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Revealing the dirty and sordid under-belly of donation-funded animal rescues has become a necessity.

Donation-funded “Retail-Welfare Rescues” are springing up all over the country in record numbers. They are often founded by people who do not have jobs, they are often collecting unemployment and/or disability payments, food stamps, and other government funded programs, they often are struggling along doing work “under the table” (committing fraud basically), etc, when they suddenly have their “ah ha” moment and realize that with Facebook and other social media available to them “real time” now where they do not have to speak with people face-to-face, they don’t have to speak on the phone, they can send PM’s, emails, and texts instead, or better yet, they have “admins” to write stuff that could present a problem later on in terms of it demonstrating illegal dealings, but the “founder” of the rescue is “off the hook” because they can simply say “I didn’t write that”, they can collect thousands upon thousands in donations by ramping up “crisis rescues” that the bored, nose to the grindstone public eats up because of the excitement and drama, and also that they truly believe they are “saving animals lives”, which they are if it is an above-board, real rescue, and not a den of thieves posing as animal rescuers.

Unfortunately, the scammers in “donation-funded (free money) retail-welfare rescue” count on the publics short attention-spans and even shorter memories, so many “rescued” animals actually are killed and “disappeared” and the donation money sent for their care is pocketed by the fraudsters in donation-funded rescue.

People that have been personally burned by donation-funded rescues that are often animal traders and dealers, are working with others that have been burned, and also concerned and suspicious animal lovers, in order to force ACCOUNTABILITY and FULL DISCLOSURE by donation-funded rescues.

This has become a necessity in order to separate the real, true, and honest donation-funded rescues willing to answer any and all questions from the public, law enforcement, the media, etc that can be fact-checked and verified as TRUE, HONEST, and CORRECT, from those “rescues that aren’t” that are simply swindlers and “opportunists” taking advantage of the opportunity that exists in animal rescue to get entirely FREE money from animal lovers all over the country, and also the world through social media “real time” sites. They also engage in the collection of money into accounts on various online sites such as PayPal, ChipIn, etc that can be set up quickly and easily, and can disappear just as quickly with peoples money too.

A little hint for everyone, when public donation-funded animal rescues are unwilling to publically post the physical address of their rescue facility, that should be a huge RED FLAG to the public who supports them.

Not posting that address raises huge suspicions that all is not transparent in rescue-land with a rescue who is always asking for money from the public, but does not want the public to know where they are and perhaps park themselves on a public road and watch the comings-and-goings at the public donation-funded rescue. That should be an innocent thing someone could do, and is not a problem with donation-funded rescues with nothing to hide.

However, when donation-funded public animal rescues who used to have an “open door policy” suddenly won’t post the physical location of their facility that free donation money bought them because they are making enemies because of their shenanigans, these are the rescues that are targeted-for-scrutiny that have a lot to hide. They are going to be exposed and reported to the appropriate authorities.

And unlike their naïve cult-followers, most people have never signed one of these fake rescues stringent Confidentiality Agreements they make all visitors to their property sign.

And since more and more people are becoming educated in the scams being run in publicly-donation-funded-animal-rescue, and they ONLY deal in information that they have factual, documented proof is true, the exposure, questions, and investigations are accelerating.

Many victims of these animal dealers posing as rescues, and also the animal controls and other agencies they sometimes “partner” with, are working on books regarding the modern day “rescue racket”, but because the scammers in “donation-funded retail-welfare animal rescue” come up with more new and interesting swindles, and ways to fleece the public, most of the victims that have now gone on the offense in various ways are continuing to add pages to their sordid tales.

That’s what the quest for $$$, power, control, and ACCOLADES does to some people; the seedier side of human nature comes out, and while rackets are run every day, and have been happening for centuries, this one involves innocent animals.

More and more people that are becoming educated and wise to the scams will NEVER walk away from exposing the scammers in animal rescue, that are often sociopaths and narcissists whose bottom line is what they can get, who they can destroy, how many people they can fool, and not get caught for being the common criminals they are who don’t give a second thought about the lives of ALL animals, and not just the ones they can use to make money and glean glory and accolades from, and then kill them too if the animal loses its value, or is “broken” and can’t be “used” for anything anymore.


10 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. There is also a certain “rescue” in the Los Angeles Calif. area who is taking many animals from humane societies and selling them on Craigslist. So they are not only getting money from the public to rescue these animals and supposedly adopt them out to people, but instead are making more money be selling them.


    1. Please see our newest blog regarding a questionnaire that can and should be sent to any and all donation-funded animal rescues as a first step toward voluntary accountability, full disclosure to the public, and also transparency.

      Most animal rescues in our estimation will ignore the questionnaire if it is sent to them. However, it is a starting point to show the sender was trying to get answers. If no answers are forthcoming and the sender does in fact file a complaint with the AG’s office, it will show that since answers were not offered by the donation-funded rescue when posed, the AG’s office needs to get the answers on behalf of the donating public.


      1. How can one contact you? I’d like to send you some info, but I don’t want to tip off any lurkers.

        Great job BTW. You have a clear and engaging writing style and a knack for hitting the nail on the head.


      2. You can save each page to a file in your computer and then send out the 6 pages to a rescue you are thinking of supporting, following, or donating to.
        We usually just attach it to an email or PM with a note saying we are considering donating to them but need some information from them we can verify for accuracy.
        All they need to do is print it, fill it out completely, scan it, and send it back to you. And if you would like to, if a rescue does fill it out and sends it back to you, you can send it to us, we will verify the information and if everything they write and answered checks-out, we will feature them in a blog post as an honest, verifiable rescue. Here’s the link to where the questionnaire is located:


        If you are sending it to a rescue, then you’d send them page 2 for their general information, and pages 6-10 with the questions.
        For a humane society, page 3 for general information about them, and then pages 6-10 with questions.
        Page 3 for an SPCA, and page 4 is for animal controls that “partner” with those other donation-funded orgs like when they do seizures and things like that.

        So far, we’ve sent out 10 questionnaires to various donation-funded animal rescues around the country, and not 1 of them has filled it out and returned it.
        A few have wanted to “call us”, and we answer “why, just fill out the easy questionnaire, and if everything checks out and can be verified, then we will donate to you”. No more correspondence after that, so it looks suspicious when people won’t answer questions when they are getting free money from the public.

        What should be an easy questionnaire for donation-funded organizations to fill out that are honest is turning out to be not so easy. But as honest rescues do begin responding and filling it out, and if we can verify their information and have it in writing they are happy to let people know where all the animals they have rescued using donation money are, we will feature them here so they can hopefully gain more support as honest, ethical, animal lovers who love all animals, not just the ones they can get donations from and/or sell for a profit.


    1. The questionnaire asks for them to post any and all vet reports and bills for all horses they write are examined by a vet. It asks for the actual receipt of payment for buying the auction horse to be publically posted. It asks for lists of all of the horses, or other animals, a rescue has or is rescuing of WHERE they are 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year after they rescued them.
      These questions are necessary because far too many of the animals that these donation-funded animal rescues “rescue”, buy, take-in, or “whatever” using kind but naïve donors money are killed in various ways, they are “disappeared” who the hell knows where never to be seen again, people are told they “are in a good home” but the “rescue” won’t say with ‘who’ and ‘where’ that “good home” is, etc.

      And if these simple questions are politely asked by the sending of a questionnaire to a public donation-funded animal rescue that asks the public for money all the time, then they must be turned into their states AG’s office so that law enforcement and government agencies can investigate and get the answers that the rescue REFUSES to answer.


    2. You’re absolutely right Louise, so please just keep sharing the Accountability and Full Disclosure Questionnaire anywhere you can think of, and as more and more of these retail rescues refuse to answer questions on a form that any legitimate primarily donation-funded, usually also adoption-based rescues will/would be pleased to fill out, then proving to lawmakers that it is a necessity and needs to be required will be much, much easier.



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