Where’s All the Help for These Horses NOW?!?


So where’s the help for these horses at the story at the link above by “outraged rescuers” on social media that are such ardent keyboard warriors BUT NOW, when these horses lives are on the line, they’re no where to be seen?

This is the reality folks: “someone” ramps up an attack on someone with animals that often is real sketchy and thin on facts, the attackers (because these people rarely work alone and there is something in it for them like building a following, a position working for someone, making money off the attack, etc) look like the “hero” for “exposing something” that the social media public doesn’t get the full story on.
Then the person that started the whole thing is no where to be found, or reappears later as “such a great person” even though animals die because of them.

Where are ALL the outraged people with opinions NOW opening your wallets and working EVERYDAY to guarantee that none of these horses go to an auction and on to slaughter?

That’s right, MOST of you went back to your own lives as people like you always do, but only after taking pot shots at the sanctuary’s operator and writing some really nasty, ignorant things.
Thats because its EASY to write shit on the Internet, but beyond your capabilites or inclination to really DO anything to actually HELP the situation instead of making it worse for the horses.

As it turns out, ignorant people like you are so small-minded that you really couldn’t care less what happens to the innocent horses.
Many of you will actually say really dismissive, de-valuating things like “the horses are in a better place” when the FACT is they are DEAD and that is not “a better place” when the horse (or any animal or person) REALLY WANTED TO LIVE.
YOU say things like that out of guilt for jumping in the fray in a situation you probably didn’t know much about, and now horses shipped to slaughter,

or were killed because people don’t want to deal with wild and/or un-useable horses (or dogs, or many other species of animals).

YOU decided to join the fray ON THE INTERNET WITHOUT KNOWING THE FACTS and now innocent horses may, and probably WILL, DIE by one means or another.

These horses should be roaming with their family and friends even when the view isn’t absolutely picture perfect and “nice enough” to please your ideals of what rescue should be always be.

That however is no longer an option unless you big mouths that went on the attack instead start raising some money to really save ALL the horses and allow them to stay at their home where most of them have resided for years.

MONEY will also allow more time to find adoptable horses an appropriate home instead of shuttling horses off with who knows who that may just want to USE the horses to raise donations, and will then dispose of the un-useable ones when the donation money peters out to nothing.

Sad is the fact that YOU will one day probably have “issues” that render you a “burden”, not useful, maybe not looking so swell.
By your current reasoning on attacking people that care for old animals, animals with issues, etc, your family members that are doing the best they can taking care of you could find themselves under scrutiny for “elder or disabled person” abuse if someone targets you for “exposure” for whatever reasons they have.
YOU, most likely against your will, will then be stuffed away into a crappy county home with a “guardian” assigned to your case and in charge of your life, away from your family.
YOU will now be with people that will keep you alive long enough to steal any assets you have, and once the assets are gone, then they’ll just want you to hurry up and die so more displaced “people with issues” can be brought in, and so the big disposal machine grinds on and on.

It may not be too late to actually help, so if YOU really want to HELP, here’s what you can and SHOULD do:

*instead of Christmas shopping for material things your family or friends probably won’t use at all, donate that money for these horses upkeep.

*Then tell your family and friends that you don’t want Christmas gifts and instead collect the money and send it for the good of these horses.

You see, YOU can still do something to help, IF YOU really want to help that is.

This wreck can still be stopped if YOU will simply DO SOMETHING other than jumping on the MOB BANDWAGON that is often operated by jealous people wanting to see others fail, while not really caring even a little bit about the animals trapped in the middle of warring human nature that is often ugly to behold.

A bunch of do-nothing hypocrites is what many people are, and the blood from these horses will be on their hands for having big mouths, mean-spirits, and no intentions regarding helping these horses at all.

That is, UNTIL you do something to really HELP these horses — the choice is still yours.

3 thoughts on “Where’s All the Help for These Horses NOW?!?

  1. Sadly, yeah, there are those people! But many of us have been donating to ISPMB for years plus other rescues or sanctuaries. Take an honest look at the “pastures” in the pictures – look at the feet on those horses – takes longer than a few weeks for them to get that bad. I realize, too, that it sure is easy to be on the outside & “comment”. But take a minute & read about the rescues/volunteers/adopters ON THE GROUND there who are attempting to save as many of those animals as they can. Those people are working their butts off & putting themselves in danger while doing it – trying to sort & load horses that have had minimal handling and are scared to death. The horses that are not adopted are going to end up going to auction – and we both know how that ends.
    I send what I can to several rescues – one of which is in SD now! Many of the people who comment on RT”s site are regulars – concerned people who CARE and try to help.


    1. Hi Maggie, sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, but I work long hours to support our animals.

      My point with this blog post is that once the horses get into the system, what we see happening now where horses are in danger of shipping to HORRIFIC slaughter, could have all been avoided if people would just BE NICE, not take pot shots at people because of some photos on the internet where no facts, history on the animals are provided and reactiveness and flat out hysteria takes over.
      Some people also choose to use situations like this as an opportunity to settle old scores, help someone else out that has an agenda, etc.

      And some people choose to be self righteous when the fact is that MOST people will never in their lifetimes have to deal with even one really wild horse, let alone hundreds.

      Which do you think the horses would prefer; being together in herd groups living their lives out where some may have issues of old age, other conditions, their hooves may need to be done, and some may just lie down and die on their own, or with a well placed bullet?
      Or would they rather be terrified out of their minds, loaded in a trailer, run through a tiny sale ring at some low end auction yard, seperated from their families and friends, scared-up into another trailer and off they go to meet their fate in a kill box?

      I KNOW they would prefer the former.

      I also know that sometimes people get over-whelmed, they perhaps aren’t managing their donations as well as they could, but in the case of this sanctuary, it sure doesn’t sound like Karen is living the highlife and she also works for a living too even though she is much older.

      I also know that the rescue industry turns into a rescue racket sometimes, with people jockeying for position and literally making a career and fine living off of rescue.
      I’ve been watching that happen for years, and I see it starting now with some “rescues” that don’t even have a place for a few horses, let alone hundreds, are screaming for donations.
      Sure, they may get all the horses rescued from being bought by kill buyers on this round. However, AFTER the furor and crisis/circus side show excitement is done, some people are going to find themselves with horses they can’t possibly take care of and handle and/or they’ll realize they have a horse, or horses, they’re going to have to support, but they’ll never be able to use the horses for anything because they are confirmed wild horses that will never be trainable as safe riding or driving horses.
      What happens next is betrayal when people seek to unload horses they can’t, or don’t want to deal with, and the unfortunate reality is that many of these wild horses people sent money to other people to rescue end up being “back-doored” to slaughter anyway, but no one’s the wiser because people have returned to their lives, happy in the knowledge that all the horses were kept from slaughter, but for how long.

      This all could have been avoided, and it wouldn’t have been showing approval of what Karen did, or didn’t do for some of these horses, if people were truly and 100% FOR THE HORSES and weren’t demonstrating the negative side of human nature where the animals are always the losers because people won’t behave themselves and stop being gossip- and drama-mongers.

      One other point after watching how this is going down is that people that may have been interested in rescuing and providing sanctuary for unadoptable horses with physical and/or behavioral issues are NO WAY willing to take the chance of being attacked relentlessly on social media.

      What MANY people don’t realize is that “rescue raids” perpetrated on animal owners by taxpayer-funded government agencies working in concert with donation-funded animal rescues are occurring in epidemic proportions across the US. “Crisis rescuing”, as opposed to the everyday, mundane, daily rescue of animals, is a HUGE money maker for donation-funded animal rescues (often called “retail rescues”) that know the public just loves the excitement of a “crisis” with deadlines and “we need your help now”.
      These types of rescues are wallet-openers that the everyday rescue where animals are already safe, are not.

      Curious is that some/many of those same rescues DO LITTLE, OR NOTHING TO HELP until it gets to the crisis point. The reason? Because donations sent to their rescues paypal account, to go fund me, sent via bank wire transfers cannot have every penny of donation money accounted for where aND what its being spent on. I’ve seen some rescues take in hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations to rescue horses, but then large numbers of “rescued horses” are missing, many of them are in humanely killed with nary a vet report to be found, and so is the money sent to rescue them.
      That is why it’s called the “rescue racket”; because in some/many cases it is, and animals go missing after they’re supposed to be safe, but no one’s the wiser and most people in the public want the “happy ending” and don’t really want to know what happened to the animal after they’re rescued.

      It’s too late now for these horses to be “rescued in place” because once government agencies were/are involved, they want to be repaid.
      Hopefully many, or all of the horses will escape going to slaughter on this round.
      But for some, perhaps many horses, once the excitement is over and people that ended up with confirmed wild horses realize what they have and that the horse is not adoptable, that’s where the rubber meets the road and as happens EVERY TIME these rescues of large numbers of wild horses takes place, some, or many, are going to be shipped anyway.

      Better to have worked together to find solutions with cooler heads prevailing, but I can guarantee, after watching this major trashing of someone who may, or may not, have gotten in over their head, the repercussions of people not wanting to provide sanctuary to wild, geriatric, chronic and/or terminal issues horses will be far reaching.


      1. One thing I’d like to make clear as a follow-up to my comment; I’m not speaking about the rescues that have been stepping up to the plate and already adopting horses from Karen as rescues that are taking advantage of a crisis in order to raise a lot of money in unaccounted for donations.
        As far as I can tell, they’ve been involved trying to help the situation for over a month now, theyve been helping to lighten the load, and they are sending money for feed and/or adopting some horses to keep them from 11th hour rescuing.
        I also haven’t seen them putting out frantic calls for money because it’s now coming down to the wire.

        It would have been nice if everyone would have put aside their differences and put the wellbeing of the horses first so that the government wasnt involved and needs to be reimbursed, deadlines are coming up, and horses that for a lot of them should have been helped out right where they are with their family and friends are facing possible slaughter.


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