“EXTREMISM” At Work, With Animals Caught in the Cross-Fire Over and Over Again

THIS is VERY DISTURBING, so if you are a sensitive person, do NOT visit the link below:


Basically, EVERYONE is *supposed* to go along with this bow and arrow hunting of this wild horse in Australia (called “brumbies”) since this “hunter” minimizes these types of horses by saying “Guys this is a Brumby not a Horse.A Horse is something a Jockey rides.A Brumby is a Feral Horse. ”     

This guy is a part of the PROBLEM in this world with his mindset of “extremism” regarding what he thinks is the “right and only thing to do” when he has a “pest” problem.

That this is the only answer to eradicating “pests”.

So thus, this is a GREAT REASON and ‘why’ its a-O.K. to shoot wild horses.

In his “me, me, me, and only me and mine matters”-mind, shooting this horse with an arrow is just fine basically because the brumbies eat the forage and drink the water DOMESTIC LIVESTOCK eat and drink, so they NEED to be killed so his cattle and/or sheep have enough to eat and drink, and thus, they can be sold for better money in his private livestock business.

Additionally, chances are that the tax-payers are subsidizing his private business, as is done in the US where many of the ranching operations are now corporate-owned entities and NOT the “Mom and Pop” generational family businesses they used to be, in order for him to be operating, and grazing, his domestic livestock on public land.


Does this sound familiar to Americans regarding our wild horses, and also burros, we have living, raising families, and roaming on our PUBLIC-land in the United States for centuries being eradicated “one way or another”?

It should, because his reason for shooting an Australian wild horse known as a “brumby” is the same reason given by cattle and sheep ranchers for the eradication of the wild horses that roam in our Open Range public-land states in the US too.

Seriously, its NOT like MOST people CARE ONE BIT about cattle ranching on Open Range PUBLIC land when pretty much ONLY the ranchers benefit from it.
And seeing as only 1-2% of the beef produced in the US is produced by Open Range cattle ranchers in the western United States, bunches of beef eaters are not devouring their beef, so not a bunch of benefit to tax-payers in that respect either.


However, more people would probably be fine with domestic livestock grazing on PUBLIC-land if there was BALANCE instead of the IMBALANCE that exists now, and for many decades, and if not for the FACT that ‘extremists’ in public-land livestock grazing just seem to take, and take, and take some more, and wild horses and burros are CAPTURED, and also KILLED in various not-humane ways, because of it.

When tax-payers are FORCED to pay for the PUBLIC land maintenance and REPAIR from over-grazing and erosion caused by DOMESTIC LIVESTOCK, and the “extremists” that want PUBLIC-land for their very own continue to ALWAYS be PUSHING the wild horse and burro ERADICATION through ANY and ALL MEANS, THAT is when people not only get ticked, many also resort to “extremism” on the other side, and THAT is when we have “range wars”, with the animals caught in the often LETHAL “between” of it all.

And when the tax-payers are also FORCED to pay subsidies for ranchers to operate their PRIVATE BUSINESSES on PUBLIC land, THAT is when the money-train-at-the-expense-of-animals train jumps the tracks and chaos ensues.

wild horses -helicoptor

THIS guy is the face of extremism in the public-land livestock grazing industry with the complete and utter LACK of compassion, empathy, and what’s fair and right, from the position of a hunter that there are better than even odds is also a rancher grazing his domestic livestock on PUBLIC LAND in Australia.

He probably also “just doesn’t get it” WHY many people would be disturbed about his actions because:
1. he simply doesn’t care what other people think;

2. he probably lumps everyone that reacts to this photo negatively as just a bunch of dumb “do-gooders” that “don’t understand”.

3. If it benefits him, even if it doesn’t benefit anyone else, “its all good” as far as he’s concerned

That is wrong thinking, but because he’s thinking only about what he’s wants, and is probably also aggravated and annoyed by “extremists” (of which he is one, but on the other side of this “issue” of wild horses) in animal welfare on the other side, he is certainly not going to sit down at any negotiating table anytime soon to try to problem-solve this “issue” so that brumbies aren’t being killed.

Extremism - say no5

So is it any wonder at all that there are also “extremists” in animal rights, animal welfare, and animal rescue that ONLY seem to deal in those emotions of empathy and compassion, but without a knowledge base regarding the issues they’re involved with, they are unable to think beyond the emotional aspect, and THEY unfortunately get ALL animal advocates and animal rescuers “painted with the same broad brush” of extremism.?

“Extremists” on either end of the spectrum, and on a multitude of different issues, are generally NOT good problem-solvers because they are usually VERY invested in their own “position” related to whatever the issue is.

They tend to make things “all about them”, what “they think”, how things affect “them”, they believe what their “handlers” tell them to believe, (especially true for animal-issue extremists that basically “parrot” the position of the manipulators they follow), and many “extremists” only ever really interact with like-minded people that OF COURSE agree with them, and if confronted with an “extremist” in the “opposition-camp” both parties usually “lose their cool” and it unravels into a yelling match, people storming out of the meeting, verbal attacks, anger, rage, etc.


Middle of the Road

What is really NEEDED at this point are KNOWLEDGEABLE “mid-line-position” people (“mid-liners”) that may have a position that is the opposite of their counter-parts in wild horse advocacy, ranching, mining, etc for uses of our PUBLIC LAND where wild horses and wild burros roam, who with KNOWLEDGE, composure, intelligence gained from experience, and perhaps even WORKING TOGETHER, we can problem-solve, with some compromise included, to the benefit of the people AND the animals.

The way it’s going now on this issue of wild horses in the US, in Australia, and in a other countries, the “extremists” on both sides of the issue are NOT problem-solving because quite frankly, their mindset prevents them from thinking clearly, fairly, beyond their opinion and position, and with caring about the lives of other people and/or animals.

Extremism - say no2

Many “extremists” (Note: NOT all ranchers, or advocates, or rescuers are extremists, but the ones that are get the whole group/sector “painted with the same broad brush”, unless the groups/sectors are willing to “police their own”) on opposing sides of an issue refuse to even consider opening their minds to the plight of other people, the plight of animals that have lived on the land for centuries, they refuse to become educated on the issue beyond their experience (and in this age of information we live in, there is NO EXCUSE for not becoming more well-versed on issues, so the reason no research is done by far too many people is because of laziness, they listen to other people that are master manipulators and puppeteers “pulling their strings”, an unwillingness to change, consider, listen, and learn, etc), so the turf-wars continue, with innocent animals caught in the middle.


If more people whom are knowledgeable, experienced, and educated on the issues on both sides could get together to PROBLEM-SOLVE, the benefits for people AND wild horses and burros would be tremendous.

This is for the simple reason that INSTEAD of things unraveling into aggression, chaos, and conflict as so often happens when the lines are drawn between extremists on either side of an issue, with the horses and burros (and other wildlife) trapped in the cross-fire of the NEGATIVES of HUMAN NATURE, intelligent, wise, compassionate, honest, ethical, and honorable human beings that would behave properly, fairly, with some flexibility and willingness to “bend” slightly and compromise, would problem-solve for the benefit of ALL of the creatures that inhabit public land in various countries, whether human or animal inhabitants.

The outcome would be far more “win-win” and balanced then the imbalance and “win-lose” situation that has existed for decades regarding domestic livestock grazing on public land that wild horses, wild burros, and other wild life have inhabited for centuries.

Think about it: “WIN-WIN”  –  Now wouldn’t THAT would be a breath-of-fresh-air?

Tiger Ridge Under Attack – Just One Example of Over-Stepping the Laws by Government Agencies


Please SHARE the link below.

Leo the Lion has already been killed while in government custody, and he was a lion that had lived his whole life of 20 years at Tiger Ridge with his FAMILY of other animals, and also his human-family too.

These people NEED to get their family-member animals back before more are killed with bogus explanations NOT backed-up with vet reports, euthanasia reports, necropsy reports, and without the owners of Leo being allowed to say “good-bye” or at least getting his remains back.
Over-stepping the laws and their authority by some government agencies, and also by what are known as “retail rescues” doing “seizure scams” and “rescue raids”, and also plain ol attention-seeking, narcissistic people that call themselves “rescuers” when they really are NOT, is happening in epidemic proportions in this country, and although people always say “they’d never take my animals away from me”, its kind of hard, and downright impossible usually unless someone wants to be killed, to fight back when the animal owner has a SWAT team raid done on them, they’re put in handcuffs while looking down the barrel of several assault weapons, they are often carted off to jail where unless they can bond-out, there they sit, and when they do get out, they return home to find ALL of their animals GONE.

Then they are usually/often charged with crimes they never committed, they need to hire an attorney but many people in this situation cannot afford to, and they NEVER get their animals back, but still have to pay for their upkeep, are still charged with crimes, and end up plea-bargaining with the DA/government because they have no other choice because of lack of money to fight false charges against them.

Crazy, right?

Not in this modern day version of “witch hunts” done by government agencies, some animal dealers/traders/brokers/”flippers” posing as “animal rescues”, and some people calling themselves “rescuers”, that have an agenda all their own, and they use their power and control illegally in the case of government agencies, while the “retail rescues” ramp-up “social media madness mobs” to do their attacking for them – without the numbers in the MOB, these retail rescues are NOTHING because they NEVER do anything SOLO because COWARDS never do.

Please SHARE the plight of Tiger Ridge and their held-hostage animals that are in MORTAL DANGER as long as they are being held captive by the government agencies that have already killed beloved Leo the Lion just because they could.

And as usual, it IS the animals that SUFFER the worst by being taken from their families, and by losing their lives at the hands of those that “say” “we are rescuing them”, when they are merely being used as PAWNS when NASTY people with their twisted, deviant agenda are demonstrating many of the very NEGATIVE qualities of HUMAN NATURE, and animals are MURDERED because of it!

If animal owners do not begin to support one another soon instead of joining mobs that attack other animal owners, or just “going along with” ‘whomever’ and “whatever” while thinking “that animal owner must have done something wrong”, ANY animal owner could, and very well might, find themselves under attack, and then they will be the ones pleading for help, and perhaps getting none even though THEY didn’t do anything wrong.

ASK QUESTIONS Before HELPING an Animal Rescue With a “CRISIS Rescue” to Be Sure They Are NOT a “RETAIL RESCUE”

Elephant and CatYeah, real help, NOT the PRETEND-kind like some/many of the animal rescues that say “we offered to help them (animal owners)”, but the “help” they offer is:
1. OFTEN to TAKE ANIMALS FOR FREE from the owners;
2. then trash the animal owner publicly that they’re supposedly “helping”;
3. the “retail rescue” then forms mobs of regular people on social media once they have gotten animals signed over to them by the animal owner that thinks they are being “helped”, who then drag the animal owner through the mud, defame them, libel them, threaten them, stalk them, harass them, and MANY other things that are just plain de-civilized behavior;
4. and all the while these so-called “rescues” are pleading for FREE-money donations they rarely are held to account for WHERE the money is really spent (often on themselves, their own personal animals, their kids, etc);
5. and then these animal dealers/traders/flippers posing as “animal rescues” BLAME it on the animal owner when the “rescue” KILLS the animals that have exhausted their “donation-value” for pulling in “sympathy/pity” donations;
6. but they REFUSE to show vet reports, vet bills, videos, and photos of the animal BEFORE they kill the animal/s;
7. and then they REFUSE to post euthanasia reports and bills for the animal AFTER their vet has *supposedly* euthanized the animal;
8. and their True Believer Kool-Aid drinking followers actually believe the animal “had” to be KILLED because their favorite “rescue” “said” they did;
9. but the REAL REASON the animal was usually killed (Note: none of this is taking into consideration the animals the rescue “says” they are rescuing but never show photos of and/or not considering the many animals that are “disappeared” without a word being said about them, and no one asks about them either), or POOF!, simply “disappeared” was because the animal could not/cannot be “adopted for a fee”/SOLD because of “issues” they have, and no one wants them even for free;
10. and these “retail rescues” are NOT “in the business” of keeping and maintaining animals that have no value in either selling them or getting in donations for because the facts and documentation point to these people as animal traders posing as rescues, but they are really “retail rescues” in the BUSINESS of making money.

11. and no intelligent person believes them when they “SAY” the animal is in “foster care”, “a sanctuary”, “went to another rescue”, or was “adopted” without seeing factual PROOF, DOCUMENTATION, photos, and videos of the animal wherever they were supposedly moved and shuttled off too.

12. because without that PROOF and FACTUAL INFORMATION, chances are that many of the small animals (dogs, cats, rabbits, etc) have been dumped somewhere out of the area where the ‘rescue’ is located to fend for themselves, dropped off at an out-of-area animal control and “owner surrendered for euthanasia”, killed by someone that has no problem killing the animal “wherever” and then burying them, disposing of them in a dumpster, a landfill, etc.
And in the case of horses, documentation attained shows that some “retail rescues” “back-door” horses through other horse traders, through out-of-area “kill sales”, through kill buyers, and through feedlots horses INTO “the slaughter pipeline”, and the useless horses are commercially slaughtered, sent there by the very people that were supposed to have “rescued them”. Some horse rescues also “continue the circle of life”, so these cheap-skate, greedy posers say, by taking live horses to carnivore sanctuaries where the horse is shot, and then the quite possibly TAINTED meat is fed to the carnivores –
THAT is actually considered by many people to be abuse and/or cruelty to carnivores in ‘sanctuaries’ that are fed horse meat that quite possibly contains toxic chemicals and drugs.

So PLEASE kind-hearted people in the public sector that ARE truly trying to HELP animals in need of helping, and NEVER just take “the word” of a rescue that an animal owner was neglectful, cruel, abusive, that they weren’t feeding and taking care of their animals the best they could, etc.

*Maybe* they did need some “help” to get back on track on various things to make the animals lives better a bit sooner, and they were trusting enough to believe that a rescue was truly going to help them keep their family-member animals at home where they belong until the animal owner got back on their feet.

However, in many cases, the animal owners that end up under attack by these “retail rescues” did NOT NEED help, so they refused the rescue access to their property and their animals, but the “retail rescue” saw an opportunity to make free money through donations, get free animals they can sell and/or get thousands upon thousands of dollars of “sympathy/pity” donations for, a way in which the “rescue” receives attention, accolades, praise, and several other things, so they ramp-up a MOB and go on the attack – all of this occurs even though the ‘retail rescues’ are often committing non-profit fraud, income tax fraud, and other crimes,

Non-Profit Fraud2

The phenomenon of what is called “retail rescue” (animal traders/dealers/brokers/’flippers’) is operating in epidemic proportions ALL OVER the United States, and also around the world, and it IS just plain NASTY, unethical, dishonest, dishonorable, and often does NOT really help the animals at all.

It basically brings out the very worst of human nature in far too many people that join a “social media madness mob” and attack people they don’t even know based on “the word” of a so-called “rescue” they don’t even know, that OFTEN REFUSE to SHOW FACTUAL INFORMATION such as vet reports, vet bills, receipts for EVERYTHING, photos of ALL of the animals, videos of ALL of the animals, etc.

And because animal owners are trusting that if a “rescue” is offering to “help” them, they really:

1.  believe, at first anyway, that it means the rescue will “help” them with their animals right there at/in their own homes;

2. but by the time the animal owner figures out “help” from “retail rescues” really means “we will assess (“sort” and “cherry-pick”) and decide which animals we are taking for FREE, and then you (the animal owner) get to keep the ones we can’t sell, that we’ll have to hassle with killing later, or that we don’t have a USE for”;
3. and after the “retail rescue” has taken off with free animals, or if their brand of “help” was refused by the animal owner and the retail rescue ramped-up a “seizure scam” with the help, and in collusion with, tax-payer-FUNDED government agencies like animal control, the Department of Agriculture, etc.
4. it is far too late for the animal owner to stop what has been put in motion, (this is WHY fewer and fewer animal owners are asking for help; because they are realizing they may get attacked instead and they will have their family member animals stolen from them) and they are under a Animal Enterprise Terrorism aka “seizure scam” attack by hoards of people on the Internet that they don’t even know WHO they are participating in ruthlessly and aggressively attacking, nor do their “targets for attack” know them either.

In order to separate the real rescues from the “retail rescues“, anyone that really wants to KNOW for themselves the TRUTH and the FACTS instead of “taking a rescues word for it”:1.

when any PUBLICLY-operated, PUBLICLY-marketed, PUBLICLY-donation-funded animal rescue POSTS that they HAVE to ‘rescue’ some animals; 

2. they ask for donations and are doing yet another “fundraiser” without registering it with the state if that is the LAW in the state they operate from;
3.  and BEFORE someone decides to *maybe* be supportive by sharing, donating, participating in any way with a above stated type of ‘rescue’ supposedly “rescuing” animals, save the questionnaire posted below to your files, and then send it to the rescue you are considering helping;
4. All they will need to do is print it, fill it out, scan it, and return it to the sender, (and knowing how skilled these “rescues” are at posting all kinds of advertising, photo-shopping photos, producing videos, etc, this should be easy-peasey for them to do);
5. and then the sender can make much better decisions regarding researching the information sent to them by the rescue they are considering supporting, and they will have factual and real information to base their decision to help, or maybe not, that particular rescue.

The questionnaire to be sent to PUBLICLY-operated, marketed, and donation-supported animal rescues:

Rescue Questionnaire1 Rescue Questionnaire2 Rescue Questionnaire3 Rescue Questionnaire4 Rescue Questionnaire5 Rescue Questionnaire6 Rescue Questionnaire7

Take the Test; You Have Nothing to Fear If You Really Are Supporting An Honest Publicly-Donation-Funded Animal Rescue


In this day and age of so much information at our fingertips, it appears that many people are disinterested or lax in getting their information “straight from the horses mouth” so-to-speak and most often hesitate, or just don’t ask questions because they BELIEVE what they are told without researching for facts, or going straight to the source to get first hand information they can think about and form opinions based on questions they asked that were answered.

The phenomenon in animal rescue known as “retail rescues” count on this happening, so they all know they can say or do nearly anything they want, whether real and factual (uncommon with these “rescues”), but as happens more often with these types of “rescues”, it is embellishment, lies, imaginary, fantasy, fictional escapades, adventures, and espionage, mixed with a dab of “almost truth”, designed to gain them money, celebrity, accolades, control, power, or whatever obnoxious, greedy, self-serving agenda they may have that USES animals as a means to an end.

The operators of “retail rescues” KNOW that it is a considerably infrequent occurrence that any of their supporters or followers will ask them questions, and if people that perhaps aren’t avid followers or supporters who really do want to know first hand information ask them to answer reasonable questions, they often are attacked by the “rescues” True Believer ‘enabler’ followers, deleted, blocked/banned from posting, all of those things, and sometimes, and more and more frequently, even worse happens (seizure scams, cyber-attacks, hacking, threats, illegal “false reporting” to tax-payer funded government agencies, etc) just because someone had the audacity to ask some reasonable, simple questions of a rescue that cannot, and will not, answer questions unless they have fabricated and staged the questions they’ll answer themselves to make it look like they are being that old bugaboo called “transparent” they ALL say they are, but delving just a smidge below the surface of what they “say”, its obvious they are not transparent at all.

Just answer the question1

Based on the above information written above, here’s The Test:

For those followers of PUBLICLY-operated, PUBLICLY-marketed, PUBLICLY-donation-funded animal rescues, send them the questionnaire below and find out just how honest, transparent, and forth-coming they are regarding answering questions to their avid fans and followers.

Even people that may not yet be a supporter, follower, or donor of a publicly-operated animal rescue can send the questionnaire because depending on the rescues response, or lack thereof, then the sender could decide what their opinion is and wouldn’t be getting their information second-hand.

Just save the 6 pages (the 7th page is for the sender and a run-down on what the info sheet and questionnaires purpose for “those who wish to know” is, but that can also be sent to the rescue too. There is also an info sheet available to be sent to any animal controls that “partner” with rescues doing seizures of animals, so if anyone wants that one too, please ask for it) posted below of info sheet and questions to your files, send them to your favorite rescue, ask them if they would be so kind as to fill out the info sheet and questionnaire, they then scan it, and send it back – how much easier can that be considering how really skillful and talented these rescues are technologically speaking using various programs?

And if you wish to post the results in the comments on this blog, whether the questionnaire was completed and returned, or whether the sender of the questionnaire was ignored, or if the sender wasn’t ignored but was then in fact harassed, stalked, attacked, questioned by the rescue about why they were being asked questions, etc, please do so and your comment will be approved.

Seriously, if an animal rescue someone follows is one that is RELIANT on operating publicly, marketing themselves publicly, engages in public rescues of various kinds, and engages in public fund-raising as the PRIMARY means by which they are able to stay in operation at all, there should be NO PROBLEM with completing the questionnaire and returning it to the sender, right?

Rescue Questionnaire1 Rescue Questionnaire2 Rescue Questionnaire3 Rescue Questionnaire4 Rescue Questionnaire5 Rescue Questionnaire6 Rescue Questionnaire7