Catching Embezllers and Fraudsters at Non-Profit Animal Rescues


Noun 1. embezzlersomeone who violates a trust by taking (money) for his own use

beguiler, cheater, deceiver, trickster, slicker, cheatsomeone who leads you to believe something that is nottrue
stealer, thief – a criminal who takes property belonging to someone else with the intention of keeping it or selling it

The woman at the link below is just one example of an embezzler at a humane society that was “cooking the books”:

An excerpt from the link:

A former employee of the Conway Area Humane Society is facing multiple felony and misdemeanor charges for allegedly stealing nearly $10,000 from the animal shelter over the course of several months.

If not for her relocating and getting another job and the humane society she was employed with having to train someone else for her position, chances are more money would have disappeared into her bank account or pocketbook.


Unfortunately, embezzlement occurs everyday at what are supposed to be nonprofit animal rescues because there is a VAST LACK OF OVERSIGHT BY THE GOVERNMENT AGENCIES VESTED WITH MONITORING NONPROFIT ANIMAL RESCUES AND ADVOCACY ORGANIZATIONS.

The obvious way we know this is happening is because when people in the public sector ask animal rescues the most simple of questions, answers are RARELY FORTHCOMING.

These questions include:

  • Will the rescue show their financials when they run a “designated fundraiser” (asking for donations for specific things) so that people can see exactly what money is coming in and what its being spent on.
  • When asking for donations to cover veterinarian expenses on certain animals, will the rescue publicly post the vet reports and bills.
  • If animals are euthanized and donations are used for the euthanasia and the disposal of the animals body, will the rescue publicly post vet reports, euthanasia reports, and also disposal bills.
  • If donations are asked for to sponsor an animal at the rescue or in foster care, will the rescue publicly post those itemized bills and who the money is going to.
  • If an animal rescue “partners” with a government agency doing a seizure of animals and asks for donations for the expenses associated with the seizure, will they post all of the bills related to that seizure.
  • Will they post how many animals were seized.
  • Will they post how many animals are seen by a veterinarian.
  • Will they post how many animals were euthanized.
  • Will they post when and how many animals were adopted-out and also post their adoption fees.

There are a lot more questions people have than just the ones listed above, but no matter what the questions are, an animal rescue that is TRULY. TRANSPARENT. THAT. IS. TRULY. ETHICAL. and also who are TRULY. NONPROFIT. and aren’t just animal dealers and traffickers posing as a NONPROFIT. ANIMAL. RESCUE. will be PLEASED. and HAPPY. to answer those questions along with any other questions folks in the public sector have.

The public shouldn’t have to hound animal rescues to answer questions and post vet reports when they are saying their vets are examining animals using YOUR donated money.

The animal rescues, if they are on the up-and-up, should be wanting to show how truly transparent they are if they really are honest.


In fact, many animal rescues that are PRIMARILY, OR ENTIRELY DONATION-FUNDED AND ALSO ADOPTION-BASED become downright combative when mere mortals in the public have the audacity to ask them questions, and some people are actually attacked publicly by those rescues enabler, groupie, True Believer followers that don’t appear to have a brain in their heads and asking questions is taboo and the equivalent of “being mean” (boo-hoo) in their feeble sheeple minds.

Retail rescues basically want everything their own way;

they want to be able to ask for and receive free money donations from the public so they can “showboat” and receive praise about what “sacrifices they make in order to rescue animals” (remember, they usually don’t have jobs outside of rescue because gullible people pay for them to have “rescue as their job”),

they want to be paid to rescue,

they want to look like the great rescuers and have all that free money flowing in that keeps their own personal ego-pumping thrill ride screaming along……..

but on the flip side of the coin is that they don’t want anyone to question them about where that free money they receive is being spent,


they don’t want anyone questioning their decisions or giving recommendations,

and they just don’t want to be held accountable for anything to anyone –

Sounds like a great job and a great lifestyle if someone is able to put aside their ethics, their honesty, their consciences, and their compassion and empathy for anyone or anything else and only have their focus on “me, me, me, and only me and my desires and wishes”.

Pathological Liar5


Unfortunately, even when some people do ask questions, they soon get worn down by the narcissists and sociopaths in animal rescue side-stepping, diverting attention to other things, painting themselves as the “poor victims of mean people asking them questions”, throwing up roadblocks regarding answering questions that could be fact-checked and verified as true or false about their backgrounds, etc.

Add to that when people that ask simple questions are attacked, stalked and harassed by the retail rescues sheeple followers that aren’t smart enough to ask questions, even the most tenacious usually walk-away and get on with their lives and consider animal rescue a foray into some weird dimension where animals are bartered, sold, killed, and disappeared (and the elephant in the room of “where are all those animals ending up” hides in plain sight) and the cogs in the rescue-machine just keep on turning.

If not for the lives of animals that are at the retail rescues mercy, that really would be a sensible and sanity-saving solution – just.walk.away.

However, when people walk away, they are walking away from innocent animals that didn’t ask to be used as pawns in some scam-artists money making scheme and tragically, many animals that were supposed to be “rescued” using nice peoples money are instead killed or disappeared when their “use and purpose” for the retail rescue is done.


Going forward, if true animal lovers would just take the few minutes it takes to send the 1 page questionnaire at the link below to any animal rescue you are thinking of supporting and sending donations too, or are somewhat suspicious of because they’re always asking for money from the public but don’t seem to adopt out a lot of animals, don’t tell people when they’re euthanizing animals, but then continue to ask for more and more money to “rescue” more and more animals, you really will be a true animal lover for caring enough to ask simple questions and expect answers so you can determine if the animal rescue you are thinking of supporting really is a rescue, or are they low-down animal dealers posing as an animal rescue that are using animals and gullible people to make a very tidy living.

Short Form Information Page and Questionnaire For Animal Rescues



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