INTERVENTION — Reality Show Rescue Addicts – How YOU Are Killing the Animals

This is an Intervention.
It probably won’t work, but for the sake of innocent animals, we must at least try.
Unfortunately, social media has made fundraising, marketing, and PR free and easy for donation-funded “welfare animal rescues”.
We are not speaking of the welfare of animals, oh no, far from it. Instead, these “rescues” are exactly like welfare recipients that supposedly “can’t find a job” and/or like scammers that say they can’t work but they are not disabled. Since they are often really good actors, they have fake accidents with them playing the part of the victim – i.e. the “slip and fall accident” is the classic “accident” and one that most everyone has heard of. The scam-artists “work the system” committing fraud and collecting as much free money as they can before starting in with other scams.
Some, perhaps many of the operators of animal rescues are the garden-variety con-artists that have come out of their holes because there are literally MILLIONS of “marks” and “addicts” on social media they can con money out of using animals as “the hook” and “donation-bait”.
They use and exploit animals AND gullible people who literally become addicted to reality-show-fakery as their primary source of entertainment (these people must live pathetically sad, miserable, boring little lives to be sucked-in by the players that run these scams).
People that follow these “rescues” that assuredly aren’t animal rights or animal welfare rescues unless “rescuing” animals includes conning money out of people and then disposing of animals “wherever”, are NOT animal lovers even though they may actually believe they are.
Why are they not really animal lovers? For the fundamental reason that they really don’t care to know where EVERY ANIMAL the reality-show-rescue that USES other peoples money to operate (the primary players at the pretend-rescue don’t have jobs, so they can’t operate their “rescue” unless fools send them money they don’t have to account for) they follow “rescues” ends up weeks, months, or a year after “rescue”.
The so-called “animal lovers” also don’t care to know if the animal is dead or alive once its been swallowed up by the “rescue”.
And most astonishing is the fact that all a person needs are two eyes and a normally functioning brain in order to determine that these “rescues” aren’t presenting the non-glamorous “reality” of rescue much of the time.
They are presenting entertainment, pretend, fantasy-fiction for the viewers enjoyment, and more importantly for people who have made their “careers rescuing, they provide fast-paced, ever-changing drama, emergencies, sympathy-eliciting stories for the primary purpose of loosening their followers purse strings.
The honest facts related to real rescuing are that its often intensive, hard work taking care of multiple animals, there isn’t usually drama and excitement every day, and real rescuers OFTEN work at non-rescue-related jobs in order to be the primary financial provider for the animals they have taken responsibility for so in the event that no donations or outside financial help came in at all, the animals would still have their critical needs met and the rescuers just wouldn’t be able to drive nicer vehicles (what are those?), get cosmetic surgery (for what reason? The animals don’t care what a person looks like), take vacations to exotic locales (vacations are so few and far between for real rescuers, they can’t remember the last time they “went someplace” on vacation), buy the trendy, expensive handbag or sunglasses (some really nice things can be found at thrift stores), etc.
Sure, the “addicted-ones” will tell people they “asked questions” of the “rescue”, however, their questions are OFTEN answered with vagueness by the animal dealers posing as a rescue with pretend answers such as “they were adopted”, “they’re in a foster home”, or “they’re at the trainers”, and golly-gosh, that’s good enough for the naive, ignorant, addicted chumps.
Far be it for them to ask for current photos and/or videos. And of course they never ask to see vet reports their reality-show-rescue should have because “every animal is examined by the vet upon intake”. So when a “bone is thrown” to these dumb, addicted people and the “rescue” periodically posts a vet report, or shows photos or videos of animals in their new home, well hot damn, they’ve been shown things and in their non-animal loving addicts minds, that’s good enough for them. Its good enough for these dumb people to the extent that even when a “rescue” has “rescued” hundreds of animals in a year that donation money paid for securing the animal and to pay for their on-going care, throwing the addicted morons a bone and showing a couple of photos, a video here and there, or a vet report is still good enough for them to not question where in the hell are ALL of the several hundred other animals?
These addicted buffoons, like addicts everywhere, aren’t going to rock that boat by pushing for answers to questions regarding hundreds of animals their favorite rescue “rescued” in a years time.
The reason they don’t ask in-depth questions they expect answers for?  Because addicts can’t take the chance their “supplier” the reality-show-rescue that keeps them entertained cuts them off from that entertainment, drama and camaraderie  they are addicted to. They sure as hell don’t want to be shunned, blocked, or even bullied and threatened by other addicted-follower-chumps.
Normally it wouldn’t be a big deal if people were/are addicted to a reality show because the players in the show are there of their own free will to make money, to get attention because many of them are narcissists, etc.
However, in the case of donation-funded reality-show-animal-rescue, the primary players, innocent animals USED as “donation-bait”, are being used and exploited in order for the scam-artists in animal rescue to earn obscene amounts of money they don’t have to account for because they always have multiple accounts people send money to, they love the accolades, and they love having brain-washed addicts to sic on anyone that is “giving them trouble” – you know, like the real animal lovers that keep pressing for answers regarding where rescued animals are, are they alive or dead, and if dead, where are the vet and euthanasia reports relating why the rescued animal that donations attained and are supposed to be used for their on-going care were killed?
'Why should I go out in the real world when I have so much reality TV?'
None of this will probably have an impact, or will change the behavior of the non-animal-loving addicts because they are lost to their addiction and most of them don’t think they need help.
This information is for the real animal lovers who are perhaps uncertain of what’s going on and are kind of sitting the fence on this issue.
Please do ALL of the “rescued animals” what could be a life-saving favor and have the courage to ask in-depth questions of “rescues” that say they are “transparent” and “an open book”. When they write stuff like that, a registered nonprofit MUST answer questions. It is unlawful for them not to.
Please be brave enough to pursue answers. Don’t let the bullies at the “rescue” and their addicted followers shout you down. Like bullies and mobs everywhere, they count on the fact that “you don’t want trouble” or “its not my problem” and you’ll leave them alone.
Its understandable to be afraid of being bullied, harassed, stalked, and maybe even threatened by mobs of addicted-followers.
Seriously, the fake rescues getting away with scamming isn’t totally their fault. After all, con-artists are the same everywhere and they’ve been around since humans have walked the Earth.
The people that are to blame for why these scams work are the naive, gullible, and yes, addicted people that so badly want to be a part of the “team”, and they have a need to be entertained at the expense of innocent animals because they are lacking something in their own lives and they live vicariously through the excitement the scammer’s provide them with every time they “tune-in” online.
All that being said however, the true victims are the animals that are being used for criminal and personal profit and gain by people portraying themselves as animal lovers and rescuers.
The innocent animals can’t defend themselves, they don’t have a voice, and its a horrible tragedy AND betrayal of the worst kind when they are used to gain money and then killed and disappeared like broken merchandise when the con-artists in rescue are done using them and need “fresh merchandise” (to sell while calling it “adoption”) and ‘donation-bait’ animals (you know, the ones that are paraded around as “donation-bait” even if they’re in pain)  to create drama out of so their addict-followers can get their “fix”.
Animal Rights1
If you really love animals, please don’t turn your back on them. Please don’t let the “bad actors” get away with playing the role of the victim that have so many “haters” out “to get them”. These women (few men) can turn on the waterworks any time, any place they need to in order to get sympathy from their addict-followers when all they really need to do is ANSWER QUESTIONS REGARDING WHERE ALL OF THE ANIMALS THEY RESCUED IN THE PAST YEAR USING DONATION MONEY ARE, AND ARE THEY ALIVE OR DEAD. Yes, it IS that simple. People that are organized enough to have multiple admin’s, many volunteers, they submit grant applications, they do photo ops and live video feeds, they have “teams” for everything you can think of, they enter contests, they have merchandise to buy of all different types, and on and on, are CERTAINLY organized enough to KNOW where every, single animal they “rescued” in the past year are, and are they alive or dead.
So don’t let them get away with any more fakery of them playing the victim/s because they are NOT. They use the pathetic victim role in order to distract people from pursuing answers, and the only victims when they are allowed to get away with their BS are the animals that are supposed to be safe in rescue, and often are not.
Instead of letting them “work you”, ask questions regarding where ALL of the animals a donation-funded rescue has “rescued” currently are weeks, months, and a year after the animal was rescued. Responsible rescues have that information and will also be happy to provide current date-stamped photos and/or videos of every single animal they rescued using donor money.
And if the animal is dead, responsible rescues will provide vet and euthanasia reports that relate why it was the option chosen.
Please be a Champion for rescued animals, don’t turn your back on them because some freak con-artists threaten you.
The so-called “rescued animals” are counting on real and true animal lovers to be their voice – especially if they have fallen into the hands of the new breed and trend in rescue of reality-show-rescues that have addicted followers that really don’t care what ultimately happens to the animals and are only interested in getting their excitement and entertainment “fix” in order to deal with their often mundane, boring lives.
Do Something1
One last thing if you decide to be a Champion for animals: start creating a paper trail of screengrabs and correspondence of you politely asking a donation-funded rescue questions regarding the animals they’ve “rescued” using donation money.
Their dodging, evasion to answering your questions, and lying will leave no doubt in the minds of investigators that somethings “hinkey” as you begin at the local level where the rescue is located and keep walking up the ladder to the regional, state, and federal complaint level if necessary.
Many people hit a brick wall at the local level when filing complaints because of “one hand washing the other”, incentives, friendships in law enforcement, etc.
So document everything, keep files so that when it is time to complain on behalf of the animals being used and disposed of, you can go beyond the local level, get beyond that corruption, and show investigators that you really did try to stay local with your concerns, but the almost incestuous local corruption was impossible to get past.
Do it for the animals because with reality-show-social-media-rescuing as the money-making trend the past several years using animals as “donation-bait”, there are thousands upon thousands of animals every year that are being USED and then eliminated like they never existed at all.
With true animal lovers help, the scammer-rescues can be exposed and eliminated, allowing the rescues that love animals to flourish…….but that won’t happen until real and true animal lovers unite, take a stand, and take action on behalf of all of the animals that need your help.

Drama-junkies Supporting Donation-Funded “Rescues-Kill Shelters” Are Guilty Of HEARTLESS Executions of Innocent”Rescued Animals”


All Life Matters

When to Euthanize — YesBiscuit Blog

In reading at the link above how making the decision to euthanize beloved animals is often the most difficult decision a loving animal owner will ever have to make, this is why it’s so disturbing that more and more for-profit animal “rescues”/”shelters” that are primarily, or entirely donation-fueled (that’s why they so disingenously pander to the naive, gullible, foolish people on social media with their OFTEN fictional-fantasy, lying stories of their “heroics” because if the public stopped sending them free money, their animal dealerships would fold) kill MANY healthy animals that are supposed to be safe-in-rescue just because:

1. They can’t sell/adopt the animal out for enough money to make it worth their time and money to warrent letting the animal live peacefully in rescue/sanctuary,

2. The rescued animal won’t sell quickly enough so that they can make room for more animals they can beg for “emergency donations” to ‘rescue’;

3. The animal may have mild NON-life threatening physical and/or behavioral issues that will hinder adopting them out with, or without a fee.


The current world of social media “retail rescue” functions off of the high volume, high turnover of animals going in and out of the “rescue-kill shelters”, and “crisis rescuing” which bring in the most money in donations from the naive, easily manipulated, donating public.

Mob Mentality

Drama-junkie, entertainment-addicted faux animal lovers in the rescue world tune-in to online social media “rescue” to be entertained, and an “emergency rescue” is orchastrated by the master manipulators at primarily, or entirely donation-fueled and funded “rescues” to play on the social-media-rescue-following publics heartstrings, and loosen their purse strings again, and again, and again like the mundane, daily, and ordinary tasks of everyday rescuing and daily care of animals never can.


The problem with this model of “rescuing” is that there MUST be crisis and a sense of immediacy of “we NEED YOUR MONEY NOW so we can rescue these poor animals” in order for the FREE donation money to keep flowing in to the for-profit retail rescues coffers.

In fact, this accounts for a huge portion of their income stream and monthly nut.

However, what’s a retail rescue to do with the reality of them accumulating more, and more, and more animals that they can’t sell quickly, or can’t sell at all, can’t find foster homes for to get the animals off their feed and maintenance bills that designated donations are raised to cover, can’t get rid of animals that don’t want to die, but badly want to live?


You kill healthy animals, and then convince the foolish, entertainment-addicted public that you had “no other choice” because the animal “had issues”, all while NOT SHOWING VET REPORTS AND EUTHANASIA REPORTS that show WHY and HOW the animal was euthanized/KILLED/EXECUTED.

asking questions5

It’s an interesting and tragic phenomenon when so many in the public are so quick to follow blindly along when a donation-fueled “rescue” kills animals “they say” ‘needed to die’ in a supposed mercy-killing, but when asked for documentation that illustrates the WHY’S and HOW’S of the killing, they:

*refuse to answer,

*or they are evasive in their answers,

*or they are aggressive and combative in their answers,

*or they sic their thug keyboard-bully followers on anyone that dares to care enough about animals to ask questions

of WHY animals that had thousands of dollars sent in by generous people in the public to rescue them end up being DEAD by:

*chemical euthanasia,



*or disappeared into the black hole of “de-valued animals” that exhausted their “donation-value” have a way of doing.


The trend of people going along with the killings of rescued animals that had donation-money sent in through various unregulated, unaccountable means of payment appears to be hitting it’s peak as more people become suspicious of “rescue-kill shelters” who beg and plead for donation money as new “crisis rescues” appear constantly……….

…..but there are still people that follow the for-profit retail rescues for the entertainment-value that think anything the “rescue sez” is just dandy, which effectively makes the often phony ‘rescues’ asshole enabler followers JUST AS RESPONSIBLE for the KILLING of animals that are supposed to be “rescued and safe”.

These shallow, stupid supporters may have just as well killed the innocent animals themselves, with the poisoned syringe and needle in their grubby hands, or a smoking gun and blood explosions as yet another healthy animal that wants to live, dies instead.

Pathological Liar8

For those idiotic, heartless, cruel people that go along with the de-valuing of the lives of animals just like your favorite rescues tell you you should:

*you are traitors and betrayors,

*and your shit attitudes in the de-valuing of lives just because you’re too drama-addicted and stupid to realize that YOU, just like the so-called ‘rescued animals’, are props, and pawns, and cogs in a wheel that are being USED to power the enabling of a for-profit animal dealership posing as a “rescue” to buy, sell, barter, trade, and KILL animals when their usefulness is OVER.

YOUR willfully clueless behavior is not going un-noticed by those who are determined to put a stop to the wholesale killing of animals by the money-grubbing serial killers of animals.

Innocent, gentle animals are supposed to be rescued with thousands of dollars of donation money sent in for that purpose.

Instead, MANY are being callously and cruelly killed after their value in bringing in FREE MONEY for the narcissists and sociopaths in social media crisis-rescuing is over.

Crisis-rescue-junkies — keep up your mindless, moronic, junkie-behavior and it will be too late to disassociate yourself from your favorite scammy donation-fueled “rescue-kill shelter” that kills animals and that will be exposed, it’s just a matter of time.

They wouldn’t get away with their despicable killing behavior if YOU weren’t enabling them by being:

*a dumb groupie and cheerleader,

*a donor,

*an excuse-maker,

*and a keyboard-bully attacking people that ask reasonable questions,

for the primary reasons that YOU want to be entertained (to relieve the boredom of your purposeless life?)

*you live vicariously through other people and their manic, mentally unbalanced behavior

and you for some sad reason also pathetically have the NEED to belong.

Animal Rights1

You can still redeem yourself and help stop the killing of innocent animals that are supposed to be “safe in rescue”…..really, you can.

All you have to do is:

*admit that talented scam – artists operating on social media managed to fool you with their puffery, misrepresentation, embellishments, and blatant, pathological LYING,

*think for yourself,

*don’t be afraid of not belonging to a killing team, a murderous village, a heathen tribe,

*and care enough about animals to ask questions,

*and if/WHEN  logical, concise answers are NOT forth-coming,

*you will file complaints with organizations and agencies that will get answers one way or another in order to,

*protect “rescued animals” from being USED, BETRAYED, and KILLED by those running con-games posing as rescuers in DONATION-FUELED rescue.


It IS that easy to become a hero for animals,

to be their voice,

EXPOSING those that will never stop exploiting them,

until YOU,

and YOU,

and thousands of YOU’s,

come together in harmony and love

to STOP the greedy, self-absorbed conscience-LESS traitors,

from hurting and killing animals,

with no questions asked and answered,

UNLESS and UNTIL they are persistently demanded.

sheeple people2

Oh, and by-the-way, those people that are on the Board of Directors or are Officers in these “rescues” that wantonly and callously KILL healthy, innocent animals that are supposed to be “safe in rescue” that were “rescued” USING DONATED FUNDS?

You may think you can plead ignorance and innocence regarding the misuse of donated funds AND the KILLING of healthy, innocent rescued animals.

However, YOU are supposed to be the “checks and balances” that help keep people HONEST and doing the unselfish work of NONPROFIT animal rescue.

Unfortunately, narcissistic, manipulative, sociopathic people are OFTEN only “into” animal rescue for the free money flowing in, the free animals they attain USING other peoples money that they can sell, and the accolades whereby animals in need are mere props, pawns, and a vehicle to celebrity and attention.

When you do suspect shady and/or illegal activities, or are suspicious of WHY so many animals are being killed, or are simply disappearing at an alarming rate and your questions go unanswered, or if you are the Treasurer in charge of the finances for the nonprofit and you’re unable to balance the books and/or are having difficulty figuring out what donation money is being spent on, IF you possess a conscience, or IF you have a sense of self-preservation, you would be well advised to distance yourself from questionable dealings and a rescue that is not as it appears.

Taking it an ethical step farther, whistle blowing may be in order to protect animals, and protect yourself, for the simple reason that when the domino’s begin to topple, even “if” you are an honest, ethical person, YOU will be painted with the same broad, tainted brush as the crooks and criminals because you didn’t say a word about the bad things that were happening at the “rescue” you were involved with.




“Retail Rescues” – HELP STOP This Greedy Blight in Donation-Funded Animal Rescue

“Retail Rescues”  – HELP STOP This Greedy Blight in Donation-Funded Animal Rescue

Speak the Truth2

“If you really want to help ANIMALS, tell people the truth! They may not like it and they may even hate you; yet again, tell them the truth!”

Exposing “retail rescues” in “the rescue racket” is a necessity in the current climate in donation-funded animal rescues because FAR TOO MANY “animals with issues” are being KILLED and “disappeared” by those that “say”speaking with forked-tongues – that they are “rescuing them”.

The ONLY way to separate the hard working, selfless, compassionate donation-funded animal rescues from those that are nothing more, and nothing less than con-artists and/or animal dealers, traders, and “flippers” USING animals and nice animal loving people as pawns and props for their own personal profit, is to ASK QUESTIONS and EXPECT ANSWERSYES, it really is that simple!

Speak the Truth9

The video at the link below is “tongue-in-cheek” and a ‘spoof” but more TRUE than most people that don’t follow the seedier side of donation-funded for-profit animal rescuing know.

“Work From Home Opportunities
The wave of the future is here! Join the entrepreneurs that found the way from rags to riches in the animal rescue industry”

This video highlights just one tactic of MANY used by scammers in donation-funded and social media fueled “animal rescue”.

The bottom-line for the master-manipulators who run these “showboating” and “image is everything” (to the superficial masses that are impressed with that kind of ‘stuff’) “retail rescues” is for THEM to PROFIT at the expense of ANIMALS.

Since there is currently NO OVERSIGHT and NO government agencies and/or organizations TRACKING WHAT HAPPENS to ALL of the animals that are “rescued” AFTER they are “rescued”, many “animals with issues” are USED for profit in the collection of thousands of dollars in donations BY THE RESCUES and are then KILLED or “disappeared” after they have been USED.

Speak the Truth6

A “crisis rescue” is planned, orchestrated, and marketed to the “animal loving public” in a frenzied flurry of activity that is touted as an emergency of “we NEED your help NOW! Send us your donations because otherwise we can’t help these animals”.

AFTER that flurry of activity of a “crisis rescue” (that appeals to those with short-attention-spans) has died down and animal lovers on the Internet that “helped” with their support, their Sharing, and their $$$$$ have “gone back to their lives”, MANY of the obvious “animals with issues” that can’t be USED for anything and no one wants them, are KILLED or “disappeared”.

The animals with “adoption-value” are marketed as “adoptable-for-a-fee” for a period of time, but if there are NO TAKERS, “the rescue” may first try “waiving” the adoption-fee in order to get out from under paying for the care and maintenance of the animal, but failing that, and in order to make room for “fresh merchandise” animals, animals are secretly killed and disappeared and “the public” that supports “the rescue” is none the wiser because they typically don’t ask about ALL the animals AFTER they are supposedly “rescued”.

The short-attention-spanned general public that love animals aren’t AWARE of this nasty stuff happening because they “don’t have the time” or the inclination to follow up on WHAT HAPPENS to ALL of the “RESCUED” ANIMALS AFTER THEY ARE RESCUED.

Speak the Truth12

Many/most of these animal lovers don’t want to have their “happy-happy-happy-animal-rescue” bubbles burst by KNOWING that donation-funded retail rescue is just plain nasty and is a money-making profit center for swindlers, and it is OFTEN detrimental to the “animals with issues”, or those deemed by the retail rescue as “UN-USEABLE”, that are supposed to be “rescued”, but end up dead or “disappeared” instead.

This is because most people DON’T WANT TO KNOW this is happening and they are participating in it whether they know it or not.

The video at the link above portrays ONLY ONE of the MANY other unethical, nasty frauds perpetrated upon the animal loving public USING animals, these ploys are often ILLEGAL, and at the very least, they are manipulations that USE ANIMALS for scummy peoples PERSONAL GAIN, and they HAPPEN ALL THE TIME in “retail rescuing”.

“Retail rescues” RELY on the USE of the INTERNET, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, they RELY on the “real time” aspects of ramping-up an “emergency” and a sense of immediacy USING SOCIAL MEDIA such as Facebook, message boards, Twitter, Insta-Gram, Tumblr, etc where thousands of people can “help rescue from afar” and then go on with their lives WITHOUT EVER ASKING QUESTIONS REGARDING WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL OF THE RESCUED ANIMALS and WHERE ARE ALL OF THEM? 

MOST animal lovers and “rescuers from afar” don’t want to know these cruddy things because it ruins their illusions of all “animal rescuers” being wonderful, self-sacrificing animal lovers, and it also ruins their sense of helping.

The FACT however is that MANY of the people involved in “retail rescue” – you know the ones, they went from “rags-to-riches” in a few short years, they haven’t been caught scamming (yet) and they will continue to ride the donation-funded retail rescue gravy train until it won’t go anymore – are perfectly willing to do whatever necessary to get what they want (money, material goods, praise, accolades that feed their over-blown egos), inclusive of KILLING and “disappearing” animals that they don’t have further USE for.

Speak the Truth14

This disgusting stuff happens across-the-board in all different types of DONATION-FUNDED-animal rescue (making any and all donation-funded animal rescues look bad when that isn’t the case), and they are common, “text book” scams that low-down con-artists with no conscience, no compassion, no sense of right and wrong, no sense of the difference between truth or lies USE for their OWN profit-and-GAIN – ANYONE and ANYTHING is FAIR GAME for these PREDATORS that have literally infiltrated animal rescue.

There are multitudes of swindlers and scammers that are hardened con-artists that get naïve volunteers and followers to do all the WORK FOR THEM, and entirely for free because they KNOW that all they have to do is shower people with (insincere) praise, and since most people delight in being praised, even when behind their backs the scammers call them “idiots” and “chumps”, people will keep “helping” in the hopes of being praised some more and being included on “the team” (yuck, it hurts to even write those words when animals are being killed because of “the team”).

Speak the Truth10

Some people figure out there is “something not quite right” with “the rescue” or “the team” when money is ALWAYS being asked for, there is ALWAYS a new crisis, someone is always being attacked and “the rescue” ALWAYS “needs” peoples (the MOBS they ramp-up) “help” in attacking them, they ask questions and get no answers, not all of the animals are accounted for their whereabouts, etc, so they “leave” and won’t support or “help” that “rescue” anymore.
THEN, if they do make any “noise” about the suspected, and also factual, dirty dealings at “the rescue”, they OFTEN become targets for attack by the “True Believers” with their heads-in-the-sand that are loyal to “the rescue”, so they shut-up and walk away

Revolving Door2 Revolving Door3

The TRAGEDY is that people leaving the retail rescue “team” doesn’t really matter all that much when “retail rescues” USE social media to run their scams.

New people that aren’t yet wise to their deceitful patterns of behavior come through the ever-turning revolving-door-of-followers, the players at the “rescue” cajole so earnestly to “give to help save” animals, they run their “crisis rescues” and “social club rescue” on social media, the manipulations continue, and animals continue to be KILLED and “disappeared” in the ever-churning “rescue racket” machine.


The people with sociopathic-leanings in retail rescue that PROFIT and GAIN intuitively KNOW that all it takes to get people to DO things for them, defend them, “look the other way” when they see or hear things that aren’t nice happening (such as animals disappearing from the rescue facility and stupid stories being told of “WHERE they went”), and some things that happen that are downright UGLY– (killing USELESS animals “the rescue” doesn’t want to feed and take care of) – is PRAISE and / or BRIBE people; that’s IT, that’s all they have to do!

Lavish PRAISE on people and/or BRIBE them with something they want, and then human nature takes over and they are IN THE SCAMMERS POCKET!

Tell people “I/we couldn’t do this without you”, and bunches of other sleazy lies, and people puff-up with pride, or they see “gifts” headed their way, and combine it with “helping animals” and the tasty witches brew is ready for consumption by the weak-willed that turn a blind eye to the useless animals that want to live, but instead are being killed and “disappeared”.

Kind and true animal lovers NEED to band together and rally in order to STOP this EVIL CHARADE BEFORE more animals that were supposed to be rescued are killed or “disappeared” instead in the ULTIMATE BETRAYAL which IS NOT a “last act of kindness” at all!


Loyalty to the Soul1

WHERE are the people with loyalty to the innocent and voiceless animals?

Where are the people with loyalty to what’s “right” and what’s “wrong”?

WHERE are those people with loyalty to their OWN SOUL who will SPEAK-UP and ASK QUESTIONS in order to get to the TRUTH?



Speak the Truth

REAL animal lovers and rescuers don’t just walk away from “helping” “the rescue” when they suspect something “not right” is happening.

They instead ASK QUESTIONS that should be VERY SIMPLE and EASY to answer, and if they don’t have their questions ANSWERED in any kind of concise, truthful, and satisfactory way that can be fact-checked and verified as the truth, or if their QUESTIONS are entirely ignored, they walk-away AND:

1.  they make sure the lack of answers are EXPOSED to the public

2. they make sure the lack of answers are also EXPOSED to the appropriate government agencies that govern registered,

3. and also those that are not registered ANYWHERE,

4. donation-funded animal rescues, humane societies, aspca’s and spca’s

so that the government agencies will be forced to DO their JOBS and get answers and also INVESTIGATE animal rescues that *may* be nothing more than hustlers hustling for their own profit and gain and/or are nothing more than RETAIL animal dealers, traders, brokers, and flippers USING the animal loving public AND innocent animals for their own personal GAIN and PROFIT.

Below is the link to a Informational Questionnaire that should be sent to each and every donation-funded animal rescue/welfare organization.

It contains a basic information page of questions that the rescue should have at their fingertips.

The questionnaire is basic “yes” or “no” questions/answers (how much easier can it be to answer questions?) the animal rescue/welfare organization should be more than happy to fill out completely and return to the sender IF they are a completely accountable and “transparent” donation-funded animal rescue/welfare organization.

Speak the Truth3

Please animal lovers in the public, take the time to CARE about ALL of the animals that are allegedly being “rescued”.

Its easy and simple to send your favorite donation-funded rescue/s the questionnaire and if they are truly a rescue that isn’t PROFITING and using donations for their own personal use that isn’t animal rescue, and IF they truly are accountable and “transparent”, they WILL fill it out and return it to you.

**NOTE: it has thus far been sent out with documentation of correspondence of it being sent to 21 different donation-funded animals rescues, spca’s, and humane societies.

The score regarding response so far? ZERO organizations have filled it out and sent it back.

A website will be going online soon that will list the results of the questionnaire being sent out, so stay tuned for those results.**

You can have peace of mind knowing you are supporting an animal rescue organization that VALUES the lives of ALL animals, and not just those animals that they can profit and gain from, if they are honest and transparent enough to answer the simple “yes” and “no” questions posed on the questionnaire.

The link below has a list of the web addresses for all 50 States Attorney General’s offices. The Attorney Generals office is the law enforcement and governing body for charitable organizations registered in their State.

Complaint forms can be found on each and every AG’s website in order for the public to file complaints when donation-funded animal rescues refuse to answer questions from the public regarding their non-profit status, and also the welfare of the animals AFTER they’re “rescued”, that the donation-funded rescue “says” they are “rescuing” using donated funds: