Moral-Bankruptcy and EPIC Arrogance At Donation-Funded Animal Rescues

Sweet Justice1

The word is out and finally gaining traction.

People are ASKING SIMPLE QUESTIONS and EXPECTING ANSWERS BEFORE they are willing to donate, support, volunteer, or “Share” animal rescues.

Follow Through1

But unless people FOLLOW-THROUGH regarding filing complaints, filing lawsuits, etc against animal rescues that REFUSE to answer simple questions, the “rescues” (often animal dealers that pose as animal rescues) will CONTINUE to deceive and fleece the “the useful naïve” in the public sector out of their donation-money, and WILL CONTINUE to KILL and “disappear” animals that are no longer useful to them.

All of the people that have been deceived in the past, and all of the animals that have died at the hands of their so-called “rescuers” will have been deceived and killed for naught UNLESS intelligent, animal loving, ethical people FOLLOW-THROUGH and bring the welfare-rescues unethical, illegal, and often immoral behavior into the spotlight.

The “reward” of receiving FREE MONEY, FREE MATERIAL ITEMS, and also accolades, praise and being told they are “hero’s” and “angels” has caused many people in animal rescue to go off the deep end with their puffed-up, over-blown egos that can NEVER be satisfied if they lived to be a 1000 years old.

These people with their epic arrogance are working every angle they can think of to keep “rescue as their career” whereby they are literally “paid to rescue” animals, but often just USE the animals, sell the ones they can calling it “adoption” and they kill or “disappear” the animals that have exhausted their “donation-value” and are un-useable/un-sellable.

A key motivation for people like this is to be able to wrap themselves in sparkly, shiny “packaging” other peoples money has paid for (their animal “rescue” facilities, the vehicles they con nice people into buying them, buying things they don’t really need but do really WANT, some of these shyster’s actually have had cosmetic surgery done using donation money, and they also use donation-money to “Brand” themselves and BUY “Likes” too!), but the FACT is that the shiny exterior packaging cannot not hide for long their true inner character and nature.

The problem for them is that in their vast arrogance, they never think intelligent people will ever ask them questions, and when intelligent people don’t get answers, not all of them will simply walk away, and instead, they’ll make it a priority to figure out what’s going on.

The questions that are being asked by concerned animal lovers of these primarily, or entirely donation-funded “rescues” are very simple ones that ethical and transparent donation-funded animal rescues will answer on a MONTHLY basis without prompting, but most especially WHEN they are asked the questions regarding:

  1. disclosure of ALL of their MONTHLY  rescue-accounts and finances,
  2. disclose where all of the animals they’re rescued in the past 1-3 years (or longer if people are questioning the whereabouts of animals of animals “rescued” longer than 3 years ago) are currently,
  3. disclose on a MONTHLY basis how many animals are at their facility and show current photos and videos,
  4. disclose how many are in foster care and post current photos and videos,
  5. disclose how many are “at the trainers” with current photos and videos,
  6. disclose how many are “at a sanctuary” with current photos and videos,
  7. disclose how many are dead/euthanized and provide their euthanasia reports,
  8. post all of the vet reports and euthanasia reports for all animals that the rescue asked for money for that month.

Short Form Information Page and Questionnaire For Animal Rescues

See, very simple questions that honest, “transparent, ethical primarily, or entirely-donation-funded animal rescues will have no problem answering.

However, the problem is turning out to be that different people asking the same questions are GETTING DIFFERENT ANSWERS and/or people are getting NO ANSWERS AT ALL!

This is because there are an abundance of people that have animal rescue as “their career” now, they are literally COMPETING for donations, for free animals, for a following, for having the nicest facilities, the best “rehab rate”, etc, with other animal rescues that “rescue” the same species of animals they do, they USE animals and other people for their own profit and gain and then discard them when they aren’t “useful” any longer, and they MUST have a multitude of different stories depending on who they’re trying to “con”.

For the animals, being “used” spells death or “disappearing” when their “donation-value” has been exhausted and they have “issues” and can’t be sold, or if they’ve been up for adoption a while and no one wants them even for free and the “rescue” needs to “make room” for “new merchandise” animals and/or just doesn’t want to spend anymore money on useless and/or “old merchandise” animals.
These “rescues” are not in “the business” of keeping around un-useable animals and spending money on them that could be in the founders and primary players pockets instead.

For the people they USE however, if they get on “the out’s” with the rescue for whatever reasons, they either need to leave quietly and keep their mouths SHUT, or if they challenge the rescue and “cause trouble”, the rescue will go on a campaign of terror and will smear and trash these people relentlessly, using their dumb enabler-groupie True Believer followers, until the person “tucks their tail” and scurries away trying to make the attacks on them stop.

Oh yeah, then there’s that confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement MANY of the rescues make people sign before they can get past the office at the “rescue”. If people open their mouths regarding the numbers of animals that are POOF!, vanished into thin air, if they ask questions, if they do anything the dictator at the rescue doesn’t want them to do or ask, they are threatened with being sued even though many of those confidentiality agreements won’t hold up in court if what the person speaks about that signed one is illegal behavior.

In other words, no animal is truly safe from being killed or disappeared by a “retail rescues”, and no person is safe from being targeted for attack either if they “rock the boat” and won’t just shut the hell up and go away when the rescue is done USING them.

These hustlers USING animals as “the hook” to get animal lovers on board with them, and also for their own advancement and gain are vicious in their approach to making money the lazy, crooked way, they are loyal to NO ONE, they can’t be trusted, and their livelihood DEPENDS on their ability to use and walk all over anyone and anything to profit.

So for the donation-funded animal rescues and advocacy groups that are CONSTANTLY attacking animal owners USING FREE DONATION-MONEY TO DO IT, fleecing the public of their hard-earned money, time, and expertise, here’s a question for you:

Scammers Get Caught7

Didn’t you see the organization by animal owners that have been ruthlessly attacked by scammers and the animal OWNERS intent to go on the OFFENSE against “rescues” and “advocates” that are trampling their rights through “seizure scams”, legislation, the commission of fraud, misrepresentation, misappropriation of funds, the murder of innocent animals?!?!?

And didn’t you think that *some* people were going to get wise to your constant pleas for funds to “rescue” animals and they’d start ASKING QUESTIONS they EXPECT ANSWERS too?

Scammers Get Caught1

If you didn’t see this coming, you really are living in a smoke ‘n mirrors fantasy-land where you probably believe your own press too.

Hustlers in donation-funded animal “rescue” ‘put their name on the map’ by attacking animal owners, attacking other rescues/advocates, by pathological lying to the constant stream of naive people coming through the revolving door at their rescue.

Animal owners and self-funded rescues that often don’t have the swankiest of places (unless they are wealthy perhaps) are prime targets of attack by these scam-artists who are only able to OPERATE at all because they are brilliant at conning free money and other things out of people.

Many of them are nothing more than common sociopaths/psychopaths (no consciences) that will say and do whatever it takes to get what they want (for FREE usually) and they have no problem killing useless, innocent animals, and destroying peoples lives that have helped them because THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT ANYONE OTHER THAN THEMSELVES.

So the ASK QUESTIONS – EXPECT ANSWERS CAMPAIGN is the only thing that can and will EXPOSE these players in animal “rescue” and advocacy, and then animal owners, donors, supporters ORGANIZING, COMPARING NOTES AND STORIES AND GOING ON THE OFFENSE LEGALLY DOES THE REST as long as people are WILLING TO FOLLOW-THROUGH WITH COMPLAINTS AND/OR LEGAL ACTION.

People should also NOT WALK AWAY once they set the the legal process in motion because that makes the ripping off of people, and the killing of animals that were supposed to be “rescued”, meaningless because no one wants to spend the time it takes, be brave enough, and also CARE enough to be their champion and stop the crooks in donation-funded animal rescue from continuing to do these callous, vile, unethical, deceitful things.

Currently, many people still worry about “what will happen to ‘the rescues’ animals if the “rescue” goes under because of complaints and lawsuits they’ve filed?”.

DO NOT let the animal “rescue” put you on a guilt-trip AND PAINT THEMSELVES AS THE POOR LITTLE VICTIMS (A FAVORITE PLOY OF SOCIOPATHS/PSYCHOPATHS) because as it stands now, the hustlers ARE ALREADY KILLING AND DISAPPEARING MULTITUDES OF ANIMALS and the only way to stop them is to put them out of business and hopefully in jail too.

Only then can the legitimate animal rescues that WILL answer questions come out of hiding where they’ve been trying to stay off the radar of the aggressive, lying, deceiving “rescues” that will set out to destroy them with their “True Believer-enabler-followers” if these mostly self-funded rescues challenge them, even if its only in the retail rescues minds, for donations, support, and a following.


In closing, the donation-funded animal rescues that are being asked questions they are choosing NOT to answer honestly, if at all, have dug their own graves, and should get no sympathy, compassion, or empathy from anyone for the simple reason that MANY of these DONATION-FUNDED (panhandling for FREE MONEY) “rescues” and advocacy groups/organizations show NO sympathy, compassion, or empathy from the people they are conning money out of, for the animals they are killing and “disappearing” at an alarming and disturbing rate, and they most certainly express no concern for the well-being of the animal owners, or their animals other than what the animals can be USED FOR, that they attack and terrorize in Animal Enterprise Terrorism (AET) attacks aka “seizure scams”.

These hustlers in animal rescue and advocacy call people asking them simple questions “attacking”, and people going on the offense and filing complaints and lawsuits getting “revenge”, but the VERY SIMPLE FACTS are that asking questions is NOT attacking, and filing complaints and lawsuits based on factual evidence of wrong-doing is called seeking JUSTICE for people and animals alike that have been hurt by the hustlers, animal dealers, and scam-artists in donation-funded animal rescue.


Step 4It is time for the fleecing of the public and the KILLING and “DISAPPEARING” of so-called “rescued animals” to be STOPPED by the animal loving public.

This is Step 4 regarding getting answers from primarily, or entirely donation-funded animal rescues.

Step 1 was to ask the questions directly of the animal rescue.
If you receive no answers to your questions, you move on to Step 2.

Step 2 is to ask the same questions of the rescues enabler-groupie-defenders that ALWAYS come out of the woodwork when questions are asked publicly of their “favorite rescue”.

Nowadays, asking questions is considered “attacking”, “mean”, “nasty”, “bullying”, etc by people that either don’t have the answers, or put simply, they don’t want to answer questions.

Absolutely fine IF someone isn’t a donation-funded animal rescue that RELY’S on the public and on grant money to be able to operate their rescue at all.

Its different when people actively solicit money and receive money from people, but refuse to answer their questions – that’s con-artist territory that needs to be exposed.

The rescues enabler-groupie-True Believer brown-nosers can be counted on to start making noise, so simply ask them the questions their favorite rescue refuses to answer.

Step 3 is to ask questions of the inept and incapable “reporters” and “journalists” that do “fluff-piece” stories on animal rescues and are literally in collusion with helping the rescues collect donations that may, or may not, be being used for the “rescued animals”.
When these people posing as “reporters” churn out their stories that clearly weren’t fact-checked and that never ask any important questions and/or they publish misinformation, or actual lies, concerned animal lovers should send them the questions so that “the reporter” can get the questions answered at the “rescue” they just interviewed since the “reporter” wasn’t smart enough, interested enough, or capable enough to ask important questions.


The “competition” that exists in “animal rescue” is OUTRAGEOUS and unless these “rescues” are ready, willing, and able to on a monthly basis:

  1. disclose ALL of their rescue-accounts and finances,
  2. disclose where all of the animals they’re rescued in the past 1-3 years (or longer if people are questioning the whereabouts of animals of animals “rescued” longer than 3 years ago) are currently,
  3. disclose on a MONTHLY basis how many animals are at their facility and show current photos and videos,
  4. disclose how many are in foster care and post current photos and videos,
  5. disclose how many are “at the trainers” with current photos and videos,
  6. disclose how many are “at a sanctuary” with current photos and videos,
  7. disclose how many are dead/euthanized and provide their euthanasia reports,
  8. post all of the vet reports and euthanasia reports for all animals that the rescue asked for money for,

they need to be investigated because NO legitimate, HONEST, and “TRANSPARENT” non-profit donation-funded animal rescue has a problem disclosing ALL of that information to the supportive donating public that are the only reason MOST primarily, or entirely donation-funded rescues are even able to stay in operation at all.


It has been reported, and documents have been furnished, to this blogger by observers (current and former volunteers at rescues mostly) of several dog and horse “rescues” that “liquidations” and “down-sizing” appear to be taking place – the classic “cover-up” of wrong-doing that always happens when people that are doing wrong think the net is closing and they might get caught – think Treblinka in Nazi Germany, but instead of viciously killing hundreds of thousands of human beings, these fiends are killing thousands of innocent animals annually.

Although some “rescues” may believe they can hide their “dirty deeds” and atrocities against innocent animals they were supposed to have rescued but have instead killed or “disappeared” in secrecy (or so they thought), records of these animals existence remains – God willing, these people will be held accountable and will be forced to disclose what they did to these beautiful souls that had the misfortune offending up with humans that don’t value life if there isn’t profit and gain in it for them.

This printable pdf short form information page and questionnaire below is a simple and easy way to ask animal rescues questions.
Send it to the rescue, send it to their enabler-groupies, and send it to any “reporters” that do “fantasy-fluff” pieces on some of these questionable donation-funded rescues.

Make sure and keep all correspondence of your polite interaction asking simple questions you are seeking answers to. This documentation and correspondence will show the government agencies that you politely TRIED to get answers, but to no avail, and now you need their HELP getting answers:

Short Form Information Page and Questionnaire For Animal Rescues

Convinience Killing5

A concern for MANY animal lovers is what happens to ALL of the rescued animals AFTER they are “rescued”.

MOST donation-funded animal rescues refuse to answer simple questions regarding their activities AFTER animals have been rescued and disclose with photos and/or videos where ALL of the animals are located and are they alive or dead.

Instead, information pertaining to where ALL of the “rescued animals” is cloaked in stealth and secrecy.

If an animal rescue has a policy of killing “animals with issues” and/or animals that have been at their rescue too long, then they should be perfectly willing to disclose that information to their supportive, donating public.

There will continue to be people that will support and donate to them even if they are killing/euthanizing a larger number of animals.

However, “the rescues” concern, as it should be, is that more people will be disturbed by the killing of animals that were supposed to be “rescued”, and when rescues also refuse to post accompanying vet reports and euthanasia reports for the animals that were killed, their business model of relying on the public to support their rescue with their donation dollars may collapse if enough people aren’t on-board with their killing/euthanasia policy.

The fact is that animal controls/shelters are mandated by law to disclose how many animals are killed, how many are “adopted”/bought/”pulled”, how many go to rescues, etc – those regulations are why we find out about these mass killings at animal controls described at the following two links that occur for no good reasons other than convenience, apathy, habituation to killing, and pure laziness. Of horrifying note is the story at the 3rd link of torture and cruelty at an HSUS “approved” animal control – maybe if people had asked MORE QUESTIONS and blown the whistle on this facility, fewer animals would have been tortured and murdered:

A quote from the blog at the link above:

A statement from the Mitchell Co Correctional Institute in Georgia indicates an adoption rate of just 21% at the pound and reads, in part:

“On September 1, in accordance with its policies and procedures, Mitchell County Animal Control was regretfully forced to reduce the population of stray animals in its custody in order to maintain humane conditions within its capacity limitations. The County’s priority is to find homes for these animals as often as possible. However, with limited resources to house the constantly growing number of stray or forfeited animals, the County has no choice but to control the population.

Translation: On September 1, Mitchell Co killed 25 dogs and 22 cats – nearly every animal in the facility, including many who were slated for rescue:

“There was animals that were put down that were promised to be safe and to come in and see the furnace going was devastating,” said [pound volunteer Kathy] Harrell.”

If it weren’t for at least some oversight, rules, regulations, and laws, no one would even know about the mass killings done at places like animal controls/animal “shelters” that tax-payers pay for. And lucky for future animals that the animal torturers were brought to justice.

Head in sand1

However, in the case of donation-funded animal rescues, there is literally little-to-no-OVERSIGHT, rules, regulations, or laws that govern the reporting of willful, and wanton KILLING of supposedly rescued animals, that were rescued USING animal lovers donation-money they send in good faith to what is often turning out to be animal serial KILLERS posing as “rescues”.

THE PUBLIC is going to have to take this bull-by-the-horns and do the foundational WORK of asking questions, collecting correspondence, being polite but persistent, and then filing COMPLAINTS to not just “tell”, but also to “show” the government agencies VESTED WITH OVER-SEEING NONPROFIT ANIMAL RESCUES that YOU have tried to gain information from donation-funded animal rescues through asking simple but important questions, with “no joy”.

NOW this FILING OF COMPLAINTS MUST become the protocol and having the government agencies OPEN INVESTIGATIONS ON ANIMAL RESCUES that won’t answer questions, which in turn SHOULD lead to it being a requirement for ALL primarily, or entirely donation-funded animal rescues to ANSWER QUESTIONS to avoid animals being “convenience killed”.

In addition, donation-funded animal rescues MUST be required to disclose where money that was donated for animals “rescue” and care is, and what will be found out in many instances is that money is being fraudulently pocketed by the rescue and used for whatever they want to use it on including their own personal, non-rescue related items and activities.

When questions are asked of donation-funded animal rescues and they refuse to answer, its a HIGH PROBABILITY that they are hiding something and State and Federal investigators NEED to investigate them.

Raining Money1

Donation-funded animal rescue has turned into a HUGE MONEY-MAKING INDUSTRY; that’s a FACT.

Drama Queen9

Unfortunately, people like what are described in the article at the link below are often “the leaders” of “the showboat” they call an animal rescue.

They are more concerned with making money, “their image”, “looking good”, “being something”, “getting their sad-sack egos pumped-up”, they have the “I win, you lose”-school kid syndrome going on, and they’re trying to shore-up and have others bolster their insecure-selves:

With little-to-no-OVERSIGHT in donation-funded animal rescue, the “opportunists” and crooks that operate in industries, areas, and sectors with little-to-no oversight, rules, regulations, and laws (especially the lack of laws that mandate that animal rescues MUST disclose where ALL of the animals they “rescue” using donated money are, and if they are dead or alive, and where are all of the vet reports and euthanasia reports and billings) have come out of the woodwork, they are “competing” with one another for donations, grant money, competing for buyers/adopters for animals, vying for donations through putting on “spectacle fundraisers” to lure the jaded public and try and tug on their heartstrings, etc.

They are also literally attacking animal owners, their “competition” at other rescues, and anyone that dares to ask them questions – sure signs that something fishy is going on and suspicious minds want to get answers to some important questions to separate the legitimate animal rescues from the “opportunists” and scam-artists.

With these money-making opportunities to collect FREE MONEY-DONATIONS and FREE ANIMALS that can be sold, or killed in secrecy if they have “issues”, comes the “opportunists” and crooks that fleece the naïve and gullible public out of their hard-earned money in order to run their FOR-PROFIT BUSINESSES/SCAMS.

UNTIL true animal lovers are WILLING to ASK QUESTIONS and EXPECT ANSWERS, and will file COMPLAINTS with government agencies at the links below on animal rescues that won’t answer simple questions, the “opportunists” in animal “rescue” will continue to USE, EXPLOIT, KILL, and “DISAPPEAR” animals whose LIVES DO MATTER, especially after they have supposedly been “rescued”.

Of key importance is to ask questions FIRST of the rescues and individuals outlined above.

Here’s that printable PDF Short Form Questionnaire again to save to your files and send the animal rescues you want answers from, that legitimate, transparent donation-funded animal rescues will happily fill out and return to you:

Short Form Information Page and Questionnaire For Animal Rescues

Keep and collect all of the correspondence you have of those communications.

And if/when Step 4 becomes necessary, ALL correspondence you have with the rescue you were asking questions of, with enabler-groupies, and with “reporters” that did stories on the rescue that contained suspicious/false/questionable information, should be sent via certified mail AND via email to the government agencies listed below.

Provide them with a cover sheet explaining that you have tried to get answers to simple questions from the donation-funded animal rescue themselves, from followers of the rescue that attack and “parrot” the same info over and over that cannot be fact-checked, and from reporters that did “fluff-piece” stories on them.
You are now providing all of the correspondence you had with them (including if they got aggressive with you, if they have banned you from their Facebook pages, if they have attempted to bully you, blackmail you -yes, some of them do attempt blackmail/extortion of “stop asking questions, or else”, this is especially true if like any good con-artist, they befriended you first, gleaned personal information from you as “a friend”, and then will threaten to expose you) and now you are asking these tax-payer-funded government agencies to please get answers from the donation-funded rescues that they refuse to answer for you.

You’re not accusing anyone of anything, but you still want these answers that are simple and easy for honest, ethical, transparent donation-funded animal rescues to answer.

Here are links to report to state agencies and also federal agencies and get investigations opened up on donation-funded animal rescues that refuse to answer simple questions:

Unless the animal loving public that are supporting and donating to these donation-funded animal rescues are willing to follow-through with asking questions, compiling correspondence and information, and filing complaints to the appropriate agencies that govern nonprofit animal rescues, the scoundrels that have infiltrated animal rescue will continue to KILL and “disappear” thousands of animals annually, and it will be like those precious beings never existed at all.

Coming Soonan informational website listing donation-funded animal rescues that have been asked simple questions.

The site will be a place where information about each rescue will be posted.

For those rescues that will not provide information about their rescue and answer questions, the public will be able to see their lack of transparency.

Become Educated and INFORMED on Animal Issues BEFORE Joining the Cause or Movement – Sometimes Things Are NOT As They Appear On The Surface

Become Educated and INFORMED on Animal Issues BEFORE Joining the Cause or Movement – Sometimes Things Are NOT As They Appear On The Surface


An FYI for those that don’t know this:

Having an animal rights agenda regarding the “use” of horses by their owners in various endeavors will NEVER fly in the “mainstream” horse world because people that actually “do” things with their personal property horses will NEVER be animal rights followers or promoters, or linked to an animal rights agenda.

In this scenario, the carriage horse industry, that already has animal welfare laws, rules, and regulations in place, is under assault by various “power players” with various agenda’s that don’t necessarily involve the welfare of the carriage horses (for instance, there is a very expensive chunk of real estate the barns/facilities the carriage horses are housed in that is smack, dab in the middle of this controversy – very curious indeed).

Combine questionable motives, that don’t necessarily include the “welfare” of the carriage horses, and bringing “the noise and numbers” (of people) that the animal rights agenda always brings to the issue that has the donation money streaming by the thousands of dollars into their coffers, and the primary issue OFTEN gets lost in the manipulations and “jockeying for position” all of the leaders and primary players bring with them.


The reason mainstream horse people, that may, or may not even know much about the carriage horse industry, won’t get involved, and certainly won’t get on-board with the people that want to ban carriage horses in NYC is because currently its the carriage horse ban, but maybe next on the Animal Rights primary players agenda, and with the MOBS they ALWAYS ramp-up, it will be BANNING what these mainstream, serious horse people “do” with their horses such as jumping, dressage, endurance riding, reining, driving, trail/pleasure riding, and many other endeavors too numerous to list

For you see, MANY animal rights followers and believers “believe” that IF people have animals, they shouldn’t “do” anything with those animals other than take care of them and that’s it.

Some AR-followers go so far as to promote all animals being wild and free, even if/when it would lead to the animals torment and deaths because of “survival of the fittest” in the wild and their inability to “live wild”.

And the mantra that is heard over and over again with many of these fools is that “the (carriage) horses aren’t turned out on pasture every day”.


Do these people really think that MOST horses in this great wide world, whether high-powered show horses, polo ponies, working ranch horses, or backyard horses that get ridden on the trails, get “turned out on pasture” everyday?

Its crap like this that mainstream horse people are rejecting because the majority of horses, especially in populated areas and/or cities, are kept in smaller corrals i.e.12′ x 12′, 12′ x 24′ (standard size at most boarding stables in populated areas) up to larger paddocks, box stalls ranging from 10′ x 10′ to 12′ x 16′, they are in under-cover “mare motels” with 12′ x 12′ “stalls” that are not walled on the sides and are “open air” and not “box stalls”, etc.

At MANY boarding stables, even in the urban and suburban areas, horse owners pay a pretty penny to rent a corral that is the standard 12′ x 24′ size, and if they want daily turnout for their horse, or turnout on the days they can’t get to the stable, on pasture or a “dry-lot” turn-out, they pay for that too.

Its because of the odd fantasyland that many of these animal rights-groupies live in that ALL owned animals have the “best-of-the-best” (when there are literally thousands of ways to take care of various species of animals) and they may be surprised to learn that MOST mainstream horse and dog owners will NEVER link up with them in any way because AR’s have a way of turning on whomever their “handlers” tell them to.


The animal rights agenda is now infiltrating the wild horse and burro movement too.

THAT will make it positively a sure thing that MOST mainstream horse people that “do” things with their horses won’t join in fighting for federally protected wild horses and burros living in their vast Herd Management Areas (HMA’s) to be primarily managed, as mandated by LAW, in those HMA’s on public/federal land in the western states.

When these horse owners domestic horses are being labeled “slave horses” and they are being portrayed as “slave owners” (since their horses are “slave horses”), NO mainstream, serious horse owners will EVER link themselves with a movement that has animal rights leanings that disrespects a whole group of animal owners, and also a whole industry of people.

Once horses, whether domestically born and raised, or former wild horses, are called “slave horses”, it doesn’t matter how owners actually keep their horses – the lap of luxury, or “living-out” – it makes no difference to animal rights extremists because all domestic, or even captive-wild horses, are “slaves”.

The beginnings of the ignorance of animal rights followers ultimately lumping everything people “do” with their animals as “slavery” begins with issues the animal loving public can get on-board with, even as they know little-to-nothing about what they are “fighting for”.

These are generally people that don’t have much, if any education, regarding these scenarios and situations with animals at their core.


However, with people becoming more and more sheep-like, and less and less willing to spend a little time RESEARCHING and STUDYING the issues before they join “the movement” (whatever it is), they hand themselves over to people that quite often have little more knowledge than they have, “the leaders” often have their own motivations and agenda that doesn’t always have animal welfare or animal rights at their core (whether good, bad, or in-between), and that is how misinformation, outright false information, and ignorance takes over.

The “leaders” in these “movements” are usually the ones with the most to gain ($$$$, accolades, being put on a pedestal, having their egos bolstered, etc).

They often write well and in a very convincing way that sways people (for a awhile anyway) to their “side”.

And as the following of people that don’t research and study the issues gets larger and larger, the reputations, “credentials”, and “resumes” of those with the following become twisted into shapes not totally related to reality, but by then, their so-called “knowledge” is epic, even if/when its not true.

Extremism - say no5

Now of course, there are always the extremists on the opposing side that are just as staunch in their position, they put out just as much propaganda, misinformation/false information, and also take an abundance of information out of context to suit their dialogue and position.

But then the battle lines are drawn, the “competition” that shouldn’t be a competition, with animals usually trapped in the middle, begins, human nature takes over of “we win, you lose”, the mob/foot-soldiers engage under the direction of the leaders and go on the attack, and the ultimate losers time and time again tends to be the innocent animals that don’t have a “say” in anything, they don’t have egos, they don’t covet, and they are innocent of toxic emotions and dealings.


In order to not be “snookered” and fooled by those who write well, that often speak well, and that may know how to behave depending on their audience, QUESTIONS should always be asked of ANYONE regarding:

their position on an issue (to be posted publicly so people deciding whether to join the cause or movement understand where the leadership is coming from),

how they have come up with their position,

research and collect background information on them,

and find out what their motivations are, and if their motivation and agenda/position is in-line with yours.

Carriage Horse2

In the case of the carriage horses, ALSO ask them:

why there shouldn’t be carriage horses in NYC,

are they working toward enforcement of existing laws that govern the carriage horse industry,

what is their position regarding horses being used for other endeavors besides carriage horses i.e. show jumping, endurance riding, barrel racing, dressage, pleasure, competitive, show driving, to name just a few endeavors people engage in with their horses.

what credentials do they have regarding species-specific equine husbandry, training, equine behavioral experience, etc

what is their position on commercial horse slaughter

if they are anti-commercial horse slaughter, what are they personally doing to ban commercial horse slaughter dealings in their country, their state,

and what are they doing to FORCE the enforcement of laws already in place in some states that already ban horse slaughter dealings.

Say No to Horse Slaughter6

As personal property, the carriage horses can be sold to whomever the owner wants to sell them to.

If the coalition is so concerned about where carriage horses go when they’re sold by their OWNERS, why doesn’t this coalition work toward legislating a ban on horse slaughter dealings like the one in place in California since November 3, 1998 that would protect not only carriage horses, it would also protect “spent” (as they call it) show horses, rental horses, racehorses, basically ALL horses?,_Prohibition_on_Slaughter_of_Horses_for_Human_Consumption_(1998)

The HUGE difference could be that maybe state of New York citizens would actually ENFORCE the law instead of letting the horse slaughter trade continue as business as usual.

The law in California has only been enforced 1 TIME in nearly 17 years of its existence, and sadly enough, many donation-funded CA horse rescues actual USE the threat of horse slaughter to wheedle donations from people to “save horses” from that fate.

If the CA horse rescues really “wanted to”, they could successfully “out” every, single kill buyer, sale yards, transporters, and anyone else associated with the horse slaughter industry in CA, right out-of-business in 1 month.

They could also probably provide information that would get some lawbreakers arrested and prosecuted too.

Fox Guarding Henhouse1

Why don’t they do it?

Could be that some CA horse rescues are “entwined” so-to-speak with some in the horse slaughter industry (MANY donation-funded horse rescues actually deal with kill buyers on a regular basis), and exposing those kill buyers and others may very well get those fox-in-the-henhouse horse “rescues” exposed for also dealing in horse slaughter.

A law only has “bite” when its ENFORCED.

So if “the coalitions” and New Yorkers new position is that they are really concerned regarding what is happening to carriage horses after their owners can no longer use them in their businesses, the answer is not to ban a whole industry –

No, the answer is to ENFORCE the laws already in place, legislate laws that BAN horse slaughter dealings entirely in New York state, ENFORCE those laws once passed, and then they’d be protecting ALL horses in New York from an inhumane, horrific death via commercial horse slaughter.

If these things aren’t done, this will look just like a “sham-and-scam” being run by people with their own agendas that may not have anything to do with “animal welfare”, linking up with the animal rights extremists who then manipulate ignorant, misinformed, and yes, lazy people that don’t research anything before joining-up, into “social media madness mobs” that often are animal rights people.

These MOBS do the dirty work for the leaders that have everything to gain in these scenarios.

The “noise and numbers”. that MOBS provide are good for getting politicians to “circle-the-wagons”, go into “cover-their-own-asses”-mode, and they too often knuckle-under to the “noise and numbers” whether its a sensible, reasonable move, or simply a knee-jerk reaction that emboldens the ringleaders when forming their next MOB in order to gain and profit.


Don’t be manipulated, ask questions, expect answers BEFORE joining any movement so that after the dust settles and people have declared their “victory”, you will be able to hold their “feet-to-the-fire” with their own written words that tells-the-tale of what they say they wanted, and what they said they’d “do” for the animals if they in fact “won” and were successful in their crusade.

For many of these “leaders”, and also those in the “noise and numbers” crowd, their memories are very SHORT, hardly anyone follows-up on what really happens to ALL the animals after a “rescue”, a “seizure”, or after the banning of something having to do with animals, and the animals are the forgotten ones that far too often are also the ones that suffer because people can’t be bothered to care after the “competition” is OVER.

3 Strikes and The Animal “Rescue” is OUT! There ARE Consequences For Not Being “TRANSPARENT

3 Strikes and The Animal “Rescue” is OUT! There ARE Consequences For Not Being “TRANSPARENT

Do Something2

Before proceeding, if you’re one of those people that can’t be bothered to ASK QUESTIONS which you expect answers for, if you don’t care that “opportunists” / scam-artists are operating in donation-funded animal rescue (the phenomenon know as “retail rescues”), causing all donation-funded rescues to be suspected of running scams. a

And if YOU don’t care that animals that are SUPPOSED TO BE RESCUED  are being willfully KILLED and “vanished” in alarming numbers and NO ONE is getting ANSWERS from any of “the rescues” suspected of doing unconscionable things against animals, then STOP READING and go about your life because this won’t interest you in the least – in other words, just GO AWAY.

For those who DO CARE about these “opportunists” infiltrating donation-funded animal rescue that REFUSE to answer questions and that are a blight on donation-funded animal rescue just as if they are cockroaches that are hard to exterminate;


YOU are the true HERO’S for the animals.

These innocent, trusting animals are supposed to be safely RESCUED and instead, they are being KILLED mostly in stealth and secrecy, and often with “veterinarians” vested with, and taking OATHS to help animals, actually PARTICIPATING in the killing. Many “rescued” animals are vanishing into thin air, never to be seen again.

YOUR efforts in persistence and truth-seeking through ASKING QUESTIONS and EXPECTING ANSWERS, and NOT pointing fingers and spreading rumorsARE laying the FOUNDATION for turning in complaints to the proper government agencies and being able to say “I tried to give the rescue a chance to answer simple questions, but they WON’T ANSWER. Something’s wrong, and I refuse to let animals be killed and disappeared and also let the public get ripped-off financing someone’s lifestyle”.

This is ALL ON THE RESCUES – its as simple as that.

They can either answer simple, straight-forward, non-accusatory questions OR they can refuse to answer questions.


So for the wonderful people that are being persistent in FOUNDATION-BUILDING to provide information for INVESTIGATIONS to be opened when law enforcement is made aware of this monumental problem in donation-funded-animal rescue, THANK YOU for caring about the animals, and also other people, that are being taken advantage of simply because they want to believe that all animal rescues CARE, when the tragedy is that they DON’T.

Your efforts are having an IMPACT because in UNITY-of-PURPOSE there is POWER, and with FACTS comes FAITH that honest, caring, animal lovers will prevail on behalf of the innocent souls that can’t protect themselves from the base element of people that swagger around in all their sense-of-entitlement, self-important, pompous silliness, and only care about “what’s in it for me?”.

Steps 1 and 2 have been explained in-depth in previous blog posts regarding asking for, or even demanding “transparency” and accountability for primarily, or entirely donation-funded animal rescues.

Step 1

Step 1 is to ASK QUESTIONS and EXPECT ANSWERS from donation-funded animal rescues that are ONLY in operation because of the support and donations from the generous, animal-loving public.

If “rescues” that are only able to operate in the first place because of donations and support they receive from the public do not have enough RESPECT for that public to answer non-accusatory, simple but probing questions, then those donation-funded animal rescues DON’T deserve anyone’s support and $$$$.

Step 2

Step 2: if/when Step 1 FAILS to get answers from the “rescues” themselves to questions the public has is to ASK QUESTIONS and EXPECT ANSWERS from “the rescues” “enabler-groupies” that are ALWAYS defending the rescue, bullying people that ask the “rescue” questions, smear, attack, and even STALK those who ask questions that won’t stop pushing for answers to the questions below.

These enabler-groups are a group of totally ABSURD, ridiculous people that are like ignorant “body guards” “protecting” and “defending “the rescue” and their reputation – a tragic JOKE in and of itself.

The reason “enabler-groupies” are perceived as IGNORANT is because unlike real body guards and PR people, these dopes don’t get paid anything and are instead “thrown bones” of praise, “the rescue” tells them you’re “part of the team” when the REALITY is that “the rescue” makes fun of them, calls them despicable things behind their backs, and if the True Believer cult-follower enabler ever does “get a clue” and starts spilling the beans (for instance, FORMER volunteers for various “rescues” have contacted this blog with information about several rescues and their shady, and sometimes illegal activities) about some nasty stuff at some “rescues” regarding HOW MANY ANIMALS THAT WERE SUPPOSED TO BE “RESCUED” ARE MISSING, OR THEY KNOW THE ANIMAL HAS BEEN KILLED FOR NO GOOD REASON OTHER THAN “THE RESCUE” DOESN’T WANT TO SPEND ANY MONEY ON THEM, more often than people in the public would believe, these people are literally TERRORIZED by these donation-funded rescues that CAN’T AFFORD for the donations to dry-up if/when people find out about what’s really going on at “the rescue”.

Now its time for Step 3 when Steps 1 and 2 FAIL (results of donation-funded rescues being asked questions are being compiled and will be publicly published at a later date).

Step 3

Step 3 (of 4 Steps) is to ASK QUESTIONS and DEMAND ANSWERS of EVERY MEDIA outlet that runs stories of ANY KIND on “the rescues”. that

FAILURE to ASK QUESTIONS and EXPECT ANSWERS from “the rescues” they are interviewing or featuring SHOULD NOT be over-looked anymore by the public that KNOWS untruths and frivolous-fluff when they read it.

 Just as with donation-funded animal rescue having a VAST lack of OVERSIGHT, the NEW-AGE media is JUST AS BAD in lacking in honesty and ethics as the “animal rescue industry” is.

Ask Questions7

Its long past due for those pretending to be “reporters” and “journalists” to have their “feet held to the fire” by true animal lovers that are tired of the negatives of human nature KILLING animals that are supposed to be SAFE because of the help the swindlers in “rescue” get from incompetent “journalists” that really aren’t journalists and are fiction-writers that rarely, if ever ASK QUESTIONS and FACT-CHECK and VERIFY before publishing “stories”.

One SIMPLE FACT that any intelligent person KNOWS is that IF an animal rescue really is “transparent” and “accountable” in an “industry” (DONATION-FUNDED animal rescue) that has little-to-NO OVERSIGHT, they should be pleased-as-punch to ANSWER QUESTIONS posed to them by ANYONE that ASKS THEM.

Ask Questions11

Oh-so-MANY years ago, when there used to be real, honest-to-goodness journalists and reporters, the public could rely to a greater extent on getting concise, factual, true, and honest information because the journalists and reporters took PRIDE in their professional expertise.

NOT ANY MORE! Nowadays its like reading a “rag-mag” when reading these FICTIONAL-fantasy stories that are full of fabrications and downright LIES.

And when normal people do ask questions of people that DON’T WANT TO ANSWER QUESTIONS that will put them some people in question regarding their knowledge, education on a subject, and their ethics, its considered “attacking” – the complete and total “group-think” brain-washing of the masses.

Ask Questions9

Ask the “staged and scripted” questions and everything’s a-O.K.

Ask questions that go to the heart of the matter, and its considered “mean”, “hateful”, “vengeful”, and “attacking” – sounds like some people have a lot to hide.

But when “the media” doesn’t “vet”, fact-check, or do any solid verifying before publishing stories, they are literally and factually ENDORSING animal rescues they are running stories on, and are culpable in that rescues fraudulent collection of donation-money from the public that was told by the involved media to DONATE to “this rescue”.

They are also culpable in the KILLING of innocent animals that are supposed to be “rescued” by some of these phony-rescues too.


The “new-age” journalist’s of today when interviewing a donation-funded “animal rescue”, usually because “the rescue” set-up the interview themselves because they are brilliant at USING the media to further their agenda that is often unethical and sometimes illegal, making any media that deals with them CULPABLE in the commission of illegal activities, often, and *sometimes* unknowingly, find themselves in a choreographed and “staged” event/meeting.

The journalist is being “played”, and are in fact *sometimes* chosen for interviews because of their lack-of-fact-checking and/or their willingness to “play along” – talk about “breach of TRUST“) by the drama-queens and kings (only a few of these guys in animal rescue, but they do exist and are as easy-liars and embellishers as the women) sits there placidly, like a cow chewing their cudjotting down some “notes” they don’t even need because they already have the polished press release “the rescue” gave to them to run.

These “reporters” and “journalists” (titles used loosely) often have NO CLUE in their dim-bulb heads of WHAT questions to ask because they have gotten used to having the story already written for them, and these “fictional-fluff pieces” are designed to open the public’s wallets and get “the rescue” more money through fraud and misrepresentation.

Its mostly about MONEY because the primary players at these types of “rescues” don’t have jobs that support their non-rescue-related personal needs, and certainly not their “rescue efforts” and killing of animals.


Step 3 is used WHEN someone sees a story, or interview of a “rescue” they’ve been trying to get answers from that is chockfull of errors, falsehoods and outright LIES, and the “reporter” or “journalist has FAILED to ASK QUESTIONS that are really important pertaining to the questions listed below (most importantly, WHERE IN THE HELL are ALL of the animals “the rescue” supposedly rescued in the past 1-2 years (at least), are they alive or DEAD and exactly WHERE is ALL of the DONATION MONEY GOING?!?!), post publicly in comments under “the story”, email, call, and PM the “the reporter”, contact the editor of the print and/or online publication and ask THEM the questions their “reporter” isn’t smart enough to ask, doesn’t ask because for some “reason” they are trying to make the “animal rescue” look good, or are simply disinterested in the whole thing.

Just answer the question1

Here are just some of the questions to send to the “journalist” or “reporter” that they DIDN’T ASK “the rescue” and are questions that MUST BE ASKED and ANSWERED. Not answering will lead to Step 4.

Simple, non-accusatory questions to send to primarily, or entirely donation-funded animal rescues, to be sent to their “enabler-groupies”, and to the “new age media” and their sub-standard “reporters” – you can save time by simply cutting and pasting the questions into an email, PM, or whatever mode of communication you’re using:

  1. what are the rescues itemized MONTHLY financials,
  2. publicly post a MONTHLY head-count of WHERE ALL of the animals ARE currently that you’ve rescued within the past 1-2 years (or longer)
  3. are the animals at your rescues facility? If so, post current photos;
  4. are the animals at a rescue you “partner with”? If so, post the name and location of that rescue and current photos of the animals;
  5. were they adopted, (please give dates of adoption and where the animal is located, along with CURRENT photos of the adopted animal);
  6. are they out on “trial adoptions” (if so, what are the particulars of “dates of trial adoption”, location of animals and publicly post current photos of the animal);
  7. are they out-for-training (if so, with whom and where are they located, post current photos);
  8. are they in a foster home (with who, where are they located, post current photos);
  9. are they in a sanctuary (what is the sanctuary’s name and location, post current photos);
  10. are they alive or DEAD;
  11. if DEAD, why were they “put down” – publicly post ALL vet reports and bills for ALL “rescued animals” that were euthanized
  12. how were they “put down” – publicly post ALL euthanasia reports and bills for ALL “rescued animals” that were euthanized.

More good questions at this link:

Having the answers to these questions allows prospective supporters and donors to know exactly what type of animal rescue they are supporting with their time and/or donations because NOT ALL ANIMAL RESCUES ARE THE SAME AT ALL.

Ask Questions8

And if the “animal rescues” CHOOSE to NOT answer questions posed to them in writing by the supportive, generous public, if their preposterous “enabler-groupies” won’t answer these questions when posed to them, and when the ridiculous media/”reporters”/”journalists” doing stories and interviews on these “rescues” WON’T ask the questions after its pointed out to them by those in the public that want answers that they didn’t even ask IMPORTANT QUESTIONS, the lack of answers to questions will lay the foundation necessary for Step 4 so that those that can perform oversight, WILL perform it BECAUSE the LACK of ANSWERS after MANY ATTEMPTS TRYING to get questions answered is DISTURBING and SUSPICIOUS.