Drama-junkies Supporting Donation-Funded “Rescues-Kill Shelters” Are Guilty Of HEARTLESS Executions of Innocent”Rescued Animals”


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In reading at the link above how making the decision to euthanize beloved animals is often the most difficult decision a loving animal owner will ever have to make, this is why it’s so disturbing that more and more for-profit animal “rescues”/”shelters” that are primarily, or entirely donation-fueled (that’s why they so disingenously pander to the naive, gullible, foolish people on social media with their OFTEN fictional-fantasy, lying stories of their “heroics” because if the public stopped sending them free money, their animal dealerships would fold) kill MANY healthy animals that are supposed to be safe-in-rescue just because:

1. They can’t sell/adopt the animal out for enough money to make it worth their time and money to warrent letting the animal live peacefully in rescue/sanctuary,

2. The rescued animal won’t sell quickly enough so that they can make room for more animals they can beg for “emergency donations” to ‘rescue’;

3. The animal may have mild NON-life threatening physical and/or behavioral issues that will hinder adopting them out with, or without a fee.


The current world of social media “retail rescue” functions off of the high volume, high turnover of animals going in and out of the “rescue-kill shelters”, and “crisis rescuing” which bring in the most money in donations from the naive, easily manipulated, donating public.

Mob Mentality

Drama-junkie, entertainment-addicted faux animal lovers in the rescue world tune-in to online social media “rescue” to be entertained, and an “emergency rescue” is orchastrated by the master manipulators at primarily, or entirely donation-fueled and funded “rescues” to play on the social-media-rescue-following publics heartstrings, and loosen their purse strings again, and again, and again like the mundane, daily, and ordinary tasks of everyday rescuing and daily care of animals never can.


The problem with this model of “rescuing” is that there MUST be crisis and a sense of immediacy of “we NEED YOUR MONEY NOW so we can rescue these poor animals” in order for the FREE donation money to keep flowing in to the for-profit retail rescues coffers.

In fact, this accounts for a huge portion of their income stream and monthly nut.

However, what’s a retail rescue to do with the reality of them accumulating more, and more, and more animals that they can’t sell quickly, or can’t sell at all, can’t find foster homes for to get the animals off their feed and maintenance bills that designated donations are raised to cover, can’t get rid of animals that don’t want to die, but badly want to live?


You kill healthy animals, and then convince the foolish, entertainment-addicted public that you had “no other choice” because the animal “had issues”, all while NOT SHOWING VET REPORTS AND EUTHANASIA REPORTS that show WHY and HOW the animal was euthanized/KILLED/EXECUTED.

asking questions5

It’s an interesting and tragic phenomenon when so many in the public are so quick to follow blindly along when a donation-fueled “rescue” kills animals “they say” ‘needed to die’ in a supposed mercy-killing, but when asked for documentation that illustrates the WHY’S and HOW’S of the killing, they:

*refuse to answer,

*or they are evasive in their answers,

*or they are aggressive and combative in their answers,

*or they sic their thug keyboard-bully followers on anyone that dares to care enough about animals to ask questions

of WHY animals that had thousands of dollars sent in by generous people in the public to rescue them end up being DEAD by:

*chemical euthanasia,



*or disappeared into the black hole of “de-valued animals” that exhausted their “donation-value” have a way of doing.


The trend of people going along with the killings of rescued animals that had donation-money sent in through various unregulated, unaccountable means of payment appears to be hitting it’s peak as more people become suspicious of “rescue-kill shelters” who beg and plead for donation money as new “crisis rescues” appear constantly……….

…..but there are still people that follow the for-profit retail rescues for the entertainment-value that think anything the “rescue sez” is just dandy, which effectively makes the often phony ‘rescues’ asshole enabler followers JUST AS RESPONSIBLE for the KILLING of animals that are supposed to be “rescued and safe”.

These shallow, stupid supporters may have just as well killed the innocent animals themselves, with the poisoned syringe and needle in their grubby hands, or a smoking gun and blood explosions as yet another healthy animal that wants to live, dies instead.

Pathological Liar8

For those idiotic, heartless, cruel people that go along with the de-valuing of the lives of animals just like your favorite rescues tell you you should:

*you are traitors and betrayors,

*and your shit attitudes in the de-valuing of lives just because you’re too drama-addicted and stupid to realize that YOU, just like the so-called ‘rescued animals’, are props, and pawns, and cogs in a wheel that are being USED to power the enabling of a for-profit animal dealership posing as a “rescue” to buy, sell, barter, trade, and KILL animals when their usefulness is OVER.

YOUR willfully clueless behavior is not going un-noticed by those who are determined to put a stop to the wholesale killing of animals by the money-grubbing serial killers of animals.

Innocent, gentle animals are supposed to be rescued with thousands of dollars of donation money sent in for that purpose.

Instead, MANY are being callously and cruelly killed after their value in bringing in FREE MONEY for the narcissists and sociopaths in social media crisis-rescuing is over.

Crisis-rescue-junkies — keep up your mindless, moronic, junkie-behavior and it will be too late to disassociate yourself from your favorite scammy donation-fueled “rescue-kill shelter” that kills animals and that will be exposed, it’s just a matter of time.

They wouldn’t get away with their despicable killing behavior if YOU weren’t enabling them by being:

*a dumb groupie and cheerleader,

*a donor,

*an excuse-maker,

*and a keyboard-bully attacking people that ask reasonable questions,

for the primary reasons that YOU want to be entertained (to relieve the boredom of your purposeless life?)

*you live vicariously through other people and their manic, mentally unbalanced behavior

and you for some sad reason also pathetically have the NEED to belong.

Animal Rights1

You can still redeem yourself and help stop the killing of innocent animals that are supposed to be “safe in rescue”…..really, you can.

All you have to do is:

*admit that talented scam – artists operating on social media managed to fool you with their puffery, misrepresentation, embellishments, and blatant, pathological LYING,

*think for yourself,

*don’t be afraid of not belonging to a killing team, a murderous village, a heathen tribe,

*and care enough about animals to ask questions,

*and if/WHEN  logical, concise answers are NOT forth-coming,

*you will file complaints with organizations and agencies that will get answers one way or another in order to,

*protect “rescued animals” from being USED, BETRAYED, and KILLED by those running con-games posing as rescuers in DONATION-FUELED rescue.


It IS that easy to become a hero for animals,

to be their voice,

EXPOSING those that will never stop exploiting them,

until YOU,

and YOU,

and thousands of YOU’s,

come together in harmony and love

to STOP the greedy, self-absorbed conscience-LESS traitors,

from hurting and killing animals,

with no questions asked and answered,

UNLESS and UNTIL they are persistently demanded.

sheeple people2

Oh, and by-the-way, those people that are on the Board of Directors or are Officers in these “rescues” that wantonly and callously KILL healthy, innocent animals that are supposed to be “safe in rescue” that were “rescued” USING DONATED FUNDS?

You may think you can plead ignorance and innocence regarding the misuse of donated funds AND the KILLING of healthy, innocent rescued animals.

However, YOU are supposed to be the “checks and balances” that help keep people HONEST and doing the unselfish work of NONPROFIT animal rescue.

Unfortunately, narcissistic, manipulative, sociopathic people are OFTEN only “into” animal rescue for the free money flowing in, the free animals they attain USING other peoples money that they can sell, and the accolades whereby animals in need are mere props, pawns, and a vehicle to celebrity and attention.

When you do suspect shady and/or illegal activities, or are suspicious of WHY so many animals are being killed, or are simply disappearing at an alarming rate and your questions go unanswered, or if you are the Treasurer in charge of the finances for the nonprofit and you’re unable to balance the books and/or are having difficulty figuring out what donation money is being spent on, IF you possess a conscience, or IF you have a sense of self-preservation, you would be well advised to distance yourself from questionable dealings and a rescue that is not as it appears.

Taking it an ethical step farther, whistle blowing may be in order to protect animals, and protect yourself, for the simple reason that when the domino’s begin to topple, even “if” you are an honest, ethical person, YOU will be painted with the same broad, tainted brush as the crooks and criminals because you didn’t say a word about the bad things that were happening at the “rescue” you were involved with.




Lyin’, Lying, Pathological Liars Operating in Donation-Funded FOR-PROFIT Animal Rescue – Kill Shelters

AKA – They kill and disappear innocent animals, don’t they?


Everyone watches the vile pattern of behavior unfold, as many primarily, or entirely donation-funded animal rescues-kill shelters, that are no better than generational welfare (FREE money) recipients workin’-it in the unregulated free-for-all that is the social media arena, attain more, and more, and more animals using donation money, and then refuse to tell the public WHERE IN THE HELL ARE ALL OF THE ANIMALS DISAPPEARING TOO and/or WHY ARE YOU KILLING RESCUED ANIMALS WITHOUT SHOWING VET REPORTS DETAILING WHY THE ANIMAL MUST BE PUT-DOWN?!?!?

It begs the question “why isn’t the concerned animal loving public doing more to get answers regarding the WHEREABOUTS of animals that are supposed to be safe at rescues that attained the animals through the USE of donation money?”


Here’s why, and if you don’t believe this is a primary reason people don’t pursue answers, go ahead and ask questions of your favorite donation-funded rescue that attains a lot of animals whose whereabouts are unknown mere days or months from when they were rescued:

ALL of the donation-funded “rescues” that tend to attain a lot of animals, but then won’t account for EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM after being attained with donated funds, have “enablers” and cult-members ready and willing to go on the attack on behalf of their gurus at the rescue – kill shelter they are ignorant followers of.

These nasty, vicious, chump followers can be counted on to go on the attack on people that ask simple, concise, straight-forward questions that honest rescues using donated funds to rescue and take care of animals will happily answer.

It’s quite easy to separate the real and good donation-funded animal rescues from the shady ones, that often are lowlife animal dealers posing as “rescues”;

all one needs to do is ask straight-forward, targeted questions and see if they readily answer, or instead they go into evasion-mode, they sic their brainwashed, idiotic, but vicious like a rabid dog cult followers on you, you have bogus false reports filed against you by “anonymous complainants, and other equally nasty things occur suddenly.

These sub-humans can be counted on to bully, threaten, belittle, defame, threaten, stalk, and even call in “false reports” (which is ILLEGAL by the way) to taxpayer-funded government agencies.

This is a quote from an expert on stalking:

“Organized Gang Stalking is a form of terrorism used against an individual in a malicious attempt to reduce the quality of a person’s life so they will:

have a nervous break-down, become incarcerated, institutionalized, experience constant mental, emotional, or physical pain, become homeless, and/or commit suicide.

This is done using well-orchestrated accusations, lies, rumors, bogus investigations, setups, framings, intimidation, overt or covert threats, vandalism, thefts, sabotage, torture, humiliation, emotional terror and general harassment.

It is a “ganging up” by members of the community, and via the Internet, who follow an organizer and participate in a systematic “terrorizing” of an individual.

Organized gang stalking can involve a group in the hundreds to thousands harassing a single person or family 24/7. The victim is stalked en masse by car, foot, bike, air and Internet in order alienate and isolate the victim. 

The goals of gang stalking are to:

Provoke the victim to assault someone and get arrested; 

Make the victim seem delusional/ mentally ill (see “gaslighting”);

Make the victim so depressed they become suicidal. 

Tactics used are relentless color harassment, noise harassment, air harassment, hand signals, electronic monitoring inside the home and car (complete invasion of privacy; 

redirecting of phone calls, emails, postal mail),

via social media, workplace mobbing, “directed conversation” and innuendo,

erratic/ aggressive driving, bizarre/rude/bullying behavior in the community, and much more.

This is extreme criminal activity that is becoming more common and needs to be outlawed.”

As more and more animal lovers donate and support rescues from afar (they follow the rescue via social media because they live hundreds, if not thousands of miles away – and if not for social media they do their carnie-fund-raising on to finagle money out of naive “marks”, MOST of these “retail rescues” wouldn’t even be in business – whereby they are not at the rescue facility to keep track of where the rescued animals are, more and more of these people are asking targeted questions regarding the “rescued animals” whereabouts and wellbeing.

Additionally, people are asking for documentation such as:

*vet reports that fundraisers were run to pay for veterinary services for the rescued animals,

*vet reports and euthanasia reports describing WHY an animal HAD to be put down,

*itemized vet bills for each particular horse the “rescue says” their vet is looking at, examining, and evaluating,

*number of animals rescued in the past year and current, date – stamped photos of the animals showing their condition,

*numbers of adoptions in the previous month featuring current photos of the animals in their new home,

*receipts for vet care,

*feed for animals,

*body disposal bills.

Very telling is when a primarily, or entirely donation-funded (as opposed to a primarily, or entirely self-funded animal rescue whose operators pay for everything, or most everything pertaining to the rescue with their own money) animal rescue becomes evasive, refuses to answer simple questions and provide documentation they should have.

A huge red flag is when the rescues true believer cult followers begin assaulting people asking questions by bullying, belittling, threatening, stalking, using foul, inappropriate language, name calling, and also calling in false reports to taxpayer-funded government agencies (illegal, but this happens A LOT).

If, or when this happens, the person being assaulted should start collecting screenshots of the lack of answers to their questions posed to the rescue, and also of the assaults by thug-followers of the “rescue” ‘gang bullying”, which will be sent to various law enforcement and other government agencies such as the Attorney Generals and Secretary of States offices that are in charge of investigating nonprofit animal rescues, along with detailed written complaints.

If more animal lovers would follow-through regarding asking questions that are supposed to be rescued, and also file complaints to the appropriate government agencies regarding animals that are supposed to be “rescued and safe” uthrough the use of asked for, and received “designated donations”, there would/will be far fewer “bad apple opportunist rescues” out for personal profit and gain USING animals as “props” and “bait”, and the rescues doing real rescue that they are not profiting and gaining from would get more much needed support.

Be sure to also include the entire Board of Directors for the rescue because even if unaware of wrongdoing, they are just as culpable as the people doing the shady and/or illegal activities at the rescue.

The Board of Directors are supposed to act as “checks and balances” for the rescue, so even if they aren’t “hands on” at the rescue, they are still supposed to be aware of the operations at the rescue.

Animal lovers in the public:

Don’t be sucked in, and become addicted to the entertain, excitment, and drama  that is spoon-fed to you by showboating, reality show-type animal rescues that are often operated by extreme narcissists, “puffers”, pathological liars, and even sociopaths that mostly care about themselves and not anything, or anyone else.

Real and honest animal rescue is not fireworks and drama – instead, the real, everyday rescuing and caring for rescued animals are labors of love, and is often about as exciting and entertaining as watching grass grow or paint dry.

In other words, don’t be the fool that’s born everyday and fall for what the opportunists and connivers in donation-funded rescue are trying to sell you in the form of drama and entertainment that you can live vicariously through them to rev-up the somewhat mundane daily life you lead.

True animal lovers couldn’t care less about being entertained, or living vicariously through the “actors” in donation-funded animal rescue because their primary concern and bottom-line is ALWAYS for the animals that are rescued, and also WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM AFTER THEY ARE RESCUED, so the manic antics of the “rescuers” at a reality-show-type “rescue” is mere distraction and smoke-and-mirrors designed to distract and deceive.

Part 1 : Beware of Mentally Ill Manipulators in Donation-Funded Animal Rescue & Their Equally Ill Cult-Followers


It has been scientifically proven that peoples attention-spans are becoming shorter and shorter. One study from 2013 relates that goldfish now have a longer attention-span than humans.

Here’s just one link of many on the subject:


However, if you are an animal-lover that truly CARES about the plight of animals, then you should be aware that animals everywhere are counting on you to read Part 1 and Part 2 of this blog about their plight at the hands of people that profess to be animal rescuers, but who instead are mentally-ill, and are often nothing more than animal traders and dealers bilking the public out of their hard-earned money, or conning wealthy people that have money into believing they actually “rescue animals”, when they really don’t.

Please read this blog post, visit the links provided at the end of the post, and see if you too don’t agree that the pattern of deception by many of the donation-funded animal traders and dealers posing as animal rescues is a cookie-cutter pattern and blueprint that many of them follow to attain YOUR MONEY that you work hard for, with their lies, manipulations, and deceptions.

Coming Soon4

Please also watch for the next blog post coming SOON which will cover how victims of these mentally ill peoples and their equally sick cult-followers abuse, stalking, harassment, threats, and attacks, can develop a strategy to go on the OFFENSE, joining groups whose links WILL be provided, that can and will help animal owners under attack, how to perhaps STOP the attack before it gets started, but still have a civil defamation lawsuit, who to speak with, who to file complaints and open investigations with, how to document everything, and MUCH, MUCH MORE.

Once victims of cyber-attacks by social-media-madness-mobs can get out of “defense-mode”, a state where the victims are always kept off-balance and in terror and fearing for their lives, and also their children and animals lives too, and instead begin building their case for a civil suit they will WIN regarding defamation at the very least, with the help of an organization that is forming for going on the offense in civil lawsuits (and when in defense-mode, the Cavalry Group is a very good group to have paid for a membership with: http://thecavalrygroup.com/ ), and with access to knowledgeable and sympathetic attorney’s that will work pro bono or on a contingency basis when those being sued have “deep pockets”, many of the ignorant-ones in the mobs disappear because they do NOT want to be held to ACCOUNT for their hateful, and often illegal actions, in defense of a rescue animal trader/dealer/flipper they don’t know, haven’t met, and probably will never meet, when they are dragged into civil court, sued, and they find out what its like to LOSE money, respect, and their reputation.

ALL of those negative things occur because they were ignorant, their arrogant sick minds told them they are doing nothing wrong, they “thought” in their warped-and deviant-minds that they were legally untouchable (because hey, “its only the Internet, right, how bad can that be?” and “I use an alternate name or user name, so they don’t know who I am”), and in some cases surprisingly enough, they actually thought the rescue dealer/trader “liked them” and “valued them” when the fact is they were just being used and handled, and then they are thrown away when their “use-and-purpose” is done.

They will find out they were and are wrong when it comes to the legalities of their attacks on behalf of a retail rescue –  the bullied are fighting back nowadays, and using social media, message boards, and most importantly, the courts to do so — and the victims of ruthless and unjust attacks will never stop until they get back their good reputation, their animals (if the animals haven’t been killed or “disappeared” where they are un-findable or dead), and the money they lost having to defend themselves against the ruthless MOB, with the retail rescue cowards that never attack solo leading the charge.

Most of all, victims-on-the-offense will never stop until there is justice and they are vindicated against these evil, conscienceless deviants that have bottomless pits that can never be filled where their souls are supposed to be.


For those that don’t just follow blindly along being a “true believer” that are like a bunch of little Fonzies telling each other how “cool” they are and agreeing with everything a “rescue” does, and also doing a virtual “high five” with other Kool-Aid drinking followers worshiping their own version of Jim Jones, this blog post, and the next one, are for you.

As for the people with minds closed tight as a drum and that don’t care that they’re being “handled” and used by people they don’t even know, and there is only a fractional chance they’ll ever meet in person, let alone visit their “rescue”?

You’ll probably be more comfortable leaving now so that your tightly slammed shut mind doesn’t open and take in some facts about donation-funded animal rescue, and how to tell the “good guys” from the crooks.

So go on, git, because no one here wants you and your ignorance, deception, and evil stupidity….


Let’s Get Started — The Types of Rescues:

Here’s a brief synopsis of what the various, most common types of rescues “classifications” are for those that do not understand yet what is being written about:

  • Primarily or wholly publicly-donation-funded, publicly-marketed, publicly-operated, adoption-based rescues:
    These are animal rescues that are usually only in operation because of the support and generosity of the animal loving donating public that often “Shares” their ‘pleas for help’, and sometimes also donates to them too.
    They primarily use “real time” social media to “reach out” to people across the country and around the world for donations, through both “designated fundraisers” and “undesignated-generic donations”.
    An example of a “designated fundraiser” is when a rescue writes “we’re ‘pulling dogs that are on the euthanasia list at an animal shelter and we need help doing so with your donations” or “we’re going to the monthly horse sale and are going to “rescue”/buy some horses to keep them out of the hands of kill buyers, can you donate?”.
    In many states, laws have been passed that registered non-profits in the state with that law must register with the state for each and every designated fundraiser they have, no matter how big, or how small the fundraiser is.”Undesignated or generic donations” are just that: donations sent to the “rescue” they can use on anything they want related to their charity/non-profit/tax-exempt organization, not to be used for non-charity, for-profit related items or endeavors, or for their personal use (a vacation trip to the Bahamas’ or the primary participants, volunteers, etc getting their nails done for instance).
    Adoption-based means they get in animals, attempt to rehabilitate them physically, emotionally, behaviorally, and then they “adopt” them out usually under contract to an adopter that has qualified to be an adopter of a suitable and compatible animal.
  • Primarily or wholly publicly donation-funded, publicly-marketed, but not adoption-based sanctuaries:
    These too are rescues, but unlike “adoption-based” rescues, they are often sanctuaries for animals that have physical and/or behavioral issues they cannot be rehabilitated from. They are often also not adoption-based because of the nature and types of animals they take-in that have “issues” that would make them difficult to adopt into a long term “forever” home, with some animals being too dangerous to ever responsibly adopt them to anyone.
    These types of animals do not want to be “put down” even though they aren’t useful for anything in the practical sense of the word “useful”, so the rescue cares for them until they finally have to be put down usually because of physical problems/illness/disease/age/injury related issues and the animal does not want to live anymore.
    People that have been around animals a long time, even if they haven’t had that particular animal a long time, know when an animal wants to live, and also when they want to die.
    It all comes down to abiding by the animals wishes of whether to continue with life, or help them pass with a dignified death. No animal should ever be put down for convenience-sake, and no animal should be killed by a rescue just because they have no practical use.
  • { NOTE: There is a disturbing trend in animal rescue of “convenience killing” after the rescue has “sorted” animals for adoptability/salability and/or after their “sympathy-pity donation-value” has been exhausted, has NO PLACE in rescue.  Furthermore, if the animal loving public WAS NOT financing these animal traders/dealers posing as “rescues” regarding doing seizure scams in the “rescue racket”, taking in animals and/or buying these animals, and then also paying with their donations for these “rescues” to have the time to “sort” animals, these animal traders/dealers would NOT be getting in animals they profit from in thousands upon thousands of dollars in free money donations, and also “adoption-for-a-fee”/sales, and they certainly wouldn’t be so blithely killing them either.MOST animal lovers believe that animals should not be euthanized/”put down” unless there is a valid reason pertaining to the animals health, when it comes to rescues doing animal rescue. And if these animal lovers and supporters of donation-funded animal rescues that “put down” (and “disappear”) a lot of animals were given the complete and true story of “why” a rescue ‘says’ they “had” to “put down” an animal instead of often getting spoon-fed the pabulum of fiction and lies by the “rescue”, they would be horrified regarding how many animals are killed and betrayed by common animal traders/dealers POSING as ‘rescues” just so they can part the animal loving public from their money. }

Many of these types of donation-funded rescues/sanctuaries and hospices are not generally open to the public, nor does the public come to their facility to interact in a “social club”-type way.

They have different insurance requirements from those of “open to the public” rescues – “adoption-based” rescues because the liability insurance with the public on the premises frequently, and the limits on their policy, as well as the premiums, are often higher because the policy generally has to cover the public interacting/handling animals, and perhaps also riding at the rescue if it is a horse rescue in order to try-out horses, there may be smaller children around, etc.

Additionally, because of the nature of the animals at a sanctuaries facility, many of these types of rescues do not have “just anyone” from the public volunteering, and often it is a facility that does not have the public on the premises at all.
This is mostly because even with a signed liability release, liability insurance would be a necessity that is relatively expensive to carry with higher liability risk limits if animals have behavioral issues and may be dangerous beyond “the norm” for the species of animal, so these sanctuaries, and perhaps hospices, may not want to pay for insurance that covers the public on the premises, and the rescue is family operated with few, if any, volunteers on the premises.

And finally, because sanctuaries and hospices, whether publicly donation-funded, or self-funded, don’t tend to do the flashier, dramatic, and exciting rescues the public tends to latch onto like they’re dying of thirst in the desert and the ‘rescue’ doing a very public and dramatic ‘rescue’ is water, they often are running on a shoe-string budget, or could be doing just fine, but cannot afford the “nicey-nice” “image is everything” things that some/many in the public use to gauge the worthiness of a rescue.
And since liability insurance is expensive in most cases when a rescue IS carrying the correct insurance (some are NOT), many sanctuaries opt-out of having volunteers, or even employees (Workers Comp would be necessary; adds on even more expensive insurance the rescue may not want to afford), and the rescue/sanctuary is family-run.

The FACT however for either of the two examples above of primarily or wholly publicly-donation-funded animal rescues is that WHEN they are primarily or wholly publicly donation-funded, they have at the very least an ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITY, and owe it to the generous public that facilitates their operation with their kind donations and support, to answer any and all questions posed to them by the supportive, donating public.

More on what some of those questions are later in this blog.

  • Primarily, or wholly self-funded rescues, sanctuaries, and hospices, that may, or may not also be adoption-based, do NOT share the same responsibility to the public to share any and all information with the public, or answer questions regarding the operation of the rescue for the simple reason that the operators of the rescue pay for everything, or nearly everything, themselves.
    They usually are not in the habit of running very many, if any, designated fundraisers, they often don’t actively “ask” for donations other than perhaps something written on their website and/or Facebook page that “donations are gladly accepted and very much appreciated”.
    Most of these type of rescues that are not actively and aggressively soliciting donations will still be happy to answer questions that are posed to them. However, since it is primarily, or wholly, their own money that funds their rescue operation and efforts, what they do, or don’t do with animals that were rescued, taken-in because they had no where else to go, or bought in order to save them from a bad fate, really isn’t any business of the publics because the public is contributing little, if anything, to the rescue of animals, the operation of the rescue, vet bills, feed bills, etc.

These are more like private animal owners, but with the perk that if someone does donate to them and they in fact are a 501c3 tax exempt organization, the donor will receive a tax receipt.

This discussion will focus on publicly-operated, publicly-marketed, publicly-donation-funded adoption-based rescues for the simple reason these are the types of rescues that are being infiltrated by animal dealers/traders/flippers posing as animal rescues, and the ONLY way to separate the good and honest donation-funded, adoption-based rescues from the animal dealer retail rescues that fleece the public for free money donations is to ASK QUESTIONS and EXPECT ANSWERS BEFORE YOU SUPPORT and/or DONATE to them.

PART TWO: https://4graceandtruth.wordpress.com/2015/06/15/part-two-beware-of-mentally-ill-manipulators-in-donation-funded-animal-rescue-their-equally-ill-cult-followers/