Seizures of Senior Citizens With Assets Comparable to Seizure of Peoples Animals

Excerpt from the link above:

You may think a probate court like the one in our nation’s capitol functions to preserve and protect the financial assets of dependent and defenseless senior citizens.  Think again!

What it mostly does is steal their money and discard the disposable human remains behind the imprimatur of government sanction, leaving only poverty, betrayal and emotional devastation in its wake.

At the link above is a blog post that outlines how seniors and also those with disabilities that have assets are literally kidnapped away from their families by a corrupt legal system of court appointed “guardians”, judges, attorney’s in a legal system that is tilted against families that cannot afford legal representation in order to fight to get their beloved family members from the ugly grasp of the court appointed “guardians” and judges.

Corruption in rescue3

Sounds similar in many ways to when the dishonest opportunist animal dealers, animal flippers, and animal traffickers that are posing as donation-funded “rescues” use their stupid and gullible followers free donation money they ask for and receive to run seizure scams on innocent-of-any-wrong-doing animal owners.

These grifters research their potential victims first to try and make sure their targets-for-attack can’t afford attorney’s to step in right away and defend them against the false accusations and lies aimed at them, they file anonymous complaints of varying kinds to animal controls and tell the animal controls “we’re here to “help” you with the seizure and upkeep, rehab, maintenance, and placement of seized animals”, and then animal control in collusion and corruption with these faux DONATION-FUNDED rescues attack innocent animal owners under color of law and seize all of the animals whether they have issues or not and literally give them for free to donation-funded retail rescues that collet donations on them, charge excessive “impound fees” on them as ransom that most owners cannot afford to pay, and then they SELL the animals that are good for adoptions-for-a-fee and kill and disappear the animals that can’t be adopted out rather than feed and maintain animals that can’t do anything for anyway even though the animals don’t wish to die.

Corruption in rescue1

This is known as “the rescue racket” and if you think you are safe from this travesty, think again because it is happening in epidemic proportions around the world because corrupt employees at animal controls are in “partnership”/collusion with corrupt donation-funded animal rescues, with some of those animal control officers being paid kickbacks and receiving other gifts from the “rescue” when they over-step and use their authority to seize animals, whether animals need to be seized or not.

Then the politicians in the counties or cities where this is occurring get in on the act and actually persecute and prosecute animal owners based on privatized animal rescues say-so, whether animals are being abused and neglected or not, so that the politicians can look like they’re “doing something” to protect animals even though in many instances they are actually HELPING ANIMAL RESCUES COMMIT FRAUD, MISREPRESENTATION, DEFAMATION, AND MISAPPROPRIATION OF FUNDS, THEFT OF PERSONAL PROPERTY, HARRASSMENT, INCITING RIOTS BY RAMPING UP MOBS TO ATTACK ANIMAL OWNERS AND ALSO STALKING.

Without the mobs they ramp up and the cooperation of TAXPAYER FUNDED ANIMAL CONTROLS AND OTHER GOVERNMENT AGENCIES, the low-down animal dealers posing as animal rescues would not be able to do seizure scams because they need “the noise and numbers (of people) to get the job done.

Corruption in rescue2

Fortunately, as more and more animal owners are becoming members of The Cavalry Group ( which sends in defense lawyers to defend animal owners under siege by scam-artists in animal rescue that are more often than not “partnering” with corrupt individuals employed at TAXPAYER-FUNDED animal controls, more people are able to not only get their animals back, they are also getting legal support in order to go on the offense and file civil lawsuits against their attackers.

asking questions5

In order to weed-out and expose corrupt and fraudulent animal rescues, it behooves the public sector to ask questions and expect answers BEFORE SUPPORTING OR DONATING TO ANY RESCUE.

Send the 1-page information sheet and questionnaire at the link below before you support and donate to rescues and then based on their answers to simple questions you will be able to decide if you wish to support them or not (don’t be surprised if they ignore the questionnaire – at least you’ll have your answer of whether to support the rescue or not because why would anyone in their right minds support a rescue that won’t answer simple questions and instead DISRESPECTS YOU BY IGNORING YOU ENTIRELY?)

Short Form Information Page and Questionnaire For Animal Rescues


Catching Embezllers and Fraudsters at Non-Profit Animal Rescues


Noun 1. embezzlersomeone who violates a trust by taking (money) for his own use

beguiler, cheater, deceiver, trickster, slicker, cheatsomeone who leads you to believe something that is nottrue
stealer, thief – a criminal who takes property belonging to someone else with the intention of keeping it or selling it

The woman at the link below is just one example of an embezzler at a humane society that was “cooking the books”:

An excerpt from the link:

A former employee of the Conway Area Humane Society is facing multiple felony and misdemeanor charges for allegedly stealing nearly $10,000 from the animal shelter over the course of several months.

If not for her relocating and getting another job and the humane society she was employed with having to train someone else for her position, chances are more money would have disappeared into her bank account or pocketbook.


Unfortunately, embezzlement occurs everyday at what are supposed to be nonprofit animal rescues because there is a VAST LACK OF OVERSIGHT BY THE GOVERNMENT AGENCIES VESTED WITH MONITORING NONPROFIT ANIMAL RESCUES AND ADVOCACY ORGANIZATIONS.

The obvious way we know this is happening is because when people in the public sector ask animal rescues the most simple of questions, answers are RARELY FORTHCOMING.

These questions include:

  • Will the rescue show their financials when they run a “designated fundraiser” (asking for donations for specific things) so that people can see exactly what money is coming in and what its being spent on.
  • When asking for donations to cover veterinarian expenses on certain animals, will the rescue publicly post the vet reports and bills.
  • If animals are euthanized and donations are used for the euthanasia and the disposal of the animals body, will the rescue publicly post vet reports, euthanasia reports, and also disposal bills.
  • If donations are asked for to sponsor an animal at the rescue or in foster care, will the rescue publicly post those itemized bills and who the money is going to.
  • If an animal rescue “partners” with a government agency doing a seizure of animals and asks for donations for the expenses associated with the seizure, will they post all of the bills related to that seizure.
  • Will they post how many animals were seized.
  • Will they post how many animals are seen by a veterinarian.
  • Will they post how many animals were euthanized.
  • Will they post when and how many animals were adopted-out and also post their adoption fees.

There are a lot more questions people have than just the ones listed above, but no matter what the questions are, an animal rescue that is TRULY. TRANSPARENT. THAT. IS. TRULY. ETHICAL. and also who are TRULY. NONPROFIT. and aren’t just animal dealers and traffickers posing as a NONPROFIT. ANIMAL. RESCUE. will be PLEASED. and HAPPY. to answer those questions along with any other questions folks in the public sector have.

The public shouldn’t have to hound animal rescues to answer questions and post vet reports when they are saying their vets are examining animals using YOUR donated money.

The animal rescues, if they are on the up-and-up, should be wanting to show how truly transparent they are if they really are honest.


In fact, many animal rescues that are PRIMARILY, OR ENTIRELY DONATION-FUNDED AND ALSO ADOPTION-BASED become downright combative when mere mortals in the public have the audacity to ask them questions, and some people are actually attacked publicly by those rescues enabler, groupie, True Believer followers that don’t appear to have a brain in their heads and asking questions is taboo and the equivalent of “being mean” (boo-hoo) in their feeble sheeple minds.

Retail rescues basically want everything their own way;

they want to be able to ask for and receive free money donations from the public so they can “showboat” and receive praise about what “sacrifices they make in order to rescue animals” (remember, they usually don’t have jobs outside of rescue because gullible people pay for them to have “rescue as their job”),

they want to be paid to rescue,

they want to look like the great rescuers and have all that free money flowing in that keeps their own personal ego-pumping thrill ride screaming along……..

but on the flip side of the coin is that they don’t want anyone to question them about where that free money they receive is being spent,


they don’t want anyone questioning their decisions or giving recommendations,

and they just don’t want to be held accountable for anything to anyone –

Sounds like a great job and a great lifestyle if someone is able to put aside their ethics, their honesty, their consciences, and their compassion and empathy for anyone or anything else and only have their focus on “me, me, me, and only me and my desires and wishes”.

Pathological Liar5


Unfortunately, even when some people do ask questions, they soon get worn down by the narcissists and sociopaths in animal rescue side-stepping, diverting attention to other things, painting themselves as the “poor victims of mean people asking them questions”, throwing up roadblocks regarding answering questions that could be fact-checked and verified as true or false about their backgrounds, etc.

Add to that when people that ask simple questions are attacked, stalked and harassed by the retail rescues sheeple followers that aren’t smart enough to ask questions, even the most tenacious usually walk-away and get on with their lives and consider animal rescue a foray into some weird dimension where animals are bartered, sold, killed, and disappeared (and the elephant in the room of “where are all those animals ending up” hides in plain sight) and the cogs in the rescue-machine just keep on turning.

If not for the lives of animals that are at the retail rescues mercy, that really would be a sensible and sanity-saving solution – just.walk.away.

However, when people walk away, they are walking away from innocent animals that didn’t ask to be used as pawns in some scam-artists money making scheme and tragically, many animals that were supposed to be “rescued” using nice peoples money are instead killed or disappeared when their “use and purpose” for the retail rescue is done.


Going forward, if true animal lovers would just take the few minutes it takes to send the 1 page questionnaire at the link below to any animal rescue you are thinking of supporting and sending donations too, or are somewhat suspicious of because they’re always asking for money from the public but don’t seem to adopt out a lot of animals, don’t tell people when they’re euthanizing animals, but then continue to ask for more and more money to “rescue” more and more animals, you really will be a true animal lover for caring enough to ask simple questions and expect answers so you can determine if the animal rescue you are thinking of supporting really is a rescue, or are they low-down animal dealers posing as an animal rescue that are using animals and gullible people to make a very tidy living.

Short Form Information Page and Questionnaire For Animal Rescues


Real Rescue OR “Retail Rescue”?? YOU DECIDE

Exploring Mind1
The link and quote below are Shared from a Facebook page:
“These puppies are for sale at $1,850.00 from a “rescue”. Their moms were purchased with donated money at a dog auction! But they are “rescued”. Same dogs that are sold in the pet stores, for the same price, what is the difference?”
People on that Facebook page where these puppies were posted for “adoption” are just trying to understand and are also trying to get to the core of why dogs bought at a dog auction by a “rescue” USING donation money (not their own money) and then selling them for exorbitant adoption fees is any different then selling them retail besides that retail sales REQUIRE that buyers have to pay sales tax.

Another question is “are there not dogs languishing at animal controls that are on kill lists, and also dogs being given away for free to “whomever” on Craigslist and other freebie classified sites that may end up being used for “bait dogs” for training fighting dogs, or perhaps “bundled” and sold to labs for experiments”?

Sure, they’re probably not going to be cute little puppies of purebred breeds when they are “pulled” from animal control or off of Craigslist, so they won’t bring in the high “adoption” fees, but aren’t rescues supposed to rescue animals in dire straits that may be facing a horrible death?

Its for this reason that more and more rescues are being scrutinized in order to figure out if they are what are known as “retail rescues” – because many, many animal dealers have gotten into “rescue” whereby they can tug at gullible peoples heartstrings and beg for donations to supposedly “rescue” animals when the FACT is that they are NOT really rescuing in many cases and are doing what is called “double dipping” and getting other people to buy animals for them with no expense to them, they then “sort” the animals other peoples money bought, and then they SELL the animals calling it “adoption” that don’t have issues bad enough to keep them from being sold, and then the “broken merchandise” animals that have issues are discarded in various ways.

Short Attention Span2


This is considered FRAUD, MISREPRESENTATION, AND A HOST OF OTHER CRIMES, but unless or until THE PUBLIC (because of the vast lack of oversight in donation-funded animal rescue making it a free-for-all for scam artists) takes the bull by the horns and starts filing complaints TO AG’S OFFICES, THE IRS AND THE DEPARTMENT OF AG, these grifters will continue to USE ANIMALS AS PAWNS and defraud the public and also KILL ANIMALS THAT AREN’T GOOD FOR ANYTHING BECAUSE THEY HAVE “ISSUES” AND BECAUSE “RETAIL RESCUES” ARE NOT IN THE BUSINESS OF FEEDING USELESS ANIMALS.

Non-Profit Fraud21

Going forward, BEFORE you support and/or donate to an animal rescue, and rather then be trusting and gullible regarding who you’re sending your hard earned money to, send the animal rescue the 1 page short-form questionnaire at the link below and see if they will fill it out and return it to you so that you will have a broader understanding of how an animal rescue you are thinking of supporting operates with answers to questions coming from the actual rescue.

Better for you and the animals you are trying to help with your support and donation dollars to ask questions and verify information by asking the ACTUAL RESCUE for the information and not just going on hearsay then to hear after the fact that an animal rescue you trusted with no questions asked turns out to be a retail rescue that flips animals for a living and perhaps discards useless animals in the most callous of ways.

The Publics Short Attention Span Allows “Convenience Killing” to Happen at Donation-Funded Animal Rescues

Convinience Killing5

“Easier dead then fed” is an unspoken motto at some/many animal controls all over the  country as illustrated at the blog post at the link below:

A excerpt from the blog:

Boulder City Animal Control Officer Ann Inabnitt told police that Frazier, her supervisor, didn’t want to provide medical care to Lotus, an abused 11-week-old pit bull suffering from shattered teeth, a swollen head and a broken left hip. Frazier’s reason, her co-worker told police, was “we don’t spend money on pit bulls and because I’m just going to stick her anyway,” according to the detective’s affidavit to support an arrest warrant. […] Frazier refused to put the pit bull on the veterinarian-recommended diet of soft food, records show.

The police investigation reportedly found that Frazier had personally killed approximately half the animals who were impounded by Boulder City AC since being promoted to supervisor in 2006.  She instructed staff not to advertise animals for adoption online.  The Boulder City pound was never at capacity and animals were killed while cages sat empty.

Nobody Cares4

People may be apathetic and say “that’s just what animal controls do and what they have always done” and although that may be true at some animal controls where the apathy and de-sensitizing to killing animals is running rampant, more and more animal controls are in fact trying to do things differently, the taxpaying public is following through caring about what is happening at animal controls that their taxpayer money finances and they are expressing they don’t want to be a part of their money being spent killing healthy animals.


Now we turn to the “dirty little secret” in donation-funded animal rescue:

exactly what is a donation-funded animal rescue to do when the primary players at the rescue don’t have jobs outside of rescue to support their rescue efforts and have made “rescue their career”, they keep getting in more and more animals from various places including on seizures and “rescue raids” in “partnership/collusion with animal controls  (they sometimes/often “troll” neighborhoods for victims and/or have their cult-member True Believer followers do it for them and call in complaints on animal owners), at sales and auctions, etc, they take the animals home that emergency/crisis rescue fundraising donation dollars paid for rescuing and are also supposed to pay for vet care, maintenance, etc, they “sort” the “new merchandise” animals, decide which ones can be sold on “adoptions-for-a-fee” aka SELLING, and for the ones that don’t “make the cut” as adoptable so-to-speak because of physical and/or behavioral/training issues, every penny of sympathy/pity donation money is squeezed out of them and they are then either euthanized or disappeared into the realm of broken merchandise animals.

No one will ever say that all rescued animals are going to go on to live wonderful lives after they are rescued.

Sometimes they DO in fact have physical/medical issues that can’t be repaired and are truly causing extreme pain and suffering whereby the animal doesn’t want to live and needs help passing on due to the lack of any quality of life whether having received palliative care for an on-going chronic or terminal issue, or it is an acute condition that cannot be helped.

However, in those cases, it should be EASY for the primarily, or entirely donation-funded rescue to provide the actual veterinarian reports that donation-dollars are being asked for and received to take care of that animal on designated fundraisers and people can read those veterinarian reports and euthanasia reports written by a LICENSED VETERINARIAN and determine if reasonable measures were taken AND if in the opinion of the attending veterinarian the animal truly was suffering and couldn’t live a decent life even though they couldn’t be used for anything.

Red flags fly when DONATION-FUNDED animal rescues ask for and receive crisis designated donations for animals to have them under vet care, maintain them, etc, but then the public is told the rescue “had to put them down” and they post long drawn out flowery heartstring-tugging and sympathy evoking posts of “why” they had to put the animal down but they REFUSE TO POST ANY VET and/or EUTHANASIA REPORTS.


Doesn’t their vet know how to write reports that can be posted for the public to see?

Or is what the primary players at the “rescue” are SAYING is “wrong with the animal” really isn’t the case, they are exaggerating and embellishing (as narcissists are known to do A LOT!) and the animal could live a comfortable life even if they can’t be used for anything?

Even vets that are “partnering” and/or in collusion with animal dealers posing as animal rescues draw the line somewhere and won’t write false info that could and would be scrutinized if it were posted publicly because they may in fact be jeopardizing their licenses if they are caught helping a retail rescue commit nonprofit fraud against the public if they are constantly making things up and saying an animal MUST be euthanized because there is no hope for even a reasonable quality of life even if the animal can’t “do” anything for anyone other than just live their lives in whatever phase of life they’re in.

Then there are also the animals that a donation-funded “rescue” rescues that people may hear something about for a week, a few weeks, or maybe even a month.

But then its as if the rescued animal vanished off the face of the earth and are never heard about again.

Some people may pester the rescue for a while asking about certain animals, but when enough excuses are made, the rescue may get aggressive with the questioner expressing concern for the animal that they also may in fact have donated to the animals rescue, they are blocked, etc, MOST people unfortunately simply walk away and its as if the animal never existed at all.


People may ask “why” primarily, or entirely donation-funded rescues don’t let people know about all the animals they rescue, even when the animals may have been euthanized.

Here’s one HUGE reason they aren’t “transparent” with the public:

because some donation-funded rescues are what are called “retail rescues” and they “are not in the business” of providing sanctuary or hospice care for animals that can’t be sold, or even given away for free for that matter, they “convenience kill” just like lazy, insensitive, sociopathic people at animal controls do because they simply don’t have a use for that animal and they often have things they want to spend designated donations they took in on their own personal animals, themselves, their kids, etc.

Their shoddy, despicable business model is based on volume turnover of animals that are considered merchandise.

So when they get in new animals “rescued” using other peoples donation money they are constantly asking for, as explained before, they”sort” animals, determine which can be adopted out relatively soon because they aren’t in bad shape, continue to collect “sympathy/pity” donations on those that are in less than optimum condition that may or may not be candidates for selling once fixed-up, and the ones that can be fixed-up are, and those that perhaps have chronic physical conditions that will render them unsellable are killed or disappeared when their donation-value dries up.

For the animals that may look good but also *may* have some training/behavioral issues observed and the rescue either doesn’t have the skills to work with the animal from a behavioral/training standpoint, or its just too much work when they have other animals that are far easier to sell, they deem the animal “dangerous” (in other words, what happens a lot is that the people at the rescue can’t train their way out of a paper bag and rather than someone else getting the animal that may in fact be easy to train and would make the retail rescue look bad, they label them “bad” and its a done deal) and rather than try to secure a home at a sanctuary or with people that take in those types of animals, they kill or disappear them.

By just keeping some simple counts, many of these DONATION-FUNDED retail rescues should have 100’s of animals at their facility, in foster care, out for training, etc.

The problem is that they DON’T.

All one has to do is keep track of how many “they say” they are rescuing, keep track of how many they are euthanizing, keep track of how many they say are in foster care, how many they are adopting out, and a rough estimate can be arrived at.

But because of the VAST LACK OF OVERSIGHT IN DONATION-FUNDED ANIMAL RESCUE, rescues are not required to answer questions from mere mortals in the public sector.

Then there is the other problem of a public that is apathetic, they love to get caught up in dramatic rescuing and in the social aspects of being a follower of a chatty, cutesy rescue that praises them for their support, but these people can’t be bothered to really care about all of the animals and refuse to make sure regarding what is happening to all of the animals a donation-funded animal rescue using donation money to operate is DOING WITH THOSE ANIMALS AFTER THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE BEEN RESCUED –


If an animal rescue is primarily, or entirely SELF-FUNDED, then what they do with their own money they use to operate their rescue efforts is their business because it is their own money and not donation-money.

However, when animal rescues base their business model for operation on receiving donation money whereby other people are literally “paying them to rescue” based on the stories they tell people about their exploits in “rescue”, in order to be ethically responsible and transparent, that rescue should be forthright and accountable regarding what is happening to ALL OF THE RESCUED ANIMALS in order to be entirely transparent and so the supportive donating public know that their donated funds are not being used to KILL OR DISAPPEAR animals the rescue discards like broken furniture just because they don’t want to spend money taking care of them, etc.

People also want to know that their donations are not being misappropriated and spent on non-rescue related things.

And there are A LOT of people in rescue-land that ARE NOT GOING TO SUPPORT OR SEND MONEY TOO “rescues” that are killing 10, 20, 30, 40 or more animals a year without showing vet reports, euthanasia reports, and other evidence besides “what they say” regarding why the animal “had to be” killed or why the animal disappeared.

The rock bottom line is that if many of these “retail rescues” that are donation-funded were to disclose to people exactly how many animals they KILL, that they DISAPPEAR”, that they shuffle around hither and yon, here and there playing the shell game with, and that get misplaced and go MIA, the DONATING PUBLIC WOULD BE APPALLED AND WOULD NOT PARTICIPATE BY SUPPORTING THESE RESCUES AND SENDING THEM MONEY FOR THE WHOLESALE KILLING AND DISAPPEARING OF ANIMALS THAT ARE SUPPOSED TO BE RESCUED.

Interesting investigation done on a rescue at the link below:

Finally, some journalists and reporters that don’t just write “fluff pieces” and/or simply print fictional press releases and/or go by “what the rescue say’s” when they write their stories.

They actually listened to concerned citizens in the public sector regarding some hinky and questionable stuff occurring at a dog rescue – sadly, this same stuff is happening at DONATION-FUNDED ANIMAL RESCUES all over the world since social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, InstaGram and others have made fundraising FREE AND EASY FOR ANYONE.

The only reason this dog rescue was “outted” is because a handful of volunteers DID NOT have short attention-spans and they followed up no matter how long it was going to take regarding getting to the bottom of what was happening to ALL OF THE RESCUED ANIMALS, where was donation money going, why ere people bullied, harassed, stalked, and attacked if they simply asked questions, etc?

Do Something2

If more animal lovers would simply follow-through regarding how DONATION-FUNDED ANIMAL RESCUES are operating, why aren’t concise numbers of animals that are rescued using donation money being disclosed, why aren’t concise numbers of animals that “had to be” euthanized disclosed COMPLETE WITH VETERINARIAN AND EUTHANASIA REPORTS, and why is the rescue rescuing more, and more, and more animals when they aren’t capable of maintaining the ones they’ve already “rescued” without killing the “unworthy of living” ones with “issues” because they only are able to operate based on free money donations consistently coming in?

For anyone that does really WANT TO KNOW what’s going on with donation-funded animal rescues that are OFTEN ALSO ADOPTION-BASED (leaving the door wide-open for common animal dealers to get a foothold in animal rescue where they can “flip” animals with relatively few questions asked they are required to answer), send them the one-page information sheet and questionnaire below and see if they fill it out and return it to you.

Then you can base your conclusions about the donation-funded rescue based on information you can verify and fact check that was sent to you by the actual animal rescue.

And if they ignore you and refuse to fill it out and return it to you, you’ll have all the unspoken answers you’ll need, won’t you?

Short Form Information Page and Questionnaire For Animal Rescues


When Do Tax Paying Citizens DEMAND Accountability From Tax Payer-Funded Government Agencies?

whose your daddy1

When do animal loving and animal owner tax paying citizens finally DEMAND accountability by TAX PAYER FUNDED GOVERNMENT AGENCIES SUCH AS ANIMAL CONTROLS AND THE DEPARTMENT OF AG?

And when do the aforementioned TAXPAYER-FUNDED government agencies investigate, cite, and maybe even prosecute the people that are habitual “false reporters” that are constantly USING these TAXPAYER-FUNDED GOVERNMENT AGENCIES SUCH AS ANIMAL CONTROLS, THE DEPARTMENT OF AG AND OTHER LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES to attack their neighbors, people they don’t like, people they may be having an issue with, etc and have these agencies running around investigating things over, and over, and over again with animal owners animals that aren’t based in FACT, and in the case of people that have kids and/or take care of elderly family members, they USE Child Protective Services and Elder Abuse Services to get at them?

False reporting is AGAINST THE LAW, so why don’t the DA’s in counties, cities, and towns slap these habitual complainers with a warning if they continue to false report if the agency has followed through on a first complaint and told them everything is fine and no laws are being broken, or they are going to perhaps monitor a situation, cite them if they keep doing it after they’ve been told it is being handled, and smack them in the wallet to teach them a lesson about being nasty, petty, and lying if they keep doing it?

What we’re talking about here is when animal controls and the Dept. of AG “partner” and even collude with animal rescues, sanctuaries, and animal advocates when they perform seizures and “rescue raids” on animal owners.

Currently, these TAX PAYER-FUNDED GOVERNMENT AGENCIES rarely, if ever, “vet” these privatized rescues, sanctuaries, and advocates when they “team up” to do seizures and raids on often innocent animal owners not guilty of doing anything wrong.

These agencies do these “partnerships” without performing any due diligence on rescues, rescuers, sanctuaries, or advocates regarding doing anything in the way of background checks, criminal record history checking,  finding out if they are registered as a non-profit in good standing, checking their financials and their ability to rescue using their own funds and not those of tax paying citizens and donors they fool into sending them money in order to sometime/often literally steal animal owners personal property animals, what happens to ALL OF THE ANIMAL AFTER THEY ARE SUPPOSEDLY  “RESCUED” FROM BAD HOMES, how many animals they adopt out, how many are euthanized, where are ALL of the “rescued animals” months after they were rescued, where is every penny of “designated donation money” and tax payer funds spent, and a myriad of other questions the regular people in the public have but rarely if ever get answers too when they ask the question of the government agencies whose salaries they pay with their tax dollars, and also the “rescues” these agencies have elected to “partner” and often collude with.


These are all SIMPLE QUESTIONS THAT SHOULD BE SIMPLE TO ANSWER, BUT IN THE COLLUSION AND “PARTNERING” THAT EXISTS between these agencies and the “rescues”, answers of any kind are rarely forthcoming.

This VAST LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY, FACT CHECKING, BACKGROUND CHECKING, ETC, leads many people to believe there are a bunch of “sweetheart deals” being worked out that part animal owners from their animals in the most horrible kinds of ways, people are pocketing taxpayer and donation money by the thousands of dollars, animals are disappearing and dying all over the place, and there is a bunch of backdoor dealing going on, and also oodles of “selective enforcement”of rules that should apply to everyone, and not just when those in positions of power decide to enforce them.

The next time people in the public hear about yet another confiscation of someones animals that are often beloved family members, remember, YOU COULD BE NEXT IN THIS GESTAPO-LIKE CLIMATE of government agency over-reach, and with animal rescues that so far don’t have to answer questions from those in the public because of a vast lack of oversight and enforcement of laws, rules, and regulations that are on the books with government agencies VESTED WITH REGULATING NONPROFIT DONATION-FUNDED (FREE MONEY) ANIMAL RESCUES.


For some reason – “kickbacks” and “greased palms” perhaps? – taxpayer funded government agencies perform NO DUE DILIGENCE, THEY DON’T THOROUGHLY CRIMINALLY AND FINANCIALLY BACKGROUND CHECK THE RESCUES AND ADVOCATES THEY “PARTNER” WITH AND COLLUDE WITH, AND A LOT OF PALMS ARE BEING GREASED AND PEOPLE ARE HAVING BIG PAYDAYS IT IS GUARANTEED when these crooks get together to make money and be the big shots.

When government agencies and donation-funded animal rescues don’t answer questions asked in good faith by the public that pay their salaries, and that goes to accountability, their motivation for doing what they’re doing,  and transparency, something is dreadfully wrong.

No one should support these agencies or rescues unless questions are answered in an honest and timely manner – there should be no unanswered questions regarding the credentials of those at the taxpayer funded agencies, the rescues, the sanctuaries, and the credentials that can be verified for the advocates.

There also shouldn’t be any problem when inquiring minds want to know and want to scrutinize taxpayer-funded agencies, and also primarily, or entirely donation-funded rescues financials, who is getting taxpayers money, who is getting donation money, exactly what the money is being used for, WHERE ARE ALL OF THE ANIMALS LANDING, publicly post ALL VET REPORTS and EUTHANASIA REPORTS written by licensed veterinarians that aren’t afraid to hang their ass in the wind and state facts and not fiction.

To that end, please people, have the courage, resolve and tenacity to send the 1 page short form information sheet and questionnaire at the link below to all government agencies and/or rescues involved in doing seizures of animals BEFORE you support them in any way.

Make sure you get answers, don’t allow them to side-step you, don’t allow them to bully you, don’t prove them right regarding YOU have a short attention span and no follow through, and make sure you get answers that protect animals and people from scam-artists raping the system over and over again.

If they refuse to answer the SIMPLE QUESTIONS on the questionnaire, they DO NOT DESERVE YOUR SUPPORT, they DO NOT DESERVE YOUR MONEY AND THEY IN FACT DESERVE TO HAVE COMPLAINTS FILED AGAINST THEM FOR REFUSING TO ANSWER SIMPLE QUESTIONS from taxpayers and donors that keep their agencies and organizations operating.

Many of the primary players at the animal rescues and sanctuaries DO NOT have jobs outside of rescue and advocacy,  SO EXACTLY HOW DO THEY PAY THEIR BILLS, TAKE VACATIONS, FEED THEIR FAMILY’S, BUY PERSONAL ITEMS NOT RELATED TO ANIMAL RESCUE, ETC?

And never forget, you could be taking great care of your animals, but cross the wrong person, piss someone off, have animals that are valuable enough for resale BY ANIMAL DEALERS POSING AS RESCUES CALLING IT “ADOPTION-FOR-A-FEE”, and YOU in fact could be the next animal owner to be on the receiving end of a seizure scam or rescue raid, with hoards of “useful idiot” people on social media being incited and ramped-up into hateful, violent, vicious, attacking, stalking, smearing, trashing mobs, whose only goal they have have been pointed toward by their “handlers” at the DONATION-FUNDED “rescues”and TAXPAYER-FUNDED GOVERNMENT AGENCIES is ruining YOU.

They have no consciences and all they care about is making money, receiving praise and accolades, and having power over others to feed their enormous egos because most of them are insecure, pompous narcissists that have never achieved anything worthwhile in their lives that demands hard work, integrity, honesty, honor, and compassion for animals and people alike.

These are basically lazy people that use everyone around them, ESPECIALLY THE DRAMA-PROVOKED USEFUL IDIOT PEOPLE IN THE MOBS THEY RAMP-UP ON SOCIAL MEDIA THAT DO THEIR DIRTY WORK FOR THEM FREE-OF-CHARGE JUST SO THEY CAN GET THEIR “CRISIS RESCUE FIX”, to get what they want and then throw the “useful idiots” in the mob away if any questions are asked, or if they are at all challenged with questions, and they also kill animals that have exhausted their “donation-value” and have physical and/or behavioral issues that render them un-adoptable.

Scammers Get Caught7

Here’s that simple questionnaire below.

For the “useful idiots” out in rescue-land, you don’t need to do a thing because you people don’t want to know the truth about the animal rescue you are supporting and those animal dealers  posing as “rescues” that you support are laughing their way to the bank after each successful rescue raid and the committing of FRAUD that they COULD NOT ACCOMPLISH without your “noise and numbers” (numbers of people making a lot of noise with phone calls, emails, comments, etc to harass the smiley-face, glad-handing politicians in cities, counties, and states into “doing something” even though “something” doesn’t necessarily need to be done).

For the small-minded, mean-spirited people that USE TAXPAYER FUNDED GOVERNMENT AGENCIES TO FILE FALSE REPORTS ON OTHER PEOPLE, be aware that false reporting is a CRIME and you may/will be held accountable criminally by the government agency you false reported too, and also perhaps in a civil lawsuit brought against you by the victims of your false reporting, your stalking behavior and your defamation – some people don’t just cringe in fear from your evil manipulations and waste of other taxpayers money and your unacceptable behavior may very well come back and bite you in the ass.

For the smart, concerned people in the public sector that pay taxes, send the questionnaire to government agencies to find out if they will answer the questions – seriously, don’t fair-minded people want to KNOW THE FACTS BEFORE they join up and support issues, movements, and activities?

It should also be REQUIRED as part of the “vetting” process that any and all animal rescues, sanctuaries, and advocates complete it BEFORE “partnering” with taxpayer-funded government agencies, and also BEFORE they receive even one thin dime from anyone.

Short Form Information Page and Questionnaire For Animal Rescues



Non-Profit Scams3This is a “buffet-blog-post”; read small portions and come back for more……or don’t……… your choice. 

Step 1 has already been covered in this blog in previous blog posts.

Step 1 is asking NON-ACCUSATORY questions of the primarily, or entirely donation-funded animal rescue organizations and expecting answers that SHOULD be easy for the primary participants at the rescue to answer if they are legitimate.

The blog post at the link below covers Step 2 if and WHEN answers to simple questions are not forthcoming from the actual animal rescue organization that *may* actually be a “retail rescue”/animal dealers posing as an animal rescue.

REMEMBER: Questions, even ones that are NOT accusatory, asked of “retail rescues” are what kryptonite is to Superman or water is to the Wicked Witch of the West: it exposes and destroys them.

Refusing to answer simple, non-accusatory questions DOES make them suspect because answering simple questions should be easy:

Examples of some questions that should be asked are on the questionnaire posted at the end of this blog post and on several other blog posts written on this topic.

One of MANY sure signs of suspicious donation-funded animal rescues is their evasiveness in answering simple, non-accusatory questions.

Because of so much evasive, suspicious behavior of refusing to ANSWER SIMPLE QUESTIONS that go-to their “transparency”, ANIMAL OWNERS MUST wake-up and realize an Animal Enterprise Terrorism (AET) attack aka “seizure scam” perpetrated on them by a donation-funded animal rescue could happen to THEM, and they will be tried in the court of “public-social media opinion” without the facts!

Man behind the curtain2

The organizers of the attack, always a donation-funded animal “rescue”, humane society, or spca that very well may be in collusion with your own handy-dandy local animal control/shelter, are neither animal welfare nor animal rights – they are “opportunists”, with a “pinch” of “caring about animals” in their own ($$$$) way, taking advantage of an opportunity they’ve CREATED, like the Wizard of Oz behind-the-curtain pulling the levers, manipulating and sensationalizing events for a bored public.

However, they DO inflame “do-gooders” in the PUBLIC on social media forums and message boards that often ARE animal rights and animal welfare people that DON’T check facts but can be counted on to “make noise in numbers” that every opportunist NEEDS in order to pull-off a “crisis rescue” and a “seizure scam”.

They get the “social media madness MOB” to do their dirty work for THEM, ADD in MAINSTREAM MEDIA that rarely FACT-CHECK anymore and take the bait of a sensationalized story to run on their local “news”, and all they have to do to keep the “enabler-groupies/cheerleaders” inflamed is “stir-that-pot” with more inflammatory rhetoric as part of their carefully planned domestic terrorism attack on an animal owner.

Check out this blog post on YesBiscuit regarding a non-profit “animal coalition” (“rescue”) vested with the operation of animal controls/shelters and their horribly cruel treatment of animals there (its a disturbing read; sensitive people may not want to read the YesBiscuits blog posts describing it), manipulating the numbers of animals “adopted” and KILLING them instead – same thing far too many donation-funded adoption-based “rescues” do and THAT is a primary reason they won’t reveal concise counts of animals they have “rescued” and what’s become of them:

Quote from the above blog:

“A Guilford Co pound volunteer told the Rhino that Davidson Co, the more recent contract awarded to UAC, was under greater scrutiny than Guilford Co.  In an effort to make Davidson’s numbers look good quickly, UAC set up a racket whereby dogs from the Davidson pound were sent to Guilford for killing and counted as adoptions on their way out of Davidson.  Hey, they went out the front door, technically.  I guess they were “adopted” by Fatal Plus at Guilford.”

Steps 3 and 4 of how to identify and ‘out’ “retail rescues” to follow shortly because that’s the direction MANY primarily, or entirely donation-funded rescues are forcing it to go.

retail rescues2

This is an International PROBLEM and ALL animal owners are at risk of having an Animal Enterprise Terrorism (AET) attack aka “rescue raids” or “seizure scams” perpetrated on them by a donation-funded and often adoption-based animal “rescue” aka “retail rescue” that are believed to be animal dealers, traders, brokers, or “flippers” posing as animal rescues.

These “opportunists” and scammers are aggressively operating in the “animal rescue industry” (as many of them call it) because of the VAST LACK of OVERSIGHT.

This is especially true if an animal owner has elderly, frail, acutely or chronically ill animals, or even animals with a moderate amount of arthritis and/or other age, use, or old-injury related issues, co-existing with “the good and healthy animals” because it makes the owner a target for abuse, neglect, and cruelty accusations from those who are “up to no good” and are certainly not wanting to “help the animals in place” where they live as honest rescues do.

Having “good condition” animals co-mingling with the “not-so-good” animals opens the door for a “retail rescue” to “cherry-pick” someone’s good animals they can sell, and also take (under the guise of “helping”) animals that are great for getting in “sympathy/pity donations” that brings in ALOT of $$$$ and then those animals are often killed or “vanished” when they have exhausted their “donation-value” because they can’t be “adopted”/sold because of their “physical issues”.

down the rabbit hole2

In the topsy-turvy ass-backwards “down the rabbit hole” unreality in “rescue-land”, its as if no one thinks it through and acknowledges that just like with humans, animals can and do have physical and/or health issues related to a multitude of conditions, age, illness, etc.
Illogical/ignorant people think that ALL animals are always going to look just dandy.
But when the people acting aggressive and making a bunch of noise about the way some animals look is combined with an agenda that MOST people don’t yet understand, it creates the “perfect storm” for a “crisis rescue”, with donation-money flooding into “the retail rescues” coffers that “the rescue” currently doesn’t have to account for.

Often heard from the peanut-gallery-MOB are the words “why didn’t those people (the animal owners) ask for help?” or “they should have asked for help!” – THAT is like inviting the fox into the henhouse if “the wrong rescue” that specializes in “seizures” and “crisis rescues” (that bring in ALOT of donations) are asked for help.

Retail rescues are not in the least interested in doing “behind-the-scenes” “no-fanfare” rescuing because that kind of real rescuing of helping the animals and animal owner right where they live doesn’t have a big PAY DAY.
In fact, they usually have to SPEND MONEY they don’t want to spend in order to really HELP without trashing the animal owner, involving the media, ramping up ignorant “noise and numbers” MOBS, etc.

Some animal owners have seen what happens when some of these “rescues” are asked for “help”, so if an animal owner needs help, a “rescue” is often the last people they’d ask for help because of the fear of being attacked, dragged through the mud, having animals seized, being arrested once the sensationalized story, photos, posts, comments, etc are plastered all over the Internet, mainstream media, etc.

So its basically “too bad, so sad” if an animal owner is taking care of an ill, old, or less than optimum condition animal that isn’t suffering and wants to live because:

1. if and when your nasty neighbor that doesn’t like you see’s them and they use tax-payer-funded animal control as a WEAPON against you to call in a “false report”,

2. and/or someone that’s “with” a retail rescue trolls by your place and see’s an unhealthy-looking animal, or maybe more than one, but certainly not ALL the animals you own, mixed in with “sellable” animals and that self-same “rescue” let’s animal control know they’re “there to help with a seizure or animal surrender”,

3. the next thing the animal owner knows, they could have tax-payer-funded animal control combined and in collusion with a publicly-donation-funded “retail rescue” harassing them and trying to get them to surrender animals.

4. OR, they may just SEIZE ALL the animals and THEN charge the owner exorbitant “impound fees”, 

5. AND a million counts of “whatever” the weasels can think up that will cause the most HARM financially and emotionally to the animal owner

6. so they are confused, scared, and too broke to be able to hire a decent attorney to defend them against the seizure scam attack.

One more HUGE problem; MOST defense and civil lawsuit attorney’s, DA’s, Judges, and law enforcement agencies DON’T even know or understand what these attacks are all about.

 This is WHY its up to animal owners to be PRO-ACTIVE and EDUCATE the legal system and law enforcement on what retail rescues and AET attacks aka “seizure scams” and “rescue raids” ARE BEFORE it happens to the animal owner because then it is mostly too late to educate ANYONE.

In other words, if an animal owner HAS acutely and/or chronically ill animals, older more frail animals, “special needs” animals with defects, deformities, conditions, animals that have picked up diseases or conditions the animal owner is addressing, etc, INFORM your local animal control and other branches of city, town, county government agencies so there is no appearance of “trying to hide” anything.

More up-coming in future blog posts regarding the steps animal owners can take in order to be pro-active, be prepared, and also defend ones-self AND go on the offense if they are targeted by a donation-funded animal rescue as the next victim of a “crisis rescue” and “seizure scam”.

It’s high-time scammer rescues are not only run out of the animal rescue ranks, but also investigated, prosecuted, fined, and even jailed.

The ONLY way this will happen is if the PUBLIC stays FOCUSED, stays ON-POINT, and is RELENTLESS in ASKING primarily, or entirely donation-funded “rescues” QUESTIONS and EXPECTING ANSWERS.

TOO MANY animals that are supposed to be “rescued” by these people are instead USED for their “donation-value” and when that is exhausted, they are “de-valued” and convenience-KILLED rather than take care of them, maintain them, and let them LIVE peacefully.

And DO NOT be surprised in your pursuit of truth that some of these scam-artists you’re asking questions of may try to befriend YOU (kiss-ass, brown-nosing) in order to make you stop – DON’T BUY IT, for it is the classic survival-behavior of narcissists/sociopaths trying to save themselves – ALAS, as soon as they feel safe from you and you’ve fallen for their creepy “friendship”, they will REVERT back to their in-grained behavior of “working it” and USING people and animals.

Similar to these lines in the movie Terminator describing cyborgs:

“It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.”

Nearly a spot-on accurate description of some “people” involved in PRIVATIZED (its all about the $$$$ – the celebrity – the control – the praise – the publicity – the power) donation-funded animal rescue.

Donald Trump2

“Retail rescues” modus operandi (MO) is to identify an animal owner target first (good-looking animals mixed in with animals with physical issues), researching them to an extent and trying to be as sure as they can be that the target will probably NOT be able to afford legal representation on the defense and/or the offense.

In other words, they wouldn’t attack Donald Trump or Oprah because “the rescue” would be MASHED in a heartbeat into the legal-ground-zero-zone and would be DESTROYED.

Once they have identified their target, “the rescue” will often attempt extortion first by “telling” their target “we want to help” (yeah right) and they “won’t go public” if the animal owner gives up animals of the “rescues” choosing (cherry picking”).

But whether the victim complies with their demands, or refuses to be extorted and tells them to “take a hike”, or deals with “the rescue” in other more intelligent ways, the results are the same.

NOTE: since MOST animal owners have NEVER experienced the domestic terrorism phenomenon called “seizure scams” or “rescue raids” that PRIVATIZED donation-funded animal rescues have ALOT of motivation – $$$$$ – to perpetrate on animal owners, MOST animal owners have NO IDEA how fast this can turn into a MOB-ATTACK, SWARM and WITCH-HUNT on social media, with posts, comments, emails, phone calls, PM’s being fired off to government agencies and the media “telling” them they NEED to “do something NOW”.
Reasonable people do not immediately take it seriously because it seems so unreasonable and ignorant. They usually find out very quickly how “down the rabbit hole” and whacked-out these attacks ARE, and how terrorizing and potentially life-ruining it is.

Narcissist Checklist

At the helm of many donation-funded rescues and “retail rescues” are individuals that may well be narcissists, and also sociopaths, that literally “believe their own press”, and are “addicted” to being the center of attention and will seek that attention, and also money and control over others, via many avenues which include embellishing, lying, playing the victim, back-stabbing former friends and associates, using other people and animals as props and pawns, and even breaking the law. 

So in order to move the scam forward, “the “rescue” “goes public”, gets media involved (a primary element of this scam), they ramp-up “social media madness mobs” (another primary component of the scam) to cyber-attack the victims and bombard local, regional, and state government to “do something”, and since law enforcement, DA’s, AG’s, and other government agencies want to appease the frenzied, ignorant hoards, and they also aren’t usually up-to-speed regarding what these “rescue raids” and “seizure scams” really are, they often go after their own tax-paying citizens, and arrest, investigate and often prosecute them. 

Even without the prosecution aspect when investigation proves there were no illegalities present, the “retail rescue” has reaped raped the benefits, gotten thousands of dollars in free money donations, gotten free material goods and supplies, gotten free animals they collect donations on and then sell or kill the “useless animals with issues”, and they got “the BIG P” – free PUBLICITY.

Precluding prosecution, the innocent victim that was not breaking the laws for the county, city, or state, either owes thousands of dollars of VASTLY INFLATED impound fee’s to “the rescue” and/or their animals have been sold, or they were “euthanized” and/or “vanished” by “the rescue”.

The animals they kill or “vanish” couldn’t be sold or given away because of physical and/or behavioral issues they had. The rescue however refuses to let the animal/s live because they don’t want to spend money on “broken merchandise” animals and/or because the animal will always look bad because of physical and/or medical issues they have and these “rescues” boast a high rehabilitation rate, so no cruddy looking animals that can’t be rehabilitated are allowed to live that might sully their sterling reputation.

Case in point of an unjustified attack on an animal owner and the EXPOSURE of “the rescue” charging VASTLY INFLATED IMPOUND FEES:

Quoted from the blog at the link:

 “His horses were taken to a nearby horse rescue farm, the same farm that was present during the police raid. To even consider getting his horses back, the rescue farm is asking for $7,500 in boarding and administrative and medical costs for the first 30 days alone. Since they have been on the rescue farm for nearly three months, it may cost him more than $22,000 to get his three horses returned, even if he is found innocent of all of the charges.”

The animal “rescue” makes out like a bandit and has thousands upon thousands of donation-dollars they DON’T HAVE TO ACCOUNT FOR pouring into their RESCUE ACCOUNTS because of the massive social- and mainstream-media coverage they WHIPPED-UP IN MERE HOURS.

Then its “on to the next” attack, or the next fictional-fantasy sob-story “rescue” where the WHOLE STORY is NEVER told.


This kind of stuff happens when there is a lack of meaningful OVERSIGHT of primarily, or entirely donation-funded animal rescues that collect free money donations, free material items, and free animals they either “adopt”/SELL or euthanize if the animal is “useless with issues”.

These types of “animal rescues” are NOT rescues at all. They are simply your garden-variety “opportunists” taking advantage of an “opportunity” in an unregulated industry called “donation-funded animal rescue” that has little-to-NO-OVERSIGHT

There is no scrutiny of their FINANCIALS, and just as important, there is no SCRUTINY regarding WHAT HAPPENS to ALL of the ANIMALS they “RESCUED”.

Oversight15They are similar, if not the same, as generational welfare recipients/families running long- and short-cons that “work the system” for years and years, obtain free money, free material goods, other free items (animals in the case of “retail rescues”, calling the other free stuff “donations”), and then they can sell those free items and/or spend their free money any way they choose that they received under the guise of “we are poor”, “we have children to feed” (“the hook”), “we’re disabled and can’t work”, etc.

 “Retail-welfare rescues” do the same thing USING animals as “the hook” to “sell” people on “helping” them.

And the PRIMARY REASON they get away with their schemes and scams IS because of the VAST LACK of OVERSIGHT by those vested with over-seeing registered non-profit donation-funded animal rescues at government agencies.

The FACT is that most people lose interest in pursuing filing complaints because they feel they are WASTING THEIR TIME and/or they don’t want to become a TARGET themselves of these ruthless opportunists, that frequently are narcissists/sociopaths too, that wreck havoc with peoples and animals lives without a second thought regarding the emotional and financial destruction and ruin.

These types of “animal rescues” may as well be HIGH KILL RATE animal controls/shelters considering how many innocent animals they collect “sympathy/pity” donations on and then KILL or “vanish” to only-they-know-where.

Calling themselves “a rescue” allows them to wheel-and-deal to their hearts content because they DO NOT (currently) have to ANSWER QUESTIONS from the supportive donating public if they don’t feel like it.

Additionally, the government agencies vested with over-seeing them are out-of-touch with the various scams and schemes they are running that are targeting the donating public AND animal owners AND using animals as PAWNS and PROPS.

retail rescues3

Many “rescues” also have unlicensed, unregulated transporters hauling animals hither-and-yon that may, or may not have the correct commercial insurance to cover accidents such as this one at the link:

retail rescues1

Please Share this blog post if after reading this post, and others dealing with this tragic problem in animal rescue, you agree that legitimate animal rescues that will ANSWER QUESTIONS, animal owners, Attorney General’s, District Attorney’s, and other government agencies and law enforcement NEED to UNITE and put a STOP to “retail rescues” “workin’-it” in the unregulated animal rescue “industry”.

Show Me1Diversion Tactics1

Remember, this is all about the donation-funded rescues “SHOWING and not just telling” people what they feel like telling, and also about the supportive public being bamboozled by scam-artists DIVERSION tactics too.

Accountability and “transparency” are key in seperating the legitimate, honest rescues from the “opportunists” and scammers operating in animal rescue for their own GAIN and PROFIT and killing and “vanishing” animals after they’ve CALLOUSLY used-them-up.

Here’s the questionnaire for ideas of what questions to ask your favorite rescue, a rescue you are contemplating supporting, or perhaps a donation-funded animal rescue you are suspicious of because of their evasiveness in answering simple questions, their true believer enabler-followers attack anyone that does ask POLITE, non-confrontational or accusatory questions publicly, or people that ask questions become a target for harassment, bullying, etc:







The MOVEMENT of ASKING QUESTIONS that any and all HONEST and ETHICAL donation-funded animal rescues can and will answer is finally picking up speed and the numbers are growing of people that simply won’t support or donate to animal rescues that won’t answer their questions.

And when professionals people in the media that are vested with asking questions, checking facts, verifying, and writing and reporting facts to the PUBLIC can’t be counted on to DO THEIR JOBS honestly and ethically, then it IS up to the PUBLIC to expose THEM and demand they report FACTUALLY or


THEN the public WILL DO THEIR JOBS FOR THEM and THE PUBLIC WILL ASK the “reported on” animal rescue THE QUESTIONS the “journalist” didn’t ask for whatever reasons they had besides being lethargic, lazy, clueless, or *maybe* having a more shady agenda that involves helping some donation-funded rescues collect money they operate off of, pay their personal bills, buy their personal items, etc, which is ILLEGAL.

When intelligent animal lovers that have the ability to reason, and also *may* have factual information regarding a rescue that is the polar opposite of what is written by a hack, read yet another sappy “fluff piece” that is an over-flowing toilet of embellishment and lies, it not only INSULTS their intelligence and astonishes that the author calls themselves a “journalist”, it also disturbs them when numbers are tossed around cavalierly of animals that have been killed by the rescue (as if their lives didn’t matter).

 And when even more numbers are carelessly thrown about of dollar amounts that many people don’t make actually WORKING in a year, let alone a month – (a double-standard because unlike donation-funded animal rescues, mere mortals in “the public” are scrutinized by the IRS, but MOST donation-funded animal rescues are NOT because there isn’t much OVERSIGHT currently)- with no accountability of exactly WHAT all that money is really being spent on, they CONTACT that “reporter” (term used very loosely), and their editor too, and they ask THEM the questions that should have been asked of the rescue by the “reporter”.


and unless “reporters” and “journalists” are called-on-the-carpet and clued-in to some real, honest to goodness facts, they’ll continue to write fiction and fantasy that is not remotely the reality.


ASKING QUESTIONS and expecting answers should be “the norm” in donation-funded animal rescue to keep donation-funded rescues HONEST about the FREE $$$ they ASK for and receive, and also keep them ethical and moral regarding WHAT HAPPENS TO ALL OF THE ANIMALS they’re “rescuing”.

But because asking questions and expecting answers is not “the norm”, and “journalists/reporters” can’t or won’t DO THEIR JOBS and instead treat “the public” like a bunch of morons, “the public” will have to make it “the new normal”  to ASK QUESTIONS and EXPECT ANSWERS from DONATION-FUNDED ANIMAL RESCUES that currently have little-to-NO OVERSIGHT.

Asking Questions and Expecting Answers can and will SAVE ANIMALS LIVES, but you have to “ASK and EXPECT” to make SAVING LIVES a REALITY for innocent and trusting animals at donation-funded animal rescues so they don’t end up as the next casualty of  a “for-profit” “Retail Rescue”.

Sheeple people1

Intelligent, devoted animal lovers that are NOT mere tag-along followers DO ask questions and they EXPECT answers to those questions.

In other words, they are NOT mindless SHEEPLE!

So if they don’t get answers, they don’t support or donate to those rescues.

Every day now, based on comments in articles, blog posts, social media, message boards, etc, more people that possess compassion and believe animal rescue is about rescueare not donating unless or until donation-funded animal “rescues” ANSWER THEIR QUESTIONS FIRST, then the money *may* be forthcoming.


BEFORE THEY DONATE A PENNY, they are ASKING the “rescue”:

1.  “Does your organization have enough of your OWN MONEY to not only “rescue”, seize, take in, or buy animals

2.  but additionally does your organization also have enough of your OWN MONEY to care for and maintain the “rescued” animals for weeks, or months, or maybe even years if they “have issues” if for some reason donations and grant money dry-up for any reasons,

3. and are you willing to show documentation and photos of the animals you already have at your facility, in foster care, or at a “quarantine facility”,

4. are you willing to show the amount of donations coming in

5. and show where the monies are being spent

6. so that the public knows you’re using free donation-money responsibly, ethically, legally and morally,

7. because if you ever KILL animals just because no one else wants them AFTER you’ve supposedly “rescued them”,

8. and your “rescue” refuses to take full responsibility for those animals the PUBLIC helped you rescue through donation money and/or material goods

9. then your “rescue” is BETRAYING animals you got publicity for supposedly “rescuing”, that you made money off of through donations, and also profited from the ones you were able to sell

10. but KILLING or “disappearing” USELESS animals you just don’t want to care for and maintain because they have “issues”, or you have to dispose of “old merchandise animals” to make room for “new merchandise animals” IS NOT RESCUE!


So now that brings us to the question of “when a primarily, or wholly donation-funded animal rescue doesn’t have enough of their own money to care for and maintain animals at least at the basics of care, and RELY’S entirely, or almost entirely, on the public, other organizations giving them grant money, and also the receiving of FREE material goods they often use to take care of their own personal animals, what would they be called?

BINGO! That’s right, they could, and might, be called HOARDERS!

Just like the donation-funded “rescues” that do seizures on animal owners animals always call animal owners that keep putting one foot in front of the other caring for their animals, even if it isn’t in the most beautiful, pristine of accommodations, and even IF their animals *may* be underfed but are NOT being “starved” (that old hot-button word used to amp people up into MOBS) but at least the animal owners are USING THEIR OWN MONEY to pay for things and aren’t “panhandling for dollars” like these donation-funded rescues do…….. sometimes on a daily basis.


Moral Obligation2

All animal lovers that support donation-funded animal rescues have a MORAL OBLIGATION to CARE about WHAT HAPPENS to ALL of the animals AFTER they are supposedly “rescued” using donation (other peoples) money to do the rescuing.

Word travels fast on the Internet, information is read and absorbed, and smart, compassionate people who think for themselves ARE taking this MORAL OBLIGATION and RESPONSIBILITY to the “rescued animals” AFTER they are “rescued” seriously because killing animals for CALLOUS reasons such as they aren’t useful and/or killing them because they aren’t selling and are taking up space and costing money to care for them is just plain barbaric and WRONG.

Devoted animal lovers have their reasonable questions directed to donation-funded-rescues go UNANSWERED.

 They ask:

* “WHERE are ALL of the animals you rescued in the past year

* “WHERE is all the donation-money you received being spent?”

*They begin to wonder “why won’t that animal rescue answer my questions?”

“What are they hiding?”

“Now I really am wondering if the animals they rescued really are O.K.”

Its easy enough to only be able to “rescue” long-distance, but be supportive over the Internet, maybe send some money to an animal rescue, and let someone else do the “hands-on heavy-lifting”.

But what if that hands-on heavy lifting includes “the rescue” KILLING and disposing of animals that were supposed to be SAFE?

The animal WANTS to LIVE?

but because they have “issues”,

they can’t be sold (“adopted”),

they can’t be given away because no one wants them,

and the “rescue” that has them doesn’t want to be responsible for caring for and maintain them??

Tragically, that scenario ends far too often in the “3-D’s” –  death, “disappearing”, and disposal.

It is certainly acknowledged by many staunch animal lovers, rescuers, and animal welfare advocates that sometimes animals really do need to be euthanized if they are suffering badly, are mortally wounded, can’t lay down and get back up in the case of large animals people can’t just help them up as is the case with even a large dog, if the animal has stopped eating and drinking and is not resuming eating and drinking for days and shows no interest in resuming, is not responding to medication, etc, etc.

However, when animal rescues “say” they are “transparent”, the least they can do is publicly provide information backing-up their assessments and statements i.e. veterinary reports and billings, euthanasia reports and billings, body disposal billing, videos of the animal before euthanasia, etc, instead of “speaking for their vet” and “saying” things that may, but sometimes/often are NOT TRUE


“what’s happening” when it is a donation-funded rescue that is in a sector that is a HOT-BED of SCAMS because of the RETAIL RESCUE “OPPORTUNISTS” fleecing the public and pulling the wool over their eyes sometimes on a daily basis.

How difficult is it for them to post factual written, photographic, and video information?


If they won’t, something fishy is going on, especially if simple questions meet with bullying, harassment, threats, attacks, etc by the “rescues” True Believer minions that don’t know how to think for themselves and “follow orders” in lock-step on command by their “sheeple-handlers” at the “rescue”.


Since government agencies, and also journalists and reporters aren’t taking a significant interest in “policing” donation-funded animal rescues, there are now “retail rescues” operating all over the world exploiting animals, playing on peoples emotions, and making money hand-over-fist.

But don’t be fooled: they are nothing more than animal traders, dealers, and flippers posing as rescues, and because of the



 Many animal lovers that support donation-funded animal rescues feel they have a MORAL OBLIGATION to CARE about WHAT HAPPENS to ALL of the animals AFTER they are supposedly “rescued” using donation (other peoples) money to do the rescuing.

Because of their compassion for animals and their belief that questions asked SHOULD be answered, they are JOINING THE MOVEMENT of ASKING QUESTIONS and EXPECTING ANSWERS so they can be sure they are supporting and donating to a legitimate, accountable, honest, transparent donation-funded rescue and NOT a “retail rescue” that illegally uses money and kills and “disappears” animals.

Word travels fast on the Internet, information is read and absorbed, and smart, compassionate people who think for themselves ARE taking this MORAL OBLIGATION and RESPONSIBILITY to the “rescued animals” AFTER they are “rescued” seriously because killing animals just because they aren’t useful and/or killing them because they aren’t selling and are taking up space and costing money to care for them is just plain barbaric and WRONG.

Please take the time it takes to weed-out the dishonest donation-funded animal rescues that are actually “retail rescues”.

ASK QUESTIONS such as what are shown in the questionnaire below.

Or better yet, send the donation-funded rescues the questionnaire and see if they respond with answers.

Whether they respond to your questions, or not, you’ll be in a much better position to make decisions on which rescues to support and send donations too, and which to ignore, and also possibly file complaints with the states Attorney General’s office.