Horse Slaughter “Farms” Busted in Florida – Can California PLEASE Be Next?

Say No to Horse Slaughter4

Excerpt from the article above:

An organization called Animal Recovery Mission issued a news release stating that the activity is a raid on three animal slaughter farms and horse meat operations.

ARM staff members said the owners of three farms: Rancho Garcia, G-A Paso Fino and Medina Farm have been slaughtering horses to sell their meat.

ARM’s president Richard Couto says the agency witnessed grisly acts of brutality against animals. “There are dead animals throughout the property. There’s meat throughout the property. There are sick animals. Possibly diseased animals.”

He says horses were being butchered for their meat.


Good job for the real rescues that care about horses being illegally traded, sold, and slaughtered in Florida – now what about doing something about the illegal horse slaughter activities still occurring in California where its been illegal for 17 years?!?

Now its time for the Attorney General’s office in California, where any and all horse slaughter dealings have been against the law and banned since November 3, 1998, to get their ass in gear and start investigating the THRIVING horse slaughter trade that has never stopped operating in their state since the inception of the ban.,_Prohibition_on_Slaughter_of_Horses_for_Human_Consumption_(1998)

The California AG’s office NEEDS to investigate every, single sale yard/auction that features horses that kill buyers are always at.

The AG’s office also needs to investigate all of the donation-funded horse “rescues” in California that have uttered and written the words “we outbid the kill buyer at the sale”, or “we were at the kill buyers place and ‘rescued’ a horse” – oh yeah, and they beg and plead for FREE MONEY DONATIONS FROM THE PUBLIC to do their “rescues” – seriously!?!?

These horse “rescues” actually deal with kill buyers at the kill buyers feedlot, and at the sales, many  have known one another for years (in many cases), and yet they don’t lift a finger to protest in front of the kill buyers feedlot/facility where they ship loads of horses in California to Mexico and/or Canada.

These faux “rescues” also don’t organize protests in front of the sale yards the kill buyers operate out of at each and every sale, they don’t take photos and videos of vehicles going in and out of the auction yard, etc.

What these so-called “rescues” DO IN FACT IS USE THE THREAT of horses going to slaughter, in a state where it has been illegal for 17 years, in order to pull-in that free donation and grant money they don’t have to account for, and that many of them LIVE OFF OF AND USE FOR THINGS UNRELATED TO HORSE RESCUE.



Perhaps they also don’t try and expose and file complaints to the AG’s office regarding kill buyers plying their trade in a state where its illegal because *some* of the horse rescues get rid of “useless eater” horses through those very same kill buyers they interact with and deal with illegally.

So if they protest and file complaints, or get undercover/covert videos and audio recordings (there are a lot of truly ingenious cameras, video and audio recorders available) the “rescue” sent the damaging information to the AG’s office exposing illegal activities by kill buyer’s and sale yards, hmmm, it could cause those kill buyers to “roll” on the “rescue” and EXPOSE those horse “rescues” that are nothing more than fronts for horse dealers and traders regarding THEIR illegal dealings with those one and the same kill buyers…… a bit of a conundrum, and could spell prosecution, heavy fines, and maybe even jail time too for all these crooks.

Some of these California horse rescues dealers also don’t realize that a lot of people know they’re illegally shipping horses out of the state to feedlots and kill buyers in other states where horse slaughter dealings are legal and the feedlot/kill buyer disposes a horse or horses that was supposed to be “rescued” using other peoples FREE DONATION MONEY they sent in good faith and trust to the horse rescue dealer/trader to dispose of them into the commercial horse slaughter pipeline.

Quite the racket if someone doesn’t have a conscience and is devoid of ethics, compassion, or empathy.

Actions speak louder9There are a few other methods of disposal for horses *some* of these horse “rescues” got for free using FREE donation-money they lied to and “guilted” gullible people into sending them that they then “sort” at their “rescue” facility and decide which are sellable and which have “issues” that render them un-sellable, and they can’t even give them away for free.

Here’s a few:

Dr Death11. Their unethical vet comes in after hours to “put down” Dr Death3healthy, or reasonably healthy horses for them that are horses that may have some physical and/or behavioral issues (remember, these “rescues” are supposed to be “rescuing” these horses on behalf of their donors that send them FREE money when they’re always/constantly begging for it to supposedly “rescue horses”) and they can’t be sold or even given away.
Make no mistake, these horses WANT TO LIVE, but they ended up at a “retail rescue” and horses that can’t or won’t “do” things for the “rescue”, or for other people, are not really “rescued” and allowed to live their lives peacefully, and they are instead killed or “disappeared”.
The problem with the vet-method-of-disposal of  killing “useless eater horses” is that it costs money the “rescue” doesn’t want to spend to do it.
Even if they get a discount or “at cost” for the vet killing the horse, they still have to dispose of the body, even if its hauled to the dead animal pit at the landfill.

Dr Death42. Some horse “rescues” haul “useless eater”, “unworthy of living” horses to carnivore sanctuaries where the horse is then shot and fed to the carnivores.
Not a bad methodology if the shooter is experienced and the horse is killed instantly.
However, rescues using this method of disposal for horses they literally begged people to send them FREE DONATION MONEY to “rescue”, but then they find out when they “sort” them (just like kill buyers do at feedlots) the horse has “issues” and they won’t be able to sell (calling it “adoption” ‘for a fee’), or get rid of them even for free to a nice person, so they dispose of them for free at a carnivore sanctuary is not only unethical and callous, its also considered NONPROFIT FRAUD, MISREPRESENTATION, AND CRUELTY TO ANIMALS – in other words, its  ILLEGAL.
And for the so-called carnivore “sanctuary” that takes in these horses with unknown histories of administration of drugs that could and are sometimes TOXIC and POISONOUS to the carnivores like tigers, lions, wolves, etc?

If these are donation-operated sanctuaries, they should have complaints filed against them for possible cruelty to animals and the reckless endangerment of lives UNLESS of course they can and will produce drug testing records for each and every horse they get for free, from the horse rescues, or even from personal property horse owners, showing the horse didn’t/doesn’t have bute, banamine, acepromazine, xylazine, or other possibly toxic drugs that could poison and kill their carnivores at their sanctuary.

Do Something2

Its because of unethical, scammer animal rescues that are far from NONPROFITS and are “retail rescues” that BEFORE anyone donates a penny to them, or supports any animal rescue, especially the ones that are CONSTANTLY ASKING FOR PEOPLE TO SEND THEM DONATIONS (because their primary players OFTEN don’t have jobs outside of animal rescue, they have made a career out of animal rescue, and they are literally PAID TO RESCUE), send them the 1 page short-form information page and questionnaire at the link below. If they ignore you, refuse to answer simple questions, or even harass and threaten you just because you’re asking simple questions that ethical, honest, and transparent primarily, or entirely donation-funded animal rescues can and will answer, DON’T DONATE TO THEM OR SUPPORT THEM.

You may also want to file a formal complaint with the AG’s office in the state the rescue is registered in and send them all of your correspondence with the rescue and see if the AG’s office can get answers to the simple questions for you.

Short Form Information Page and Questionnaire For Animal Rescues

Journalist1And if anyone knows a good, fact-checking investigative journalist in California, have them get some meat samples from some of the taco vendors carts in the costal towns and cities in Southern California.

Might be interesting to find out if its really just beef, chicken, or shrimp being used in the making of those tacos(?)

There’s been talk that some slaughter-bound horses never even make it out of California before they are slaughtered.

Unfortunately, most so-called “journalists” and “reporters” are too lazy and stupid to do any fact-checking, verifying, and researching and instead, they love doing those warm and fuzzy fluff pieces” about “animal rescues” that really aren’t “rescues” at all, and instead are your common, garden variety animal dealers and traders.

2 thoughts on “Horse Slaughter “Farms” Busted in Florida – Can California PLEASE Be Next?

  1. I know exactly what rescue you are referring to…I have made numerous complaints with the Attorney General, Ag, AC, etc and nothing ever happens.


    1. There are several horse rescues that have been identified as disposing of many horses in stealth after they’ve used them for everything they can. If the horse isn’t adoptable/sellable, ever and the donations have dried up on the useless eater horse, or if a horse has been offered for too long, these rescues “clear the shelves” of old merchandise and bring in “fresh merchandise” horses because that’s what the public wants, and that’s what animal dealers provide for the bored and jaded public – new merchandise, new drama, new crisis, and the pattern repeats over and over again like being on a treadmill.

      Visit the link below to the story regarding the NY AG’s office doing something about a “rescue” committing fraud.

      Print it, print several copies, talk to your friends, show them proof of what you’re saying is true (it needs to be factually true and/or show very strong contradictions and lies written by the “rescue” themselves works best to show what they themselves are doing, saying, writing and how they are manipulating the public), and then send in more complaints to the AG’s office, along with the article about the NY AG’s office doing something about donation-funded animal rescues committing fraud and other crimes in their state.
      Keep politely hounding the AG (they have a lot on their plate and think of horse rescue as a bunch of whacky women galloping around with bunches of drama. Some of the “rescuers” antics are absurd, ridiculous, and downright pathetic. However, more and more of their actions at *some* of the rescues are criminal, they are ripping off the public, they are killing innocent animals with no remorse, they are only “into” donation-funded “rescue” for their OWN profit and gain, and they need to be stopped so that real rescuers struggling along not doing show-boating and “crisis” rescuing don’t just give up and stop rescuing animals that need life-long homes somewhere safe because the crooks are emotionally manipulating the trusting public with their embellishments and lies, just as the real rescuers do the daily chores and actions of real rescuers) until they pay attention and realize that a lot of laws are being broken in their state, innocent horses that are supposed to be “rescued” on behalf of well-meaning but naïve donors are being killed and “disappeared”, some even to slaughter which is a felony in CA, and let the AG’s office know you’re going to send your info on the rescue you hopefully factually know are committing crimes and disposing of horses like they’re broken down garbage-furniture they just don’t want to feed and take care of like they’re supposed to.

      The prosecution of the woman in the story at the link below most likely didn’t occur because of complaints from just one person. Action also wasn’t probably taken right away either.
      But once the ball got rolling, she couldn’t cover-up her crimes, and she was finally taken down after millions of dollars were gained and spent by her on non-rescue related activities.

      So if you can factually prove and show crimes, or feel a rescue needs to be looked at, engage more people that you can show factual information to and keep filing complaints, send factual information to the media, and eventually, you will be heard.


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