where there may be too many people that will shoot them down on their theft attempt on an animal owner that has friends that probably won’t work out too well for them.

And the more crap they pull, the more people will start scrutinizing THEM and their questionable activities.

The “boring real rescues” that don’t do the great payday, fireworks “crisis rescuing” don’t give stupid people in “rescue-land” on the Internet the excitement they so crave like what the “retail-welfare rescues” do when they run another “crisis rescue” and/or “seizure scam”.

Many “pretend-rescuer-people” support out of area rescues so they can just send money, not have to do anything else like volunteer, they don’t see things they might actually have to question, and its a lot easier to attack and trash people they don’t even know from afar that the “rescue” tells them they need to attack on the Internet.

Being the dumb followers of an animal “rescue” they don’t even really know, they can still feel like they’re a part of something they can brag about on Facebook, and also brag about to their equally shallow and stupid friends. And then they can continue on with their lives until the next time they want to do “pretend rescuing” again.

Car Salesmen6

These conferences, seminars, summits, symposiums, or whatever other seemingly important names marketers disguise them with, are popping up all over the place – and they are usually supported by animal rights groups and associations under the guise of “animal rescue” or “animal welfare”, even though many of the attending animal “rescue” reps are neither animal rights nor animal welfare people, and are instead people that have made a career out of what’s supposed to be NONPROFIT animal rescue.

For those involved in what’s known as “retail rescues”, the only reason these greeders go, seeing as they aren’t really animal rights or animal welfare people, and are instead your garden-variety common animal dealers for the most part, is to learn from the best there is at spewing propaganda – yep, the Animal Rights pretenders that are all about “the hook”, “the spin”, the money, the control, and trampling peoples rights to own animals, to keep their animals how they decide to keep them abiding by the laws already in place, etc.

There are a multitude of “reasons” and other equally preposterous things these mostly common criminals spew regarding what they’re doing to accomplish their goals, but one things for sure with the most well known animal rights organizations:  their CEO’s get PAID MILLIONS OF DOLLARS ANNUALLY, just as many of the animal rights groups also kill more animals than they rescue and keep alive and take care of until, or when, the animal tells them they don’t wish to live anymore.

Oh yeah, the primarily, or entirely donation-funded “retail rescues” also go to these “rescue and advocacy seminars” because they’re FREE.

The FACTS about MANY/MOST of these “meetings” are that they are your run of the mill sales, networking, and marketing meetings that teach scammers in donation-funded animal rescue how to separate gullible, naïve people from their hard-earned money so these animal dealers posing as rescues don’t have to GET REAL JOBS BECAUSE THEY HAVE MADE “RESCUE THEIR CAREER”.

Car Salesmen4
These calculating “meetings” teach the “players in rescue” how to lie and embellish more effectively to the point they may as well be at a used car dealers sales convention – except for the fact that at least used car dealers actually WORK FOR A LIVING and don’t normally have people sending them FREE MONEY!

Guess that makes these poser-rescues lower than a used car salesman – they’re good at something at least, even when its scamming and killing animals.

The animals they KILL are considered having served their purpose of pulling in donations, and if they can’t be “adopted”/SOLD they are considered “useless eaters” (more on this term below).

Shell Game1

Most HORRIFIC, TAWDRY, BARBARIC, CORRUPT, AND GHOULISH of all is that these importance-inflated conferences teach these faux rescues getting their FREE vacation (and even if they use their own money -and since most of the primary players at the “rescue” don’t have jobs, where exactly do they get that money from? – why wouldn’t they be spending their money on rescuing animals instead of taking trips to wherever?) how to KILL animals that are “useless eaters”.

“USELESS EATERS” is a term used by Hitler and his cronies to describe their own German citizens they killed during the eugenics/T4 Euthanasia Program Hitler had in the late-1930’s into the 1940’s when they were KILLING “people with issues”:

MANY donation-funded “retail rescues” KILL thousands of animals annually they can’t sell/”adopt” after they’ve supposedly “rescued them” using donation-money they don’t have to account for, and since they don’t want to feed and take care of ANIMALS DEEMED “USELESS” AND “TAKING UP SPACE”, they are basically “useless eater” animals (in these peoples warped, twisted, conscienceless minds), so they KILL and “disappear” them.


These cruddy seminars teach “rescues” how to explain KILLING animals in a way to their dumb True Believer followers so that it is more “palatable” to the numbskulls that NEVER ask questions.

Make NO MISTAKE – many donation-funded “rescues” are playing “the shell game” with animals, and more and more people are developing the courage and tenacity to ask them “WHERE IN THE HELL ARE ALL OF THE ANIMALS YOU’VE RESCUED IN THE PAST FEW YEARS USING OTHER PEOPLES MONEY?!?”

The real beauty OF THEIR SCHEME is that NONE of their idiotic, True Believer-groupie followers EVER ASK TO SEE VET REPORTS AND/OR EUTHANASIA REPORTS to decide for themselves IF the animal really needed or wanted to be dead, or perhaps/PROBABLY NOT.

The idiocy of people on social media where most of these pretend rescues that are actually animal dealers and killers is really astonishing, and it would actually be funny if not for all of the animals that are betrayed and killed and “disappeared” by these scammers with the HELP of their enabler followers.


Consider this; in this “Age of Information”, ignorance IS a choice, and pretty much ANYTHING someone wants to learn can be found with some keystrokes on the computer or their smart phone.

So why-oh-why do these people, ESPECIALLY THE RESCUES THAT ARE CONSTANTLY ASKING FOR DONATIONS SEVERAL TIMES A WEEK OR MONTH, NEED to go to any of these animal rescue seminars, conferences, summits, or whatever someone wants to describe a marketing and sales meeting?

  1. Well, because “birds of a feather flock together”.

2. Its completely FREE because their dumb followers will never question them about WHY they “need” to go and will send them money to attend.

3. Even people that know exactly what they’re doing choose to bitch and moan about it but never file formal complaints, so why shouldn’t the con-artists keep conning people out of money.

4. Its not everyday where you can pretend you’re going somewhere noble and instead have a party weekend all expenses paid by others.

5. And of course, when you give your slave-labor volunteers that are too stupid to realize they’re being USED important names like “Executive Director of Volunteers” (aka “overseer of slave-labor”) and “Sanitation Engineer” (shit-picker-upper”), it makes those people that are “in charge” of “the rescue” while the “big wigs” are gone feel like their lives really matter and they’re really important to those Golden Goddesses and God’s high up on shit mountain that must attend “important meetings” because…… ?……well, just because they’re without consciences, many of them are street wise scam-artists that have been scamming a very long time, and they are really good at scamming people (for a while anyway).

Real rescuers tend to be at home tending to the daily tasks of taking care of the animals they’ve rescued, whether they also have volunteers that help them, or perhaps not.

They also know they can find out anything they want to know about marketing, sales, rescuing, care of animals, and even networking either locally, or on the Internet through reading, watching informational videos, through webinars online, etc.

They also wouldn’t dream of using donation-money to go to meetings like this solo, and certainly not with several friends, and when they do have their own money, its usually NEEDING to be spent taking care of the animals at their rescue.

Poser-rescuers make any and every excuse to be “looking important” while their lackey-slave-labor volunteers do all the work – and most of these types of “rescues” have a very high turn-over of volunteers, board members, followers, trainers, donors, etc because at some point, even nice, trusting people get wise to the fact they’re being used.

Followers also tend to leave because there’s also the issue of real animal lovers can’t deal with NUMEROUS healthy, or reasonably healthy animals being killed, or going missing and no one will tell them where the hell they went, or why they were really killed (like showing them the vet and euthanasia reports).

Unfortunately, many rescues have a built-in revolving door via Facebook and other social media, so when people that get wise to the bullsh*t leave, new clueless people come in until they too get wise and move on too.

So the next time people that are still intelligent enough to think at least a little bit for themselves hear reports from the hustlers pretending to be “rescuers” about a seminar or other meeting whose contents can be found for free with just a few keystrokes on their computer, pay very careful attention to how long it takes when they return from yet another conference for them to test out their newly learned bullshit regarding:

  1. fundraising,
  2. using “buzzwords” and “hooks” to get people to send them money,
  3. using emotionally manipulating words to convince people of why they “had to kill” yet another animal but alas, they still REFUSE to show you vet and euthanasia reports from a licensed veterinarian,
  4. and watch for those distraction and deflection words and actions that are designed to take the focus OFF OF THEM as they attack yet another animal owner, another rescue, a former volunteer or board member, or they “need” more money for a surgery, a necropsy, or “something” for an animal that never occurs.

THAT is what MANY (but not all) of these “away from home” seminars, conferences, summits, and symposiums are all about in the modern day world of DONATION-FUNDED animal rescue.

If these weren’t the facts and truth, with all of that information available with someone looking it up on their own and/or with webinars from the comfort of ones own home being available at all hours of the day and night, what other reason do these swindlers have to go to an out-of-town meeting of other like-minded people UNLESS its because its a great all expenses paid trip, free food and booze, free travel expenses, all paid for by gullible, non-thinking or questioning, and yes, clueless people that probably believe in the tooth fairy too?


Be sure and send this handy and simple-to-fill-out information page and questionnaire at the link below to ANY and ALL animal rescues you are contemplating donating too, volunteering at, or supporting in ANY WAY.

If they refuse to fill it out entirely and send it back to you so you can fact check and verify their information they provided, DO NOT SUPPORT THEM IN ANY WAY because something very shady is most likely going on, and they may in fact be a “retail rescue” that lives off of YOUR donation money and also KILLS innocent animals just because they don’t want to spend money taking care of them.

Short Form Information Page and Questionnaire For Animal Rescues


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