The Trampling of Animal Owners Constitutional Rights and the Destruction of LIVES


Animal owners may think they are safe from having their personal property animals seized just because they don’t have exotic animals, and they also don’t live in Ohio and other states where animal rights extremists and Agenda 21 proponents (more about what Agenda 21 is: that WANT and NEED to CONTROL WHAT OTHER PEOPLE DO WITH THEIR PERSONAL PROPERTY ANIMALS on THEIR OWN PROPERTY take control of federal and state government agencies through LOBBYING USING DONATION-MONEY.

The link exposes the latest victim of an unconstitutional seizure of animals being done in Ohio:

And this link below is regarding a seizure done over a year ago that is immoral and a travesty:

Just as when people began disappearing in the dead of night in Nazi Germany actually beginning in the 1930’s with the implementation of Hitler’s eugenics and T4 Euthanasia Program (, neighbors would look the other way and think “they must have done something wrong”, “I’m a law abiding citizen, so that won’t happen to me”, “our family is just fine, but our neighbors were speaking out about the government, so it serves them right” or “I’m keeping my head down and saying nothing because I don’t want to be next”.

But if, or when, it did happen to them, only then did it become REAL, life and death, lacking in any form of empathy or compassion, or any form of reasonableness, and only then did people realize it COULD happen to them, and NO ONE was going to help them, just as they didn’t help others.

Here’s the real deal though; “We the People” in the middle “class” or “walking the middle ground” ARE in the MAJORITY, living day-to-day lives of working, raising families, getting some enjoyment and entertainment in various ways that make people happy, owning animals we may, or may not “do” things with, and many other things.


However, “We the People” (in the majority) are also being divided in all kinds of ways, and we are being conquered slowly but surely by law enforcement doing the biding of those “in power”, those with the money to manipulate, those willing to lie, embellish, ramp-up fear and hate, those that are willing and able to trample our Constitutional Rights, those without care or compassion for the MAJORITY that just want to live their lives “on the middle ground” and NOT just be the dull, sheeple, worker bee drones doing the “elites” bidding until we just can’t “do” anymore for them and become “useless eaters” and are interchangeable and disposable.


And sadly, their are traitors amongst every issue out there that crave-the-fame, love those pat’s on the head by their “handlers”, accept those pieces of gold to sell-out other people; THESE PEOPLE MUST BE EXPOSED AND THE SUREST WAY TO EXPOSE THE GOOD PEOPLE FROM THE BAD IS TO ASK THEM QUESTIONS AND EXPECT ANSWERS.

No answers means that they CANNOT BE TRUSTED and they need to be weeded-out and ostracized as greedy, ass kissing, slimy, “celebrity slut” and “media mutt” dirt bags.

The reason this NEEDS to happen is because these traitors are the ones that the ridiculous media, that never bothers to FACT-CHECK AND VERIFY what they say, ALWAYS INTERVIEW, and the non-fact-checking general public that have short attention spans end up believing what these cowards are literally paid or promised things to say AGAINST OTHER ANIMAL OWNERS.

These are also the people that collude with the agencies and groups that attack animal owners too.

These people MUST be asked questions such as:

  1. Are you primarily, or entirely donation-funded?
  2. What agencies, groups, organizations, alliances, associations are you affiliated with?
  3. Do you receive donation-money, grants, “gifts”, material items, endorsements, etc from any or all of these entities you are affiliated with?
  4. What is your verifiable background and experience with the animal-species you are associating yourself as “expert” with?

There is also a 1 page information page and questionnaire at the link below that can be sent to animal rescues that seize and/or impound seized animals for government agencies.

If they refuse to answer the simple questions when sent the short-form questionnaire, something shady is going on most likely:

Short Form Information Page and Questionnaire For Animal Rescues

Drama Queen13

These people that interact with government agencies and/or with known domestic terrorism animal rights extremists, are often DONATION-FUNDED animal rescues and/or advocacy groups or individuals aka informants and snitches posing as “friends” of the very people they are going to betray.

MOST people that are not involved in, or familiar with donation-funded animal rescue and animal advocacy are NOT familiar with the nasty, immoral, and freakish competitiveness that exists in what is supposed to be NONPROFIT animal welfare, and the “dangling of the carrot” of FREE MONEY, celebrity, ego-boosts, etc has them checking their morals, honesty, and ethics at the door.

MANY people have literally made CAREERS out of animal rescue and advocacy and are “paid to rescue” with very nice salaries and/or with free donation-money that is sent to them by well-meaning but naïve people that these rescues and advocates don’t have to account for where the money is spent, and they also don’t have to account for what happens to ALL of the “rescued animals” the free donation-money is sent to them to “rescue” and “take care of”.

Many of these so-called rescuers that have turned traitor are also not real and true animal lovers because they OFTEN know that animals that are going to be seized are in fact being well taken care of, and once seized, animals are OFTEN sold, with many dying and/or being cruelly killed and deemed “useless eaters” that can’t be “USED” for anything.


Traitors and snitches are also usually people that suffer from MENTAL DISORDERS such as Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and some are even pure sociopaths/psychopaths with NO CONSCIENCES, and allegiance to NO ONE BUT THEMSELVES AND WHAT THEY WANT AND WILL GET AT ANY COST TO ANYONE OR ANYTHING ELSE.


So as animal owners that perhaps OWN domestic animals such as dogs, cats, horses, llama’s, alpaca’s, pot-bellied pigs, or whatever other kind of animal is considered “domestic”, you may think you’re “safe” from having your animals ILLEGALLY seized by government agencies, OFTEN in collusion with donation-funded animal “rescues” (known as “retail rescues” and are run by people that have made CAREERS out of animal rescue and are literally “paid to rescue” in NONPROFIT animal rescue), and that the seizures of animal owners exotic animals such as bears, tigers, puma’s, leopards, elephants, etc has nothing to do with you and “those people are probably doing something wrong and their animals are better off being taken away from them”.

Sweet Justice1

If this is how you think, you’d be DEAD WRONG and may find out too late to protect your animals and family from law enforcement and other entities and organizations showing up at your property because of an “anonymous complaint” where you then start to think whose mad at you, who have you ticked-off, has someone expressed interest in your beautiful Paint Horses and are using your 33 year old arthritic, somewhat skinny gelding that is still enjoying life so you don’t want to “put him down yet” in order to “get at” your gorgeous and pricey horses and get them for FREE on a “rescue raid” or “seizure scam”? – exactly what the hell’s going on here you wonder?

YOU may not think that something this unreasonable could happen to you, that certainly cooler heads will prevail.

Unfortunately, in this day and age of less and less face-to-face interaction, or even over the phone interaction, with your accusers, once mobs of people are ramped-up on social media that are directed to call and write to every government agency under-the-sun and have your animals seized and you “need to be arrested”, and these mobs of complete strangers to you are manipulated into smearing, trashing, and defaming you by the “rescue ho’s” at the retail rescues, YOU can go from being a regular animal owner to “the enemy” in mere hours, or just a few days.

In the cases of Ohio and their new rules involving exotic animal ownership even when people have owned and cared for their exotic animals LONG BEFORE “the new rules” were implemented, these owners are having their beloved animals, many of which have been with their human and animal families their entire lives, they have NEVER been wild, and even for the ones not raised in captivity, they have issues that prevent them from ever being able to survive in the wild again.

These exotic animal owners SHOULD be “grandfathered in” regarding being allowed to keep their animals as they have for years before the “new rules and regulations”. Or at the very least, they should be allowed an abundance of time to come into compliance.


What is happening instead is that these nice, trusting people are sending in their applications for keeping their exotic animals they’ve had for years and years that are FAMILY MEMBERS (this also allows the tax-payer funded government agencies to know precisely who they’ll be coming after), the Ohio Department of AG is holding the applications for months and months, then they kick them back at the applicant saying they are “not filled out completely” or “not filled out correctly”, but rather than give the animal owners the time to make corrections, they are instead told “too bad, so sad, now you’re past the deadline for re-submitting your application, so we’re seizing your animals”.

Pretty corrupt, shady stuff, but it is happening in epidemic proportions, and what comes as no surprise at all is that animals are being seized and their care paid for by YOUR tax-payer dollars, so now tax-payers are being drawn into shady activities that couldn’t happen if their money wasn’t being used to do it.

Think of how many homeless people in the dead of winter in Ohio could be kept warm, fed, and housed using that money that’s being used to illegally steal peoples animal family members that are being well taken care of with their owners own money.

But here’s where things get REALLY NASTY AND CORRUPT; there are actually politicians, so-called “sanctuaries” (many of which are actually breeders of exotic animals although they are 501c3 charities and animal rescues!), some attention-seeking “media mutts” and “celebrity sluts” that ask for and receive thousands upon thousands of donation dollars that end up taking the seized animals and display them, make money off them, and many are actually “in” with the animal rights whack-jobs that give them grant money to be “mouthpieces” and trash other animal owners.

Animal owners can sit there all smug and feeling safe, but if you “do” anything with your animals such as show dogs, or horses, have hunting dogs, do agility events with your dogs, do rodeo with your horses, etc, WHEN the animal rights extremists set their sights upon your activities with your animals, or decide that every dog you have MUST be kept in your house no matter what breed they are and whether YOUR dog wants to be in the house or will tear the place apart trying to get back outside, at some point with people LOSING more and more of their private and personal property rights everyday, may very well be coming for your animals.

In this day and age of sh*t being done over the Internet, “false reporting” (which is illegal) being done to you by people from all over the country and/or the world that you don’t even know, and tax-payer-funded government agencies being USED to “get the job done”, you could in fact find yourself in a world of hurt but by then, it may be too late to keep your animals from being seized, and then sold or killed, and you’re trying to bond out of jail and figure out how to hire a defense attorney.

So although MOST people don’t own and maintain exotic animals, and most people will never have to have a federal license to own those animals, with more and more laws being passed pushed by animal rights extremists lobbyists (they are paid with your donation dollars) who basically don’t want you to be allowed to ride your horse with, or without a bit in their mouth, they don’t want you to “do” anything with your dog, they don’t even want you to OWN animals, whats happening in Ohio to exotic animal owners of many years and a lot of experience should frighten and concern you greatly.

The fact is that YOU could be next on the list for seizure of animals if you get on the radar of a self-righteous, narcissistic, “rescue ho”, a “fame whore”, a “media mutt”, an animal rights extremist, or just your common criminal “retail rescues” that like nothing better than ramping up MOBS of strangers on the Internet anytime they NEED more FREE donation-money in their greedy paws.

Please visit the links, research these happenings, and TRY to have some COMPASSION AND EMPATHY for people that are literally having their family-member animals STOLEN, the animals are STRESSED AND TERRIFIED out of their minds from being torn from their family by often inept, inexperienced, and soulless gun toting swat teams, and imagine who you will feel when they come for your animals even though you have done NOTHING WRONG.

Please also visit People For Pet OWNership on Facebook at:

to find out how you can unite with other animal owners to PROTECT your animal ownership rights against DONATION-FUNDED animal “rescues” that very well may be “retail rescues” that are often in COLLUSION with TAX-PAYER-FUNDED government agencies such as animal controls, the Department of Agriculture, county and city government agencies, and politicians with animal rights agendas.

Nobody Cares3

If you can’t find it in your heart to care about other people and their animals, don’t be surprised if, or WHEN, this happens to you that there will be NO ONE to help or care about you and your beloved animals because you’ve become “the criminal” because of the propaganda and lies being spread about you, you’re “the bad person”, or perhaps other people will be too apathetic, or maybe even too afraid to help you in any way.

3 thoughts on “The Trampling of Animal Owners Constitutional Rights and the Destruction of LIVES

  1. You NEED to hear my story!!! It happened to me Exactly as you say… The Rescue was deceptive and lied to get possession of ALL my dogs and stop my business… I lost Everything!!! I have it ALL documented every Facebook comment (libel suit pending!).. Every email and a FOIA of lies told to Animal Control to get the seizure “legal”. But None of it was… It has been a nightmare and there is so much more to tell… Please email ASAP!
    I’m ready to get my story out NOW!!!


    1. You can email to with any information you’d like to share.

      You can also PM to Retail Rescues Exposed at on Facebook.

      There is also a great group on Facebook called People For Pet OWNership at for animal owners protecting their rights to animal ownership. Many of the people on that group were attacked and had animals seized by retail rescues in collusion with animal controls and also the Department of Agriculture in some cases and they are going forward in more unity to protect their animal owner rights.

      Happy to hear you’re doing a civil defamation lawsuit against your attackers.

      When people that have been attacked aren’t always having to be on the defense (during the attacks and the aftermath that is terrifying and its difficult and confusing to try and figure out what in the hell is going on) and then walk away because they’re so broken, but instead file “going on the offense” civil lawsuits against their attackers and sue the crap out of people and smack them in the wallet, more of the players in nonprofit animal rescue will be exposed, it will cost them, and the goal should be investigations by DA’s and AG’s offices for FRAUD, MISREPRESENTATION, EXTORTION, MISAPPROPRIATION OF DONATED FUNDS, AND CRUELTY TO ANIMALS WHEN SO MANY OF THE “USELESS EATER” ANIMALS ARE KILLED OR “DISAPPEARED” BY THEM AFTER THEIR “DONATION-VALUE” IS EXHAUSTED.

      A person should always take screenshots of EVERYTHING, because although something you screenshoted might never be used, perhaps it will when you get the culprits on the stand in court and you can whip out a screenshot in their own writing proving them as committing perjury and lying in court.

      Many of these so-called “rescuers” need to be in JAIL, and delving into some of their backgrounds (through your own background checking or paying a PI too that’s good at what they do) has shown that some of them have been running scams a very long time in other areas besides animal rescue.
      Some/many are street-wise hustlers that know how to “work the system”, and sadly enough, many of them have children that they use as “shields” so that people don’t have the scammer prosecuted because people don’t want to have to feel guilty they were responsible for having the hustler mom and/or dad thrown in jail. Unfortunately, some of these scammers also make money off their kids by having a doctor deem them “special needs” and then even more free money and services can be collected.
      It would be better in many peoples opinions for the kids to be around non-hustlers and have a chance to grow up as a good person rather than a criminal like their parent/s are.


  2. Reblogged this on Top Cats Roar… and commented:
    From Mike Stapleton-One of the lastest victims and his animals of color of law enforcement by the ODA (Ohio Department of Agriculture)
    When this happened to us I swore to see it thru to make it stop-Staying true to my words has gotten the attention of others such as the writter of this blog and many others but sadly, the animal raids continue with owners treated as criminals and their animals abused-Animal Welfare-HOG-WASH…judging how people keep their animals is not animal welfare-that’s Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists-now joiined by the federal agency USDA/APHIS and paid with taxpayer dollars.
    What happened in Marion County, Texas and now Marion County, Ohio…Humaniacs using target enforcement can not be tolerated-Civil forfeiture is CIVIL LIBERTY ABUSE!!! Last I, checked my constitutioinal rights (and YOURS) the Constitutiion and the Bill of Rights was designed to protect YOU and I against the government from this type of action…YOUR right to LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY-animals are property!!!
    ALL owners in Ohio, with or without permits from the state are in danger-Happened in Texas and no one helped…Happening in other states and people have noticed but did nothing…Now escalted to a much greater degree with Ohio building an Animal Penitentary at taxpayer expense-Make it stop!!!
    Don’t think it can happen to you and Rover-Rover’s just a dog-Well, think again!!! It’s already been happening!!!
    They already have laws for S/N and who will be allowed to own a dog or cat…How many dogs or cats you can have…careful, you might find out that someone thinks you’re a hoarder if yoiu own more than one monkey-or two fish in a tank…
    “Imagine you have 5 children and the state just took them all. Ok they are animals so is your lap dog. They country I took an oath to protect last forever not just my time in the military. Foreign and domestic enemies. We were attacked here Monday. Join our fight folks. Stop saying you can’t beat the state. Stop saying we can’t change anything. There is power in numbers and we need everyone of you. This isn’t only about exotic animals or my tigers. Not just my rights but yours too. You may not see it as effecting you directly but oh my god It does weather you have an exotic animal or not. If we rollover for this and do nothing to stop it then we have given up as a nation. Prayer gone from schools can’t even say the pledge. Next you won’t be able to fly the American flag no freedom of speech no guns. If you dismiss this like the judges have than you have sided with the enemy and will stand for nothing.” -Mike Stapleton


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